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~ GB said they should get the same income & benefits as our military!…

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The companion article at The Blaze: The Pelosi Doctrine? Obama Claims Stronger World Hand Despite Failures

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~Now, if we could get the Good Old Boys out. The ones causing us grief are THEM! THEY do not get it! They do not put us first. Who told them they are ensconced for LIFE?!

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~How low can you go? The left stands for the ‘underdog’?! This disputes That! ~JP

Marc Theissen recently asked some very important questions about where the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is getting the mountains of cash that it spends on Democrat political campaigns. He finds that it is coming from foreign sources, but the SEIU is refusing to yield to requests for transparency.

If the SEIU is getting the millions of dollars it is spending on Democrats from foreign sources, this should put a major dent in the alarmist claims that Obama has been making about the U.S. Chamber of Commerce supposedly getting its money from outside the country — a charge that was resoundingly refuted. After all, if one of Obama’s biggest left-wing campaign supporters is suffused with foreign cash, why should it be such a big deal if anyone else is?

Sadly, the Old Media will never play up this aspect of Obama’s hypocrisy, but that is another subject.

In any case, Theissen asked the SEIU where its political cash was coming from because federal financial reporting records seemed to prove that it could not have been coming solely from the dues of American union members. Since the SEIU has thousands of members in foreign nations, Theissen wondered how that factored in.

Initially the SEIU lied to him and claimed that “most” of its political cash came from domestic dues payers. But Theissen persisted with his doubts. It wasn’t long before the SEIU admitted that they were lying previously.

SEIU is using the dues from illegals and foreign workers for its domestic political operations:

“Most” of the money the SEIU uses for “political purposes” does not come from [the union’s Committee on Political Education] COPE (to which you must be a U.S. citizen or permanent legal resident to contribute). “Most” of the SEIU’s political spending, he now admits, comes from other accounts.

Theissen still has more questions, ones that the SEIU is still stonewalling.

And who funds those other accounts? “Our own members,” Youngdahl writes. Well, the SEIU’s members include foreign workers and — as an SEIU executive boasts in this video — illegal immigrants. Youngdahl has twice failed to answer my question, so I will ask it a third time: Do the SEIU’s foreign workers and illegal immigrant members (who are by definition foreign nationals) contribute any money to the accounts that the union uses for “political purposes”?

It seems pretty clear that the SEIU is using the dues from illegals and foreign workers for its domestic political operations and that those funds are directed solely toward Obama and his Democrats.

Hypocrites extraordinaire.


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According to a recent study, roughly 100,000 illegal immigrants could have fled Arizona since passage of SB 1070. The Mexican government reported that almost 25,000 illegal immigrants returned to Mexico following passage of the law. As we stated in “Controlling Illegal Immigration: State and Local Governments Must Do More”, under the Constitution, states and cities have considerable powers to deal with the illegal immigration within their jurisdictions.

~ This reminds me of the neighborhood I grew up in back home. The gang-bangers kept moving closer , we would all move. They moved closer, we moved. We moved until we wound up about 5 miles from our area. I think the fusion centers could find a better use. JUST My opinion…~JP

Our work (along with many others) to guide states and localities resulted in SB1070. More states are looking to follow Arizona’s lead. With the exodus occurring in Arizona, other states should make sure they don’t become the next home for those fleeing Arizona.

Conversely, the Center for Immigration Studies released a report showing that $62.2 million in federal funds were sent to sanctuary cities to cover the costs of illegal immigrants. As pointed out by CIS, these sanctuary cities welcome illegal immigrants, but quickly ask the rest of the country to subsidize the costs of those policies. As we saw with welfare benefits in the 1980s and 1990s, people quickly figured out where to go based on the level of benefits they could get and somehow managed to find the money to get to those places.

It wouldn’t be too big of a surprise to learn that the illegal immigrants fleeing Arizona have gone to the sanctuary cities whose policies the rest of us subsidize.

Matt Mayer – Heritage

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In honor of Veterans Day, we place a spotlight on military veterans in Congress.

Our friend David Hawkings at Congressional Quarterly reports that the freshman class of the 112th Congress includes 25 military veterans, with three in the Senate and the rest in the U.S. House. All of the incoming House military vets are Republicans.

There are 120 military veterans in the current Congress, according to the Congressional Research Service. Their ranks include 25 senators and 95 House members (including one delegate).

Some examples:

Rep.-elect Sandy Adams of Florida served in the Air Force. She’s also a state legislator and ex-deputy sheriff in Orange County, Fla.

Another lawmaker with wings: Adam Kinzinger, a Tea Party favorite who was tapped to served on the House transition committee. Capt. Kinzinger, who will represent an Illinois district, served in Air Force Special Ops among other assignments.

Rep.-elect Allen West, also from Florida, has been in the news this week as he seeks to join the Congressional Black Caucus. The retired Army lieutenant colonel served in Iraq.

New Mexico’s Steve Pearce is returning to Congress after his election last week. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross while in the Air Force.

(Posted by Catalina Camia) USA Today

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JP Soros

In a series of investigative reports this week, Glenn Beck has been analyzing the five-point strategy by which George Soros and his Open Society Institute have destabilized and overturned governments in several countries, including Yugoslovia in 2000, Georgia in 2003 and Ukraine, in the so-called “Orange Revolution” of 2004. Compelling evidence indicates that Soros may have employed a similar strategy in Kenya, but with far more gruesome results.

Following Kenya’s disputed elections of December 2007, activists funded by Soros’ Open Society Institute demanded that the election be overturned. The country erupted into violence, leaving more than 1,100 people dead and some 350,000 homeless. Thousands were injured, tortured, mutilated and raped.

In his five-point regime-change strategy Soros,

1) infiltrates countries with his operatives, under the cover of humanitarian aid;
2) takes control of the air waves by creating “independent media” under his own control;
3) destabilizes the targeted country with financial manipulations and political agitation,
4) waits for an election, then disrupts it with charges of voter fraud, then;
5) takes the streets with armies of activist youth whom Soros has recruited, trained and funded, all demanding that the incumbent step down. The formula often works. In theory, it is supposed to produce a “bloodless” coup, in which few people are killed or harmed. Things went tragically wrong in Kenya, however.

Soros began operations in Kenya in 2004.[1] On June 1, 2005, he officially launched the Open Society Initiative for East Africa (OSIEA), with headquarters in Nairobi, and a budget of $1.1 million.[2] An overriding goal of the new East African initiative was “to promote public participation in democratic governance” and to “promote conditions for a free, fair, and nonviolent general election in Kenya in 2007,” according to official announcements.[3]

If indeed Soros wished to ensure a “free, fair and nonviolent” election for Kenya in 2007, he chose a curious way of going about it. His Kenyan activists followed the familiar five steps. As in previous operations, Soros began by mobilizing youth groups for political action and established what he called “independent media.”

His Youth Wake Up! campaign lured thousands of young people to all-day music events, which doubled as recruiting venues. Through the Youth Wake Up! program, Kenyan youth were instructed in “nonviolent political activism.”[4] At the same time, Soros funded a youth radio station called Koch FM in Korogocho, “one of Nairobi’s largest and most violent slums,” as it was described in OSI’s 2005 annual report. Koch FM intermingled music broadcasts with coaching on techniques of “political participation.” The station’s signal was expected to reach over a million Nairobi slumdwellers.[5] As it happened, Nairobi slums, including Korogocho, became an epicenters of post-election violence in December 2007, as protesters battled riot police in the streets.[6]

The election of December 27, 2007 pitted challenger Raila Odinga against sitting president Mwai Kibaki. Odinga led the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), which was reportedly named after Victor Yushchenko’s “Orange Revolution” in the Ukraine.[7] The name is significant, since Yushchenko seized power through mass street demonstrations, after alleging voter fraud. Was Odinga planning a similar move?

In the December 2007 election, voting irregularities were reported on both sides. Kibaki claimed a narrow victory in a questionable vote count, and Odinga contested the results. Also contesting Kibaki’s victory was a coalition of Kenyan activist groups which would soon become known as Kenyans for Peace, Truth and Justice (KPTJ). KPTJ activist Shailja Patel later wrote, “Behind the scenes of KPTJ was civil society powerhouse, the Soros-funded Open Society Institute for East Africa.” Patel writes:[8]

“Within hours, they [KPTJ] had released a statement which denounced the credibility of the electoral process… and appealed to the international community not to recognize Kibaki as president. … The [KPTJ] direct action team would meet daily, defying the government ban on public assembly, providing a public forum for Kenyans across all sectors and ethnicities to channel their outrage into activism.” [9]

Unfortunately, many Kenyans chose to “channel their outrage” into horrific acts of violence. Documents filed by the International Criminal Court (ICC) note that, “the attacks against the civilian population in Kenya were both widespread and systematic,” and were allegedly conducted “by members of organised groups associated with the main political parties” including Kibaki’s PNU party and Odinga’s ODM party. ICC documents state that, “Political leaders … allegedly recruited gangs of youths and transported them to strategic points to unleash terror, killing and destroying property belonging to [ethnic] communities aligned to the rival party.” In a two-month period, an estimated 1,133 people were killed, and 3,561 injured. Hundreds of women were raped, and hundreds of people tortured. About 350,000 were driven from their homes.[10]

The Soros-funded KPTJ denies any responsibility for the violence. Still, the violence helped their cause. The election was overturned. International arbitrators negotiated a peace deal, in which Odinga now shares power with Kibaki. Once more, a team of Soros-funded activists managed to stop an election in its tracks.

Once more, Soros altered a country’s destiny.

But this time, the price was high. Whether intentionally or not, Soros’ Kenya operation cost many lives.

Last month, Soros donated $1 million to a leftwing activist group called Media Matters for America. The money is to be used to muzzle Fox News, and, in particular, to silence talk show host Glenn Beck. Soros says that he donated the money because “the incendiary rhetoric of Fox News may incite violence.” Given what happened in Kenya, it is difficult to take Soros’ moralizing at face value.

Richard Poe is a freelance investigative journalist and a New York Times-bestselling author. His latest book is The Shadow Party, co-written with David Horowitz.

Richard has a wealth of footnotes here…