Mar 082011

From anchovies to sardines. High winds suffocating them. Are they talking to 3 year olds? Come on Now!…JP

Clean-up has begun and the deaths are being attributed to high winds that blew schools of sardines into the marina where they used up all of the available oxygen.

~ Honestly, although my baby girl always stopped breathing in high winds. It was terrifying!

Trace Gallagher reports that millions of anchovies may be dead in California. He gave Megyn Kelly an update on the fish that have washed up dead in the harbor of Redondo Beach, Calif. The theory is that the fish tried to flee the red tide, a natural occurring algae, and suffocated.

~ I am growing so weary of the lies and propaganda headlines decrying this problem…WHAT ‘truly’ is going on?! ~JP

—> Last Updated 1/5 Google Map Mass Animal Deaths

Millions of anchovies floated to the surface at Redondo Beach’s King Harbor this morning. Early thought is that the large numbers of fish just depleted all the oxygen in the water. (Brad Graverson/Staff Photographer)

Millions of dead anchovies are covering the sea bottom and floating on the surface of the water this morning at King Harbor in Redondo Beach, and officials are trying to figure out what happened.

Fire, police and public works officials were on the scene, at this point working to remove the fish as quickly as possible.

“We need to get rid of them,” said Sgt. Phil Keenan of the Redondo Beach Police Department. “This is going to create a terrible pollution and public health issue if we don’t.”

The cause is so far a mystery. It appears the fish may have died due to lack of oxygen, Keenan said.

But residents said they weren’t aware of any red tides, an algae bloom that sucks oxygen out of the water, or other issues that could have caused such a massive killing.

“Yesterday everything looked absolutely normal,” said Walter Waite, who lives at the harbor. “This morning when I got up, there were millions and millions of them floating everywhere.”

He said he was at first struck by the fact the birds weren’t feeding; apparently, they already gorged.

The weather is expected to be warm today, adding to the urgency to remove the fish, officials said. The fish, about 6-inches in length, are scattered all over the harbor along Marina Way.

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