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MANAMA, Bahrain (AP) — Hillary Rodham Clinton says her work as U.S. secretary of state will be her final public position.

She told an interviewer in the Persian Gulf nation of Bahrain that she does not plan to run for president. And she appeared to rule out taking any other public role, saying that instead she expects to return to private life as an advocate for women and children around the globe.

She said she had enjoyed an interesting and rewarding public career and will be ready to get back to the advocacy work she did as a young lawyer.

Some had speculated she might succeed Robert Gates after his expected retirement next year as secretary of defense.

IMHO hitting Bill with an ashtray does not qualify her to be Sec. of Defense, being she is always on the ‘offense’. Besides all that, HOW in the hay do you make someone head of defense that has ZERO military experience?! Almost laughably pathetic. ~JP

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Hillary fed up? ~Click image for more…

RELEVANT:The Clintons’ History Of America-Blaming (click image)

Dec 042010

Nestle is stealing our water

Nestlé products to boycott in the United States

~Also, at the above link Boycotts in Canada, UK, and Austrailia

These are Nestlé’s main brand names. Some of their products have different individual names but most of them fall under these brand categories. The company is constantly buying and selling brands, however, so when in doubt, simply check the product’s label. Often, the Nestlé logo will not appear, but usually the Nestlé name can be found in the fine print.

We Can’t Let Them Get Away with It!

Boycott Nestlé and Wyeth

Nestlé and Wyeth, two of the World’s largest producers of powdered baby milk, are currently breaking a World Health Organisation Code on the marketing of breast milk substitutes.

Nestlé and Wyeth provide free milk to maternity hospitals in the Third World so that newborn babies are routinely bottle-fed.

When newborn babies are given bottles, they are less able to suckle well. This makes breastfeeding failure likely. The baby is then dependent on artificial milk.

When the mother and baby leave hospital, the milk is no longer free. At home parents are forced to buy more milk, which can cost 50% of the family income.

Because the milk is so expensive the child is not fed enough. This leads to malnutrition.

The water mixed with the formula is often contaminated. This leads to diarrhea, malnutrition and often death.

Get ready to be MAD as Hell people! It is not often there is some corrupt subject I am unfamiliar with. I watched Jesse’s show last night & before I had to hunt for it to bring it to you, my ever helpful Char emailed me the link. Thank you Char!

They call it “Blue Gold.” Water is the new oil. Once a human right, it’s now a valuable commodity, and corporations and super-rich oil dynasties are believed to be buying up water rights, controlling nations and populations. Jesse looks into the possibility of these activities finding their way to American shores and uncovers what may be a plot to literally steal the Great Lakes. His show is at the bottom of this post.

I like to bring together as comprehensive a profile as I can. PF was upset about this back in June. From WLS/ABC :

—> Chicago ABC Report. Chicago mulls selling bottled tap water

June 9, 2010 (CHICAGO) (WLS) — Would you buy bottled Chicago tap water from Lake Michigan?

Tapping into the city’s water supply is reportedly being considered as a revenue stream for the city. The new water management commissioner, Tom Powers, told the Chicago Sun-Times bottling and selling the city’s tap water is worth exploring to generate money for the cash-strapped city.

Naturally this was met with denials from Daley. But I’d bet he would have NO compunctions about privatizing the water, considering the profits Pickenss & Nestle’s have seen.

Now it has come to light exactly why activists were fighting the selling of the water. It was the contention because our water filtration was superb. THIS show will prove differently. It also tells who the players are. One being T. Boone Pickens. The other Nestle Ice Mountain Spring Water,. And the worse character in this scenario, China.

So please go over the links either before or after the show. However you prefer it. It simply infuriates me how the left , the corporate thieves , lobbyists & politicians will decry we are Conspiracy Theory freaks, when every single show Jessie does is backed by public record. I only use reliable news sources for my links, as does Jesse. We’re in deep peril my friends.

All one has to do is enter a search of Nestle, Pickens & China stealing water & you get hundreds of hits. Get ready for if you are like me & Char , this will knock your socks off!

This particular piece was posted JUST a few hours ago:

After watching Jesse Ventura last night I did some checking.

China is buying our drinking water. We have a shortage of drinking water all around the world. On top of that our ground water is being corroded by uranium and Mercury from industrialization .Corporations and millionaires are buying up are precious resource, that really belongs to every American. The great lakes holds 21% of the worlds fresh water it provides drinking water to tens of Millions of American’s. Bush family bought up over 100,000 acres in Paraguay which sits on top of the biggest Guarani aquifer.T Boon Pickens buying up surface water in Texas’. This is a really big problem that needs to be addressed. If we don’t stop this, it could lead to the biggest human disaster in history. I urge every one to read the link. Water will be sold for the highest bidder.

China Stealing U.S. Water Supply

~More to come on China…

Let’s begin with the biggest criminal. First when T. Boone Pickens was lauding how to use a new energy, he portended to be a savior. This old clown went from oil to water in his ‘thirsty’ hunger for greed & power.

From Bloomberg June 2008:

T. Boone Pickens thinks water is the new oil—and he’s betting $100 million that he’s right

Pickens hopes to run a water pipeline over 250 miles and 650 tracts of private property from the Texas Panhandle to thirsty Dallas. And he has, as you will see when you watch the show at the end of this work-up.

If water is the new oil, T. Boone Pickens is a modern-day John D. Rockefeller. Pickens owns more water than any other individual in the U.S. and is looking to control even more. He hopes to sell the water he already has, some 65 billion gallons a year, to Dallas, transporting it over 250 miles, 11 counties, and about 650 tracts of private property. The electricity generated by an enormous wind farm he is setting up in the Panhandle would also flow along that corridor. As far as Pickens is concerned, he could be selling wind, water, natural gas, or uranium; it’s all a matter of supply and demand. “There are people who will buy the water when they need it. And the people who have the water want to sell it. That’s the blood, guts, and feathers of the thing,” he says.

This is the most detailed report on Rockerskank & Blue Gold from Business Week…

There Will Be Water

From Washington Examiner:

Texas oil billionaire T. Boone Pickens is about to make a killing by selling water he doesn’t own. As he does it, it will be praised as a planet-friendly wind project. After he pulls it off, the media will deride it as craven capitalism. In truth, it is one the most audacious examples of politics for profit, showing how big government helps the biggest business steal from the rest of us. The plot behind Pickens’ water-and-wind scheme is almost too rich to believe. If it were a movie script, reviewers would dismiss it as over-the-top.

The basic story amounts to this: Pickens, thanks to favors from state lawmakers whose campaigns he funded, has created a new government whose only voters are two of his employers; this has empowered Pickens to more cheaply pump water from an aquifer and, by use of eminent domain, seize land across 11 counties in order to pipe the water to Dallas. To win environmentalist approval of this hardly “sustainable” practice, he has piggybacked this water project onto a windmill project pitched as an alternative to oil.

T. Boone Pickens wants your water

JUST in the past few days, here is a clear example how Lake Michigan Water is being sold off:

Waukesha should switch from using multiple wells to buying Lake Michigan water, and return its treated wastewater either directly to the lake or a tributary stream, the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission recommends in its final regional water supply plan.

The advisory report affirms one reason pushed by Waukesha in its pending request for a lake supply: converting to lake water comes with several environmental benefits. And the plan adds another reason for the switch: it would not result in a new round of sprawling development or prompt a flow of businesses and jobs from potential seller Milwaukee to Waukesha, according to the analysis by the Center for Economic Development at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

The regional plan, adopted this week by the commission, comes as the state Department of Natural Resources is reviewing Waukesha’s May 2010 application for a Lake Michigan water supply. Wisconsin and each of the other seven Great Lakes states must approve the request, under terms of a Great Lakes protection compact, before the city can make the switch.

Commission report backs Waukesha lake water bid

Nothing will show you better than this show about HOW corrupt & stealthy Nestle is! I can never buy their water again. This takes me back 25 years ago when all but my mother laughed at me, when I told her our water was being poisoned. When you see this show you will see a scientist telling Jesse JUST how we are being left with chemicals & waste water to drink.

Nestlé tapping Gorge water ~
Environmentalists mobilize to block water-bottling plant

Rarely do I agree with environuts BUT in this instance I applaud them:

“When you’re in the Gorge, it’s all about the water,” declares Lorang, who co-owns Lorang Fine Art and Gorge-ous Gifts with his wife here in Cascade Locks, a scenic town of 1,000 residents about 45 minutes east of Portland.

Lorang, who is also the town mayor, is in the midst of a major political battle bubbling over water – bottled water, that is.

Nestlé tapping Gorge water

Communities Speak Out: Nestle, Stop Stealing Our Water

Jessie’s show covers what is going on in Michigan.

What’s Nestle doing with the water in Michigan, California, Maine and other places? Hear the truth from the people who live there.

April 10, 2009 |

Editor’s Note: In the lead-up to Nestlé’s annual shareholders’ meeting this April 23rd, a storm is gathering around the business practices of the world’s largest water bottler. Communities across the country have long been engaged in struggles with the bottling giant over control of local water resources. Now many of these struggles are coming to a head and a national campaign called Think Outside the Bottle is using April Fools Day to call on the corporation to, “stop fooling with community water supplies.”

To begin bottling in communities, Nestlé has been engaged in everything from costly public relations campaigns and legal challenges to backroom deals for water rights.

Transcript of a call where people from different communities across the country affected by Nestlé share what is happening where they live

Now, two reports from USA Today, the main supposition THIS is why China has bought up our debt. China has us by the proverbial balls, so we have to let them suck us dry.

While enhancing Sino-U.S. trade ties is a key focus for states, “We are concerned about the rate of growth in China,” says North Dakota Lt. Gov. Jack Dalrymple. The expansion of China’s economy “is really in excess of what most economists would say is sustainable or manageable.”

U.S. must balance selling to China with currency concerns

Putting two and two together. They have blackmailed us for our water supply and filling up The Xiaowan dam in the hills of Yunnan province is one of eight hydroelectric projects that will bring China’s industrial revolution to the impoverished region. It is by far the biggest of the four dams built so far that when done this year will be the biggest arch dam in the world.

But not all of the water is China’s. The downstream half of the 2,700-mile-long river winds through Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, where it is known as the Mekong.

China’s new dam seen as a water hog

I did this background so you would know this is NO Conspiracy Theory, it is happening at a fierce and rapid pace. Watch the show, get as pissed as all of us did, call your Reps. and tell them to piss off these lobbyists and corporations & let us keep our natural resources. OURS!!! .Get it on every social network you can. Send it to news sources, family, friends, co-worker’s. Thank You! ~JP

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{MOX News}

He says the GOP is braying, but his party is the party of da donkey…

Then he talks about GOP’s mania. This coming from someone who seems to suffer from some sort of MANic malfunction…

He has posters of Rush ,Glenn, Hannity , O’Reilly, Newt, GW & Sarah (LOL) Wonder what Alan paid for all those purdy posters? I should say WE paid for. Grayson thinks he’s so very clever…but he is so very entertaining. I hate to say it he does give you something to think about this time but that’s JUST my opinion ~JP

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