Mar 022011

Rob Gray, the Executive Director of the American Open Currency Standard to let us know the latest on the economy, silver and barter.

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Mar 022011

Join Illinois Obama and Delaware Joe as they discover that foreign policy is not just a distraction from their domestic agenda, it’s an adventure!

Mar 022011

From: Move America Forward…click image for website..


Radical Islamic jihadist Anjem Choudary and his plan to lead a gigantic protest in Washington calling on Obama to bow to Islam and for America to accept the rule of Sharia law.

The rally is being sponsored by the Islamic Thinkers Society (a group of radical Muslims based in New York) which also invited other high-profile Imams an Clerics from the UK as well. Abu Izzadeen was convicted of raising money for terrorist organizations and inciting terror attacks overseas. He was released in May of 2009 last year from a British prison, and he may be on US soil Thursday!

They’re bringing the most despicable, anti-American people to our shores since Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke at Columbia University.

—> SEE: Anjem Choudary to lead WH protest {MARCH 3rd} calling for Muslims to ‘rise up …

Choudary has publicly stated he believes the flag of Islam will fly over White House. He repeated that contention in this interview today.

—> SEE: {Pat Condell} Andy Choudary rides again

“I do believe that as a Muslim every part of the world will be governed by the Sharia,” he said. “So symbolically the flag of Islam will fly from every single country, every single nation.”

– World Net Daily 03/01/2011

We must take radicals like Choudary seriously! Choundary and those like him are obviously crazy, and it’s easy to simply dismiss him, but we do so at our own peril. Over the past several years, 1 in 6 convictions on terrorism charges in Europe were linked back to Choudary or a group he was involved with, according to a British official, Douglas Murray.

“The event is a rally, a call for the Sharia, a call for the Muslims to rise up and establish the Islamic state in America,”
– Anjem Choudary (Human Events 03/01/2011)

We’re hastily planning our response, we’ve reached out to pro-troop leaders all over the country, and bringing as many as we can to bear against these radical Islamists. Several well known pro-troop activists have been contacted, and will be part of our response tomorrow, but we need you too!

Let’s get some boots on the ground in Washington DC on Thursday to oppose these radicals and stand up for American freedom!

We need you, your signs and your American flags waving proudly!

We’re organizing right at the center of Lafayette Park, directly across from the White House between Pennsylvania Ave and H St.
Help us make a strong showing and rally in support of America and to support our troops overseas who are fighting radicals who follow Choudary’s extremist interpretation of Islam.


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