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Iran’s nuclear program presents a threat to international stability. Yet successive American administrations-Republican and Democratic alike-have misread the intentions and actions of the Iranian regime.

How dangerous is a nuclear Iran, even if it never detonates a weapon? What are the guiding principles of the Iranian leadership? To what lengths would the regime go to carry out its agenda? How far have Iran’s leaders already gone to fund the world’s most powerful terrorist organizations? And why have American leaders failed to gain the upper hand in relations with Iran during the past 30 years?

In approximately 60 minutes, Iranium powerfully reports on the many aspects of the threat America and the world now faces using rarely-before seen footage of Iranian leaders, and interviews with 25 leading politicians, Iranian dissidents, and experts on: Middle East policy, terrorism, and nuclear proliferation.

* Iranium documents the development of Iran’s nuclear threat, beginning with the Islamic Revolution of 1979 and the ideology installed by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khomeini.
* Iranium tracks Iran’s use of terror as a tool of policy, beginning with the 444 day seizure of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, through Iran’s insurgent actions in Iraq and Afghanistan.
* Iranium details the brutal nature of the Iranian regime to its own citizens, and the Iranian people’s desire to rejoin the international community.
* Iranium outlines the various scenarios the greater Middle East and the Western world may face should Iran cross the nuclear threshold.

I watched this and I am stunned the way it is put together there is NO denying what kind of trouble we are in! I have worked on the war on terror for nearly a decade and the millions of pieces of data I’ve ingested and the amazing people I’ve met along the way, nothing on earth prepared me for the powerful synopsis of this film!

This film is available for a very short time for free. I am reaching out to the producer and director to see if they are willing to consider leaving it here for a time. But I know if you purchase no other movie this year, this is one for the time capsules my friends.

The Theme is ‘Death to America’. See, many people, especially those on the left, would call us fear mongers with the portrayal of the movie, but it is far from that, it is fact based, with many live video reports and experts in the field. It is an extremely put together film. Narrated by one of my very favorite actresses, Shohreh Aghdashloo. You may remember her if you were a ’24’ fan, or if you saw the Stoning of Soraya M.

The phrase that will haunt me in this movie , despite the fact there were many, was this happened to us because of ” Failure of Imagination”. So many have had their heads stuck in the sand and thought it was Israel’s problem and could ‘never’ imagine it would be the universal threat it is today.

You can call this the ‘Jimmy Carter’ islamic war. He began it it in 1979 and it has grown to the cancer it now is.

Currently we have all been hunkered down with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Many of us know that they begun in Iran under the dictatorship of Ayatollah Khomeini.

A MUST read on this connection is Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood, and revolution. Posted on January 28, 2011 by blogger By Thomas Joscelyn.

Under this regime and henceforth, were the offshoots of Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps-Qods Force IRGC. The IRGC was deemed a projected national security threat back in 2006. So although, many love Reagan and many loved G.W., when it come to the IRGC it has been an ‘EPIC Fail’ of every president we have had since 1979. THIRTY TWO years of failure adressing the threats we now overwhelmingly face. It JUST so happens that Muslim Brotherhood is the flavor of the year.

So, I implore you, please watch IRANIUM while you can…get copies for every one you love who is not a radical islamist and teach them. Because when it comes down and it will, whether to Israel, Europe or the United States, they literally will not know how to combat the extremists when they come calling to their town!



February 8th- Tomorrow! Premiere at a theater near you

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A few weeks ago, President Obama purported to promise an overhaul of the Federal regulatory regime, pledging to look at bloated and outdated piles of red tape in order to make the tough cuts necessary, in his mind, to stimulate economic growth.

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Obama stated, ““Regulations do have costs; often, as a country, we have to make tough decisions about whether those costs are necessary…But what is clear is that we can strike the right balance. We can make our economy stronger and more competitive, while meeting our fundamental responsibilities to one another.”

—> (~ JP Today) Obama Launches Review of Federal Regulations {Writes Op-Ed on WSJ}

But as Big Government demonstrated just a few short weeks ago, the progressive left did not respond favorably to the President’s call for balance between public welfare and private-sector growth. Progressive special interest groups have outlined, instead, a plan of attack on Obama’s regulatory agencies, demanding an iron-fisted regulatory regime designed to punish some of the nations most prolific industries. A few short examples:

* Just days before Christmas, the FCC voted in “Net Neutrality,” an unprecedented power grab on par or greater than Obamacare. Under this scheme, the FCC essentially gave itself regulatory power over telecommunications companies, a job it was never intended to do.

* Speaking of Obamacare, contained within it’s own regulatory scheme is a terrifying Medicare reform project called IPAB, the Independent Payment Advisory Board. IPAB consists of 15 unelected officials charged with making drastic cuts to Medicare benefits – cuts that don’t require Congressional approval and can only be reversed by a Congressional supermajority.

* On the education front, it seems that the Department of Education has been relying on the advice of noted short-sellers as it and Congress formulates policy on for-profit colleges. New rules like the “gainful employment” rule threaten to punish students for choosing not to attend favored non-profit schools and universities in favor of career-oriented schools.

* Across the country, the National Labor Relations Board has been threatening legal action against state legislation designed to protect workers from “Card Check” legislation at the behest of the Obama Administration.

* Although the Clean Air Act was never intended to regulate carbon emissions, the EPA is threatening to use it to punish energy-producing industries that it doesn’t like, like biomass, a plan that could cost Americans nearly a million jobs. At the same time, the EPA is revoking permits for clean coal operations, and despite promising to restore oil and gas production in the Gulf, the Obama Administration has failed to issue new drilling permits, resulting in a de-facto moratorium on domestic oil production.

The Republicans have just introduced draft legislation that could force the Obama Administration to live up to it’s promises to investigate regulatory overreach and institute real, job-saving reforms.

Just last week, House Republicans released a three page draft bill calling on “certain standing committees to inventory and review existing, pending, and proposed regulations and orders from agencies of the Federal Government, particularly with respect to their effect on jobs and economic growth.” You can download a copy of the draft legislation here, from Politico, which also notes in it’s Playbook:

[N]ext week, the House majority will instruct 10 committee chairs to begin an oversight process on federal regulations that could impede job growth: 1099, EPA, tax policy, etc. Each chair will go to the floor and outline oversight plans. “They will have a series of hearings, they will conduct oversight,” the aide said. “This is an effort that we expect to go for the next several months. It will result in a report coming from each committee chairman, saying, ‘Here’s our findings. Here’s jobs, jobs, jobs recommendations.’

The bill specifically targets for investigation regulations, executive and agency orders that impede job creation, discourage innovation, hurt economic growth, harm investment, limit access to capital or cut into the US’s international competitiveness.

The bill also seems to call into question a number of the regulations listed above, as it targets actions and orders that create economic uncertainty and impede economic progress like those being issued daily from the EPA, bills and agency actions like IPAB that fail to meet standards of transparency and oversight, actions like Card Check that impede labor-management relations and actions, like Net Neutrality, that lack specific authorization for execution.

This legislation, if passed, will be key in forcing the Obama Administration’s hand, and it will show American voters just how dedicated the Obama Administration is to real reform, and real job growth and creation.

by Capitol Confidential – Big Government

Feb 072011

These days it takes a lot to make me move and get funky, Black Eyed Peas does that for me! I LOVED the half time show, many may not have…and then you add GNR Slash and OMGoodness. LOL. Fergie sang Sweet Child better than Axl Rose. Anyone else ever notice how much Axl looks and moves like Janis Joplin? It begins at 2:03 Promo of the Chicago way, begins tonight & you betchya I’ll be watching :) It stars a Chicago girl Jennifer Beals. (Property of NFL/Fox)


Boom Boom Pow by Tucker Haas (Cancer Survivor) JUST MUST Share

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MOSCOW – Russia sees the planned U.S. missile defense system as a potential threat to its nuclear forces and may review its participation in a landmark nuclear arms treaty, officials said Monday.

The New START deal, the centerpiece of Barack Obama’s efforts to reset ties with Russia and the most significant arms control pact in nearly two decades, took effect last week. It limits each country to 1,550 strategic warheads, down from the current ceiling of 2,200.

The treaty doesn’t prevent the U.S. from building new missile defense systems, but Russia has warned that it reserves the right to withdraw from the treaty if the United States significantly boosts its missile shield.

Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov reaffirmed Monday that a buildup in the U.S. missile defense capability would prompt Moscow re-consider its obligations under the New START treaty.

“If the U.S. increases the qualitative and quantitative potential of its missile defense … a question will arise whether Russia should further abide by the treaty or would have to take other measures to respond to the situation, including military-technical measures,” Ryabkov said, according to Russian news agencies.

Russia was strongly critical of the previous U.S. administration’s plan to deploy missile defense sites in Poland and the Czech Republic and hailed Obama’s decision to scrap it. But the Kremlin has remained concerned about revamped U.S. missile defense plans and continued to see them as potentially dangerous to its security.

NATO last fall approved a plan for a U.S.-led missile shield in Europe and invited Russia to join, but Moscow hasn’t yet made a definite commitment. Experts from both sides will analyze the issue and report to defense ministers in July.

Ryabkov warned Monday that Russia won’t cooperate with NATO on the project unless it’s treated as a full partner.

“This must be a joint system with shared responsibilities, information exchange and decision-making in order to make us an equal and responsible member,” he said. “If two separate networks are built, things won’t change for us and we will see a situation when the NATO system could potentially be used against Russia’s security interests. Cooperating on such a system would mean hurting ourselves.”

Russian officials have remained skeptical about U.S. and NATO claims that the proposed shield is designed to fend off a missile threat from Iran.

Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov said Monday the U.S. missile defense could only be aimed against Russian missiles. “This system could undermine Russian nuclear deterrent forces,” he said.


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…some areas can run short.

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (AP) — A federal report says the Great Lakes region could experience water shortages in some locations because of climate shifts or surging demand, despite being the world’s largest freshwater system.

The Associated Press obtained the report by the U.S. Geological Survey, which is scheduled for release Monday. It says the Great Lakes have so much surface and ground water that heavy use and development have not greatly affected the overall supply.

Yet it says shortfalls have popped up in some areas and others could happen. Groundwater levels have plummeted about 1,000 feet in the Chicago-Milwaukee area because of pumping for municipal supplies, and the report says they could drop an additional 100 feet over the next three decades.

The report is designed to help local agencies develop long-term water use plans.

ALERT: this is very very serious and WAY WORSE THAN WE HAD IMAGINED. Please note the following as you watch the videos keep these three words “Control” “privatization” and “depopulation” in mind. Bush/Cheney were the set up men in this scam, and this is what the “Hammer, under Obama and his banker handlers, will be”. WATER, FOOD, AND AIR. Its absolutely critical for our very survival

They call it “Blue Gold.” Water is the new oil. Once a human right, it’s now a valuable commodity, and corporations and super-rich oil dynasties are believed to be buying up water rights, controlling nations and populations. Jesse looks into the possibility of these activities finding their way to American shores and uncovers what may be a plot to literally steal the Great Lakes.

~ Gee, I wonder why…Click image to find out…

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