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Video via Right Scoop

Evil racism was on display at the Oklahoma City metro bus terminal downtown on Christmas Eve, 2010. Watch as this group of young men work to teach bus riders about God and race.

When asked about their organization, and whether they have a pamphlet or contact information, the response was quick and threatening: “I don’t have nothing for you, white man.”

Let me be clear: they have the right to say these things in a public place, and I support that right fully. This is not documentation of an illegal act that should be regulated by government.

This is a matter to be discussed in churches and workplaces across our city. It must be a conversation about whether racism still exists in our modern world, and whether we understand it when we see it with our own eyes.

Who will condemn this for the racism that it is? Who will not call this racist?

If you know these individuals, or the organization that they represent, please leave a comment and I will update this post with further information.

Some of the greatest hits from this video:

* “God hates Christmas.”

* “The white man has set up laws where the faggots and lesbians have rights, and parades.”

* “The white man is against nature, and we prove that out of scripture.”

* “The white man is in power now because he is a thief and a murderer.”

* “God hates America, and he will destroy it.”

* “The white man has never taught you about God. He lied, and told you he was God.”

(Please excuse the shakiness of the video. The iPhone 4 is a great video capture tool, but it’s hard to hold still when it’s cold out.)

UPDATE: Thanks to Andrew Breitbart for pointing out the similarities between this hateful retoric and that of white supremacist groups. I agree completely. Racism is not about politics. It is always wrong, and should be condemned wherever it is encountered. Will all of Oklahoma City’s spiritual leaders stand up against this hateful nonsense? We’ll see.

UPDATE: Many people are saying these are members of the organization known as the Black Hebrew Israelites”.If someone from this organization would contact me, I have some members of the local press who would like to speak with you. Leave a comment with your contact information.

UPDATE: Thanks for forwarding the info. Looks like these are members of a local church, the Israelite Church of God in Jesus Christ, located at 3005 N. Classen Blvd, above a bar named “Club Zaks.” Let’s hope this gets the attention of some local reporters who can bring light onto this shame.

UPDATE: This seems appropriate. Ayn Rand said, “The spread of evil is the symptom of a vacuum. Whenever evil wins, it is only by default: by the moral failure of those who evade the fact that there can be no compromise on basic principles.”

UPDATE: Ugh. The comments have been vile. I don’t have the strength to read them any more. I’ve not been approving the ones full of hatred, and now I don’t even want to see them. Commenting now off.

Dec 312010

Knowing The Daley Masheen as I do, I would say Danny opening his flytrap about Rahm & Jesse ragging on him, that is the ‘true’ reason he backed out! Carol cannot win! Rahm is widdling them down & in the end they will all be buh-buh IMHO ~JP

CHICAGO (AP) — Democratic Congressman Danny Davis says he is dropping out of the Chicago mayor’s race as an act of unity for blacks in the city.

That leaves former U.S. Sen. Carol Moseley Braun, also a Democrat, as the one prominent black candidate in the campaign.

Davis made the surprise announcement Friday at a news conference with Braun and state senator James Meeks, who dropped out of the race last week.

Davis says if black voters had to choose between him and Braun, there would be less chance of a black person being elected. Some black leaders had been pushing for a unity candidate to compete against former White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel and others in the race to replace retiring Mayor Richard Daley.

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My # 1. Kirsten gets her clock cleaned

2. Hundreds ride with boy to show support for his U.S.-flag-decorated bike after school banned it

It wasn’t this California boy’s usual ride to school this morning!

Hundreds of other bike riders came along—

Many of them veterans, and some from out of state, all wanting to show support to 13-year-old Cody Alicea.
School officials had told Cody he shouldn’t ride his American flag-decorated bike to school because some students were offended.
That kicked up a firestorm of protest.

The school superintendent has since apologized, and promised that something like that will not happen again.

3. Chris Coons the Taxman Did not help O’Donnell but was a very clever camPAIN ad

4. CA-8: Dennis (R) Makes Pelosi Wicked Witch In New Ad but will not post because Pelosi morons removed the audio. So coming in a close second for 4:

The bravery is commendable, Reporters vs. Conservative Black Leaders at Press Conference

5. A man to watch in the 112th: Senator Tom Coburn “Dr. No” (Monday, June 28 2010) Members of the Judiciary Committee hold their first hearing on the Supreme Court nominee, Elena Kagan.

Dec 312010

~Welcome 112th Congress!

The 111th Congress is officially over, and according to Gallup, it’s also officially the worst Congress in the history of polling. Yet despite its 13% approval rating there are those who are hailing the 111th Congress for its myriad legislative “accomplishments.” Not surprisingly, many of those touting those “accomplishments” are the very members of Congress who voted for the legislation in the first place. Starting at the top with Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), you find a woman who is not at all ashamed of the legislation she has passed, despite the disastrous poll numbers. Pelosi says she is “very, very proud of the work that was accomplished by this Congress.”

The American people, though, think differently, and they have already issued their verdict on the 111th Congress by way of an earthshaking election in November. If you take a look at some of Congress’ big-ticket “accomplishments,” you might understand where they’re coming from. Here’s a look at 10 major pieces of legislation coming out of Congress the last two years and why Americans might not be so pleased:

1. Obamacare: Billed as the panacea for America’s health care woes, The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, better known as “Obamacare,” is a 2,700-page behemoth that “portends a massive transfer of power, dollars and decision making to the federal government,” says Heritage’s Nina Owcharenko. Heritage also finds that under the law, workers and families will face increased costs, seniors will lose access to care, and American taxpayers will take the hit for a trillion dollars in new federal spending. (3/2010)

2. The Failed Stimulus (a.k.a., the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act): President Obama promised that his stimulus would save or create 3.5 million jobs by the end of 2010. The result? America saw a bunch of orange and green “ARRA” signs sprout up like dandelions all over America, touting the slogan “Putting America to Work,” but here we are in December 2010 with a 9.8 percent unemployment rate, a national debt of $2.9 trillion, and 7.3 million jobs shy of President Obama’s promise. Some stimulus! (2/2009)

3. The 9,000-Earmark Omnibus Bill: Never mind the $1.4 trillion budget deficit facing America in 2009. Congress went ahead and passed an omnibus spending bill containing 9,287 pork project earmarks costing $13 billion. Included in the earmarks were a $200,000 tattoo removal program in Mission Hills, Calif., and more than a million dollars to combat Mormon Crickets in Utah. (3/2009)

4. Mountains of Debt: You can’t pin it on one piece of legislation alone, but the 111th Congress has piled heaps upon heaps of new debt — a massive $3.22 trillion. That comes out to $10,429.64 for every man, woman and child counted in the 2010 census. That’s more debt racked-up than in the first 100 Congresses combined, according to The total national debt as of the 111th Congress’ last day? $13.859 trillion.

5. The Government Union Bailout: As if one massive bailout weren’t enough, President Obama and the 111th Congress delivered another $26.1 billion bailout in the summer of 2010. The beneficiaries? Government unions and big-spending states that wouldn’t know a balanced budget if it smacked them in the face. The bill was supposed to “save” jobs, but the reality is that most jobs were never in jeopardy. (8/2010)

6. Wall Street Reform? Think Again: While President Obama touted the Dodd-Frank bill of 2010 as a reform of Wall Street and America’s financial rules, the resulting law is a boon for lawyers and lobbyists, thanks to its creation of 243 new formal rule-makings by 11 different federal agencies. What’s more, the bill “does nothing to stop future government bailouts,” makes a TARP-like bailout system permanent, and does nothing to reform two of the biggest culprits behind the financial crisis: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. (7/2010)

7. The “Neighborhood Destabilization Act”: Speaker Pelosi would refer to it as the “Helping Families Save Their Homes Act,” but in reality the law does the opposite by “putting millions of homeowners or potential buyers at greater risk of an unstable credit and housing market and creating high interest rates in the future.” And if you’re a responsible homeowner, you lose big time.

8. Cash for Clunkers: Stuck with an old car or truck? Under this plan, the U.S. government would have paid you $3,500 to $4,500 to trade it in for a new, more fuel efficient vehicle. Though the program boosted sales for the two months it was in place, a study showed the clunker program was a clinker. It didn’t bring new buyers into the market; it merely accelerated purchases. The cost to the taxpayers? $3 billion. (According to an Edmunds analysis, it came to $24,000 per car.) (6/2009)

9. New START: President Obama sold this nuclear arms treaty between the United States and Russia as an effort to reduce nuclear weapons. Conservatives, though, criticized it for being “useless in limiting proliferation, detrimental to missile defense, and counter to the purpose of defense treaties — defending and protecting America from her enemies.” (12/2010)

10. Cap-and-Trade: The Waxman-Markey climate bill that passed the House was intended to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions with the goal of curbing global warming. Were it enacted (which it wasn’t), the plan would have increased gas prices by 58%, and average household electric rates would increase by 90% by 2035. (Passed House in 6/2009; stalled in Senate)

Americans should expect better results from the 112th Congress, that is, if the newly-elected representatives heed their electoral mandate: less spending, lower taxes and limited government. But Americans should also be aware that even if Congress stays in line, President Obama can still pursue a big government agenda with more regulations from unelected bureaucrats. As the president said when the Democrats lost the House and failed to enact cap-and-trade, “I’m going to be looking for other means to address this problem.”

—> 12/29 Obama Will Make You Pay More at the Pump

America, look out.


Dec 312010

Keywords like phishing, hacking and malware have become part of the common cybersecurity discourse, familiar to nearly everyone with a computer and an Internet connection. But as we embark on a new year, and our online connectivity increases, there’s a new batch of terms even the most casual computer user should be aware of.

SecurityNewsDaily looked back at the dangers that shocked and scared in 2010, and spoke with cybersecurity experts to get a grip on what threats will emerge in 2011.


Credit: A denial-of-service attack was launched against the WikiLeaks site. WikiLeaks supporters retaliated. Credit:

In the second half of 2010, no single topic dominated cybersecurity news more than WikiLeaks. From the initial document leak to the subsequent denial-of-service attacks launched against PayPal, Amazon, MasterCard and Visa, even the least tech-savvy person seemed to have an opinion about WikiLeaks and its founder, Julian Assange.

In a report titled “Distributed Denial of Service Attacks Against Independent Media and Human Rights Sites,” researchers at Harvard University found that several high-profile media and human rights websites fell victim to DDoS attacks in 2010.

Those attacked included blogging platform WordPress, Twitter, and websites for Australian Parliament, the Motion Picture Association of America and the Recording Industry Association of America. The latter two were all struck by the online forum 4Chan for their connection with shutting down the file-sharing service The Pirate Bay. And PayPal and MasterCard were targeted for DDoS attacks in December because they cut off customers from sending money to WikiLeaks).

Security breaches like these have been labeled “hacktivism” — they are not carried out for financial gain, but because the hackers disagree with the objectives or practices of the targeted sites. Hacktivism attacks such as these are “the future of cyber protests,” PandaLabs researcher Sean-Paul Correll said.


* Gadgets and Smartphones

* The Cloud

* Social Engineering

* Stuxnet

* As protesters flex their digital muscles, companies seek to increase their productivity by looking to the clouds, and Facebook continues its reign of social supremacy, 2011 could be a banner year for cybersecurity. Who will be holding the pennant is anyone’s guess.

* Analyst: Cybercrime is ‘Spiraling Out of Control’
* Security and Privacy Software Reviews
* Internet’s Undersea Cables Need Revamp to Prevent Catastrophe

JUST MUST read entire report by Security News Daily

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DNC Fail! Via Twitter

Dec 312010
2011 congress

~We thank you for your visits & friendships. This coming year will be so different. The only thing that concerns me, is exactly ‘how’ the libs will react…at least now we have a fighting chance. I will be here all evening if anyone wants to comment. ~JP

A Conservative New Year’s Resolution

This year has been quite a journey for conservatives.

An overzealous liberal majority in Congress, revved up by their Christmas Eve health care victory in the House of Representatives, greeted 2010 with an agenda that was far left and far removed from the will of the American people.

It is no longer just about health care, harmful treaties, tax hikes, defense cuts or any one item in between. It is about America’s First Principles.

Take a moment and reflect on what we as a nation have seen unfold over the past twelve months. Across the country, people who had never before been engaged in politics have sprung to action. They’re calling for fiscal sanity, individual responsibility, and limited government – all Constitutional principles. And it’s working.

Obama administration has begun to take ideas directly from the conservative playbook, read on…

From my friend Bill Turner:

Is it the end of the year, or the beginning of a new one? Is the glass half empty or half full? The glass is twice as big as it needs to be and it is both the end and a new beginning. America is at a cross roads. We have a Marxist President, who has built a shadow government with “Czars” and “advisors” who chooses each day to ignore the Constitution and the law of the land. Our rights, our natural rights (God given) no longer matter and are being trampled each day. As we enter 2011 we must decide between being AmeriCANS or global citizens. We cannot be both.

The failure(s) of President Obama are numerous and have been well documented so there is no need to go over them again. Mullah Obama has committed treason, sedition, high crimes and misdemeanors in his role as President of the united States of America. It is imperative that the 112th Congress of these united States impeach him for his actions.

Americans must decide which course of action they will take regarding the governments trampling of our natural rights. Congress has allowed the judiciary branch of government to prohibit the free exercise of religion, one must merely have to look at the war on Christmas for that. Free Speech is a thing of the past.

~This is important because my friend Bill is not well. If your a regular you know this, if not here is the post:

~A Living Epitaph from a True Patriot: The Balance (November 5th, 2010)


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Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

—> New Year’s Eve Bank Robbery: Armed Robbers Take Hostages, Wound Bank Manager

Dec 312010

With all the talk about forcing people to buy health insurance, health insurance exchanges, and high-risk pools, it is often forgotten that most of what Obamacare really is, is just a massive expansion of an existing and already failing entitlement program. Of the 34 million Americans who gain health insurance through Obamacare, over half (18 million){More Inconvenient Obamacare Truths} will receive it through Medicaid.

In its current form, Medicaid is already bankrupting states across the country. Obamacare only further overloads this already broken system by expanding Medicaid eligibility to include all Americans under 133 percent of the federal poverty level. While Obamacare will pay for all of the benefit expansion for the first three years, and 90% of it after that, Obamacare never pays for any of the state administrative costs for adding those 18 million Americans to their welfare rolls. That amounts to billions in unfunded federal mandates for states to absorb.

Worse, current Medicaid enrollees already have trouble finding doctors who will see them because, nationwide, Medicaid pays only 56% as much as private coverage does. And what state Medicaid programs do pay doctors for shrinks every day. Bloomberg reports:

Washington State may not pay for glasses anymore. Massachusetts already chopped dentures. As of Oct. 1, North Carolina no longer covers surgery for the clinically obese.

Governors nationwide are taking a scalpel to Medicaid, the jointly run state and federal health-care program for 48 million poor Americans, half of whom are children. The single biggest expense for states, Medicaid consumes about 22 percent of their total $1.6 trillion in expenditures, more than what is allocated to elementary and secondary education, according to a National Governors Association report.

In California, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger proposed $980 million in savings on Medi-Cal, which covers 7.5 million people, after previously slicing $110 million for acupuncture, chiropractic and dental services in 2009. His Dec. 6 proposal included $100-a-day copayments for hospital stays and a limit of 10 doctor visits a year.

Arizona will reduce payments to doctors, hospitals and ambulance services by 5 percent beginning April 1, according to Monica Coury, a spokeswoman for the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System, the Medicaid agency. … The state stopped paying for heart, liver and other transplants on Oct. 1, prompting criticism of Governor Jan Brewer, a Republican.

“We are the only state that has cut transplant care,” state Representative Anna Tovar, a Democrat from Tolleson who received a stem-cell transplant, said in a telephone interview. “Who are they to put a figure on a person’s life?”

Tovar asks a great question: “Who are they to put a figure on a person’s life?” But when the government takes over health care, which is what Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion is, putting a price on a person’s life is exactly what happens.

(Obama Returns to End-of-Life Plan) To Enact “Death Panels” {1/11/2011}