Apr 102011

Russell Brand stars as the charming yet irresponsible heir to a billion dollar corporation in Hollywood’s latest remake

I rarely go to the show anymore but I JUST had to, having been a hugenormous Dudley Moore fan. And except for Liza Minneli, Arthur was one of my most favorite comedies of all time.

I sure did not care for Russell Brand. And then surprise he slowwwly began to grow on me. His portrayal of Arthur was better than Dudley’s in several ways. Without giving any of the movie away, ( for yes it differed than the original) I will say he was much more endearing and naive. Best is he made you notice it. Whereas Dudley was simply a wealthy childlike drunk. Russell had great comic timing. He actually made you fall for him.

There are many great one-liners that will stick with you.

Helen Mirren was a great twist. If you have not seen the preview, one of the funniest moments was when Arthur made her don a Darth Vader mask & he ordered her to say “Wash your winkie” ( 1:44 in the following trailer). Now personally, this gave me hysterics for when my son was little, I racked my brain what to call it. And for many reasons I won’t mention ‘Winkie’ was the most suitable.

Jennifer Garner to me seems like the perfect hardnose as Susan, the forced on Arthur fiance.

One of the simply most hilarious scenes is when Garner tries to be impulsive, which kinda,sorta bites her in the tush thanks to Arthur’s revolving magnetic bed (2:12 in trailer).

Rounding out the cast of eccentric characters is Arthur’s ‘soulmate’ , Naomi, played by Greta Gerwig. She is definitely Arthur’s North to his South. Very genuine & sweet. And surprise, Nick Nolte, looking aged & bloated as Garner’s father. I wish he would have had a bigger role in the movie.

And I could not do this review without including a collage of clips from Arthur 1981. For Dudley Moore who left us way too soon (March 27, 2002):

~ I highly recommended you see Arthur and give it:

Three out of three Pipers ~JP

Arthur photos by Yahoo

Apr 102011

The Tea Party has been taking a lot of heat when it comes to the budget, but what should Republicans do in the current debate? Hear what Tea Party Caucus Member Allen West (R-FL) has to say on this issue.

Apr 102011

h/t Blackie SM from Townhall.com

After Pastor Terry Jones, Yosemite Sam’s cousin from Light-A-Fart Fellowship in Shag-Your-Cousin, Florida, fired up a Koran, the Muslim community of Afghanistan responded by lovingly praying for their enemy and asking to meet with Rev. Fuego for an interfaith pow-wow over a peach cobbler at the Ground Zero Mosque.

What’s that, you say? The Muslims didn’t turn the other cheek? I’m misinformed? The Afghani Muslims instead started killing people … as in, a lot of their own people? Well, hell, that ain’t right. I thought Islam was a religion of peace and that opium was a sedative!

I know, maybe it was just a few rogue adherents who acted, how would Obama say, unbecomingly. Yeah, that’s it. Yep, if we’re to believe the media it was probably just a few misguided congregants (with scimitars, of course) who went a tad too far and … uh … um, beheaded some folks.

That’s kind of like how the well-meaning ACORN employees overstepped boundaries and accidentally aided and abetted illegal home loans for whorehouses running 13-year-old sex slaves from El Salvador, or the other ACORNers who have now pleaded guilty to massive voter fraud in the 2008 presidential election. It was what we call in the south a “whoopsy-daisy.”

According to the main stream media, when dealing with Islam and the likes of ACORN (who I’ve heard changed their name to FCORN) we must remember the immortal words of Donny Osmond: When they do commit a misstep, “One bad apple don’t spoil the whole bunch, girl.” Indeed, when Muslims decapitate their own people because Mark Twain lit his still with a Koran, it doesn’t mean that Muslims endorse or allow that kind of behavior. At least that’s what CAIR and Eric Holder tell us to believe. Anyway …

General David Petraeus, faithfully serving his Commander-in-Chief in Afghanistan, trotted out and condemned Minister Match’s actions this past week after the Afghani Muslims found out, via Karzai, what Pastor Pyro had done and thus took understandable kinetic action after their book was barbequed. What was strangely missing from Petraeus’ rebuke was the good General’s denunciation of Karzai for inciting the flammable of this quaint faith and the murder of a couple dozen innocent U.N. workers and many Muslims. Hello. I’d say, not to be unkind, that on the grand scale of things, killing people is more damnable than roasting a special paperback book.

I had a guy ask me the other day after this incident while I was shopping at Victoria’s Secret, “How would you feel if someone burned a Bible?” And I was like, “Dude, I’m trying to choose between getting my wife the lace-panel bustier versus the point d’esprit apron baby doll, and you’re fouling up my mojo decision-making process with your book burning questions.” I quickly realized I was being intemperate and told him I really wouldn’t care if they burned a Christian Bible or not. That’s between them and God, and they better hope that God thinks that’s hilarious because I hear His paybacks suck.

That said, I told my friend that I’m more concerned about the unreported, virtually uncondemned mass slaughter of Christians in Iraq­at the hands of Muslims­and the thousand or so who were slaughtered just this week on the Ivory Coast of Africa and the fact that they had nada to do with TJ flash grillin’ Mohammed’s bestseller. It’s just how Islam rolls when it comes to interfacing with other faiths; they kill them or oppress them, and thus it seems (at least to stupid ol’ me) a wee bit of an imbalance to sharply denounce uncle Jed’s cousin for morphing Allah’s book into ashes and not vehemently denouncing, in the strongest of terms and with deadly action, Muslims who are killing Christians worldwide.

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Apr 102011

From Char: I’ve been watching Alex’s videos for a couple of weeks now. He and his wife live in Tokyo.

Apr 102011

by Christina Houston – h/t BlackieSM

Music parody Obummer! to the tune of Donna by Richie Valens.

Apr 102011

The Maritime Laser Demonstration program will create a laser gun capable of targeting moving boats, unmanned aircraft, and even incoming missiles.

One if by land … lasers if by sea.

A futuristic laser mounted on a speeding cruiser successfully blasted a bobbing, weaving boat from the waters of the Pacific Ocean — the first test at sea of such a gun and a fresh milestone in the Navy’s quest to reoutfit the fleet with a host of laser weapons, the Navy announced Friday.

“We were able to have a destructive effect on a high-speed cruising target,” chief of Naval research Rear Adm. Nevin Carr told FoxNews.com.

The test occurred Wednesday near San Nicholas Island, off the coast of Central California in the Pacific Ocean test range, from a laser gun mounted onto the deck of the Navy’s self-defense test ship, former USS Paul Foster.

In a video of the event, the small boat can be seen catching fire and ultimately bursting into flames, a conflagration caused by the navy’s distant gun. Some details of the event were classified, including the exact range of the shot, but Carr could provide some information: “We’re talking miles, not yards,” Carr said.

The Navy, Army and other armed forces have been working to incorporate so called “directed energy” laser weapons in a range of new guns, from tank-mounted blasters to guns on planes or unmanned balloons. But this marks the first test of a laser weapon at sea — and proof that laser rifles are no mere Buck Rogers daydream.

“This is the first time a [high-energy-laser], at these power levels, has been put on a Navy ship, powered from that ship and used to defeat a target at-range in a maritime environment,” said Peter Morrison, program officer for the Office of Naval Research.

“The Navy is moving strongly towards directed energy,” Carr told FoxNews.com.

The weapon, called the maritime laser demonstrator, was built in partnership with Northrop Grumman. It focused 15 kilowatts of energy by concentrating it through a solid medium — hence the name.

“We call them solid state because they use a medium, usually something like a crystal,” explained Quentin Saulter, the research office’s program officer. It was used in Wednesday’s demonstration against a small boat, but Carr told FoxNews.com that this and other types of laser weaponry could be equally effective against planes and even targets on shore.

“To begin to address a cruise missile threat, we’d need to get up to hundreds of kilowatts,” Carr said.

The Navy is working on just such a gun of course.

Called the FEL — for free-electron laser, which doesn’t use a gain medium and is therefore more versatile — it was tested in February consuming a blistering 500 kilovolts of energy, producing a supercharged electron beam that can burn through 20 feet of steel per second.

The FEL will easily get into the kilowatt power range. It can also be easily tuned as well, to adjust to environmental conditions, another reason it is more flexible than the fixed wavelength of solid-state laser. But the Navy doesn’t expect to release megawatt-class FEL weapons until the 2020s; among the obstacles yet to be overcome, the incredible power requirements of the FEL weapons require careful consideration.

Also in the Navy’s futuristic arsenal: a so-called “rail gun,” which uses an electomagnetic current to accelerate a non-explosive bullet at several times the speed of sound.

Railguns are even further off in the distance, possibly by 2025, the Navy has said. But the demonstration of the maritime laser demonstrator this week proves that some laser weapons are just around the corner: Northrop Grumman experts aim to have the final product ready by June of 2014.

“One of the things that amazes me about this business is that the future is getting closer every day,” Carr said.

Apr 102011

Apr 102011

Obama’s radical advisor told Chris Wallace, “Even your viewers,” should want compromise in Washington.

What a clod.