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Rep. Keith Ellison addressing Sharia lovers. I think this is criminal. –Posted by D-Lo {weaselzippers}

This video is thanks to Green Eyes…

To show you what has happened in 6 months time…this video was from August 2010. This is one the best, clearest-cut examples of how Muslims are attempting to convert America to Sharia law. It is a bold, overt, and aggressive campaign to change the fiber of American way of lfe. The sad part is that it appears to be working.

NTEB: Minnesota Under Attack From Sharia Law

HOUSE HOLDS MOCK SWEARING-IN CEREMONY–Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., participates in a mock swearing-in ceremony with his wife Kim, HUH?! WTH?! {holding Thomas Jefferson’s Koran,} in the U.S. Capitol in Washington on January 4, 2007. Ellison is the first Muslim elected to Congress. (UPI Photo/Roger L. Wollenberg)

At the opening ceremonies for the University of Minnesota’s new think tank on Islamic law and Human Rights, Congressmember Keith Ellison described a time when he was a young boy afraid of what lurked underneath his bed when the lights were off. One day his mother turned on the lights and told him to look underneath the bed and said, “There’s nothing under there but some toys you lost a long time ago,” Ellison recalled. Similarly, the fear, hysteria and misinformation have circulated worldwide about the topic of Islam. “We find ourselves afraid of something we don’t know anything about,” Ellison said.

Combating that hysteria, fear and misinformation is one of the prime goals of the Islamic Law and Human Rights Program, which will focus on topics and controversies involving Islamic law, human rights, terrorism and the Muslim world.

The program will incorporate publications, research, fieldwork and public seminars in its public outreach, according to a press release.

The program will be housed in the Law School’s Human Rights Center in Mondale Hall under the direction of adjunct associate professor Abdulwahid Qalinle. The Human Rights Center was founded in 1988 on the fortieth anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the General Assembly of the United States. The aim of the Human Rights Center is to help train effective human rights professionals and volunteers and assists human rights advocates, monitors, students, and educators.

The kick-off event for the Islamic Law and Human Rights program on February 4 included remarks by a number of scholars, Ellison, Executive African Development Center director Hussein Samatar, and fellows of the program.

Professor David Wippman, Dean of the University of Minnesota Law School, said the Islamic Law and Human Rights program will look at questions of the compatibility of Islamic law and human rights, and examine topics such as property rights, the position of women, and crime. The program will address what the traditions are in a “dispassionate, informed way,” he said. Already, there have been reactions to the forming of the program, Wippman said, and not all those reactions have been favorable. He said he is looking forward to the fruits of the program’s research, which will benefit to the school, the university community, and the nation at large.

Abdulwahid Qanlinle, the Director of the Islamic Law and Human Rights Program, said the tension between Islamic law and human rights is not dissimilar to that experienced by other faiths. For example, other faiths struggle with human rights as it relates to homosexuality or abortion.

In the coming months, the center will offer teaching fellowships, support research, hold conferences, and provide training resources to students, the legal community, and human rights organizations.

Outeiba Merhebi, an Islamic Law and Human Rights Program Fellow as well as a Fulbright Humphrey Fellow, said that last semester she took a class on Islamic law because, “I thought it would be easy for me.” However, taking the class made her realize that the subject would become a major part of her professional interest.

Merhebi, who is from Lebanon and is herself Muslim, said she is aware of how Islamic law is interpreted differently in different regions of the world. “Every country has a different Islamic law,” she said. “In my research, Islam doesn’t oppress women… the only reason women don’t have equal rights is not because of Islam but because of incorrect interpretation of Islamic law.” Merhebi said she hopes to bridge the gap between the true teaching of Islam and its interpretations.

Hussein Samatar, who is a Minneapolis school board member and director of the African Development Center, said that he hopes the program will examine the vast diversity of Islam itself. There is much diversity of thought and culture within Islam- it is not static within modernity, he said. “How do we address these identities? Do we go back to the Koran?” The challenge, he said will be to see if Islam can survive in a multicultural society. “What does being Muslim in America really mean?” he asked. “Can Islam protect human rights?” While he doesn’t have the answers to his questions, Samatar hopes the program would be a place for research, debate and discussion.

Congress member Keith Ellison said he was proud that his alma mater was starting the program, and that it will be “shining light on a subject that has been in darkness and misinformation.”


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Blue Shield is going to raise their rates by an outrageous 59% in less than three months. Instead of issuing subpoena for their CEO to come before the legislature and answer questions as to how that could justifiable, the speaker of the house attends a fundraiser hosted by Blue Shield’s top lobbyist.

Feb 082011

President Barack Obama on Sunday seemed to walk back his administration’s previous statements acknowledging the Muslim Brotherhood should have a voice in shaping any successive Egyptian government.

Reports last week indicated the administration was reviewing American policy toward the Islamist fundamentalist movement, with one independent advisor concluding he didn’t sense any concern from the administration if the Brotherhood was part of the government

During a pre-Super Bowl interview on Fox, the president called the Brotherhood “one faction in Egypt,” but said that the country’s future is greater than a choice between the existing Mubarak government and the Islamists. “There is no single way forward,” State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said, echoing the president.

The Brotherhood disagrees, increasingly { Wait for it…Yep here it is…} issuing demands as the calls for Mubarak’s immediate ouster continue. Because it is the most organized opposition group, the Brotherhood is well positioned to influence Egypt’s future. And that influence is likely to stand against American interests.

~ At this juncture alarm bells should be going off to anyone who truly understands the hidden meaning. It is like Obama being reelected because there is not a strong GOP candidate to defeat him. Same goes with if there is no strong person coming to the forefront in Egypt, well then they are screwed because that 25% of the brotherhood will reign. Plain and simple. ~JP
As such, American officials should make our policies and interests clear and identify our allies and our enemies, writes Bill Siegel at Family Security Matters.

“Although many choose to look the other way, The Brotherhood in Egypt makes no effort to disguise its position that America is its enemy (in addition to despotic rulers in Arab lands and Israel) or that it seeks the destruction of America as it is,” Siegel writes. “In any other context, our leadership would have no difficulty in identifying the Brotherhood as our enemy.”

That won’t be easy for an administration that has advocated outreach to Islamists as a centerpiece of its foreign policy. After inviting Brotherhood officials to his 2009 Cairo speech, the president “will have to ultimately identify the Brotherhood as our enemy,” Siegel writes. “Yet, in doing so, he will then have to reverse the course of action he has taken domestically. More importantly, he will be forced to take strong actions against the Brotherhood here.”

Efforts to court the Brotherhood are not new, however, as Ian Johnson details in the New York Review of Books, Washington’s Secret History with the Muslim Brotherhood. Where previous interaction turned out to be futile attempts to sway the Islamist groups to view America more favorably, conditions emerging in Egypt may leave little choice today.

Johnson, author of A Mosque in Munich, Nazis, the CIA, and the Rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in the West traces efforts from Dwight Eisenhower to George W. Bush to woo the Brotherhood. It continues today. “Most—including the Obama administration —seem to think that it is a movement the West can do business with, even if the White House denies formal contacts.”

Note what I stated in the following post: ” it has been an ‘EPIC Fail’ of every president we have had since 1979 “. ~JP

This approach ignores the movement’s slippery political positioning.

“In countries where it aspires to join the political mainstream, it renounces the use of violence locally,” Johnson writes. “Hence the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt says it no longer seeks to overthrow the regime violently—although its members there think nothing of calling for Israel’s destruction. In Egypt, the Brotherhood also says it wants religious courts to enforce shariah, but at times has also said that secular courts could have final say. This isn’t to suggest that its moderation is just for show, but it’s fair to say that the Brotherhood has only partially embraced the values of democracy and pluralism.”


The debate makes it easy to overlook the aspirations of those who started this peaceful revolt. There is little indication that the protestors want to see the authoritarian, repressive Mubarak regime replaced by a government which, at a minimum, is significantly influenced by authoritarian and repressive religious fundamentalists.

Writer Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens republished a Facebook posting of one protestor, who described the jihadist chants of Islamists trying to organize in the crowd. “NO!” the anonymous poster wrote. “This is NOT why we were in the streets on Friday being tear gassed and dodging rubber bullets and it is not why we have been going to Tahrir everyday to be heard. The reason why this revolt went through and became successful was because it was not religiously or politically charged. Don’t let the ones who have been watching this unfold in the shadows ride this wave and hijack what you have been fighting for.”

See Megyn Kelly’s interviews with ‘Austin’ Saad of the Egyptian Youth Movement :

‘We’re Fighting for our Freedom’

‘Willing to Give Our Lives’


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Hello All. My name is Destiny Joy and I was born on February 3rd, 2011 to Gerald III and Twila . While I came out at 2lbs 5oz I strive to stay strong as I have a family to take care of. I promise to keep you updated. LOVE YA’

I’m small but I have a big heart.

I love my new bed

Nap Time

~ Please continue prayers for our little angel…

I JUST got word last night that I am a Great-Great Aunt. Mind you I was nine years old when this angel’s grandfather, (My nephew) was born. So although I am a tad older, I have yet to become a gray panther.

From my niece and Goddaughter Jill:

The baby was not due until mid-April but they had to deliver her by emergrency c-section due to some health complications that her mother was having. So, little Destiny Joy came into the world at 2 lbs. 5 oz. She was airlifted from the hospital in Benton Harbor to a neo-natal unit in Kalamazoo, Michigan. She is holding her own. Hopefully her mother will come home from the hospital she is in the next day or so. It’s difficult because among other things the hospital Destiny is in is 50 miles away from where they live in Benton Harbor.

Thanks for the prayers!

So I ask all of you who know the power of prayer to pray for Destiny Joy and her mother. I will update this post as word become available

God bless the little child behind the plastic wall
For all she knows is the ringing of the bells and
the blurred images around her. Her mother longs to hold her in her arms.

God give her the strength to make it through another
second, minute, hour and day as each moment is
a blessing and a triumph from heaven.

God, may you give the strength and compassion
to the caregivers and nurses that take care of her
May you keep her protected and free from all injury
and pain.

Please leave her here on Earth and know that
her parents will provide all the love and understanding that
this child needs.

~Author unknown~