Apr 132011

His emotional testimony, choking back tears as he discussed a Muslim-American first-responder killed on 9/11, garnered national headlines last month for U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison.

—> Rep. Ellison’s Sobbing Jag at Radical Islam Hearing Was All Based On a Lie

But two days after a House committee hearing on Muslim radicalization, the Minnesota Democrat had a far more hostile tone. In a speech in Rochester Hills, Mich., Ellison made a series of personal attacks against three other witnesses who were on the opposite side of the issue:

' Ellison Slurs...'

He seemed to blame Melvin Bledsoe for the actions of his son Carlos, who stands accused of shooting and killing an Army private after converting to Islam and becoming radicalized.

A Somali-American who complained about interference from organized Islamist groups while trying to learn about a score of missing young men who turned up with a terrorist group in Somalia was there simply to “diss” the Muslim community in Minneapolis.

Zuhdi Jasser, a Phoenix physician who challenges the Islamist narrative, simply is out to make a buck, Ellison said.

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That’s surprising, given that groups Ellison works closely with, including the Muslim American Society (MAS) was founded by Muslim Brotherhood members in the United States. MAS even paid for Ellison to travel to Mecca for the hajj in 2008.

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In a statement to the Investigative Project on Terrorism, Jasser, a devout Muslim, said he was shocked by the carelessness of Ellison’s statements. Ellison engaged in “fabrication and character assassination rather than” debate the issues put forward, Jasser wrote.

— Ellison responded to Jasser’s call for reform with an angry personal attack in which he virtually called him an Islamic “Uncle Tom.”

You JUST have to read the IPT Report in it’s entirety & you will know the idiots in Minnesota electing ‘It’ to the 5th Congressional Dist. proves they were collectively on liberal smack crack! ~JP

Apr 132011

…Romantic Candlelight Dinner While Jeff Zucker Plays Waiter

You want Katie Couric and Matt Lauer acting strange?

We will give you the once (and future?) co-hosts acting strange.

Or rather, Next Media Animation will do so.

See Couric not allowed into the 60 Minutes’ Boys Club. See the host get angry. See her and Lauer at dinner together. See Jeff Zucker wait on them with a wine opener/television remote control. See the former NBC executive conjure up a set for Katie & Matt in the Morning. See the Peacock throw money at Lauer, who is chained to a 2012 ball. See Ann Curry replace Meredith Vieira on Today. See an awkward 90s dance party…

Download…Will Couric and Lauer Reunite on Today Show

Or watch here…Business Insider

Apr 132011

This is your opportunity to go down in history as a great House speaker – to take a stand for the Constitution, for limited government, for fiscal sanity and for no more borrowing. Can I ask you, Mr. Speaker, what are you waiting for?
— from Joseph Farah WND

:: D.C. Mayor Vincent Grey Among Protesters Arrested for Budget Demonstrations ::

The federal government might not have shut down on Monday, but rush hour traffic stopped in our nation’s capital when the mayor of Washington, D.C., Vince Gray, already serving under a cloud of corruption, was arrested while protesting Congress’ budget agreement. Gray, city council members and more than 200 protesters blocked Constitution Avenue and diverted police resources, shouting, “Free D.C.” and “We can’t take it no more,” all in response to new restrictions on spending that Congress placed on the District of Columbia. But they should have been protesting outside Constitution Hall, not the Capitol, because that is where the Framers created the role for our nation’s capital that Gray is complaining about today.

The Framers indeed had a plan, and that plan was not to grant the District of Columbia statehood. It was, instead, to create a “federal town” designed to serve the needs of the federal government, as all Members of Congress would share the responsibility of protecting a city they live and work in. Want proof? Just look at the Constitution. Article I, Section 2 states that “Representatives…shall be apportioned among the several States.” Had the Framers wanted to give the District a vote, it could have done so. And Article I, Section 8 grants Congress the power to “exercise exclusive legislation in all cases whatsoever, over the District.” Congress’ power and the District’s role are clear.

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JUST today – ‘Under God’ NOT According to Harry Reid…

~ These arses are so blatantly Progressive Socialists! ~JP

Apr 132011

Dr. John Boyd is the founder of The John Boyd Institute and the de facto spokesperson for the farmers in the Pigford v. Glickman lawsuit — except nobody knows why he calls himself Doctor, the John Boyd Institute was just an office he made phone calls from and he betrayed the farmers. — Stranahan

Apr 132011

~ Do NOT be fooled by the so-called DimVictory Tour…

Update: National Review’s Rich Lowrey tweets: “maybe freshmen and house conservatives just want to move on from CR debate, but there’s a chance this deal could melt down in a big way.”

On Friday, The White House and the GOP came to a budget agreement to fund the government for the rest of Fiscal Year 2011, averting a government shutdown.

But they didn’t actually vote on the deal. They voted on a 1-week continuing resolution so they could wrangle up the details for an official vote this week. And that might not work out.

The buzz out of DC is that the number of GOPers who will vote “no” is growing.

John Podhoretz at Commentary thinks that over the next 72 hours, there will be a big anti-deal groundswell, and that we will ultimately have a government shutdown, with the GOP getting the brunt of the blame.

Even if this isn’t the case, it’s pretty ominous for the bigger debates — the debt ceiling, the 2012 budget — that are due to begin in just weeks. As we noted this weekend, the whole reason the GOP caved on certain issues, was because they knew the much bigger fights were right around the corner.

Whether it happens now, or at some point down the road, a government shutdown still seems very possible.

Business Insider

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From FOX :GOP Leaders Raise Alarm Over Tax Talk in Obama Deficit Plan Calm Before the Storm

…President Obama meets with congressional leaders ahead of his much-anticipated speech about tackling the nation’s debt as Republicans warn they won’t consider plan if it includes tax increases.

Apr 132011

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…at Energy and Natural Resources Committee Hearing

Apr 132011

The Confessor puts a man to the ultimate test.

:: Intended for MATURE Audiences ::

~ Rated ‘M’…Viewer discretion advised

Watch JUST Piper for Chapter 7 of The Confession Tuesday, April 19th.

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Was JUST FIVE days ago she had me all bent out of shape …

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