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— Blog.AL Nine patients die in Alabama hospitals after being given contaminated IV bags, CDC says

:: Radiation from Japan has been detected in Alabama ::

Thanks to Char for this video

— Tuscaloosa News Japanese radiation reaches Alabama – MONTGOMERY | Trace amounts of radiation from the ongoing Japanese nuclear plant crisis have shown up in Alabama, the Environmental Protection Agency said Monday.

* NOTE: On our local news ABC 33/40 last night they recommended NOT to drink our tap water? Why if the officials are saying it is trace amounts?! WHO do you trust? VERIFY!

“We’re seven thousand miles away, and what does get here will be very dissolute. In minuscule amounts,” said representative of the Alabama Department of Health, Jim McNees.

(Herein lies the Kicker:) People can buy radiation detectors to determine a source of a radiation problem and how much they’ve been exposed too.

~ Begs the question again WHY?!

Now to the most alarming part for ALL of us:

Image is the U.S. Nuclear flag

— ABC 33/40 Gaps in US radiation monitoring system revealed – SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – Parts of America’s radiation alert network have been out of order during Japan’s nuclear crisis, raising concerns among some lawmakers about whether the system could safeguard the country in a future disaster.

In this photo released by China’s Xinhua news agency, heavy smoke rises over the Tajoura area, some 30 km east of Tripoli, Libya, after an airstrike on Tuesday March 29, 2011.

Libyan Rebels Flee Key Oil Port – Despite reports of fresh NATO airstrikes, troops loyal to Muammar al-Qaddafi close in on opposition fighters holding the oil port of Ras Lanouf, shown at left, forcing rebels and civilians to retreat.


Traces of Al Qaeda Lurking Among Rebels?

Pentagon: Libya Mission Has Cost $550M

Official: Rebels close in on Ivory Coast capital

— FOX Federal Vehicles Guzzling More Fuel Despite Obama’s Pledge to Cut Greenhouse Gas Use…A new report finds that federal vehicles guzzled the most amount of gas last year in five years despite President Obama’s order requiring the government to reduce its use of gasoline and promote telework as part of a broader goal to cut direct emissions by 28 percent by 2020.

—> New Rules Would Label Millions of American Workers as Disabled…Millions of Americans may be disabled and not even know it, according to some legal experts.

— (Insulting our intelligence) Setbacks mount in Japan at leaking nuclear plant…in the crisis over Japan’s tsunami-damaged nuclear facility, with nearby seawater testing at its highest radiation levels yet and the TEPCO president hospitalized with hypertension as seawater radiation levels climb near crippled nuke plant

US sending robots to Japan to help nuclear plant…robotic help to Japan to help regain control of the tsunami-damaged nuclear plant.

March 27, 2011: Protesters hold placards during an antinuclear rally in Tokyo. Source: AP2011

— How You Can Help the Victims of the Devastating Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

— Heritage Social Security is Adding to the Debt Now…Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) just doesn’t have a strong grasp of the facts when it comes to Social Security and the debt. Yesterday, at a campaign rally calling on Congress to “Back Off” Social Security Reid again repeated his line that: “Social Security has not contributed one penny to the debt or the deficit.”

~ From Reid’s You Tube Channel:

— CFP MUST SEE: New Black Panther leader Malik Zulu Shabazz called President Barack Obama a “buck dancin’ Tom”

New Black Panther leader Malik Zulu Shabazz called President Barack Obama (among other things) a “buck dancin’ Tom”.

But what exactly is “buck dancin’”…? — – Bob Parks

— NRO via CFP When Geraldine Ferraro Said No to U.N. Israel-Bashing – Today among Democrats the moral courage necessary to withstand the U.N. hordes is in short supply. Ferraro will be missed.

— [Chicago Breaking News] Last Cabrini Green building comes down today

A wrecking ball will mark the end of an era this morning when it arrives at 1230 N. Burling St., otherwise known as Cabrini Green. The hi-rise there will be the last of the housing project’s buildings to be demolished.

— SEE: {~JP Today} The Chicago Code…

— New allegations surface against rogue Chicago police officers in SOS unit…New lawsuit by teen targets members of the Special Operations Section, who have been convicted of illegal searches, stealing money and trumped-up charges

More deaths identified at North Side nursing facility for disabled kids…Equip for Equality investigation details pattern of neglect at Alden Village North, now slated for shutdown by state

— My take ~ {~ JP Today – Our Mary} Mickey Rooney Testifies about Senior Abuse


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