Mar 012011

Dr. Coburn & Dylan Ratigan discuss the new GAO report

A new report was released by the GAO that reveals massive waste within the government, which Senator Tom Coburn says makes lawmakers look like jackasses.

~ Click on image for GAO Report Reveals Massive Waste, Contributing to America’s $14T Debt

Government Accountability Office releases scathing report on waste in federal spending that Oklahoma Republican Sen. Tom Coburn says ‘will make us all look like jackasses.’

New Report Details Billions in Government Waste – Elizabeth MacDonald joined Fox and Friends after taking a look at a new report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) which details enormous waste within the government, including 583 potentially duplicative programs. For example, she tells us that 15 different agencies oversee food safety.

Also See: – Poll: Blame for possible government shutdown is divided in today’s Daily Digest

Mar 012011

Thanks to BlackieSM I now know why Pat is so darn funny and smart as a whip…

Pat Condell, an extraordinary speaker who was a comedian before he found his niche. He is serious when he is funny and he is funny when he is serious. And boy, does he make sense. This is his latest,and I think the first of the year 2011.

Mar 012011

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— FBI The investigation involves 12 sexual assaults or attempted sexual assaults between 1997 and 2009 by the same offender. Each of the assaults is linked by DNA. Help Us Catch the East Coast Rapist New Digital Billboard Campaign Launched…

— The Atlantic Revealing the Man Behind @MayorEmanuel…It was the best fake Twitter account ever, deftly satirizing Rahm Emanuel, and elevating the Tweet and the f-word to the level of literature. But the mystery writer was never revealed – until now.

— Thanks to PAN ~ BREAKING: Obama Approves First Deepwater Drilling Permit Since Gulf Oil Spill

One person dead, 130,000 acres burned in Texas wildfires. (CNN) — Firefighters in Texas worked Monday to contain fast-moving wildfires that had destroyed at least 60 homes, burned more than 130,000 acres, and caused an accident that killed a 5-year-old child, state forestry officials said.

— Heritage Obama Offers Flexibility to Implement Single Payer Faster…Obamacare remains tremendously unpopular with the American people. According to the latest Kaiser Family Foundation poll, only 14 percent of Americans believe they have benefited from the law, compared to 17 percent who say the law has already harmed them.

— The Case for Entitlement Reform: Taxpayer Contributions Fall Dangerously Short of Received Benefits. Medicare and Social Security are important retirement security programs for millions of Americans. But they are ticking time bombs with trillions in future unfunded obligations that will bankrupt America if they are not changed.

— FOX Obama Administration Appeals Virginia Judge’s Health Care Ruling…President Obama’s administration urged the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to reverse a lower court judge’s ruling, arguing in a 62-page opening brief that the law’s requirement that citizens buy health insurance or pay a penalty starting in 2014is constitutional.

— [Chicago Breaking News] Wisconsin governor to outline more cuts today MADISON, Wis. — Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, quickly becoming a darling of Republicans across the country for his plan to take away most collective bargaining rights from public workers, will get another chance to bolster his national conservative credentials when he unveils the rest of his plan for dealing with the state’s budget woes.

— FOX FNC’s Mike Tobin Punched, Heckled in Attempt to Deliver Wisc. Reports…As Megyn Kelly pointed out during today’s America Live, FNC correspondent Mike Tobin has reported from war zones in the Middle East and around the globe … yet his latest assignment in Wisconsin found him in the midst of heckling crowds, sometimes turning violent. Earlier, Megyn discussed with Tobin his efforts to utilize first amendment rights in merely filing reports from the state.

Wisconsin crowd of protesters makes it nearly impossible for Mike to be heard or speak…

— FOX Obama Jumps Back in Wisconsin Fight White House wades back in to labor turmoil

— NRO Hate-A-Rama: The Vulgar, Sexist, Racist, Homophobic Rage of the Left. It is not the tea partiers who lack civility.
Barack Obama’s new era of civility was over before it began. You wouldn’t know it from reading the New York Times, watching Katie Couric, or listening to the Democratic manners police. But America has been overrun by foul-mouthed, fist-clenching wildebeests.

— USA Today Tea Party poll picks Ron Paul, Herman Cain for 2012

— US Kirstie Alley, Kendra Wilkinson and Wendy Williams……Supermodel Petra Nemcova, Disney star Chelsea Kane, retired pro boxer Sugar Ray Leonard, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward, WWE wrestler Chris Jericho, Los Angeles-area radio disc jockey Mike Catherwood, rapper Romeo and Karate Kid’s Ralph Macchio.

~ My favorite Bristol dance…Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas Paso Doble

— WaPo
Poll: Blame for possible government shutdown is divided…Americans are divided over who would be to blame for a potential government shutdown, with large numbers saying Republicans and President Obama are playing politics with the issue, according to a new Washington Post poll.

Senator Lee’s Plan for Balancing the Budget

— CFP Obama, Hillary Working Hard to Prop Up Human Rights Demons at the United Nations

— Fire Andrea Mitchell…It took nine days for Obama to get off his ass and make a statement on the situation evolving in Libya. Obama’s tepid, weak statement that finally came today did not ONCE mention Gadhafi by name? Why? Is Obama just a pitiful coward?

–AP Rebel-held city near Tripoli celebrates battle win…TRIPOLI, Libya – Residents of the rebel-held city closest to Libya’s capital passed out sweets and cold drinks to fighters Tuesday and celebrated with a victory march after they managed to repel an overnight attack by forces loyal to longtime leader Moammar Gadhafi.

Libyan Rebels Starting to Organize Real Army

— CFP The rescue of more than 130 British workers… By Jim Kouri Libya: British special forces conduct daring rescue

— Breaking News (Twitter) Bahrain protests: Crowd chants ‘down with the King’ and waves flags outside Ministry of Information in Manama

–AP Yemeni president says US and Israel behind unrest…SANAA, Yemen – Yemen’s embattled U.S.-backed president accused Washington on Tuesday of instigating protests against his regime, as hundreds of thousands marched in cities across Yemen in the largest rallies yet seeking the longtime ruler’s ouster.