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From CS Monitor:

Rumsfeld seeks to throw out Padilla case

Jose Padilla was convicted of helping Al-Qaeda. His lawyers say he was mistreated for years, and that former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld violated Padilla’s civil and constitutional rights.

What ever happened to the ‘transparency the GOP promised?! Bills online for three days?! Falling lockstep with Obama? It’s about to get snarky because they, the GOP, is also doing this in the dead of night. WTH? ~JP

IT WASN’T just an ideological oddity when 26 Republican House members, including seven Tea Party-backed freshmen, joined with 122 Democrats last week to defeat a bill extending three controversial provisions of the Patriot Act. The Tea Party makes much of protecting Americans’ constitutional rights from government intrusion, and that commitment demanded a vote against the bill.

~ In which we all agree…

Herein lies the Kicker:

The votes of the Tea Party freshmen were decisive because the fast-tracked bill needed a two-thirds majority to pass.

Via the Boston Globe

One objectionable provision was the so-called “roving John Doe wiretap,’’ which allows the government to obtain authority to conduct intelligence surveillance without identifying either the individual or the site to be monitored. This broad authority makes it far easier for intelligence agents to obtain search warrants. Yet the roving wiretap provision violates search-and-seizure protections by not requiring the government to tell a judge exactly what it wants to search or seize. The government should at least have to name a particular target.

Another provision the House declined to extend allows the government to seize “any tangible thing’’ — such as library or financial records — without having to disclose how that thing might be relevant to terrorists or terrorist activities. The government should have to show probable cause.

The third rejected provision of the Patriot Act, to be granted only in secret courts, permits surveillance of people who aren’t US citizens and who have no connection to foreign terrorist organizations. This power has never been used. It could establish a worrisome precedent if used. Congress should let it expire.

The Republican leadership was taken by surprise that the Tea Party newcomers sided with liberal House Democrats. Chances are, however, that Congress will extend the three troublesome provisions by the end of the month. Even so, the initial negative vote reveals a shared concern, by lawmakers of left and right, that the government, under the cloak of anti-terrorism, is exercising powers unsanctioned by the Constitution.

So friends, here we are Padilla skates with the urging of Rumsfield and the fact regarding Jose Padilla’s treatment at Navy brig has now gone before a federal judge in US.

The Canadian Press has published this which is trending hot:

CHARLESTON, S.C. – Attorneys return to federal court in South Carolina to ask that the designation of a man as an enemy combatant and his subsequent treatment at a Navy jail be declared unconstitutional.

The government wants the suit dismissed and attorneys for both sides appear before a judge Monday.

Attorneys for Jose Padilla, who was arrested in 2002, claim he was unlawfully held as an enemy combatant. His attorneys say during 44 months at the brig, he was at times kept in total darkness and isolation, deprived of sleep and kept from family and attorneys.

Padilla was once suspected of plotting to set off a radioactive “dirty bomb” and is now imprisoned on a 2007 terrorism material support conviction.

From the Polish American Museum in 1930s after the May 3 Polish Constitution Day Parade

I would lay money on it my ancestors are turning over in their graves seeing what Humboldt Park became JUST three short decades later.

The neighborhood Jose grew up in was a predominantly Polish and German neighborhood when I was a child. My sister danced the polka in Humboldt park at the National Polish Alliance Day. Then in the early 60’s the Latin Kings took over. Where once was beauty on the boulevard was then scattered with drug dealings and gang shootings. It became as dark as their trade. Literally. It once held a beautiful enormous pond as you can now see that dried up with the policing on gangs:

To give you an idea of the breadth and majesty of what Humboldt park once was:

Humboldt Park Stables and Receptory–an oasis in the middle of the NW side of Chicago

~ I know of what I speak being that in 1966 I was jumped in as one of the very few ‘white gringa’ Latin Queens at my high school. So how ironic the world turns from watching my older sister dance at a Polish Festival to a VERY short life as a Queen myself.

Also See:

~In-Depth by JP “Gang Life”

Jose’s background was of a typical gang street thug. He was implicated in a gangland murder when he was 13 and was confined as a juvenile offender in Illinois in 1985. We all know the education you get in prison or juvenile hall, especially in Chicago.

In prison is where they recruit local jihadis. I know one personally in the Indiana state prison. Being his moniker was changed from Jose Padilla to Abdullah al Muhajir it is questionable if he was using his gang affiliation to sponsor terrorism. But Padilla–an admitted Latin Disciple could very well have been.

According to George Knox, director of the National Gang Crime Research Center, “Like all American gangs, [terrorist groups] have this combative, hate-the-system, tear-it-up, blow-it-up attitude.” “What drives gangs is conflict … it’s like they made it big time, they want to wreak havoc.”

Knox said the first link between gangs and terrorist groups surfaced when El Rukn leader Jeff Fort was convicted in 1987 of plotting to carry out terrorism against the United States on behalf of Libya for a $2.5 million payment to the South Side street gang. No terrorist acts were carried out, Knox said.

The El Rukns were a gang of ruthless drug dealers and pimps operative between 1977 and 1990, who attempted to shield themselves from federal inquiry under the facade of a religious organization. Between 1985 and 1987, the gang even dabbled in international terrorism, allegedly traveling to Libya and meeting with agents of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi to offer their services as domestic terrorists in return for money and weapons.

But of course, in this PC world, Padilla is being given PC allowances because he is an American citizen, instead of what he truly is, an Enemy of the State. IMHO that qualifies him to have any citizenship retracted but hey that is JUST MY opinion. ~JP


  2 Responses to “{~ JP Today} BREAKING News: House Passes Patriot Act Extension ~ Rumsfeld seeks to throw out Padilla case”

  1. USA Breaking News
    FOX News- House of Representatives votes 275-144 to approve extension of Patriot Act.They NEEDED GOP for 2/3 Traitors!

  2. House of Representatives Votes to Extend Patriot Act

    ~ What changed friends?

    They tried last week and failed.

    Now it’s good to go.

    The House of Representatives Monday night approved a nine-month extension of the Patriot Act after rejecting the same proposal a week ago.

    What’s strange is that an overwhelming number of lawmakers voted in favor of the renewal last week. But House Republicans brought the measure to the floor under a procedure that requires two-thirds of those voting to be in favor of a bill for it to pass. Last week, 277 lawmakers voted yea. But that fell just short of the required two-thirds threshold.

    Finding a supermajority wasn’t a problem Monday night as the House considered the bill under regular rules that mandate just a simple majority for passage.

    This bill cruised to approval, 275 to 144.

    Last week’s vote surprised many lawmakers, with some not even aware the House was considering it under special, expedited rules.

    “Clearly we wanted to see the bill passed,” said House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) when asked to defend his method of summoning the Patriot Act renewal to the floor last week.

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/02/14/house-representatives-votes-extend-patriot-act/#ixzz1DzuPunVs

    ~ I’m sure whatever deal they cut with this admin will be revealed shortly…~JP

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