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Nov 022010

Nov 022010

Nov 022010

Nov 022010

Nov 022010

Nov 022010

An apparent member of the New Black Panther Party was spotted Tuesday standing outside the same Philadelphia polling station where voter intimidation was reported two years ago.

Monitors from the city government watchdog Committee of Seventy and other agencies have been keeping a close eye on the individual dressed in New Black Panther-style clothing, committee president Zack Stalberg told

He said the man, whom MyFoxPhilly tried to interview, has been there for several hours and is “not friendly,” but that he doesn’t appear to be causing a disturbance.

“He wasn’t friendly looking, but he was behaving himself,” he said. reported that the man, wearing a pin showing his party affiliation, a black hat, glasses and leather coat, was seen outside the polling place in north Philadelphia — the same polling place where in 2008 two members of the New Black Panther Party stood shaking a billy club and allegedly intimidating voters.

The unidentified man on Tuesday would not answer questions posed by MyFoxPhilly, but was apparently working at the polls as a volunteer and greeting voters. There have, as of yet, been no reports of voter intimidation at the polling station.

The Justice Department threw out most of the charges against New Black Panther members following the voter intimidation case related to the 2008 incident. But the incident has continued to generate controversy as a commission investigated the department’s handling of the case.

Attorney General Eric Holder has defended his department’s performance on the matter.

The Justice Department has monitors in Philadelphia for Election Day, but it is unclear whether they were at the North Philadelphia site in question.

Stalberg told there are “definitely a lot of forces” monitoring the individual. He said his group was taken aback that he showed up.

“He’s really not communicating what he’s doing there,” he said. “It surprised us slightly that he was back or that somebody was back, but it hasn’t presented itself as a problem.”

Nov 022010

~Hello Friends & Patriots: I will be adding to this election report as the polls close & monitoring a few different sources, so stayed tuned Here & continue to check back! Stock up the fridge (and maybe the liquor cabinet) and settle in for an incredible seven hours of political television. ~JP

Tea Party Election Day Coverage–ON LIVE NOW

~Click on Image for Fox’s A1 Interactive Map

~Mark Levin has a GREAT ONE Interactive map right here

How will this election change the Immigration Balance of Power?

~Click on image for Live Immigration Coverage

ABC News Now: Vote 2010 LIVE
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* 7 p.m. ET — Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, South Carolina, Vermont and Virginia
Republicans need Senate wins in Indiana and Kentucky
in the 7 p.m. hour and should also expected to win the three governorships up for grabs (Vermont, South Carolina and Georgia).

But if you want to get a glimmer of what’s ahead, look at the House.

5:45pm cst We have an early lead, although I don’t understand HOW since polls don’t close for 15 more minutes…
KY showing -.5% reporting Paul ahead 15%

6:50 2.0% Indiana Coats ahead of Ellsworth 10%

6pm FOX projecting Coats (INDY) & Paul (KY) the winners in their races 2 Senate seat pickups DeMint secures his in S.C.

* ABC projecting Kirk & Angle (not scientific) FNC JUST reported Reid has alot of votes from early voting

7:30 p.m. ET – Ohio, West Virginia and North Carolina

This is the first good chance for Democrats to start locking up their Senate majority. If West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin is able to hold on to win the Senate seat formerly held by Sen. Robert C. Byrd, the Senate math for the GOP starts to look a lot more challenging, likely requiring wins in two of California, Connecticut and Washington.

6:30pm cst FOX projecting Portman wins Senator seat in Ohio

6:45 4% in in Florida & No one voting for Christ hahahaha and polls have not closed, this is JUST early voting

* Allen West has early lead in FL
* Allan Grayson getting creamed!
* FOX is showing Sink behind

8 p.m. ET – Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Tennessee

It’s on now.

FOX projecting Rubio in FL
FOX projecting Blount in MO

~NOTE: Following the FOX & Levin Interactive maps–I’ve not seen this much ‘Red’ since “W”

* Rand Paul getting ready to take stage FNC 7:20pmcst

* Deal leading in GA
* Latin vote heavy GOP in FL
* Can’t wait until West is declared
* Chris Wallace saying it is going to be biggest gain in the House!
* Appox 25% Independents swung our way
* The numbers are completely goofy on Sestak, early reporting but all sources showing 99% , that’s Sooo erroneous

* Via Twitter: HotlineJosh==First African-American Republican elected to next Congress — AP calls #SC01 for Tim Scott (R) Yayyy!

* Buh Buh Blanch (Twitter) 100WAPI (AL) RT @ABCWorldNews: Another round of projected results are in: Senate wins for Boozman-R in AR, Burr-R in NC FOX JUST confirmed Boozman projection!

* Haslam projected Gov. TN

* Hurt projected winner in VA (only house member camPAINED for)

* Kelly Ayotte projected winner in NH

8:30 p.m. ET – Arkansas

Say goodnight, Blanche.

9 p.m. ET – Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Texas, Wisconsin and Wyoming

This is the hour that will tell the tale of Election 2010.

* 7:40pm cst FNC projecting Manchin :( Now we can only count on Carly upsetting Boxer. Manchin claims he’s a moderate & will vote with us. Thing is his seat is but for 2 years, Then he’s up for reelection. Holding your feet to the fire Joe.

GOP congressional candidates take early leads in a handful of toss-up races.

* Politicio GOP victories begin to mount

* (Bellweather) Young winning in Indy, unseating a FIVE term incumbent. THIS is BIG. A major indication of how great this nite is going to be!

* The irony…The typical MSM stations, CBS, NBC & ABC are all showing regular programming. That’s a sure sign of our victory IMHO lol

* WHAT a Speech Senator Paul is giving! Whoever wrote it gets my props ~JP

* GOP is being projected by FNC that we will have control of the House, net gain 60 seats!!! This Piper could cry! No more witchy Pelosi! No more witchy Pelosi! No more witchy Pelosi!

* 8:15pm cst Election Alert: Fox News Projects GOP Senate Victories in S.D., N.D., Kan.; Dem Wins in N.Y.

* cnnbrk CNN projects: Sen. Sam Brownback has won the race for Kansas governor and the man who ran for his old seat has won

10 p.m. ET – Arizona, Iowa, Montana, Nevada and Utah

This hour is all about Harry Reid.

* Governor’s in OK, SD & Bentley projected winners ALL GOP (Personally we could not bring ourselves to vote for Bentley) He swore not to take a salary until ALL Alabamians are back to work. We shall see. Although he is an MD & don’t need the income for sure

* Fox News is hunkered down in downtown Denver at the watch party hosted by the Colorado Democratic Party (CDP).The nail biter of the night here is the too close to call, toss-up race for the U.S. Senate seat, between Democratic incumbent Senator Michael Bennet and his challenger, tea party favorite, Republican Ken Buck.


-Governors 6 net GOP
-Senate 3 net GOP
-House net 9 GOP

* Worse projection of the night? Barney keeping his seat #PWPK@*)~#+

* 8:30pm cst Rubio making acceptance speech

* a 6.0 has struck Congress