Dec 262010

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Washington, DC — In response to the Department of the Interior’s announcement today regarding “Wild Lands,” a newly proposed federal designation for federal lands, Congressman Jason Chaffetz said the following:

“We all love surprises at Christmas time, but I am pretty sure this is not what any of us had in mind. I am deeply disappointed in the Administration’s actions. It has proven once again that it has a tin ear when it comes to our public lands. Under the ’64 Wilderness Act, it is Congress’ prerogative to designate wilderness quality lands as such, not the Administration’s. This is an unprecedented usurpation of Congress’ power. The potential negative consequences of today’s actions will be far-reaching in the West, where we actually rely on the land for energy development, recreation, and food production (grazing and ranching). I look forward to working closely with my colleagues on the Natural Resources Committee and in the Congressional Western Caucus to demand an accounting.”

Over two thirds of Congressman Chaffetz’ congressional district is owned or controlled by the federal government. Today’s (12/24) announcement by DOI could negatively impact hundreds of thousands of acres of Utah’s third congressional district.

* (Rep. Chaffetz) Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Committee on the Judiciary, and Committee on Natural Resources.

~Coincidence DOI haranguing him, being he is on the “Oversight” Committee, I doubt it ~JP


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