Nov 302010

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Nov 302010

POLICE STATE – TSA, Homeland Security & Tampa Police Set Up Nazi Checkpoints At Bus Stations

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Nov 302010

( – A budget-balancing proposal from the libertarian CATO Institute achieves fiscal equilibrium in only ten years. The plan drastically cuts federal spending, reforms entitlements and makes permanent the Bush-era tax rates.

Written by Director of Tax Policy Studies Chris Edwards, the plan spares no area of federal spending in its quest to control the federal budget.

“Federal spending is soaring, and government debt is piling up at more than a trillion dollars a year. Official projections show rivers of red ink for years to come unless policymakers enact major budget reforms. Unless spending is cut, the United States is headed down the road to economic ruin,” the plan says.

The plan proposes to cut spending by $1 trillion annually by 2020, which would reduce spending to its late-1990s level of 18 percent of GDP. The plan also extends the Bush-era tax rates indefinitely, which Edwards estimates will bring revenues back to their traditional average of 18 percent of GDP, once the recession ends.

The plan focuses on spending cuts, arguing that the federal government has moved into areas it has no business being in and ought to be removed from.

“In recent decades, the federal government has expanded into hundreds of areas that should be left to state and local governments, businesses, charities, and individuals. That expansion is sucking the life out of the private economy and creating a top-down bureaucratic society that is alien to American traditions. Cutting federal spending would enhance civil liberties by dispersing power from Washington.”

The plan argues that spending cuts should not be seen as a necessary evil just in a time of financial crisis: “Policymakers shouldn’t think of spending cuts as a necessary evil needed to reduce debt. Rather, the government’s fiscal mess is an opportunity to make reforms that would spur growth and expand individual freedom.”

Edwards told that he wrote his plan to demonstrate to lawmakers that the budget could be balanced without raising taxes, something that many Democrats say is impossible.

“A lot of the Washington experts think we need large tax hikes to solve our budget problem, and I wanted to show in this plan how you can cut the debt and even balance the budget over ten years without increasing taxes,” he said.

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Nov 302010

by Jonathon M. Seidl

Guess where Van Jones is popping up now? The former Green Jobs Czar shared emcee duties at the Brave New Voices Speak Green poetry slam — a competition where “youth from around the country, ages 13 – 24, compete for the opportunity to travel on behalf of Youth Speaks to some of the key conferences and summits on the Environment to date.” The topic of this year’s event? Global warming.

As you’ll see, the young poets stayed on point. One blasted BP head Tony Hayward and made sure to include the “F” word and mock the man’s wife. Another said Bush didn’t deserve his second term, and alluded to the former President not caring about hurricane Katrina.

That’s where Van Jones comes in. This year’s annual poetry slam was held in L.A. and featured the deposed Green Czar. After the event, Jones spoke candidly about young people embracing the green movement as “social justice,” and how that’s been his plan for the last 10 years.

“To see young people, this new generation, they have a new vision for the environment,” he said. “They don’t see the distinction between social justice and the environment — they want to see healthy people and healthy planet. That‘s what I’ve been talking about for 10 years.”

He went on to call the poems and their messages “beautiful.” The full 11 minute video is below, featuring two poets and Jones at the end:

To See Videos [Content WARNING: The following videos contain graphic language]

According to the site of Human Nature magazine, Ceez Live said it was important for youth to be leaders in the going green movement. “This competition is important because it’s the youth,” he told the site. “The youth being the next generation the people who are going to become your presidents, your lawyers, your doctors and your environmentalists.”

The poetry event aired on HBO this month.

Nov 302010


The U.S. believes Russia has moved short-range tactical nuclear warheads to facilities near North Atlantic Treaty Organization allies as recently as this spring, U.S. officials say, adding to questions in Congress about Russian compliance with long-standing pledges ahead of a possible vote on a new arms-control treaty.

U.S. officials say the movement of warheads to facilities bordering NATO allies appeared to run counter to pledges made by Moscow starting in 1991 to pull tactical nuclear weapons back from frontier posts and to reduce their numbers. The U.S. has long voiced concerns about Russia’s lack of transparency when it comes to its arsenal of tactical nuclear weapons, believed to be many times the number possessed by the U.S.

Russia’s movement of the ground-based tactical weapons appeared to coincide with the deployment of U.S. and NATO missile-defense installations in countries bordering Russia. Moscow has long considered the U.S. missile defense buildup in Europe a challenge to Russian power, underlining deep-seated mistrust between U.S. and Russian armed forces despite improved relations between political leaders.

The Kremlin had no immediate comment.

Republican critics in the Senate say it was a mistake for President Barack Obama to agree to the new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty with Russia, or New Start, without dealing with outstanding questions about Moscow’s tactical nuclear weapons. New Start would cap the Russian and U.S. deployed strategic nuclear arsenals at 1,550 per side. It doesn’t address tactical weapons, which are smaller and for use on a battlefield.

Senior administration officials say New Start, like most arms treaties before it, deals only with strategic nuclear weapons, adding that only after it is ratified can Washington and Moscow begin to negotiate a legally binding, verifiable treaty to limit tactical warheads in Europe.

The positioning of Russian tactical nuclear weapons near Eastern European and the Baltic states has alarmed NATO member-states bordering Russia. They see these as potentially a bigger danger than long-range nuclear weapons. Tactical weapons are easier to conceal and may be more vulnerable to theft, say arms-control experts.

Lithuanian Foreign Minister Audronius Azubalis said he raised concerns about the weapons this month with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and senior defense officials in Washington.

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Nov 302010

Nov 302010

~My thought is HOW does a ‘private’ get things he does not have the security clearance for? ~JP

As discussed on GB’s show yesterday

by Jim Kouri

Army Specialist Bradley Manning is again making headlines about his role in leaking classified documents to a so-called blogger who has subsequently released tens of thousands of military and diplomatic secrets. Last August, the Law Enforcement Examiner introduced readers to the disgruntled soldier who betrayed his country.

The suspect in the leaking of classified military files, SPC Bradley Manning, voiced his disgust with US Army commanders and U.S. “society at large” on his Facebook page just prior to his alleged downloading of thousands of secret documents, according to the British news media.

According to one story appearing in Britain’s The Telegraph, Manning, who served as a US Army intelligence analyst, became depressed after a break-up with his homosexual companion. He also wrote: “Bradley Manning is not a piece of equipment,” and quoted a joke about “military intelligence” being an oxymoron.

Manning, who is openly homosexual, began his gloomy postings on January 12, saying: “Bradley Manning didn’t want this fight. Too much to lose, too fast.”

The 22-year old Manning is awaiting court martial as the primary suspect in the leaking of more than 90,000 secret documents to creator Julian Assange, who in turn posted the documents on his web site. The secret documents subsequently appeared in major U.S. newspapers in a security breach which Pentagon officials say has endangered the lives of serving soldiers and Afghan civilians.

Pentagon investigators plan to delve into Manning’s background to ascertain if they missed any warnings when he applied to join the US Army. According to The Telegraph, in May 2010, when he was serving at a US military base near Baghdad, he changed his status to: “Bradley Manning is now left with the sinking feeling that he doesn’t have anything left.”

Five days later, according to the Telegraph story, he said he was “livid” after being “lectured by ex-boyfriend,” then later the same day said he was “not a piece of equipment” and was “beyond frustrated with people and society at large.”

Manning was arrested at the end of May after allegedly leaking a controversial video of a U.S. helicopter attack, and he became the chief suspect when the Afghan war documents were leaked to and appeared in the Washington Post and New York Times.

Manning, who is reportedly on suicide watch, was transferred from a military jail in Kuwait to a prison in Washington DC, as the Pentagon called in the FBI to assist in the hunt for the source of the leak.

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Nov 302010

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Nation Facing Tax Hikes, Terror Threats, Unemployment and Senate Majority Leader Opens Lame Duck with 5 Minute Football Story

Our Tax Dollars at Work…

Nov 302010

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BOISE, Idaho (AP) – The surveillance video from the overhead cameras shows Hanni Elabed being beaten by a fellow inmate in an Idaho prison, managing to bang on a prison guard station window, pleading for help. Behind the glass, correctional officers look on, but no one intervenes when Elabed was knocked unconscious.

In a frame grab from video obtained by The Associated Press, an inmate attacks fellow inmate Hanni Elabed at the privately-run Idaho Correctional Center just south of Boise, Idaho. Elabed suffered brain damage and persistent short-term memory loss after he was beaten by inmate James Haver while multiple guards watched at the Idaho prison operated by Corrections Corporation of America. (AP Photo)

No one steps into the cellblock when the attacker sits down to rest, and no one stops him when he resumes the beating.

Videos of the attack obtained by The Associated Press show officers watching the beating for several minutes. The footage is a key piece of evidence for critics who claim the privately run Idaho Correctional Center uses inmate-on-inmate violence to force prisoners to snitch on their cellmates or risk being moved to extremely violent units.

Lawsuits from inmates contend the company that runs the prison, the Corrections Corporation of America (CXW), denies prisoners medical treatment as a way of covering up the assaults. They have dubbed the Idaho lockup “gladiator school” because it is so violent.

The AP initially sought a copy of the videos from state court, but Idaho 4th District Judge Patrick Owen denied that request. The AP decided to publish the videos after a person familiar with the case verified their authenticity.

The videos show at least three guards watching as Elabed was stomped on a dozen times. At no time during the recorded sequence did anyone try to pull away James Haver, a short, slight man.

About two minutes after Haver stopped the beating of his own accord, the metal cellblock door was unlocked. Haver was handcuffed and Elabed was examined for signs of life. He bled inside his skull and would spend three days in a coma.

Lawsuits from inmates contend the company that runs the prison, the Corrections Corporation of America, denies prisoners medical treatment as a way of covering up assaults. They have dubbed the Idaho lockup “gladiator school” because it is so violent.

CCA, the nation’s largest private prison company, said it was “highly disappointed and deeply concerned” over AP’s decision to release the videos.

“Public release of the video poses an unnecessary security risk to our staff, the inmates entrusted to our care, and ultimately to the public,” the prison company said in a statement.

CCA, which oversees some 75,000 inmates in more than 60 facilities under contracts with the federal government, 19 states and the District of Columbia, has faced allegations of abuse by guards elsewhere.

A year ago, CCA and another company, Dominion Correctional Services LLC, agreed to pay $1.3 million to settle a lawsuit in which the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission claimed male officers at a prison in Colorado forced female workers to perform sex acts to keep their jobs.

In January, Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear ordered some 400 female inmates transferred to a state-run prison after more than a dozen reports of sexual misconduct by male guards employed by CCA. Similar accusations were made in March at a CCA-run prison in Hawaii, and in May, agents with Immigration and Customs Enforcement placed CCA on probation and launched an investigation of whether a guard at a central Texas detention facility sexually assaulted women on their way to being deported.

Before the Idaho attack, Elabed tried to get help from prison staffers, telling them that he had been threatened and giving them details about drug trafficking between inmates and staffers that he had witnessed, according to his lawsuit. He was put in solitary confinement for his protection but was later returned to the same unit with the inmates he snitched on, his lawsuit said. He was on the cellblock only six minutes before he was attacked.

By REBECCA BOONE (My Way)AP writer Todd Dvorak in Boise contributed to this report.

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Nov 302010

Looking to make light of the whole body scanner/patdown controversy? Then say hello to the “Miss TSA Calendar,” a collection of photos that show girls in classic pinup positions. The catch? The pictures are all x-rays, so the only things that are visible in them are bones and the models’ high heels.

The images, which apparently first showed up on last week, don’t actually have anything to do with the TSA. As Copyranter noted way back in June, when the pictures first surfaced, they’re the work of Japanese tech company EIZO. The pics were taken for a calendar that’s promoting a line of high-end computer monitors to doctors.

Gadling’s Annie Scott notes that the calendar itself is available for purchase on eBay—for the low, low price of £69.69 (which works out to about $108.32). The perfect gift for the guy or gal who has everything!

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