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Tariq Ramadan, the stealth Islamist who was banned from entering the United States until Obama became president and almost immediately granted him a visa, at which point Hamas-linked CAIR invited him to speak. Ramadan is also the grandson of the Muslim Brotherhood’s founder. via Harry’s Place

» Tariq Ramadhan’s Prayer for International Jihad.

“Moderate” Tariq Ramadan caught on unearthed video calling down divine vengeance on those he considers Allah’s enemies.

::A translation of the prayer below::

“Allah we ask you because you are Allah, strengthen the faith of our brothers and sisters in Palestine, Allah strengthen their faith in Palestine and make them triumphant over the enemy, Your enemy, the enemy of the religion (Islam) with your mercy, oh, Generous one. Allah strengthen their faith in Palestine, in Chechnya, Afghanistan, in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, in Egypt, Sudan, Kashmir and in every land and on every battlefield. Allah, strike our enemies, Your enemies, the enemies of the religion (Islam). “

Feb 132011

Feb 132011

Feb 132011

Our national debt exceeds $14 trillion and after running a federal deficit of $1.3 trillion last year, we will see a $1.5 trillion deficit this year. I get one clear message in talking with the American people – promote job growth and control government spending.

The federal government funds thousands of programs and projects, and Congress must look at all federal expenditures and reduce or eliminate those that do not meet the needs of the American people.

Taxpayers deserve accountability, and recent undercover videos taken at Planned Parenthood centers demonstrate the egregious abuse of taxpayer funds. These videos show that Planned Parenthood is willing to use public funds to commit a federal crime.

Thanks to Live Action, a group of young people dedicated to strengthening the culture of life, we learn from undercover videos that Planned Parenthood is all too willing to ignore the law in promoting its services, among them abortion.

Working with Live Action, a man and woman posed as sex traffickers at a Planned Parenthood center and asked about abortions and other services for their child sex workers. Instead being reported for what appeared to be a horrendous sexual exploitation of children, the pair received information on how to arrange abortions for their child sex workers.

This just adds to Planned Parenthood’s record of violating state sexual assault and child abuse reporting laws, and of encouraging young girls to lie about their ages to circumvent state reporting laws.

Although Planned Parenthood eventually ordered new training for its employees, I have a better solution – defund it. Why should taxpayer funds go toward an entity with a history of skirting or violating reporting laws and that promotes abortion, even for children under 14 years of age?

Although Planned Parenthood is barred from using taxpayer funds to perform abortions, these dollars are fungible, federal funding allows the group to use other funds for abortions.

In 1997, the group received $160 million from taxpayers and performed 160,000 abortions. Last year, it received some $360 million and performed over 324,000 abortions. As taxpayer funding increased, so did the number of these life-ending procedures.

While working to defund this organization, as Chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee’s Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee, I also plan to hold a hearing with the Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, testifying on why taxpayers should support Planned Parenthood.

I also want her to address what steps she has ordered to get this group to obey state and federal laws, which should be demanded of any beneficiary of federal funding.

Defunding Planned Parenthood should be a fiscal and moral priority for Congress, and for the American people.

Stearns is Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee.

Feb 132011

Feb 132011

Forget the Facebook idealists. It’s the Brotherhood we should fear…

From the Daily Mail:

For an organisation that claims a following of millions and is feared by most Arab leaders – and many in the West – it is a very discreet HQ. My path there takes me up the cramped and dusty staircase of an apartment block overlooking the Nile in the Giza district of Cairo. Only a small sticker, which someone has tried to tear off, tells me that I am in the right place.

tern-faced men in casual clothes let me through a door that has been battered by secret police. I am guided to a small office off the lobby where, waiting for me, is the Professor of Geology at the University of Cairo.

Rashad Al-Bayoumi is a portly little man with buck-toothed smile, eyes that twinkle behind gold-rimmed glasses, an academic’s tweed jacket and a shiny brown tie which curves over the straining buttons of his shirt front. We are not here to talk about rock formations.

He clears his throat and wags a finger. The deputy chairman of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood movement then declares: ‘This is a very important moment in history!’

Whatever one thinks about Professor Al-Bayoumi’s organisation and its desire for an Islamic Egyptian state governed by sharia law, there is no doubting his assertion.

With Hosni Mubarak stepping down Friday, Egypt’s future remains uncertain. Egypt’s Supreme Council of Armed Forces has taken temporary power with expectations of elections still set for the fall.

“Egypt is free!” chanted the hundreds of thousands of people gathered in Cairo’s Tahrir Square.

A U.S. official, described by CNN as involved in Egypt discussions, called Mubarak’s resignation “obviously a welcome step” that opens the door to “an unpredictable next chapter.”

The future role of the Muslim Brotherhood remains uncertain. The Brotherhood, a fundamentalist Sunni movement, seeks to spread Islamic law throughout the world. Its members have indicated a desire to revoke Egypt’s peace treaty with Israel and increase support for Hamas and other terrorist groups.

In a statement in Wisconsin Thursday, President Obama said this is “a moment of transformation” in Egypt and that the United States supports an “orderly and genuine transition to democracy” there. But earlier that morning, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper seemed to minimize the concern – and mischaracterize the Brotherhood — by describing it as “a very heterogeneous group, largely secular, which has eschewed violence.”

—> {Head in Arse} ~ un-Intel Chief Clapper Says Muslim Brotherhood Is ‘Largely Secular’

U.S. officials may be able to blunt some of the Brotherhood’s influence in that transition by helping Egypt’s secular opposition movements build competitive political organizations, writes Ayyan Hirsi Ali,{Muslim Brotherhood will likely win next poll } a former Muslim who once belonged to the Brotherhood.

—> Andrea Mitchell Warned by Ayaan Hirsi: “The Brotherhood Wants Sharia “

—> Ayaan Hirsi Ali & Peter Bergen about the Muslim Brotherhood

The U.S. was preparing an aid package for Egyptian opposition groups before Mubarak stepped down, Time magazine reports. It wasn’t clear who would receive the money. “White House officials declined to say whether any of the new money would go directly or indirectly to the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s most prominent Islamic party,” Time reports.

It’s not clear how deep the group’s support is among Egyptians. A poll commissioned by the Washington Institute for Near East Studies indicates tepid support for the Brotherhood and other radical Islamists within Egypt’s population centers of Cairo and Alexandria.

Only 4 percent said they strongly approve of the group, while 11 percent approved somewhat. A third of the respondents, however, said they didn’t know how they felt. As Hirsi Ali argues, the Brotherhood has the most sophisticated political infrastructure and messaging. Part of that message is an argument that opposing the Brotherhood would be “a rejection of Islam altogether.”

“The Muslim Brotherhood will insist that a vote for them is a vote for Allah’s law,” she writes. “But the positions of power in government will not be filled by God and his angels. They will be filled by men so arrogant as to put themselves in the position of Allah. And as the Iranians of 2009 have learned to their cost, it is harder to vote such men out of office than to vote them in.”

It has enjoyed significant electoral success as recently as 2005. In parliamentary elections that year, Brotherhood members running without party affiliation won 88 seats out of 444. Only 26 Brotherhood candidates survived the first round of balloting in November, and the group boycotted a subsequent round claiming the ballot was rigged.

NOTE: There is a fresh poll out today that shows the majority of Egypt want Caliphate Dreams and Strict Sharia

Statements from Brotherhood officials about the future are cagey. After nearly three weeks of laying low and proclaiming no interest in leading the next government, Mubarak’s departure triggers a new phase in which political maneuvering will say more than anything.

Read more…

Feb 132011

The New York man who went on a bloody rampage that left four dead and at least four wounded shouted “My girlfriend ruined my life!”x before committing his final act of brutality — slicing the neck of a man on a Manhattan subway train early Saturday, sources told the New York Post.

Maksim Gelman, 23, was finally captured by police after an alleged stabbing attack on 40-year-old Joseph Lozito on a subway train at around 9:15 a.m. Saturday, the Post reports.

“You’re going to die!” Gelman told Lozito, according to the man’s family.

Gelman was soon wrestled to the ground by three cops, ending a 28-hour rampage during which he allegedly killed his mother’s boyfriend as well as an ex-girlfriend he had been stalking and her mother.

He also allegedly stabbed three men during carjackings and fatally ran over a 62-year-old pedestrian.

Once in custody, Gelman made clear his obsession with Yelena Bulchenko, 20. He was convinced they were an item after a brief tryst that she tried to forget.

“She had to die,” Gelman told cops, according to New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly.

“This was so horrendous and bizarre … He did a lot of mayhem in a short amount of time,” said Kelly, adding that the suspect was known to be a frequent drug user.

The reign of terror came to an end after the suspect flew off the handle at a woman aboard a train on New York’s Upper West Side at about 8:45 a.m.

Gelman is expected to be arraigned in Brooklyn Criminal Court later Sunday.

Feb 132011

Feb 132011

The revolution in Egypt has created a ripple effect and could reignite Iran’s Green movement

The Facebook page calling for demonstrations has over 52,000 followers.

A pro-government message online says that the Green Movement is supported by Zionist forces. See report…

Iran opposition ‘planning protests’

Algeria shuts down internet and Facebook as protest mounts