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I do not normally watch Meltzer, but of course in the middle of live blogging last night at 1am cst, I had to see his take on it. I liked the portrayal. Shock :) Well, I liked the non-hysterical interpretation of the young man towards the end of the show. Of all the hypothesis surrounding the opinions in the show, this is the one I connect to the most. It was interesting to see that we do have telekinetic powers, (shown experiment at Georgia Tech part @ 39 sec. in Part III) which I’ve always known. The power of the mind is valid and untapped IMHO.

Dr. James Burton comes in the third part also @ 8:08. Frightening and enlightening, scientifically based. I know that some of you will think this is way out there, especially if you judge a book by it’s cover and see the young man. Yes, he is not your typical doctor, but a Grand Reiki Master Teacher, Licensed , but what he says, especially considering the worlds weather map these days, is very plausible. We have been hearing for years a cataclysmic earthquake will sink the west coast. We have been hearing what will happen with the New Madrid Fault. We saw what happened in LA. in Katrina. These incidents back James warning of how the map he shows of ‘ 6 safe zones’ can come to pass. ( see @ 8:39) The West Coast, Gone due to seismic activity.

Here is one. from one groups predictions map of Earth Changes due to seismic activity:

For those of you who believe in the Mayan calendar it will ring true.

Best-selling author Brad Meltzer and the team search for the true meaning of the mysterious Georgia Guidestones. Often called America’s Stonehenge, this granite monument is located on a remote hilltop outside Atlanta. Brad and the team examine the multilingual messages carved into the stones for any clues to the monument’s anonymous creator, who’s known only by the pseudonym — J.C. Christian. The Decoded team checks out rumors that the Guidestones are really the work of a secretive religious sect called the Rosicrucians, who’ve been accused of practicing alchemy and mind control.

Brad Meltzer’s Decoded: Apocalypse in Georgia

Brad and the team head to Georgia to find the true meaning of the mysterious Georgia Guidestones, a Stonehenge-like monument on a remote hilltop that seemingly outlines how to live after the apocalypse.


'Safe Zone' Map I

'Safe Zone' Map 2

‘Safe Zone’ Map 2

The phrase “Earth Changes” was coined by the American psychic Edgar Cayce to refer to the belief that the world will soon enter on a series of cataclysmic events causing major alterations in human life on the planet.

This includes “natural events” (such as major earthquakes, the melting of the polar ice caps, a pole shift of the planetary axis, major weather events, solar flares and so on, as well as huge changes of the local and global social, economical and political systems.

Earth Changes


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  2. This shows that someone does not like the way things are and wants change. The change is going to happen soon and you should be careful what you wish for because you just might get it!!

  3. Actually, prior to seeing this episode today, I had read a couple of books about Edgar Cayce some years ago. One of his predictions was that the Gulf of Mexico would eventually extend to the Great Lakes.

    • I read back in 71′ from Cayce that San Diego will eventually be NEXT to San Francisco due to earthquake

  4. People should start using their brains. Why wouldn’t all this weight we’ve put on this planet have an effect. All the concrete and huge buildings have to effect something in the middle of the earth…we have lost our brains in this new age…society tells us how to think..games are good, but true knowledge is getting lost because we fill our brains with junk…please read Gospel of Thomas & The Gospel of Judas Escariot. Books not included in bible…The Gospel of Thomas tells of of a star, read it and you’ll change your view of what christians are told to believe and what may truly be the truth.

    • Hi Rose Marie,
      I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “all this weight”? Do you mean shifted weight? You must mean shifted weight, the weight of earth is the same but shifting it from one place to another, kind of like a dam and the water it accumulates, will have some kind of effect on the earths crust somehow. Maybe its the giant dam being built in China, it’s humongous (I don’t know how much it weighs) and will accumulate trillions of gallons of water. On a different note, the gnostic gospel of Thomas I get, but when did Judas Iscariot write his version of events? By all accounts he hung himself on tree. Maybe you meant Judas brother of James and not Judas Iscariot son of Simon. Where do I find your sources for your information about these gnostic gospels? Thanks and God Bless.

  5. James Burton – pictured above – is a fake. He is NOT a Doctor/Ph.D. of any kind, nor is he a Saint/St. He is a Massage Therapist from South Carolina who simply wants attention. SHAME on you, James, for lying about yourself.

  6. I find all this very interesting, however in some ways Not Believeable; at least in the aspect towards how “fast” they expect this to happen, as well as what areas would be flooded.

    If this were to happen, and yes Pole Shifts and Massive Wide-Spread Earthquakes are perfectly possible and probable. Then the maps that they have displayed would be totally different. This process would take years to happen and the areas of the West Coast of Northa America would actually be less under water than that of the Eastern Seaboard which sits at a lower elevation.

    Flooding like this doesnt just come in and stay and only effect one area like that. There is a finite amount of water on the planet. All things in nature seek the path of least resistance. Therefore the Gulf of Mexico and the Eastern and Southern US would be the more flooded; as opposed to the more Mountainous and higher elevated West Coast and Hight Desserts.

    If tsunamis came into the West then they would flood the valleys NOT the Moutains. And if they did somehow submerge these mountains then all the High Deserts and MidWest would be gone.

    I see it more as a change that would happen gradually as the ice caps melt, causing water to rise EveryWhere! Thus submerging the East and Gulf. That and also if this shift were to happen all at once and YellowStone were to errupt and floods so forth. Then there would be NO Safe Areas. The sky would be blackened for years and all vegetation and animals would die and 75% to 90% of the population of the Earth would be left to starve. This would a an extinction event.

    Thats my 2 cents.

  7. Also, in regards to Rose Marie’s comment. We have not put more “weight” on the planet. The things that we make are from the Eather and refined then simply erected. This does not push in on the core….which is iron by the way and very stong, not to mention the thousands of miles of magma ontop of that. Construction is not causing this.

    We do not cause Global Warming, we do not cause Earth events like this. We are NOT that powerful. This is a natural cycle of the planet and we are just along for the ride. The onlything we do with contstrucion and pollution is make this planet less inhabitable for ourselves. Not destroy it.

    We we were to disapeart tomorrow, the palent wouldnt even notice. A few million years and there would be hardly any evidence that we existed at all.

    • @Azriel You’re right that all of the materials used for building cities is from the Earth, however, concentrating all that weight to single points on the planet causes uneven distribution of weight. Also, mass amounts of humans occupy these areas and are constantly reproducing, which doesn’t come directly from the earth, but manifests from other humans. This adds weight as well. Another human impact is that drilling for oil in the Earth’s crust can cause ground to collapse because we are removing volume from those areas without replacing it, so the ground caves in on itself. With 7 billion people and counting, i would highly recommend reconsidering the impact humans play and how powerful our presence is. A planet cannot and will not thrive without balance.

      • @DCON; You really need to study up a little more on scientific calculations regarding “mass” and “volume”. If you calculated the entire mass and weight of New York City and then did the same for the entire planet itself, you will find that it is the equivalent of placing a dime on the deck of an aircraft carrier. Even if you placed 100,000 dimes (concentrated in one spot, which multiple cities never are by the way) on the bow of that carrier it would hardly make a difference in how that carrier sits in the water (space). As for extracting oil (a fluid) out of the ground, are you assuming that nothing replaced that volume once extracted? Ever hear of injection fluids and drilling mud? As for reproduced humans manifesting from other humans, your entire body is comprised of matter and elements that originate from the planet itself. Short of satellites and meteorites, nothing physical leaves this planet or is added to it. Like energy, it can not be created or destroyed, only transformed from one state to another. Yes, humans can impact this planet but nowhere near that of which you espouse… or that of an asteroid!

  8. “We do not cause Global Warming, we do not cause Earth events like this. We are NOT that powerful. This is a natural cycle of the planet and we are just along for the ride. The onlything we do with contstrucion and pollution is make this planet less inhabitable for ourselves. Not destroy it. ”

    If we are making the planet unhabitable then aren’t we destroying what we have and need to live? Yes. Flawed logic is cool Azriel.

  9. 2012 will come and go some interuption yes how much we will have to wait and see. Hopefully the alert to our governments will produce the back ups for our grids. However earth is in a warm cycle in our Oceans and the 16th year of a 33 Volcanism so havoc could ensue soon! Increase in quakes worldwide and dormant volcanoes now awakening. I see danger ahead more so than people are prepared for. The caribbean, mid atlantic ridge, Iceland, canaries, New Zealand, Japan, Chile, Hawaii and west coast of US. This will result in many Mega-Tsunami’s after mega-quakes. Edgar Cayce said that New york city would be inundated with water but the southern states would be much sooner which points to gulf region! The Puerto Rican Trench is suspect and could be ground Zero, its over 25,000 feet deep! Only being prepared for these scenarios will save you. What have you got to lose but a few moments in time getting prepared which could save you and loved ones lives? Work out an exit plan but if you are on any coast you are playing “Russian Roulet.” PRAY your message will be heard…

  10. I am wondering how nevada would be underwater with most of the state is 7000 above sea level

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  12. My name is James Burton. I would just like to make a clarification the term “Dr.” that they used on the show was not my idea. My “Doctorate” is in Divinity, it is an HONORARY doctorate. As is a few of my othere HONORARY degrees and certificates. I AM a Licensed massage therapist and a Grand reiki master teacher. I am also a professional certified aromatherapist (unregistered). I spicifically told them to EXCLUDE any prefix to my name and did not even know that they portrayed me in such a way untill AFTER the show was aired. This goes to show that not everything you watch on tv is true. Also, be weary of my responses, it seems the video editing team made modifications to my speech, it may seem like I was insinuating something I was not. IE. I did not say that this event WILL HAPPEN AROUND 12/21/2012. I said It MAY HAPPEN AROUND 12/21/2012. They simply must have “forgot” the word before “happen”. I will be posting a response on my new website, http://www.mysymm.com which is my new business, not http://www.thecollectiveone.com, which now redirects to mysymm. I also would like to thank you for posting a positive post about me, most was negative due to this…editing issue I like to call it. My view is, if people want to see me as young and attention seeking, they have that right. I did not contact the History channel, they contacted me. They asked me to see what I could find, and just so happens, I had some information they didnt.

    Thank you again,

    James Burton

  13. I’ve visited the Guidestones and noticed that besides the perfectly linear shrubs that surround the monument; only other landscaping is a single red Cherokee Rose bush. I found it interesting.

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