Feb 222011

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Posted by Jim Hoft

A pro-public union SEIU rally turned ugly today outside the Colorado Capitol in Denver.

The Colorado union supporters started out the day chanting, “Tax the rich!”

But later the unhinged SEIU thugs accosted a gay black tea partyer. This verbal assault lasted for several minutes.

In this segment the pro-union leftists asks this black tea partyer:

“I just want to know how you can vote against your own best interest.”


More video from the Denver protest today.

Still more…

Unhinged SEIU supporter follows gay black tea partyer and gets escorted away by police. Of course, he flips off the tea party crowd before he leaves.


And, of course these leftists ended their rally screaming “Bring it on, Teabaggers!”

What a lovely bunch.

Democratic U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter attended the rally. He did not attempt to stop the local leftists from attacking the brave tea partyer.

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  3 Responses to “GAY BLACK TEA PARTYER Attacked By Racist SEIU Activists at Denver Tea Party”

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  2. I was there yesterday, as a tea partier.. They were pretty disgusting, we had one who came into our group and just started SCREAMING, DON’T TREAD ON UNIONS(that is rich in itself), his veins were bulging, spittle spewing.. They have become more crazed.

    • They are mighty scary creatures aren’t they? They pretend to be liberal in their beliefs about being gay or minority. It’s JUST a myth!

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