Mar 092011
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The federal government Tuesday granted Maine a waiver of a key provision in President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul, citing the likelihood that enforcement could destabilize the state’s market for individual health insurance.

The U.S. Health and Human Services department said in a letter it would waive the requirement that insurers spend 80 cents to 85 cents of every premium dollar on medical care and quality improvement. Instead, the letter said, the state could maintain its 65 percent standard for three years, with the caveat that HHS intends to review the figures after two years.

The decision makes Maine the first state to receive a waiver of the requirement. Similar requests are pending from Kentucky, Nevada and New Hampshire. In seeking the waiver, Maine Insurance Superintendent Mila Kofman feared that one of three major insurers offering individual plans in Maine would withdraw from the market altogether if the federal requirement remained in place. The insurer, MEGA Life and Health Insurance Co., has 37 percent of the state’s individual market.

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O’Keefe: More Controversial NPR Videos to Come

There’s more video where that came from, says James O’Keefe, the muckraking activist behind The controversial video-sting impresario tells Newsmax that he’s prepared to release yet more embarrassing revelations about NPR, but first he wants to gauge NPR’s reaction to the bomb he dropped Tuesday.

In an exclusive Newsmax interview, O’Keefe says he’s waiting to see whether NPR comes clean “about what is going on” before he doles out more video.

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Obama’s Czars Poisoning Cabinet

News this week of the first departure of a Cabinet secretary from the Obama administration comes amid a wide-ranging effort under the new chief of staff, William M. Daley, to repair badly frayed relations between the White House and the Cabinet….Both sides were deeply disgruntled. Agency heads privately complained that the White House was a “fortress” that was unwilling to accept input and that micromanaged their departments. Senior administration advisers rolled their eyes in staff meetings at the mention of certain Cabinet members, participants said…Part of the problem, people on both sides said, has been an abundance of issue specialists – the “czars” – who manage matters on the environment and the economy within the West Wing. “The White House loops people out. The czars keep people from getting in,” said one senior Democratic official who has fielded such complaints from three agency heads. “The level of frustration is pretty high.”

White House Chief of Staff William M. Daley said he’s heard Cabinet members’ complaints. “You hear the same thing: ‘I don’t think we’re used well. I don’t think we’re consulted enough,’ ” he said.

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Agent killed with U.S. Sanctioned weapons…FOX and Friends…

Starbucks Burns Obama…Eric Cantor: Starbucks CEO Concerned With The Effect Of ObamaCare On Small Business


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