Mar 022011
Dead Dolphins

The thing being under reported is the fact that Alabama has seen more dead dolphins than any of the gulf coast states affected. ABC reported on 2/23, that Two Dozen Washed Ashore on Alabama and Mississippi Coastlines. A tide of dead infant dolphins has washed ashore along a 100-mile stretch of the Alabama and Mississippi coastlines in the past two weeks, and marine experts today said they believe last summer’s Gulf oil spill may be to blame.

A total of 24 of the young dolphins been found dead in the last couple weeks, including five in the past 24 hours. Marine mammal researchers fear it will only get worse.

Reuters reports Marine scientists are examining the deaths of 26 baby dolphins whose carcasses have washed ashore along the U.S. Gulf Coast this year, the bulk of them since last week, researchers said on Tuesday.

So there already is a discrepancy.

The bodies of 26 infant and stillborn dolphins have been discovered since January 20, on islands, in marshes and on beaches along 200 miles of coastline from Louisiana east across Mississippi to Gulf Shores, Alabama, officials said.

I trust an independent periodical more, They concur on the number of 24 baby dolphins washing ashore but the difference is so far, scientists have tallied a total of 67 dead dolphins along the coast. The number of dolphin carcasses appears to be growing hourly.

This problem has occurred early on in the spill, but this is nearly a year later that we are seeing the disaster of the spill. Is there any doubt that it is a result of the spill? NO! But they will try & diminish it or blame it on some asinine cause like they did with the blackbirds, etal.

The majority of dolphin carcasses are babies and stillborn calves. Typically, only one or two dead baby dolphins wash ashore during the calving period. This year, many dolphins appear to have been born prematurely or died shortly after they were born. As this is the first calving season since the BP Oil Spill, scientists have noted the BP Oil Spill as a potential cause for the alarming number of deaths. However, they are not ruling anything out. Waters have been slightly colder than normal which could be a factor. Algal blooms can also increase mortality rates, but scientists have yet to find any indication of an algal bloom.

NRDC staff shot this video of a pod of dolphins swimming in dispersed oil near Breton Island on May 6, 2010:

Institute for Marine Mammal Studies veterinary technician Wendy Hatchett lifts a dead bottlenose dolphin that was found on Ono Island, Ala., and brought for examination to Gulfport, Miss., Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2011. Researchers say that more than a dozen young dolphins, either aborted before they reached maturity or dead soon after birth, have been collected along the Gulf Coast in the past two weeks — about 10 times the normal number for the first two months of the year. Samples have been sent for testing to see whether the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico was a factor in their deaths.

Thinking about the Corexit used, is there any doubt that it would kill so many mammals?

I am pissed! ~JP


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