Apr 222011

Severe Thunderstorm & Tornado Warning for Woodford County. The center of this cell passed over town. This video was shot from the south side of the storm (from the south side of Versailles; edited out the redneck screams.) This storm didn’t produce a tornado, but this is closer than Versailles typically gets to a touchdown.

Video starts about 5 minutes prior to hitting us head on; ends after it’s passed. I would have shot through the entire thing, but I didn’t want to drown. :) Inbound winds in excess of 60 MPH if I had to guess. Good, good times.

Apr 222011

…Japan Nuclear Radiation Found In Breast Milk Of 4 Nursing Women

~ Alexander Higgins

In my last report on radiation in the drinking water the Feds acknowledged detecting Japan nuclear radiation in the drinking water in 14 US cities. Today the EPA has updated the list with new results and the number of US cities where radiation has been found in the drinking water has grown to 20 US cities.

Here is a complete list as of April, 21st 2011:

Boise, ID
Chattanooga, TN
Cincinnati, OH
Columbia, PA
Columbus, OH
Denver, CO
Detroit, MI
East Liverpool, OH
Harrisburg, PA
Helena, MT
Los Angeles, CA
Muscle Shoals, AL
Niagara Falls, NY
Oak Ridge, TN
Painesville, OH
Philadelphia, PA
Pittsburg, PA
Richland, WA
Trenton, NJ
Watertown, NJ

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A Citizens group in Japan concerned the government is covering up the radioactive fallout coming from the Japan nuclear reactor has started doing their own radiation tests and have found nuclear radiation in the breast milk of 4 nursing mothers outside of Tokyo. They are using their findings to demand Japan tells the truth instead of censoring it to the public about the disaster. Meanwhile the drumbeat of the “radiation is safe” and “this disaster is really not a big deal” continues to be played on corporate media news outlets.

While the implications in American women are unknown at this point. The radiation was first detected in Japan’s rainwater, drinking water and then in cow milk only to be followed by the latest reports in the milk of nursing mothers. It tends to follow that since radiation has already been detected in US rainwater, drinking water and cow milk, the breast milk of nursing mothers in America will be affected next.

Radioactive iodine found in Japanese mothers’ breast milk

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Apr 222011

ALERT: Confirmed tornado near Culcard (sp?) OK. Also I know folks in Shawnee, OK & Chester, IL. under a threat right now. Funnel clouds spotted in KY.

— TWC Breaking RT @JimCantore: Storms now producing tornadoes in KY, MO, and OK. Join us on TWC for complete coverage.

— Severe Studios Tornado Warning for Barry, Christian, Lawrence and Stone County in MO until 7:15pm CDT.

— Tornado Warning for Pottawatomie County in OK until 7:00pm CDT.

Senior Meteorologist Stu Ostro {TWC} summed it up pretty well at a briefing I attended this week, calling the atmosphere “supercharged” in April.

Friday’s Severe Outlook

Where – Ohio Valley and middle-Mississippi Valley to the Ozarks and Southern Plains.

Main threats – Damaging winds, very large hail, tornadoes, heavy rain and frequent lightning.

TOR:CON – from Dr. Greg Forbes:

AR northwest – 4

AR northeast – 4 to 5

{IL west-central – 5 to 6}

IL east-central – 4 to 5

{IL south – 6}

IN south – 4

IN central – 3

KS east – 3 to 4

KY west – 5

KY central – 3 to 4

{MO east-central and southeast – 6}

MO west-central – 5

MO southwest – 4 to 5

OH southwest – 3

OK south-central – 3

OK east – 4

TX north near Wichita Falls – 3

other areas – 2 or less

Cities –

St. Louis, Mo.;
Tulsa, Okla.; Oklahoma City, Okla.;
Springfield, Mo.;
Springfield, Ill.;
Evansville, Ind.; Indianapolis, Ind.;
Cincinnati, Ohio;
Paducah, Ky.

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Apr 222011
the voice

Series Premiere! Tuesday, April 26th 9/8c

~ I am looking forward to this show because it is based purely on someone’s talent. Also Blake Shelton is easy on the eyes :)~JP

NBC ‘The Voice’

:: Cee Lo Green ::

Grammy winner reworks hit song for a good cause

Blake Shelton’s poem in Atchison, KS 7/18/08

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~ MY favorite song by Maroon 5…

Maroon 5 You Tube Channel

~ My favorite Christina Aguilera song:

Apr 222011

~ heads up from MRC…

Tonight (Friday) the Fox News Channel will air a Hannity special, in his usual time slot, ‘Behind the Bias: The History of Liberal Media.’

The promo declares: “Double standards? Groundless attacks? Blatant bias? Sean calls out the mainstream media! Don’t miss Behind the Bias: The History of Liberal Media.”

It will run for the hour at 9 PM EDT/ 8 PM CDT/ 7 PM MDT/ 6 PM PDT

It will re-run at midnight EDT/ 11 PM CDT/10 PM MDT/ 9 PM PDT.

The Media Research Center made available to Fox News Channel producers video clips from our archive going back more than 20 years, so the program should feature a lot of examples of TV network liberal media bias from the past two decades.

MRC President Brent Bozell was also interviewed for the special and should appear along with other conservatives who have battled or documented liberal media bias.

Apr 222011

via FOX Nation

Know what doesn’t go over well with advertisers? Making fun of disabled children.

On April 18, political blog Wonkette published a post titled “Greatest Living American: A Children’s Treasury of Trig Crap On His Birthday” (none of which we will quote here). Trig, for those who don’t remember, is Sarah Palin’s youngest son, who has Down Syndrome. The initial response to this “celebration” of Trig’s birthday was limited to comments getting in on the action, contributing the sort of jokes that would make Gilbert Gottfried proud.

But then, according to Slate’s David Weigel, conservative bloggers stumbled across it and the outcry started. It quickly spread across political lines as people of all stripes (or claiming to be) declared the post beyond tasteless and started demanding that advertisers pull ads.

So far, the Twitter presences for both Papa John’s and Huggies have decried the post. According to the Papa John’s tweet, the company will make sure its ads won’t run on Wonkette in the future. Huggies went so far as to tweet, “All — We do not support the @Wonkette story & have taken action 2 pull r ads, effective immediately. TY 4 bringing this issue to r att’n!”

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Apr 222011

{Punks & Thuggery} White House Advisors Bob Park & Rich Trumka Admitting They Are Overriding US Law & Sovereignty With The International Labor Movement

Apr 222011