Dec 122010

Here is what we do know:

-Liam is still in emergency foster care with his maternal uncle,

-he sees his mother only under strictly supervised “protected visitation,”

-by Italian court order at this time Liam cannot leave Italy,

-there is a criminal trial, in Italy, against the mother and her parents commencing at the beginning of 2011,

-with the exception of bringing his son home, any and all restrictions regarding Michael’s contact with Liam have been lifted and he can now see and contact his son freely

Since Liam was recovered last winter Michael has made regular trips to Rome to “rebuild” the fractured relationship with his son. To the surprise of the Italian authorities, this “emotional reconciliation” happened over the course of only a few one-hour visits, as soon as Liam was shielded from the toxic effects of his mother and grandparents.

Happily, Michael and Liam are now able to spend real father and son time together, albeit only on Italian soil and therefore limited by the enormous burden and expense that this requires. They also now regularly communicate via Skype and email when Michael is in New York. This past summer they took a joyous ten day vacation together, even if somewhat marred by a bizarre and slanderous media campaign against Michael, spearheaded by a small group of Italian politicians. Nevertheless these hateful acts were not enough to come between the bond of love between father and son.

Update 12/7/2010


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