Apr 082011
Liberal Screws

Liberal Screws

This is MY brain from Leftists & Liberals!

How much more can a free thinking mind take?! Another communist liberal surfaces with her idiocy. I have run out of adjectives Patriots! I JUST got done screaming at the TV watching Sanchez as if she was high on crack. Do you know I am SO ticked off I cannot remember which witch sister it was! She had a pasted smirk on her mug, when the conversation with her, US Congressman Jeb Hensarling & Hannity was grave.


All week long, it has been one moronic comment after another. I have hemorrhoids – Blame the Tea Party! They realized to continue blaming Bush became a dead horse. So they went after the Tea Party, Beck, FOX and numerous inane & asinine crapola. Period!

And here we are, Louise Slaughter, yet another communistic moron has said this. Thanks to The D.C. for the following:

New York Democratic Rep. Louise Slaughter told a crowd of pro-choice advocates on Wednesday that Republicans want to “kill women.”

Speaking at a rally in front of Congress, the congresswoman said, “This is probably one of the worst times that we’ve seen.”

The crowd was told that in 1994, the last time that a budget debate resulted in a government shutdown, the National Endowment for the Arts was targeted. Now, she said, women are.

The D.C.

I swear I cannot watch this garbage any longer. What’s worse is those that follow these feckless creature’s, are of the ‘Stepford’ Mentality & take their vitriolic and evil rhetoric as gospel. Yes I am spitting mad! Yes I have had it! There was a movie where they put ‘old’ people out of their misery by putting them in LSD camps. I swear THIS is what ‘they’ are trying to do to us!

~ Click image for Psychological Warfare…

‘ Stepford ‘ :

1. Nothin but Stepford fools workin there.

2. An upper-class town or suburb populated by materialistic people; the men are souless strivers and the women who are automatons.

In conclusion. There IS NO flippin’ conclusion. Excuse me while I go have an aneurysm. These liberals are never ending. I swear it is JUST like:

Apr 082011

Thanks Blackie SM

~ JUST when you think you have heard all the ignorance you can handle from these radical libs…Norton spews
~ JP

Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton Upset Over Treatment of DC During Shutdown Resolution Talks: MyFoxDC.com

WASHINGTON – Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton (D -DC) was on fire when she spoke to FOX 5 Morning News Thursday about how Washington, D.C. residents are being treated as work to avoid a government shutdown continues.

“We are absolutely outraged. This is the functional equivalent of bombing innocent civilians,” she said.

— I cannot bear to post the rest…

Apr 082011

Apr 082011

Christopher Holton, the Center for Security Policy’s Vice President for Administration, Marketing & Development, joins Glenn Beck to discuss Shariah Compliant Finance. Also in conversation is Daniel Pipes of the Middle East Forum.

“Shariah: The Threat to America” includes an introduction to Shariah Compliant Finance, explaining the dangers of this trojan horse into our banking system

Apr 082011
JP Soros

So Where’s the Reporting?

— h/t Blackie SM on this story from FOX

:: Apparently, megalomaniacs need schedulers. ::

Just ask George Soros. The left-wing billionaire is helping fund two major conferences that start on the same day, in two different locations just a three hours apart by car. Two liberal events packed into one long weekend. God created the world in six days. Apparently, Soros, who sees himself as “some kind of god,” needs just a long weekend to start remaking today’s world in his image.

The emphasis of both conferences is a familiar one to American voters – change. Soros wants to begin changing the global economy in one event. In the other, his flunkies want to “Change the world. Change the media.”

Now that is change you can believe in. Sadly, those who actually report the news must believe in it because they sure as heck aren’t reporting on Soros or either event. And that’s even though staffers or even executives from Reuters, the Financial Times, NPR, PBS, The Washington Post and other major media outlets are speaking at one event or the other.

The first gathering in Bretton Woods, N.H., is an economic conference Soros once described as “a grand bargain that rearranges the entire financial order.” In October 2009, Soros committed $50 million to the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET). A week later, the glib lefty investor wrote a column calling for a new Bretton Woods event, to recreate the one that helped design the post-WWII economy. Only he wants this one to knock America down a peg or three.

Read more…

* CFP also reporting on “Spooky Dude”:

:: The Soros Media Power Grab ::

National Conference for Media Reform, Change the Media, Change the World…

It should be clear to almost anyone how vitally important George Soros and his fellow progressives see the media as their winning ticket to cementing in their “change” agenda. Slated for this coming weekend, Dan Gainor with FoxNews.com (Featured story) has highlighted the Soros sponsored event “National Conference for Media Reform”, (Hmmm, this website is down) featuring the “Change the Media, Change the World” slogan. Be sure to read his piece to learn more about the players and the agenda involved with that event.

Free Press Kicks Off 2011 National Conference for Media Reform

JUST MUST Read: The Soros Media Power Grab

Post Falsely Claims Conservative Role in Soros-funded “Prison Reform” Movement

But the media have tried to portray it as the result of a broad left-right coalition that wants to spend money on schools, not prisons.

A new report on “prison reform” has the fingerprints of billionaire leftist George Soros and his organizations all over it. But the media have tried to portray it as the result of a broad left-right coalition that wants to spend money on schools, not prisons.

Touting the report in advance, the Washington Post reported that “A coalition that includes the evangelical Prison Fellowship Ministries, the NAACP, the American Conservative Union and the American Civil Liberties Union is working to push changes that they hope will lower the U.S. prison population.” But the American Conservative Union (ACU) was not part of it.

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~ Click image for Bilderberg to Meet in Switzerland June 9-12 …

Apr 082011

Deceased soldiers family adopts bomb sniffing dog

Apr 082011

Apr 082011

Apr 082011

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:: Sgt Barry Sadler, Ballad of the Green Beret ::

45th Anniversary:

— FOX Israeli Military Strikes Gaza Militants Following Bus Attack – JERUSALEM — Israeli aircraft and ground forces struck Gaza on Friday, killing two Hamas gunmen and wounding seven other Palestinians in a surge of fighting sparked by a Palestinian rocket attack on an Israeli school bus the day before.

— FSM KGB TV to Air Show Hosted by Anti-war Marine Vet by Cliff Kincaid…The international Moscow-funded propaganda network known as Russia Today (RT) is set to air a program hosted by a U.S. Marine Veteran opposed to the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

ALSO SEE: PAN White House Threatens to Veto Troop Funding Bill…they want a government shutdown, because they believe Republicans will be blamed.

— AP Exclusive: Terror suspects held weeks in secret – KABUL, Afghanistan – “Black sites,” the secret network of jails that grew up after the Sept. 11 attacks, are gone.

: House ERUPTS: Mudslinging, Chanting on House Floor ::

— Politico GOP lawyer drafts Obama impeachment – A prominent libertarian constitutional lawyer and civil libertarian has drafted an article of impeachment against President Obama over his attack on Libya, throwing down a legal gauntlet that could be picked up by some Congressional Republicans

ALSO SEE: Why ObamaCare Is Wrong for America

Fox News Poll: 24 Percent Believe Obama Not Born in U.S.

Fox News Poll: More Americans Want a New President Than Want Obama to Stay

:: Obama Courts Black Votes at Sharpton Event ::

— NY Daily News Obama teams up with Al Sharpton in New York to woo African-American voters ahead of 2012 election

— NRO by Jonah Goldberg Obama’s Sideline Strategy – The president plans to keep his head down until 2012.

— WSJ WSJ/NBC Poll: A Donald Trump Surprise – Donald Trump may be a surprise contender

— CNS TSA Failed At Least 23 Times to Detect Subsequent Terror Suspects as They Boarded Planes in U.S., Says GAO By Terence P. Jeffrey – TSA failed on at least 23 occasions to stop subsequent terror suspects who boarded planes at U.S. airports

— AP Poll: Few confident US ready for nuclear emergency…WASHINGTON – Most Americans doubt the U.S. government is prepared to respond to a nuclear emergency like the one in Japan

—> NATO: No apology for hitting rebels in tanks…BRUSSELS – NATO acknowledged Friday that its airstrikes had hit rebels using tanks to fight government forces in eastern Libya, but said it would not apologize for the deaths because no one told them the rebels had tanks.

— FOX …U.S. Cost in Libya Approaches $650 million…Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., stated that as of this past Monday, the U.S. has spent $608 million on the Libyan crisis.

— FOX 8 Months After Spill, Oil Found on Dead Dolphin…NEW ORLEANS – The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says that eight months after the Deepwater Horizon oil well was capped, dolphins are washing ashore in Louisiana with some oil from that well on their bodies.

~ Then we have the lie from NOAA – NOAA: Just one Mississippi dolphin had oil

— NRO New York Introduces the Un-Happy Meal – New Yorkers must be thrilled that their council members are spending time on toys when the City’s unemployment rate hasn’t budged from nearly 9 percent since November.

— WP U.S. was told of Yemen leader’s vulnerability – A billionaire Yemeni sheik met with a high-ranking officer from the U.S. Embassy in Sanaa less than two years ago and revealed a secret plan to overthrow President Ali Abdullah Saleh, the country’s longtime autocratic ruler.

— FBI Chgo. Latin Kings’ Nationwide Leader, Augustin Zambrano, and Three Other High-Ranking Gang Members Convicted of RICO Conspiracy and Related Crimes in Federal Trial

ALSO SEE: Chicago Breaking News 5 shot in West Humboldt Park {It will wind up being a Latin King shooting, AGAIN!}

— CFP TEA Party Sues City of Coldwater, Michigan Over Free Speech Rights…The Thomas More Law Center announced today that it has filed a federal lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Michigan against the City of Coldwater on behalf of the Common Sense Patriots of Branch County

— LAX Mexican officials find 59 bodies in mass graves…Officials investigating the kidnapping last month of bus passengers find the bodies in eight graves in Tamaulipas; it is not clear whether they were among those seized. Five captives are rescued and 11 suspects arrested.