Dec 202010

Government control of Communication, Health, Food, Air Travel

Obama and the far left continue to circle the freedom suckage wagons around the American people, distracting and overwhelming where ever they can. They have most of the media trained, so the distractions and kabuki theatre designed to keep the American people dumbfounded and mostly in the dark, work most of the time.

There are four major assaults on the American people that are building in intensity. These are designed to dramatically increase regulations, taxes and seize our basic freedoms. These four areas include:

* Distorted and contrived Airport Security TSA
* ObamaCare/shredding real health care and health choices
* FCC increasing its push over Internet control and regulation
* Senate passing the S 510 Food safety bill, taking dramatically more control over what we grow, sell and our food supply

Regarding Airport Security and the TSA(Opt Out)

Obama and his TSA are hiding behind ‘desperately needed airport security’ as they demand that the only real safety at airports are the ‘radiation’ nudie machines and groping of private body parts. Doug Hagmann, director of Northeast Intelligence Network and master private investigator, revealed on my national radio show several weeks ago that he had seen an actual TSA document that stated that those who opt out of the security machine and instead request the pat downs are put on a list and classified as ‘domestic extremists.’ So are those people and groups who encourage opting out due to constitutional and health reasons.

Regarding intrusions and potential dangers, even the largest Pilot union in the country encourages pilots to opt out of walking through the security machines due to real radiation that emanates from these things and can be dangerous. No one really knows just what these radiation, nudie machines will do but since people are in the way anyway, who cares if a pregnant woman’s baby is mutated or a frequent traveler gets cancer down the road. Obama and the TSA will experiment, offend and violate the American people……….not secure them.

I have screamed many times that real airport security involves serious profiling of Muslims, and people flying in from other countries, asking questions, searching of bags in a more aggressive manner and more intrusive machines and pat downs only when real suspicion and red flags warrant! As it is now, we have cancer survivors being forced to take out their breast prosthetic devise, even though they are a 35 year veteran flight attendant, men having to drop their pants to their ankles and groping genitals and breasts of everyone who opts out of walking through the nudie machines. At least those who opt out of the radiation, security machine get to be put on yet again another list and considered Domestic extremists. Is that an upgrade from domestic terrorists that pro lifers, pro 2nd amendment folks and returning Vets were called with the infamous leak of the Miac report in April 2009?

It is most clear to me that Obama and the TSA is doing nothing but testing and training the American people with this joke of Airport security, to see how much we will take and training us to eventually get used to such over reaches with security. Eventually, if allowed, this kind of security will be everywhere, along with domestic military and cameras eyeballing citizens.

ObamaCare is a horror show of violation in every way

—> Examiner ~ Obamacare’s unbridled bullying power must end

We are already in the thick of battle regarding the health care bill. We have seen 20 plus states and Attorney Generals suing on behalf of 10th amendment rights. Courts will rule in the months ahead and this will probably go to the Supreme Court.

Thankfully we recently saw a Virginia Judge rule against Obama Care saying it was unconstitutional to force the American people to have Health insurance.

—> Cucinnelli: ‘Cheap Shot’ by Left on Judge Hudson Won’t Deter VA HC Lawsuit

What is this Health care bill really? It is one of several strategies and aggressive plans to control our bank accounts and have more private information on the American people to use, sell and manipulate. It is also intended to control all health care, thus getting rid of seniors and babies even faster; redefining and distorting real and affective health care traditionally leading in the world to ‘cost effective’ ‘rationed care.’

We should have gotten a slight clue of the level of betrayal and total control intended with this health care bill when Obama put the IRS in administrative control of it. This Bill is a crime against the American people in my view and must be destroyed in every conceivable and quick way with the new congress!

FCC moving on getting control over the Internet

—> Democrats put heat on FCC commissioner on net neutering vote (12/21)

We see bold attacks by this administration on Airport and national security, Health care and now growing attempts at controlling the ‘dreaded’ Internet. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to notice since Julian Assange and Wikileaks unleashed 250,000 plus classified cables, the heat would intensify on the Internet by this administration. Obama and the FCC has long been looking for an excuse and crises to manipulate to go after conservative journals, and ‘real’ freedom of speech left for the American people and world. Obama already has most of the Television and print media but does not control most of talk radio and Internet journalism. Now the threat of controls, taxation and regulation is growing by the FCC with each headline. This is another assault on freedom we must all stand against. This is a critical and growing attack on freedom and communication.

Then there is the control on our food…..hiding behind safety

—> Sunday-evening surprise, Senate {unanimously} passes food safety bill

Shame on all Republicans and Democrats who voted in the Senate Sunday night to pass S 510, Food Safety Modernization Act. Reid said this had strong bipartisan support and was a ‘common sense’ issue. This is yet again another betrayal and controlling crime levied at the American people. Hiding behind ‘safety’ they will increase controls, regulation and inspections on all kinds of growers, Mom and Pop farms, what you grow, how you grow and just how much of a crime it will be to sell a box of apples to your neighbor. The truth is we have the safest food supply, already regulated to death. We have zero national food crises to have warranted any ‘food safety bill.’ Once again, this is nothing but Obama hitting the American people in a fundamental area of critical importance, our food supply.

I have recently written about Monsanto pursuing ‘terminator seeds’ that having been altered with twisted research to not grow after one time in the ground. Thus, a farmer and grower have to go back to Monsanto or another internationalist source to get more manipulated seeds, each growth cycle.

—> The Monsanto Connection Part I (Part II Food-Safety Bill)

—> The Monsanto Videos {Food-Safety Bill}

This administration is operating with classic assaults and controls for an evolving communistic regime. They are asserting and setting controls over our health care, length of life, food supply, police state and manipulated security and more controls over speech, thus the Internet. The Fairness Doctrine, going after radio station content and control has been pushed for years. It is called different things as people expose and fight against it, but the push for all these things grow and continue if we don’t challenge and stop them.

Hear this ‘Domestic Extremist.’ {The Annie Oakley of the airwaves}

* March in the streets and protest!
* Opt out of insane TSA radiation machines and question intrusive groping’ ‘Sue where you can’
* Continue talking with your Representative, Senator, Mayors and Governors
* Run for office and make a difference in your county and city’
* Vote only for conservatives and keep them focused’


* Pay attention and vote in 2012 like your country and life depended on it.
* Pray and ask God for wisdom, help and God inspired leadership at every level.


  3 Responses to “Dr. Laurie Roth :Four growing violations against the American people {~JP Links}”

  1. Interesting comments, Dr. Roth. I wholly agree Monsanto is a ravenous beast bent on control. They’ve succeeded in patenting food! Brilliant business concept but ultimately fatal to the human race. Republicans, Democrats, Corporate America, and the U.S. Government all protect their own interests at the expense of health and human safety. There needs to be a significant cultural shift in the way we view food. Unfortunately, profits rule in this day and people do not want to know the truth about what they are eating.
    In closing, allow me to state the food issue is a topic on which we agree somewhat. However, I disagree with the shallow, overly simplistic view of “ObamaCare” as you call it and the mantra-like association of the name Obama with civil liberties abuse. Wow. How does one man get associated with so much that is “bad” for our country? Even George W. Bush, the worst president in U.S. history was not entirely to blame for the massive economic and freedom robbing screw ups since 2000. The U.S. populace is to blame for being so utterly disconnected and continually re-electing career politicians. Another party (not the Tea Party, please) is needed to lead reform in the manner in which health, defense, and education is viewed. As an independent, I am hopeful for reform. I appreciate the warnings against left wing “socialists” and “marxists”, Dr. Ross. However, I strongly caution you to avoid espousing neo-facism, which in essence and spirit your blog does. Facism has a terrible track record, historically. Please, seek a vein of love and tolerance which the Christian bible beautifully teaches, particularly Matthew 6 and 7. None of us are perfect, sure. Not you, me, Obama, or Bush. We all are human beings who live on a wonderful planet. Speak your mind on your blog but be mindful of self-righteous proclamations and indignation about “the left”. Both the right and the left have excellent ideas on how to lead. Sadly, people are too busy finger pointing to listen to each other much less learn. Laura, inflammatory words can lead to justification of disastrously human actions. Remember to leave judgment to God. Peace to you Dr. Roth….

  2. I apologize. I mistakenly typed in the above comment the name Dr. Ross. It should be Dr. Roth. Also the sentence “Another party (not the Tea Party, please) is needed to lead reform in the manner in which health, defense, and education is viewed” is grammatically incorrect. It should read “the manner in which health, defense, and education are viewed”. I need to go ahead and finish that cup of coffee. Good day!

  3. Sorry, again, Laurie (not Laura!)

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