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From: Roy Beck, President, NumbersUSA

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* (Ark.) Pryor
* (Mont.) Baucus
* (Mont.) Tester
* (Neb.) Nelson
* (N.C.) Hagan

~Curious and Curiouser—how coincidental (?) that DADT ‘won’ by exactly five votes, if it turns out it is the votes of those dems listed above, then IMO it would seem like a ‘deal’ went down, dontchya think? ~JP


* (Alaska) Murkowski
* (Ind.) Lugar
* *** (Utah) Bennett

In a Senate filibuster roll call, the effect of not voting is the same as voting NO. Our whip counting beforehand indicated that the following three were committed to vote NO, even though they didn’t end up voting at all.

* (Ky.) *** Bunning
* (N.H.) *** Gregg
* (Utah) Hatch

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An anti-illegal immigration group said after Saturday’s defeat of the DREAM Act in the Senate that “we look forward to moving aggressively to offense.”

“Now, the next Congress can start to put unemployed Americans back to work by eliminating the ability for illegal aliens to hold jobs and by reducing the number of unnecessary permanent foreign workers we currently bring in legally every month,” Roy Beck, president and founder of NumbersUSA, said in a statement minutes after the Senate voted 55-41 to end debate on the measure, not clearing the 60-vote filibuster threshold.

National Hispanic Leadership Agenda decried senators’ “shameful” failure to pass the DREAM Act. “Today’s failed vote is an indication that an ugly current of nativism is alive and active in the U.S. Senate,” said Lillian Rodríguez-López, chairwoman of the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda, in a statement.

“It would be an outrageous ploy if a yes vote on this bill was withheld for partisan gain in the next Congress,” she said. “To those Senators who denied the American dream to so many worthy young people, we will not forget. We hope that those Senators will soon come to recognize how important the DREAM Act is to our nation’s security and economy.”

THE HILL– Pro-immigration groups decry ‘shameful’ vote; enforcement groups vow new push By Bridget Johnson

Senate Republicans today blocked a controversial immigration measure that would have provided a conditional path to legal residency for hundreds of thousands of young, undocumented immigrants first brought to the U.S. illegally by their parents.

By a vote of 55 to 41, the bill — the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors, or DREAM Act — failed to win the 60 votes needed to break a GOP filibuster, even though the measure passed the House last week.

Senate Republicans Block DREAM Act for Illegal Immigrants Opponents of Illegal Immigration Claim Victory With Repeat DREAM Act Failure

The vote by the Senate on Saturday to block a bill to grant legal status to hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrant students was a painful setback to an emerging movement of immigrants and also appeared to leave the immigration policy of the Obama administration, which has supported the bill and the movement, in disarray.

Immigration Vote Leaves Policy in Disarray

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Dec 182010

By Jerry McConnell

The vote on the extension of the Bush tax cuts reveals that the Republican Party has, in fact, gained effective control of the U.S. Senate

Dick Morris alluded to it in a recent column titled, “2012 Bad Time to Be a Democrat” and his rationale was brilliant.

Barring any sudden infliction of “bone-headed-ness” in the House of Representatives on the part of the GOP; a not unheard of before malady that strikes at the hearts of the ‘act before you think’ crowd of the old guard of the Republican Party that campaigns as conservatives and then when elected proceeds with this metamorphosis of becoming liberals for whatever reason they usually can’t remember; the entire Congress should be solidly in conservative hands, possibly for the lifetimes of any one of us present today.

~So long as the GOP gets that the way we voted is not a mandate for them, we did not vote for them. The old establishment GOP will have to constantly ‘earn’ it, because we do not trust them, so readily changing their spots. Or I should say their ears. ~JP

Although as Morris intimates, even with a continued majority following the November 2, elections, slim though it may be, Harry Reid is of the opinion that he and his party are invincible as the GOP resurgence washed up against the massive Democratic fortresses in Nevada, Washington state, Colorado, and California and “they neither toppled or faltered.”

This stand of western ultra liberal Democrat states temporarily emboldened their party and conservatives had thoughts of a divided Congress forever at war.

But as Morris goes on to explain, “The vote on the extension of the Bush tax cuts reveals that the Republican Party has, in fact, gained effective control of the U.S. Senate.”

His reasoning is simple: Though Reid has a 3-vote majority and can still count on some traditional RINO turncoat support from the likes of Maine’s Senator Collins who is not up for reelection until 2014 and a possible few others who will not be returning in 2012 due to retirement or defeat at the polls, there are several other Democrats who got the message in 2010 and are on thin ice for their reelection in 2012 who will likely heed the message of 2010.

Ah, but the conservative palates water heavily on thoughts of the potential avalanche of liberal Democrats that could be shot out of the saddle in 2012. Some of the key Democrat candidates to watch how they vote the next two years, and Morris agrees, are Lieberman, CT; Nelson, NE; Webb, VA; and Manchin, WV; all of whom are up for reelection in 2012. These four current Democrats, with the exception of Lieberman, are from states that are considered as red, Republican states and minding the voters’ desires will be uppermost in their minds for the next two years.

—> See our 2012 category videos of potential candidates

Additional Democratic Senators who will be running for reelection in 2012 are, the other Nelson (Bill), FL; Tester, MT; McCaskill, MO; and Casey; PA. There exists another possibility of a race, but currently Senator Kent Conrad, ND has indicated retirement over reelection. All eight mentioned above are in potentially very close races for reelection; nine, if Conrad chooses to run; and the potential for a sweep by conservative candidates is an excellent reality.

The balance of Democrat candidates running for reelection could also meet with stiff opposition from both conservative candidates and the general public attitudes away from socio-liberalism.

These candidates are current Senators Sherrod Brown, OH; Stabenow, MI; Menendez, NJ; Bingaman, NM; and Kohl, WI.

While these seats are in previously so-called “safe” states for liberals, there have been some unusually surprising upsets over the past two years where the Democrats have seen unexpected losses to conservatives in Ohio, Michigan, New Jersey, New Mexico and Wisconsin.

While all of this relatively good news for the conservatives is being received from the liberal Democratic races for reelection, there are also ten Republicans running for election, and their numbers are not exactly “safe” either. Several of these Republicans have been knocking on the doors for membership in the RINO category of unfavorables and may experience difficulties in their own primaries against conservative TEA Party candidates.

It is not expected that these candidates, if nominated in their primaries, would have great problems against a liberal Democrat opponent, but quite a few of the ten can expect some lively and highly competitive action from new conservatives in those primaries.

Some, already have been dubbed with the “RINO” tab by their fellow conservatives; Lugar, IN; Snowe, ME; Brown, MA; Hutchison, TX; and Hatch, UT.

But the quality of the TEA Party candidates that have made the scene recently brings assurances that there will be more of the same providing some spirited contests for those Senate seats in 2012.

Maybe we can put an end to RINO’s in the conservative political scene in politics.


Dec 182010

Dec 182010

Dec 182010

Memory hole? Obama administration replaces content of official website

by Jerome R. Corsi

CTV News reported that the draft declaration of “A New Border Vision” with Canada similarly also specified a cross-border policy agenda, including:

* An integrated cargo security strategy;

* A joint approach to port and border security and screening;

* Cross-border sharing of information between law enforcement agencies;

* A closer working relationship between the two militaries in the event of emergencies;

* A new level of collaboration on preventing and recovering from counter attacks.

Obama quietly erasing borders–Dem administration advancing ‘North American Union’ agenda

Operating much like a “memory hole” in George Orwell’s classic novel “1984,” the Obama administration has replaced the content of the (Canada) Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America website, providing additional evidence the White House intends to implement the SPP agenda by executive action, below the radar of public opinion and outside the framework of congressional approval.

The SPP website, under the title “Commerce Connect,” now reflects totally different content, announcing its purpose as “a one-stop shop for information, counseling and government services that can help U.S. businesses around the country transform themselves into globally competitive enterprises.”

NOTE: I wanted to go to this link, but JUST look where it leads now:

Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada’s website~JP

Currently, the URL yields the following content:

The following screen capture reflects the content of as of June 28, 2008, the last day the original content of that URL was archived by The Wayback Machine.

WND reported in September 2009 that the Obama administration has “rebranded” and “refocused” the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, or SPP, to advance the Bush administration’s agenda of North American integration under the rubric of the “North American Leaders Summit,” a less controversial banner, according to confidential sources in the U.S. Department of Commerce and State Department who agreed to speak with WND only if their comments were kept off the record.

NAFTA Super Highway

Beginning in September 2009, the SPP website included a disclaimer that read: “This website is an archive for SPP documents and will not be updated.”

Still, even in September 2009, the SPP website maintained the appearance it had when it was launched April 15, 2005, and it continued to carry an extensive set of documents that since have been scrubbed from the Internet, including Web pages describing the SPP’s “prosperity agenda,” its “security agenda,” and a comprehensive list of SPP working groups.

Currently, clicking the URLs for these SPP documents produces a Commerce Connect page that says, “404 Page Not Found. The page you are looking for is currently unable to view.”

For example, here is the current result when the URL that previously contained the SPP prosperity agenda is searched today:

In September 2009, sources confirmed to WND that the SPP was being directed from within the White House, as reflected by a new blog posted on the White House website entitled “The North American Leaders Summit” that is intended to replace as the official website documenting trilateral government activities going forward under the rebranded name.

Currently, the White House blog for the North American Leaders Summit contains content that appears not to have changed since that site first appeared, sometime around September 2009.

Here is the White House blog page for the North American Leaders Summit as it appears now:

whitehouse | August 11, 2009 President Obama, President Calderon of Mexico and Prime Minister Harper of Canada hold a joint press conference at the Cabanas Cultural Center in Guadalajara, Mexico. August 10, 2009. (Public Domain)

The White House’s handling of the SPP agenda sharply contrasts with Canada, where the SPP website retains its original character, openly proclaiming North American community objectives, much like the U.S. website did prior to September 2009.

The Canadian government website today continues to archive the security agenda, the prosperity agenda, trilateral meeting summaries going back to 2007 and key SPP reports and documents – all content that has been scrubbed from current U.S. government websites.

The current Obama administration strategy appears to be to keep the trilateral working groups meeting privately, with a determination to put in place key policy objectives of the SPP working groups as defined under the administration of President George W. Bush, without openly acknowledging the intention to do so.

Earlier this week, WND reported that on Nov. 30, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano signed a “Trusted Traveler” agreement with Mexico, thereby implementing a primary objective of the SPP Transportation Policy working group under President Bush, namely to open the U.S. border to approximately 84 million Mexican citizens by issuing biometric “trusted traveler” cards that Mexicans entering the U.S. can swipe through ATM-like “Global Entry” kiosks at some 20 international airports in the United States.

WND also reported that the U.S. State Department is moving to create a continental border around the U.S. as the relevant national security perimeter, thereby erasing the borders between the U.S. and Mexico and between the U.S. and Canada.

The agreements are documented in a March 23 State Department memo titled “United States-Mexico Partnership: A New Border Vision,” and a draft document with Canada titled “Beyond the Border: A Shared Vision for Perimeter Security and Competitiveness,” a draft copy of which has been obtained by CTV News in Canada.

WND has reported since 2006 that a blueprint published in 2005 by the Council on Foreign Relations ~JP entitled “Building a North America Community” called for the establishment of a common security perimeter around North America by 2010 to facilitate the free movement of people, trade and capital between the three nations of North America.

In his 2001 book “Toward a North American Community,” American University Robert Pastor, a co-chair of the CFR blue ribbon committee that authored “Building a North American Community,” called for the creation of a North American Commission, a North American Parliament, and a North American Court on Trade and Investment.

The language of the documents declaring “A New Border Vision” with Mexico and Canada could easily have been lifted directly from the CFR report or Pastor’s book.

The 2005 CFR report “Building a North American Community,” called on page xvii of the foreword for the “establishment by 2010 of a North American economic and security perimeter, the boundaries of which would be defined by a common external tariff and an outer security perimeter.”

WND has frequently reported, beginning in 2006, the SPP in the administration of President Bush appeared designed to replicate the steps taken in Europe over a 50-year period following the end of World War II to transform an economic agreement under the European Common Market into a full-fledged regional government, the European Union, with its own currency.

The concern was that under the SPP the North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA, could evolve into a regional government, the North American Union, with a regional currency, the amero, replacing the U.S. dollar, the Mexican peso and the Canadian dollar.

WND has reported analysts have believed the North American integration plan will proceed incrementally, largely below the radar, since the SPP was declared “dead” by one of its chief architects, American University Professor Robert A. Pastor, who for nearly 15 years has been a major proponent of building a “North American Community.”


Links from JP:

JW:Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America


—> President Obama abandoned his campaign promise to renegotiate NAFTA and is continuing the SPP working groups. His apparent contempt for American patriotism and admiration for America’s enemies gives further cause for alarm. The “godfather” of the NAU, Robert Pastor stated in August 2009 that 2010 will be the year Obama and the Mexican and Canadian leaders proclaim the “grand vision for North America.”

(~JP Piece) Exposing World Government: United We Fall Documentary (FULL) (Prison Planet)

—> Another aspect of the SPP was to have more open borders where citizens of each of the member countries would more easily be able to travel and that the flow of goods and services would be expedited.


Watch the NAFTA Super Highway

Dec 182010

Dec 182010

Another Border Patrol agent on the Arizona border was shot and killed by Mexican drug smugglers last Tuesday. Of the eight attackers, four are in custody and a fifth is under surveillance by Border Patrol Blackhawk helicopters as he tries to make his way back to the Mexican border.

BP Agent Brian Terry was part of a BORTAC team (for border tactical unit) tracking armed drug smugglers 15 miles northwest of Nogales, Ariz., (and only three miles west of Interstate 19) when they were attacked with automatic weapons fire. The area is well-known as a major drug-smuggling corridor, and the smugglers are known to frequently be armed with AK-47s and other long rifles.

Here’s the part Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and Border Patrol management are trying to hide: Border Patrol Agent Terry and the BORTAC team were under standing orders to always use (“non-lethal”) bean-bag rounds first before using live ammunition. When the smugglers heard the first rounds, they returned fire with real bullets, and Agent Terry was killed in that exchange. Real bullets outperform bean bags every time.

The larger, ugly truth Napolitano and senior managers in the Border Patrol want to hide is that the rules of engagement and inadequate weaponry of the Border Patrol place the lives of all agents at grave risk. The National Border Patrol Council, which represents over 15,000 field agents, believes the border is too dangerous for officers to patrol without body armor, armored vehicles and automatic weapons.

Another aspect of this story that is not being reported is that the site of the shooting, Peck Canyon, is inside the area Rep. Raul Grijalva, D-Ariz., has proposed to designate as the Tumacacori Highlands Wilderness reserve. If Grijalva’s bill is enacted into law, what is now a well-established drug smuggling corridor will become a drug-smuggling superhighway, because the Border Patrol will be prohibited from patrolling the region. Rep. Rob Bishop of Utah has proposed legislation that will remove the restrictions on Border Patrol jurisdiction on such public lands within 50 miles of the border.


On Thursday, Secretary Napolitano and several aides flew to Tucson to meet with local Border Patrol brass. The Obama administration obviously has a mess on its hands, and Napolitano does not want it to blow up before today’s U.S. Senate vote on the Dream Act. They know another murder on the southwest border will not help garner needed votes for the Dream Act, because senators supporting that bill must be able to say with a straight face, “The border is as secure as it has ever been.”

The BORTAC team encountered not one or two smugglers but a team of eight. Four are in custody, one is under surveillance in the rugged terrain of the Pajarita Wilderness area east of the small ranch town of Ruby, and three others are missing. The captured smugglers had AK-47s and backpacks filled with ammunition, food and radios. There are rumors that three of the captured four are members of the Mexican military, but that is unconfirmed. Yet, it would not be the first time Mexican police and military have been apprehended smuggling drugs into the United States.

It is not widely reported by our news media that the smugglers maintain a dozen or more permanent lookout posts on desert hilltops inside the U.S., and that those lookout posts are manned in week-long shifts by individuals who commute not from Mexico but from Phoenix, Tucson and other Arizona cities.

The allegation that the Sinaloa drug cartel obtained those AK-47s from gun shops in the United States is nonsensical. That’s a fairy tale cooked up by the Obama administration and endorsed by the Mexican government because they do not want to admit that the cartels get most of their serious weaponry from the international black market and the Mexican military itself.

The rules requiring first use of bean-bag ammunition is but one example of the suicidal rules of engagement that govern Border Patrol operations. The reason they have such insane rules? The politicians who run the agency do not want the public to think the border is so dangerous a place that Border Patrol agents fear for their lives. In other words, the rules of engagement are based on a lie, a lie that must be maintained for political purposes.

Secretary Napolitano should do two things on Monday morning.

First, she should order all Border Patrol agents to be issued weapons adequate for both self-defense and apprehension of armed drug smugglers.

The second thing she should do Monday morning is resign.


Dec 182010

WE WON! Dream amnesty dead! ~Numbers USA

We won! The DREAM Act sponsors only got 55 votes to “invoke cloture.” They needed 60 votes. The amnesty is killed.

You won!

No amnesty has become law all this century, thanks to you.

Now, it’s our turn, starting January 5 in the new Congress. Our work of “True Reform” will begin.

An immigration bill that would blaze a trail to legal status for hundreds of thousands of undocumented students went down in flames in the Senate on Saturday, delivering a critical blow to Democrats and Hispanic activists.

Even though the House approved the DREAM Act last week, the Senate fell five votes short of the 60 needed Saturday to advance the bill past Republican opposition.

~They never fail to mention when it is truly bipartisan, as if the GOP has control of the Senate. We do NOT have 55 Senators you dumb arses! ~JP

The DREAM Act, which opponents have decried as a “nightmare,” is now likely to languish for years with Republicans taking back control of the House and picking up an additional handful of seats in the Senate next month.

Both sides, which have fought tooth and nail over the bill — which would give provisional legal status to illegal immigrants brought to the country as children — immediately reacted to Saturday’s vote.

“Now, the next Congress can start to put unemployed Americans back to work by eliminating the ability for illegal aliens to hold jobs and by reducing the number of unnecessary permanent foreign workers we currently bring in legally every month,” said Roy Beck, president and founder of NumbersUSA.

Rea Carey, executive director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, said, “It is deeply disappointing that the Senate today refused to even allow a vote on the bill.”

Many young illegal immigrants had been pressing Congress to pass the bill in public demonstrations, and going public with the fact they are in the country without permission in the hope that their stories would help them claim a legislative victory.

But opponents insisted that the legislation is “backdoor amnesty” that encourages more people to come to the country illegally or overstay their time-limited visas. They also argued it rewards law breakers.

“This bill simply ‘incentivizes’ and rewards more illegality. And, if it passes, what principle would lawmakers cite to object to another amnesty, for another group, and another one after that?” Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, ranking Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee, asked at a news release.

Meanwhile, immigration officers were bracing for the bill’s defeat.

Assistant Homeland Security Secretary John Morton said Friday in a conference call with reporters that immigration officers are unlikely to take extraordinary steps to arrest young people in the country illegally should the bill fail in the Senate.

Immigration officers will continue their focus on immigrants who have committed crimes or are a threat to the public, he said, adding that they will handle cases of non-criminal immigrants on a case-by-case basis.

“Were the DREAM Act not to pass we would handle the situation as we do now,” Morton said. He said the DREAM Act would be “entirely consistent” with the Obama administration’s immigration enforcement policies.

Morton joined Alejandro Mayorkas, director of Citizenship and Immigration Services, and David Aguilar, deputy commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, in endorsing the DREAM Act as good for border security.

Aguilar said the recent slaying in Arizona of a Border Patrol agent emphasizes the need to focus border security on public safety threats. He said about 6 percent to 8 percent of the arrests agents make on the southern border are minors. The workload created when families accompanied by minors enter the country illegally is “tremendous,” Aguilar said.

“Passage of something like this would have a positive effect on our ability to address our nation’s borders,” he said.

AP contributed to this report.

Dec 182010

by Jonathon M. Seidl The Blaze

The rule in the NFL is that if a ball carrier loses his helmet during a play, that play is blown dead. The rule is in place so something like this doesn’t happen:

San Francisco 49ers versus the San Diego Chargers on December 16, 2010.

Via SportsGrid:

[Chargers player Mike] Tolbert, who lost his helmet while covering a punt return, sprinted 50 yards downfield in an attempt to tackle 49ers returner Ted Ginn, Jr. As Ginn switched direction, Tolbert pursued, and didn’t see Adams coming from his right side. That’s when the boom was dropped.

As you’ll notice, Tolbert was fine — luckily. What could have been a serious concussion or bloodied face ended in a “tough guy” video.

Dec 182010

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama is warning that failure to ratify a new arms control treaty with Russia will undercut American leadership on scores of challenges it faces worldwide.

Obama used his weekly radio and Internet address Saturday to plead with the Senate to approve the treaty, a dearly held foreign policy priority in the waning days of Congress’ lame-duck session.

Obama said without action on the pact, known as New START, “we’ll risk undermining American leadership not only on nuclear proliferation, but a host of other challenges around the world.”

~ Here we go again with the ‘hysteria’ must pass this ~JP

“Ratifying a treaty like START isn’t about winning a victory for an administration or a political party,” the president said. “It’s about the safety and security of the United States of America.”

Although the White House and Senate Democratic leaders have expressed confidence about prospects for ratification, the fate of the treaty is uncertain in the Senate, where it requires a two-thirds vote for passage. Senators are juggling it along with other contentious issues Obama wants to see completed before Congress recesses for the holidays, including a repeal of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy on gays in the military, and time is fast running out. Senators debated the treaty into the night Friday, with Republicans raising concerns that it would limit U.S. missile defense options, something the White House strongly disputes.

The treaty, signed by Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in April, would limit each country’s strategic nuclear warheads to 1,550, down from the current ceiling of 2,200, and establish a system for monitoring and verification. U.S. weapons inspections ended a year ago with the expiration of the 1991 arms control treaty.

All 58 senators in the Democratic caucus are expected to back the treaty, but it needs Republican votes to reach the necessary 67 votes. A number of Republicans are supportive, but others continue to express reservations, despite entreaties from the Pentagon and prominent Republicans outside Congress, including former President George H.W. Bush.

“Every minute we drag our feet is a minute that we have no inspectors on the ground at those Russian nuclear sites,” Obama said. “It’s time to get this done.”


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