Mar 082011

~ I JUST said that we are being played. My feeling was it was Obama for two reasons:

1. Deplete our reserve supply

2. Be a so-called hero for releasing our reserves, people want to jump on this to reduce what they pay at the pump? Be careful WHAT you wish for! This could prove to be a very bad move. A move that would be to this admin’s advantage.

Odd that the new COS ,Daley, said, “It’s something that only has been done on very rare occasions,” Mr. Daley said on “Meet the Press” on NBC, adding, “It’s something we’re considering.” There’s a bunch of factors that have to be looked at, and it is just not the price. Again, the uncertainty–I think there’s no one who doubts that the uncertainty in the Middle East right now has caused this tremendous increase in the last number of weeks. Again , talking out ‘both’ sides of their collective mouths. Big surprise.

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Note that Since it was established after the 1973-74 OPEC oil embargo, it has been used in only a few emergencies, like the buildup to the first Persian Gulf War in 1991 and the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. President Clinton released oil in 2000 when oil prices rose as a result of increasing tensions between Iraq and Kuwait, and Republicans charged that it was a ploy to help Vice President Al Gore’s presidential bid.

~ –sourceIn an interview with former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich on Monday’s CBS Early Show, co-host Erica Hill wondered if higher gas prices in the wake of Mideast unrest were the result of some sort of fraud: “We’ve seen prices skyrocket….Is the public right to feel taken advantage of in some ways here, or even scammed?”

Even the liberal Reich didn’t accept the premise: “Well look, a lot of this is supply and demand. The country can feel a certain sense of taken advantage of. But some of this is the demand that’s coming from China. I mean, you have developing nations all over the world….And their oil needs are very high. And so they are also putting pressure on oil prices. It’s not just the Middle East.”

Hill’s suggestion of some price-increasing conspiracy by oil companies mirrored NBC reporter Tom Costello, on Friday’s Today, alluding to the Watergate scandal as he spoke of Americans being “increasingly suspicious of the oil companies.”

NBC Reporter Taints Big Oil With Watergate Scandal

—> MRC article

Hill never identified Reich as liberal or even informed viewers that he served in Bill Clinton’s administration. She simply introduced him as an “economist and former U.S. Labor Secretary” and promoted his latest book: “…also the author of ‘Aftershock: The Next Economy and America’s Future.'” At the top of the show, fellow co-host Chris Wragge touted Reich as “one of the nation’s leading economists.”

Earlier in the interview, Reich warned of the damaging effect higher gas prices could have on the economy: “Americans are still trying to get out of the gravitational pull of the great recession….And so, the higher gas prices at the pump undoubtedly are going to be a blow. It’s not going to dramatically slow down the recovery. But it could definitely slow it down.” On Sunday’s Face the Nation, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman actually called for taxes to keep gas at $4 per gallon indefinitely, even while acknowledging the economic damage it could do.

Here is a full transcript of Hill’s March 7 interview with Reich

So friends, I warn that this is yet another political move for a president who has spent more time camPAINING since being elected and undermining our country. ~JP

Mar 082011

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— Heritage Defund Obamacare’s Secret Stash…While Obamacare is rightly notorious as a fiscal nightmare, less well known is just how massively it transferred power from Congress to the executive branch. In fact, the full scope of Congress’s abdication is still unknown. What is now known, however, is that deeply buried within Obamacare was a $105 billion slush fund that assures its implementation into the future, no matter what future voters think or want.

— FOX GOP Lawmakers Target $105B in Spending Found in Health Care Law…Republican lawmakers are up in arms over what they say was $105 billion in unannounced spending tucked into Democrats’ legislation overhauling the nation’s health care system.

—> Rep. Bachmann Helps Expose Secret Stash of Obamacare Cash – You’d think that billions of dollars in government spending would be hard to hide, especially from the Members of Congress who voted for it. Think again.

— Heritage End of the World 2013? National Geographic on EMP – An EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack could permanently disable the electrical systems that run nearly all civilian and military infrastructures. If a large nuclear device exploded high in the atmosphere above the United States it would cause a catastrophe. A similar disaster could result from space weather, according to an article in National Geographic.

— CFP Despite all the hysteria and Islamophobia-mongering, Islam isn’t on trial here – A Rally at Times Square and a Time for a Muslim Moral Reckoning

The occupant of the White House’s middle name is Hussein, every school curriculum lists a whitewashed history of Islam that ignores the genocides and atrocities, and there are now more positive depictions of Muslims on TV, than there are of Christians and Jews combined. But Muslims in America still aren’t happy.

From all the wailing and boohooing, you might think that mosques were being shelled, the way Muslims are attacking monasteries in Egypt. Or that Muslim politicians were being gunned down in the street the way that Christian politicians are in Pakistan. You might at least think that Muslims are treated like second-class citizens, the way non-Muslims are treated in every Muslim country in the world. But no that’s not the case. So what has Muslim burqas wadded up in a bunch this time?

— Chicago Breaking Sports Bulls Game Day: Sweep season series with Heat…Will the Bulls catch the Celtics for the No. 1 seed in the East?

— FOX New Military Trials at Guantanamo Bay Could Include 9/11 Suspects…President Obama’s decision to resume military trials for detainees at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, will open the door for the prosecution there of several suspected 9/11 conspirators, including alleged mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

—> Wisconsin’s Walker Rebuffs Democrats’ Request for Meeting…Wisconsin Democrats who fled the state nearly three weeks ago asked Monday for a meeting with Gov. Scott Walker to talk about changes to his plan to eliminate most public workers’ union rights, a request the governor dismissed as “ridiculous.”

Also See: [Chicago Breaking News] Wis. Dems file ethics complaint against governor…The Wisconsin Democratic Party has filed an ethics complaint against Republican Gov. Scott Walker over statements he made during a recorded prank call.

—> 21 Airlines Fined for Fixing Passenger, Cargo Fees…according to federal prosecutors, was a massive price-fixing scheme among airlines that artificially inflated passenger and cargo fuel surcharges between 2000 and 2006 to make up for lost profits.

— CFP by – Alan Caruba End of an error – Why Obama Will Be Defeated in 2012…To this observer, the likelihood of Barack Obama being reelected in 2012 is so remote that I can safely predict it will not happen. Of course, as is commonly said, two weeks, let alone two years, is a long time in politics and all manner of events could intervene, but if one follows the trends in place, he will be a one term president.

— AP Female GIs struggle with higher rate of divorce – Two failed marriages were the cost of war for Sgt. Jennifer Schobey.

— CNN Money NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Gas prices continued to rise Monday, driven higher for nearly two weeks straight by the turmoil in Libya, with analysts expecting prices to keep climbing. The national average price for a gallon of regular gasoline rose six tenths of a cent to $3.509, according to a daily survey by motorist group AAA. Gas prices have increased for 13 days in a row, rising nearly 34 cents in that time.

— FOX 11 Online Wisconsin School Superintendant Charged With Child Porn

Nelson charged with child porn:

— Fox News Radio School Superintendant Makes Half a Million per Year…Carole Hankin, the superintendent of the Syosset Central School District, earns $506,322 a year – more than the President of the United States. Her salary, paid for by taxpayers, is compensation for running a tiny school district comprised of 10 schools and 6,687 students.

— Columbia, MO Tribune Politicians fall for Ameren snow job…In 2009, AmerenUE had our legislators and even the governor convinced that consumers should pick up the tab for expenses incurred during the process of securing a site permit — this from a utility company that raked in $612 million in profits in 2009. Figures for 2010 are not yet available but are probably somewhere in that neighborhood.

Sen. Boxer explains the reasons behind GOP cuts to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. To be fair, the cutesy act from the red muppet has gotten pretty tired.

As we speak…FNC: Moammar Gadhafi is ‘suppose’ to speak at a Tripoli Hotel, but he has a tendency to stand folks up

— AP Libyan warplanes strike rebels at oil port – Libyan warplanes launched at least five new airstrikes Tuesday near rebel positions in the oil port of Ras Lanouf, keeping up a counteroffensive to prevent the opposition from advancing toward leader Moammar Gadhafi’s stronghold in the capital Tripoli.

Saif El Islam Al Gaddafi Calling for civil war, promising more weapons!

— NYT Libyan Government Presses Assault in East and West…RAS LANUF, Libya — Government warplanes taunted rebels with flyovers and repeatedly bombed their positions near this coastal city’s oil refinery on Monday, seeking to drive the opposition forces back farther to the east, as Libya continued what appeared to be a slide into civil war.

In Libya, Both Sides Gird for Long War as Civilian Toll Mounts…Both sides were girding for a confrontation in the coming days at the port of Surt, the town where Colonel Qaddafi was born and which blocks the rebels’ progress toward the capital, Tripoli, where extremely heavy gunfire could be heard in the center of the city.