Dec 122010

llinois State Police were handling a traffic crash involving about 25 vehicles — nine of them semitrailer trucks — that happened this morning in north central Illinois.

The crash, which appeared winter weather-related, took place in the westbound lanes of Illinois Route 71 near the Route 89 exit, not far from Granville. No serious injuries were reported.

Westbound Illinois 71 remained closed around the crash site this afternoon.

“Due to the hazardous road conditions, we are recommending people stay at their residences,” said State Police Sgt. Quillard Skinner.

The crash site is a little more than 100 miles southwest of Chicago.

– Staff report

Dec 122010

by Liberty Chick

The woman known as the “Queen of Labor” is living up to her promise to focus on “building a sustaining progressive infrastructure.” Anna Burger, former SEIU Secretary-Treasurer, has just joined the board of directors at the Center for American Progress Action Fund (CAP Action).

CAP Action is a sister organization to the liberal think tank, Center for American Progress. While the Center for American Progress focuses on developing new policy ideas and on “critiquing the policy that stems from conservative values,” CAP Action focuses on how to put those policies into action – by organizing liberal grassroots groups, labor unions and other progressive partners as advocates.

John Podesta, Chairman of the Board of Directors for CAP Action, offered the following statement in the organization’s December 9th press release:

“The Center for American Progress Action Fund is pleased to welcome Anna Burger to our Board of Directors. She has been a longtime friend of the Center for American Progress and CAP Action and we’re very happy that she has agreed to help us advance our mission by serving in this new capacity.

Anna Burger has been fighting hard for progressive ideas and policies for nearly 40 years, including the visionary leadership she has provided for the progressive movement over the past decade. We face numerous opportunities and many challenges over the next two years and look forward to Anna’s help in charting our course. As we continue to push for an economy built on a strong middle class that works for all Americans, Anna’s continued leadership and experience could not come at a more important time.”

In addition to her previous post at SEIU, Burger has held many prominent positions that have played significant roles in advancing the progressive movement, including:

* Former Chair of the Change to Win Federation, the labor coalition founded in 2005 by “reformers” who notoriously split from the AFL-CIO to build a stronger, more progressive labor movement, based on the organizing model. (Burger resigned this post when she retired from SEIU)

* Current Board of Directors, Progressive States Network, alongside other directors such as Media Matters’ David Brock,’s Wes Boyd, ACORN’s Steve Kest, AFSCME’s Lee Saunders and CAP’s John Podesta.

* Board of Directors of defunct They Work For Us/Working for Us alongside other directors such as SEIU’s Tyrone Freeman,’s Eli Pariser and Thomas Mattzie, and Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas Zuniga.

* Board of Directors of Economic Policy Institute, alongside other directors such as former managing director of Soros Fund Management and fellow Democracy Alliance board member Robert Johnson, The American Prospect’s Robert Kuttner and Robert Reich, and most of Big Labor’s most prominent leaders, including former SEIU president Andy Stern.

* Member of the President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board

Must finish this important read @ Big Government…

Dec 122010

Here is what we do know:

-Liam is still in emergency foster care with his maternal uncle,

-he sees his mother only under strictly supervised “protected visitation,”

-by Italian court order at this time Liam cannot leave Italy,

-there is a criminal trial, in Italy, against the mother and her parents commencing at the beginning of 2011,

-with the exception of bringing his son home, any and all restrictions regarding Michael’s contact with Liam have been lifted and he can now see and contact his son freely

Since Liam was recovered last winter Michael has made regular trips to Rome to “rebuild” the fractured relationship with his son. To the surprise of the Italian authorities, this “emotional reconciliation” happened over the course of only a few one-hour visits, as soon as Liam was shielded from the toxic effects of his mother and grandparents.

Happily, Michael and Liam are now able to spend real father and son time together, albeit only on Italian soil and therefore limited by the enormous burden and expense that this requires. They also now regularly communicate via Skype and email when Michael is in New York. This past summer they took a joyous ten day vacation together, even if somewhat marred by a bizarre and slanderous media campaign against Michael, spearheaded by a small group of Italian politicians. Nevertheless these hateful acts were not enough to come between the bond of love between father and son.

Update 12/7/2010

Dec 122010

Lurking in the leaves could be a nutty little intruder. The owner of an Edmond, Oklahoma home discovered a squirrel swimming in the toilet.

It was one of the most bizarre requests for help these 9-1-1 dispatchers have ever heard.

DISPATCHER: What’s going on there ma’am?
CALLER: I have some kind of animal in the toilet in my bathroom.
DISPATCHER: Like, what’s it look like?
CALLER: Well, it’s gray. That’s all I can tell you. I didn’t look real good because it scared me to death. I’m sorry.
DISPATCHER: But it’s not like one of your animals like a cat or something?
CALLER: No. My cat is in my office behaving herself.
DISPATCHER: Okay ma’am. Well, I will get a police officer over there to see if they can help you figure out what’s going on for you okay?
CALLER: Okay. Thank you. I appreciate it.

Dec 122010

FOX 40 News Unknown Substances and Terror Attack Newspaper Clippings Discovered in Foreclosed Home

~Didn’t we JUST see a bomb house destroyed in ESCONDIDO, California? Now I realize one was Southern near SD & this most recent is Northern near San Jose, but it is only an appox. 7 hour drive. WHO owned the house in San Jose? An Inquiring Piper wants to know.

Dec 122010

This show focused on Capitalists are greedy (Many are unethical & are JUST that). But Glenn disproves and debunks this by profiling Jon Huntsman Sr. who was his honoree on 8/28 for the Charity badge of merit. I am leading this with the background on Jon & then the show. Very moving btw…~JP

—> Jon Huntsman, Sr. – Badge of Merit (Charity)

Glenn Beck December 24, 2009

Glenn Beck – Capitalists Are Greedy 12/10/2010

Dec 122010
pelosi looney tunes

San Francisco: Where Fireplaces and Christmas Are Enemies of The City

By John Lillpop

In most civilized communities, Nancy Pelosi would never have been re-elected. For security purposes, she would be banned from stepping foot in any local, state or federal government building for any purpose , except to execute documents needed to effect her permanent and irrevocable deportation to a foreign country.

But this is San Francisco, nut ball capitol of the civilized world. A place so bizarre that Nancy Pelosi is regarded as a Nanny Queen and is reelected time and time again.

Remember that voters in San Francisco made it possible for Pelosi to be within an irregular heartbeat and justifiable impeachment of moving into the Oval Office.

Try saying President Nancy Pelosi twice without running for your antacids.

~JUST make sure they are NOT Rolaids!

Still, Nancy Pelosi is not alone in her goofy politics and liberalism bordering on outright insanity. San Francisco’s Mayor Gavin Newsom, in conspiracy with the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, have also made history by using Sesame Street as their model in shaping the City Charter.

Among the more egregious decisions by San Francisco elected officials are the following dillies:

* Sanctioned same sex marriages despite state law and a voter mandate.
* Refused to allow the USS Iowa to dock in San Francisco waters.
* Attempted to prevent the world famous Blue Angels from performing.
* Censored conservative radio talk show Michael Savage.
* Tried to convert dog poop into electrical power.
* Approved ID cards for illegal aliens.

And just in time for Christmas, the Lords of Folly have initiated a ban on fireplaces. You see, fireplaces are considered a serious air pollution threat here, even though most family hearths are rarely fired up more than three or four times a year, and then normally only for family photos and videos.

Still, making headlines in the war against environmental neglect is more important than fact, science, or other bothersome details to politicians who share Nancy Pelosi’s outrageous political perspective and bias.

As they say, “Only In San Francisco.”

To which one can gratefully add, “Thank God!”


Dec 122010
Sweden Car Explosions

STOCKHOLM – Two blasts that shook a busy shopping street in central Stockholm were an act of terrorism, officials said Sunday. If confirmed as a suicide bombing, it would be the first such attack in the Nordic country.

Police would not comment on a motive for the attack Saturday that killed the apparent bomber and wounded two other people. But a Swedish news agency said it received an e-mail threat just before the blast in which the writer claimed to have visited the Middle East “for jihad,” and referred to Sweden’s soldiers in Afghanistan and a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad that outraged the Muslim world.

The terror threat alert is not being raised from its current elevated level, although security police are investigating the attacks as “a crime of terror,” spokesman Anders Thornberg told reporters.

“When we go through the existing criteria and the series of events that occurred, it fits well within the description of a terror crime,” Thornberg said. He declined to elaborate and gave no information about the dead man.

Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt condemned the attack.

The attack “is unacceptable because Sweden is an open society and an open society which has stated a wish that people should be able to have different backgrounds, believe in different gods or not believe in any at all, and live side by side in our open society,” Reinfeldt said at a news conference.

He warned against speculation that “could lead to conclusions that create tension which paints pictures that are then difficult to change.”

Carl Bildt, the foreign minister, said it was “a most worrying attempt at a terrorist attack.” Bildt commented in a Twitter message that it “failed — but could have been truly catastrophic.”

Thornberg did not confirm local media reports that the man who died had explosives strapped to his body. He also would not say if the man was a suspected suicide bomber as widely reported by Swedish media, saying police have “a totally clear picture about that” but were not sharing the information.

He said there were no indications so far that other people were involved.

“If this is a suicide bomber, then it’s the first time in Sweden,” he told The Associated Press.

In the incident that rattled normally peaceful Stockholm, a car exploded near the shop-lined pedestrian-only Drottninggatan street and burst into flames, causing panic among Christmas shoppers. Shortly afterward, there was a second explosion higher up on the same street.

Freelance journalist Gabriel Gabiro heard the blast from a nearby store and said he saw a man lying on the ground with blood appearing to come from his abdomen.

He told the AP that an orange bag and other belongings were scattered around the man, but he could not see if there had been explosives on the body.

The car that exploded contained gas canisters, rescue workers said.

Ten minutes before the blasts, Swedish news agency TT received an e-mail saying “the time has come to take action.” According to the news agency, the e-mail referred to Sweden’s silence surrounding artist Lars Vilks’ 2007 drawing of Muhammad as a dog and to the country’s presence in Afghanistan, where it has about 500 soldiers in the NATO force.

“Now your children, daughters and sisters shall die like our brothers and sisters and children are dying,” the news agency quoted the e-mail as saying.

According to TT, the writer said he visited the Middle East “for jihad,” but that he could not tell his wife or child about it.

“I never went to the Middle East to work or to earn money, I went there for jihad,” the agency quoted the e-mail.

Police said they were aware of the e-mail, which had also been addressed to Sweden’s security police, but couldn’t immediately confirm a link to the explosions.

Two people were taken to the hospital with light injuries.

Sweden — which has so far been spared any large terrorist attacks — raised its terror threat alert level from low to elevated in October because of “a shift in activities” among Swedish-based groups that could be plotting attacks there.

The security police said then that the terrorism threat in Sweden remained low compared with that in other European countries.

Vilks’ drawing in a local Swedish newspaper infuriated Muslims. In May, vandals unsuccessfully tried to burn down his home in southern Sweden and interrupted a lecture he gave in Uppsala about Islam and homosexuality with violent protests.

Last month, police in neighboring Denmark said that country remained a “high-priority terrorist target” because of separate cartoons of Muhammad that sparked riots in the Muslim world in 2006.

In September, a Chechen man accidentally set off a letter bomb, believed to have been intended for the Jyllands-Posten newspaper that first published the 12 cartoons. In January, a Somali man, armed with a knife and an ax, broke into Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard’s home, though Westergaard was unhurt.

Police in Norway said that three terror suspects who were arrested in July in an alleged al-Qaida plot there were likely planning an attack against the Jyllands-Posten.


Via Twitter- One man has been killed after two explosions in a busy shopping street in central Stockholm