Dec 222010
homeless vet

~This is no way, no way to treat our Vets! JUST damn! Please see the images and read the PDF in this post. Then share it with family & friends, so they know what the gift of giving would truly be at Christmas!f you live in this area at all please become an activist for this cause. ~Thank you ~JP

H/T CFP By Robert L. Rosebrock

Fellow Veterans and Friends of Veterans.

Phase I of the Grand Plan and homeless emergency proposal toward fulfilling our mission: “Bring Our Homeless Veterans HOME.”

A Motion from the West Los Angeles Neighborhood Council offering their “unanimous support” for a Veteran Stand Down on the sacred property at the West LA VA.

We need your “unanimous support” as well. Please join in this noble cause and send us your letter of commitment.

Tonight, when you climb in bed and pull the covers over yourself in the warm comfort of your own home, please say a prayer for the 20,000 homeless Veterans in Los Angeles County who pledged their lives to defend our own safety.

Please pledge your unanimous support for the Veterans “Homeless Emergency Plan.”

God Bless America and the Veterans Revolution!

Thank you for your support,

Old Veterans Guard

PDF: Bring Our Homeless Veterans HOME

Letter from Robert L. Rosebrock Director, Old Veterans Guard

General Eric K. Shinseki (USA Ret.)
Secretary, Department of Veterans Affairs
Washington, D.C.

Dear Mr. Secretary:

It’s cold and rainy here in Southern California.

There are 20,000 of our fellow Veterans who are homeless in Los Angeles County.

This is a crime because they already have a “Home” that was deeded exclusively in their behalf 122 years ago. This sacred land has been pillaged and plundered for non-Veteran use and Veterans have depended upon you to change this by taking immediate action to honor the Deed of 1888, and the Congressional Act of 1887.

Unfortunately, for nearly two years you have completely ignored this plea. Instead, you have followed the ongoing misappropriation program by leasing more of Veterans property for non-Veteran use while Veteran homelessness has increased. Surely, this is not the legacy you want to be remembered for.

Once again Mr. Secretary, we respectfully request that you fully rescind the public park agreement that your Department has with Veterans Park Conservancy, which is not a Veterans organization, and set up immediate temporary shelter on the “Grand Lawn” so we can begin to “Bring Our Homeless Veterans HOME.”

Please review the proposed “Homeless Emergency Plan—Veterans Stand Down,” that calls for immediate action with tents and healthcare services, and opening the paved parking lots that are now leased to Getty Museum, Enterprise car rental and other non-Veteran users, for Veterans who are sleeping in their cars, campers, RV’s, etc.

Then step forward and announce your Department’s full support of this Homeless Emergency Plan (pdf) and direct the West Los Angeles VA to fully cooperate, posthaste.

Did I mention there are 20,000 homeless Veterans in Los Angeles County and it’s cold and rainy here?

Robert L. Rosebrock
Director, Old Veterans Guard

Robert L. Rosebrock is a U.S. Army Veteran, Vietnam War-era, HQ USARHAW, Schofield Barracks. He is Director of The Veterans Revolution and Co-Director of We the Veterans, and a Member of the American Legion Press Association.


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