Feb 282011

Wisconsin needs to impeach the cowards who ran from their duty. Those same people need to be tried for malfeasance in office and dereliction of their chosen duty. –by Sarge from CFP

I belong to a group believing the Constitution is more than a series of Burma Shave signs on America’s historical highway. “We the people stomp and shout but when it’s needed the Constitution’s out” – Bummer Shave”. Tacky, I know but we’re living in the interesting times the Chinese Curse spoke about.

We’re up against it on the world financial front. America faces bankruptcy on the fiscal battlegrounds of world commerce and the apparent strength (or weakness) of the Dollar. What’s more depressing is the idea we appear morally insolvent and intellectually deadened by our refusal to do anything but make speeches and proclamations denoting nothing more than their need to appear active.

It’s been noted there are more signs of life in a mortuary than there are in Congress. In a Funeral Home, when the guest of honor is placed in its hallowed arena for final rites, Gloria and acknowledgment, there is respect for the memory of who that person once was. Such is not the case in that morgue of dead ideals and aspirations once populated by men of principle – Congress.

Now pretenders to the throne posture and prance; mince and mingle as they continue doing no more than shouting about the obvious and concealing the fact they’re doing nothing about it. I have people in my group who are the same way. They know the statistics, they understand the gravity of the situation and they’re aware of the closeness of the peril approaching. But still, they have no more strength of character than to scramble for positions in their parties and proclaim their accomplishments will surpass the pasty efforts of their political enemies on the opposite polarity.

For this we pay them homage, respect and almost Two-Hundred Grand a year. Are they worth it? I don’t know but I could do just as poorly for half the amount.

In Wisconsin, the members of the minority party have taken leave of their jobs (and I think of their senses) and fled the bi-cameral legislature in “protest” over the edicts of a fiscally conservative governor. As of this writing they’re still hiding out in another state to prevent discussion, substantive debate and most importantly they deny their constituents the representation they proclaimed they wanted to provide.

Liars and cowards smell equally bad when the corpse of their ideals is bared to the Sun and public awareness for too long a period. The decay of their moral structure and the rotting flesh of their gutless political performance are really beginning to reek.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s on a State or National level the performance of this farce coming to be known as governance is distasteful and without merit at best. Regularly Mr. Obama puts the “negotiation” on an “Us vs. Them” basis. He says he’ll look at any proposition shown him but he never says he’ll really consider them. NO ideologue ever sees, understands or accepts the counsel of oppositional elements. Bipartisanship means capitulation or abject surrender in the language of the Oval Office.

Politics has become a terrible balancing act of those feeling themselves entitled and those seeking to become entitled. Some choose Labor Unions as their standard bearers; others the camaraderie of Tea Parties and Libertarian enclaves. Each position their champions at the forefront of the battle ranks and scream their support without ever seeing there’s a way to gain a solution: that would be cooperation between the warring factions in favor of the people they claim they represent.

But that might be too easy. And it certainly makes sense (which is another detriment to them ever trying it)People need to come together with clear minds and clear vision and speak what they want to these charlatans claiming they’re representatives of the people.

Wisconsin needs to impeach the cowards ran from their duty. Those same people need to be tried for malfeasance in office and dereliction of their chosen duty. Special elections should be called for with the understanding the elected represent ALL of the people, not just those writing checks and strangling benefits packages out of people (taxpayers) for their own greedy, needy gains.

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Feb 282011

Pres. Obama Dives Back Into Wisconsin, Says Public Employees Being ‘Vilified’

Addressing governors from around the country at the White House Monday morning, President Obama dove headfirst back into the Wisconsin budget battle…

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Public servants will agree with that. Democrats and republicans agree with that. In fact many public employees in your respective states have already agreed to cuts. But let me also say this, I don’t think it does anybody any good when public employees are denigrated or vilified, or their rights are infringed upon.

We need to attract the best and the brightest to public service. These times demand it. We’re not gonna attract the best teachers for our kids, for example, if they only make a fraction of what other professionals make. We’re not gonna convince the bravest Americans to put their lives on the line as police officers or firefighters if we don’t properly reward that bravery.

So yes we need a conversation about pensions and Medicare and Medicaid and other promises that we’ve made as a nation and those will be tough conversations but necessary conversations. As we make these decisions about our budget, going forward though, I believe that everyone should be at the table and that the concept of shared sacrifice should prevail.

If all the pain’s borne by only one group, whether its workers or seniors or the poor, while the wealthiest among us get to keep or get more tax breaks, we’re not doing the right thing. I think that’s something the democrats and the republicans should be able to agree on.

Obama Offers to Let Governors Propose Alternative Health Care Law

Feb 282011

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Cubbies open up its Public Address announcer search to fans

Do your baseball dreams surpass home plate and lie behind a booming microphone announcing the home team’s starting lineup? Then the Cubs have a job for you.

The Northside team announced Monday it’s looking for a public address announcer, “the voice of the Chicago Cubs while in Wrigley Field,” to replace announcer Paul Friedman. And fans are eligible to apply.

Go online to submit your application with a 2-minute video of you reading three scripts provided in the job posting.

The team wants someone with “strong vocal talent, excellent enunciation skills” and trong knowledge of baseball.

Applicants must be available for all 81 Cubs home games, including makeup games, tiebreaker games, play-off games and non-game events.

That means you’re announcing starting lineups, pitching changes and general Cubs information on days, nights, weekends and holidays during the season.

Think you can do it?

The deadline is March 14. The winner will be announced before March 25.

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Feb 282011

The Canadian Hospital where Joseph Maraachli, a 13-month-old who is currently kept alive by a respirator, is receiving death threats after the boy was denied a transfer to a Michigan hospital to undergo a tracheotomy.

Eric Shawn spoke to Martha about the latest and Father Frank Pavone provided some context on whether the family should be able to fight the hospital’s decision.

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Feb 282011

Martha MacCallum reports that Rajib Karim, a 31-year-old Bangladeshi man, was convicted of 4 counts of engaging in preparation of a terror attack in the UK. Prosecutors say he was using as position as a British Airways employee to plot with Anwar al-Awlaki to blow up a plane.

Feb 282011

A supporter of the teachers unions is questioned about her belief that the unions need more money and power.

Feb 282011
fox nation

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas – his impartiality under attack from liberals because of his attendance at a meeting of conservative donors sponsored by the Koch brothers and his wife’s tea party activism – struck a defiant tone in a Saturday night speech in Charlottesville, Va., telling a friendly audience that he and his wife “believe in the same things” and “are focused on defending liberty.”

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~ THIS Charles is NOT in charge…

~ THIS Charles is NOT in charge…

Charlie Sheen Flushes Career Down Toilet on Morning Shows

What Charlie Sheen Said to NBC and ABC

This morning NBC’s “Today” and ABC’s “Good Morning America” ran clips from their network’s respective “exclusive” interviews with “Two and a Half Men” actor Charlie Sheen.


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Tennessee Bill Equates Sharia Law With Treason

~ As it should be IMHO…

NASHVILLE — Republican state lawmakers have proposed a bill that would make following the Islamic code known as Shariah law a felony punishable by 15 years in jail.

First Amendment Center senior scholar Charles Haynes told The Tennessean that the bill was based on a complete misunderstanding of Shariah, which he described as a set of voluntary religious rules similar to Jewish religious law.

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Anarchists Attack Seattle Police During Riot

KOMO News – A roving gang of rioters smashed property and attacked Seattle police with fireworks, flares and fire extinguishers Saturday night near the site where an officer shot a woodcarver to death last August.

The incident began at about 9 p.m. as an officer drove through the intersection at Boren Avenue and Howell Street and came upon a group of what appeared to be anarchists gathering there.

As the officer passed through, the group discharged a fire extinguisher at his vehicle.

Other officers responded and found a group of 25 to 30 gathered in the intersection, setting up fencing and putting up caution tape. They painted “F— The Pigs” on the street and on a nearby building.

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Communists Confront Tea Partiers in Atlanta

Unions, socialists, and communists held a protest in front of the Georgia State Capitol building and Tea Party activists held a counter-protest nearby. As the union members walked past the Tea Partiers they communicated their feelings.

Is this the face of the Union Movement in America?

Liberals Hack Tea Party Website

‘Anonymous’ takes down Americans for Prosperity website. The online activist group “anonymous,” which has used coordinated denial of service attacks — a crude but effective Internet weapon — to temporary disable sites belonging to foes ranging from Scientology to WikiLeaks foes — has turned its firepower on the Koch-backed conservative group Americans for Prosperity, making the group’s site intermittently unavailable Sunday night.

From the typically immodest press release, which begins, “Dear Citizens of the United States of America”:

It has come to our attention that the brothers, David and Charles Koch–the billionaire owners of Koch Industries–have long attempted to usurp American Democracy. Their actions to undermine the legitimate political process in Wisconsin are the final straw. Starting today we fight back.

…Anonymous cannot ignore the plight of the citizen-workers of Wisconsin, or the opportunity to fight for the people in America’s broken political system. For these reasons, we feel that the Koch brothers threaten the United States democratic system and, by extension, all freedom-loving individuals everywhere. As such, we have no choice but to spread the word of the Koch brothers’ political manipulation, their single-minded intent and the insidious truth of their actions in Wisconsin, for all to witness.

…Anonymous hears the voice of the downtrodden American people, whose rights and liberties are being systematically removed one by one, even when their own government refuses to listen or worse – is complicit in these attacks. We are actively seeking vulnerabilities, but in the mean time we are calling for all supporters of true Democracy, and Freedom of The People, to boycott all Koch Industries’ paper products. We welcome unions across the globe to join us in this boycott to show that you will not allow big business to dictate your freedom.

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Feb 282011

At the age of 110, Veteran Frank Buckles passed away in his home in West Virginia. Despite being the last surviving WWI veteran, Buckles actually lied about his age to serve his country — he was 16 and a half when he enlisted in the army but said he was 18 in order to qualify.

Steve Centanni has the story on this veteran’s service to his country.

Feb 282011

H/T Blackie Sm

How do you think the media would report a story if a radical Christian cult, such as Westboro Baptist Church, had a group of their idiots patrolling the Florida Keys with AK-47s in Go-Fast boats, ripping off yachts, taking seafarers hostage and giving their stolen loot and ransom cash to their Apocalyptic Dipstick Fund for Violent Global Domination?

Do you think the Blame Stream Media would report that these sea urchins were Christians? Do you think they’d try to link these losers to George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, the Tea Party and all evangelicals far and wide? Of course they would. What a silly question I asked. They never miss an opportunity to disparage the church, so they sure as heck wouldn’t omit such a group’s affiliation with Christianity in their reportage (even though Westboro Baptist is to Christianity what Charlie Sheen is to sobriety and celibacy).

Here’s another query for you: What if said group of bug-eyed “Christian” lunatics went even more stupid and captured and killed two middle-aged Muslim missionary couples who were sailing the gin-clear flats of south Florida, bouncing from Key to Key as they passed out Korans to folks they came in contact with? What would the Blame Stream Media do? Let’s see (to be read with a Chinese accent), how you say… international incident?

I tell you what they would not say. They would not refer to these hypothetical, lunatic, violent thieves of the high seas as plain vanilla “American pirates.” No siree, bob dog.

Indeed, the Blame Stream Media would make sure they’d get pitched as your general, run-of-the-mill Christians, even though they would be fo’ shizzle a heretical aberration that has nada to do with Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. I’ll bet you fifty bucks.

For certain, given the thought police’s devotion to the church’s demise, we would not hear the big three pitch that such nefarious ocean bandits were mere teenagers, high as a kite on khat, under-educated, impoverished and acting out because they weren’t afforded a sugar balancing Zagnut bar due to economic sanctions levied by evil western suppressors.

However, when Muslim machine gun gangs patrol the Indian ocean off the Somali and Kenyan coasts and rob, rape and kill Americans (including Christian missionaries last week) they get called “pirates,” and the BSM conveniently omits that these weeds are 100% Muslim and this just happens to be the aquatic version of jihad.

“Somali pirates”? Well, shiver me timbers and yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum, ye scurvy dogs. Please, Blame Stream Media, go sell crazy somewhere else. This is jihad on the high seas.

Now, granted, it’s not the suicide vest jihad of Achmed the Dead Terrorist, nor is it the stealth BS/PC jihad carried on by groups like CAIR and their taqiyya-spewing buddies, but rather known to these Jack Sparrows as “jihad al-mal,” or money jihad.

But OMG, we cannot call it jihad or connect the dots to the funding of their caliphatic wet dreams, in part, by what they loot on the ocean because that would destroy the PC narrative the media has worked so hard to foist on us goobers (Oh, FYI: A lot of their ransom money and stolen booty goes to fund al-Shabaab, which is not a doo-wop 50s cover band but an al-Qaeda affiliate currently taking over Somalia). No, scallywags, we can only call it “piracy” and not jihad, and we can only call these Somalis “pirates” and not Muslim terrorists. End of discussion.

Now, if you don’t think what Islam is doing off the horn of Africa is their Water World version of jihad then do this: Google Raymond Ibrahim’s “What Piracy? This Is the Same Old Jihad,” and then get back to me. Good luck maintaining your PC rhetoric after reading Ibrahim’s column because he buries the naysayers with historical evidence of Islam’s long history of plunder on sea and land.


Feb 282011

MoveOn.org organized rally in Sacramento where public union members and thugs protested against action of Wisconsin governor Scott Walker. Listen to these people calling taxpayers that pay their benefits calling them fascists and physically attacking a peaceful counter protest of Tea party patriots.

An amateur videographer caught a shoving match on tape. The video showed a face to face argument right before Richard Andazola, 28, of Stockton, shoved a tea party activist. “He bum rushed across the street, came right at us, swung his bullhorn at me, hit me in the hand and then put his hand around my throat and started choking me,” Rodney Stanhope of Placerville said.

The video doesn’t show the choking incident, but clearly shows the shoving. Because of it, Sacramento Police officers cited Andazola for battery.

Identified by Sacramento’s News10 TV (story) as 28 year old Teamster Richard Andazola of Stockton CA.

Here’s how the left operates: Crash course – Your illustrated guide to the Tea Party saboteurs

Sacramento: Union goons swarm – attack. 1 Tea Partier injured, 1 Teamster arrested