Nov 152010

Nov 152010

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Nov 152010

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Marco Rubio at the Capitol–Sen.-elect Marco Rubio, R-Fla., talks to reporters on Capitol Hill in Washington after a meeting with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.

AP Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H., left, talks with Senator-elect Kelly Ayotte, R-N.H., on Capitol Hill in Washington during congressional freshmen orientation.

Rep.-elect Jaime Herrera, R-Wash., talks with the media on Capitol Hill in Washington during Congressional freshmen orientation. Source: AP

Rep.-elect Joe Heck, R-Nev., left, talks with staff member Hewitt Grant during the orientation on Capitol Hill.

Sen.-elect Rand Paul, R-Ky., walks down a Senate corridor after a meeting with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky. Source: AP

Rep.-elect Billy Long, R-Mo., talks with the media on Capitol Hill in Washington during congressional freshmen orientation. Source: AP

Rep.-elect Tim Scott, R-S.C., talks with the media on Capitol Hill during Congressional freshmen orientation. Source: AP

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Rep.-elect Kristi Noem, R-S.D., talks with the media on Capitol Hill during congressional freshmen orientation. Source: AP

Nov 152010

Nov 152010

Nov 152010

Anwar al-Awlaki, the radical cleric and leader of al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, has inspired or led at least 10 actual or attempted terrorist acts in the last year, an Investigative Project on Terrorism investigation shows.

A U.S. citizen now living in Yemen, Awlaki has a history of promoting terrorist violence since 1996, research shows. Awlaki has combined his ability to relate to English-speaking radicals with a growing network of associates to inspire terrorist acts ranging from the Fort Hood shootings in November 2009 to the foiled air cargo bombings last month.

Since late 2009, Awlaki has “taken on an increasingly operational role in Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula,” Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said in a September court filing supporting the Obama administration’s plans to target Awlaki. The actual or attempted attacks inspired or led by Awlaki include:

* Fort Hood attack: The Nov. 5, 2009, shootings in Fort Hood, Texas, killed 13 people and wounded at least 30 others. Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, the accused killer, communicated with Awlaki by email about 18 times in 2008, records show. After the shootings, Awlaki posted a message on his website calling Hasan a hero.

* Thwarted “underwear bomb” plot: Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, a Nigerian student, was arrested on Dec. 25, 2009, after he tried to detonate a bomb in his underwear while he was aboard a Northwest Airlines flight from Amsterdam to Detroit. Abdulmutallab was said to have attended Awlaki’s lectures in Yemen at the al-Eman University of Sana’a in 2005, and then became an avid follower of Awlaki’s blog. In addition, the two communicated intensely prior to the attack. Awlaki also claimed Abdulmutallab as one of his students, although the cleric later blamed “America’s crimes and injustice” as the primary causes of the young man’s radicalization.

* Times Square bomb plot: Faisal Shahzad, who told investigators that he was inspired by Awlaki to bomb New York’s Times Square, also maintained contact with him. Shahzad was sentenced to life in prison in October for the attempted car bombing in May.

* Washington Metro plot: Farooque Ahmed, the Pakistani-born U.S. citizen accused of plotting to bomb the Washington Metro system, had Awlaki videos in his home and office, according to federal search warrant records. Ahmed was targeting subway stops and a Washington hotel often used by military personnel, court records show.

* Air cargo plot: Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula is believed responsible for the planting of explosive materials in two packages sent from Yemen to addresses in Chicago. The AQAP commander Ibrahim al-Asiri is credited for building those two bombs as well as the one worn by Abdulmutallab on the Christmas Day flight last year. Following the innovative attack methods mentioned in the second edition of al-Qaeda’s Inspire magazine, there is some speculation about Awlaki’s involvement in this attack.

Although Awlaki has become a household name in terror circles in the last year, he has been working since 1996 to spread radical Islam, records show. In 1996, he encouraged a young Saudi student at his mosque in Denver to fight in the jihad in Chechnya.

The 1996 incident came after Awlaki began quoting from writings by one of the most prominent jihadist ideologues, Abdullah Azzam, who had encouraged jihad to liberate Muslim lands. Azzam’s insistence on fighting foreign invaders of Muslim lands, particularly in the Palestinian territories which had been his homeland, made him a prominent leader of the jihad in Afghanistan and welcome in the countries in which he recruited fighters. Awlaki echoed the call for supporting Palestinian freedom fighters in 1999.

~Continue to red the full article, it contains:

* 9/11 connection

* The Internet–In Yemen, Awlaki uses the Internet to maintain contact with admirers and to expand his base of radicals.


Nov 152010

November 15, 2010

Congress should act now to prevent across-the-board tax increases from hitting nearly all Americans on Jan. 1. Sustained job creation and economic growth are urgently needed — higher tax rates are not. The failure to take decisive action on this issue further heightens the uncertainty holding our economy back.

It would be a mistake to increase taxes on any American family, worker or job creator. President Obama continues to make the case for raising the top two income tax rates, and raising tax rates on capital gains and dividends. Class warfare might make for good politics, but it results in terrible economics.

Misguided efforts to “soak the rich” would impact roughly half of all small-business income, as many small businesses file as non-corporate businesses and pay individual income tax rates. The president’s tax plan dampens incentives for small businesses to invest and expand, puts us at a competitive disadvantage in today’s global economy, and makes it more difficult for our economy to create jobs.

There is no question that the $13.7 trillion national debt represents a dangerous anchor on the economy going forward. To address the federal government’s fiscal imbalance, we need both economic growth and serious spending restraint.

Policymakers cannot continue to chase ever-higher levels of government spending with ever-higher tax rates. Increasing the government’s take from the economy hinders growth and avoids the necessary spending cuts. It is critical we match opposition to tax increases with a fervent commitment to spending restraint and reform.

This contentious issue provides an opening for a conversation on pro-growth tax reforms, reorienting a simpler, more competitive tax code to raise revenue needed to meet government’s priorities, while maximizing economic growth.

Altogether, Congress must get the pro-growth economic fundamentals right. Economic policies must restore the basic foundations of growth: low tax rates; sound and honest money; fair, predictable and reasonable regulations; spending restraint and government reform.

Americans reject the “new normal” of high unemployment, stagnant growth and excessive government overreach. Stopping these tax hikes is a critical first step to restoring the promise and prosperity of our exceptional nation.

Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., is in line to become chairman of the House Budget Committee in the new Congress.

Nov 152010

Dobbs: Tax Increases Would Be ‘Disastrous’

Nov 152010

Nov 152010
black power

The Obama Department of Justice (DOJ) cannot shake the New Black Panther Party scandal. Every week new revelations emerge about the racism and political favoritism that are corrupting our nation’s top law enforcement agency.

September 26th–Bombshell from JW President Tom Fitton:Exposes Obama Gang’s Black Panther Misinformation

This week, we released to the public brand new documents from the Obama DOJ that provide further evidence that top political appointees at the DOJ were intimately involved in the decision to dismiss the voter intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party.

And just like previous documents we’ve uncovered, this new evidence directly contradicts sworn testimony by Thomas Perez, Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division, who testified before the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights that no political leadership participated in the decision.

Remember this exchange between Perez and the Commission?

COMMISSIONER KIRSANOW: Was there any political leadership involved in the decision not to pursue this particular case any further than it was?

ASST. ATTY. GEN. PEREZ: No. The decisions were made by Loretta King in consultation with Steve Rosenbaum, who is the Acting Deputy Assistant Attorney General.

Perez also suggested that the dispute was merely “a case of career people disagreeing with career people.”

Not true.

The new documents include a series of emails between two political appointees, former Democratic election lawyer and current Deputy Associate Attorney General Sam Hirsch and Associate Attorney General Thomas Perrelli, indicating both DOJ officials were involved in detailed discussions regarding the New Black Panther Party decision. For example, in one April 30, 2009, email from Hirsch to Perrelli, with the subject title “Fw: New Black Panther Party Update,” Hirsch writes:


I need to discuss this with you tomorrow morning. I’ll send you another email on this shortly.

If you want to discuss it this evening, please let me know which number to call and when.

Another smoking gun email shows that Hirsch, who worked in the Attorney General’s office, seems to have edited the final order that the DOJ proposed to the court! The proposed order only sought relief against one of the four original defendants.

These emails were put into further context by an updated Vaughn index obtained by Judicial Watch, describing New Black Panther Party documents the Obama DOJ continues to withhold. This document, which was attached to the DOJ’s Motion for Summary Judgment filing in a Judicial Watch lawsuit, includes a description of a May 13 email chain that seems to suggest political appointee Sam Hirsch may have been orchestrating the New Black Panther Party decision.

Acting DAAG [Steven Rosenbaum] advising his supervising Acting AAG [Loretta King] of DASG’s [Hirsch’s] request for a memorandum by the Acting DAAG reviewing various options, legal strategies, and different proposals of relief as related to each separate defendant. Acting DAAG forwarding emails from Appellate Section Chief’s and Appellate Attorney’s with their detailed legal analyses including the application of constitutional provisions and judicial precedent to strategies and relief under consideration in the ongoing NBPP litigation, as well as an assessment of the strength of potential legal arguments, and presenting different possible scenarios in the litigation. [Emphasis added]

Moreover, Hirsch sent an April 30, 2009, email to Steven Rosenbaum (then-Acting Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights in charge of voting rights) thanking Rosenbaum for “doing everything you’re doing to make sure that this case is properly resolved.” The next day, the DOJ began to reverse course on its New Black Panther Party voter intimidation lawsuit.

Read the rest from Tom Fitton

Those of you who have been following the New Black Panther Party scandal will be very interested in a new article published in The Washington Post last week. It includes some explosive new accusations of racism against the Obama Department of Justice (DOJ) as documented in a draft report by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, as a result of a year-long investigation into the DOJ’s decision to drop the Black Panther voter intimidation case.

Oct.30–More Shocking Black Panther Revelations