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Action United and Pennsylvania Neighborhoods for Social Justice

Cemeteries in Pennsylvania may be hotbeds of political activity in the next few days because the zombie group ACORN is deeply involved in congressional races in the state.

The undead group is working to help get Pennsylvania Senate candidate Joe Sestak and other Democratic hopefuls in the Keystone State across the finish line in the Nov. 2 congressional elections. That means that dead people and cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse stand a good chance of participating in the electoral process this year as they always do when election fraud-prone ACORN is involved.

As with all things ACORN, the story is complicated.

Although ACORN, short for the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, announced earlier this year that it planned to dissolve its national structure on April Fool’s Day, it continues to operate, even soliciting new funding from donors. Its voter mobilization subsidiary, Project Vote, continues to operate out of ACORN’s Washington, D.C. office where it is currently conducting a nationwide get-out-the-vote (GOTV) drive that could have a budget of $15 million or more. ACORN historian John Atlas and ACORN executive Nathan Henderson-James both say ACORN will reemerge with a new organizational structure after the election.

To stay out of the media spotlight this year, ACORN converted its Pennsylvania chapter into two new nonprofit corporations. The two tax-exempt affiliates are Pennsylvania Neighborhoods for Social Justice (PNSJ) and Action United. Both nonprofits filed their incorporation documents in January. According to those documents, both organizations operate out of ACORN’s offices at 846 North Broad Street in Philadelphia. ACORN veterans are heavily involved in both groups.

The two “new” ACORN groups have been very active in the current election cycle.

For example, on Oct. 20, before a candidates’ debate, Action United loudly protested Republican Senate hopeful Pat Toomey’s support for Social Security reform. The demonstration took place outside Philadelphia’s National Constitution Center before the Toomey-Sestak debate got underway.

Pat Worrell of Action United said Pennsylvanians oppose Toomey’s “reckless” proposal to let taxpayers have greater control over their retirement plans. Worrell was chairwoman of ACORN’s chapter in Chester, Penn.

Inside ACORN sources say PNSJ has been conducting a GOTV drive exclusively in Democratic strongholds, including public housing facilities.

Project Vote confirmed it was working with the rebranded front group as a “partner organization” on its website until a few days ago when Human Events Online reported news of the relationship. Project Vote then attempted to cover up the fact it was working with PNSJ by scrubbing the reference to the group on the partner organizations page on its website. That page no longer mentions PNSJ but a screen grab of the page made by this writer a month ago clearly shows the group’s name. Such cover-ups are standard operating procedure at ACORN, which until earlier this year was the nation’s largest poor people’s organization, boasting a national membership of 400,000.

In addition to operating out of Philadelphia ACORN’s office, PNSJ has Philadelphia ACORN president Carol Hemingway on its board. Hemingway, a former ACORN national board member, was also a member of the board of Action United when the group was created.

Action United, which is also conducting a GOTV drive, only took its present name a few months ago. When it was incorporated at the beginning of the year it registered as Pennsylvania Communities Organizing for Change (PCOC).

Lucille Prater-Holliday of Pittsburgh was listed as an initial director in the incorporation papers of both PNSJ and PCOC, both ostensibly nonpartisan organizations. She ran in the 2008 Democratic primary for the 24th legislative district in the state House.

The group has already secured funding from the far-left Tides Foundation headed by Drummond Pike. Pike is treasurer of the Democracy Alliance, a financial clearinghouse for results-oriented left-wing philanthropy. The group is dominated by radical philanthropist George Soros, Progressive Insurance magnate Peter B. Lewis, and financiers Herb and Marion Sandler. That couple sold their financial institution to Wachovia Bank which later collapsed under the weight of the Sandlers’ doomed subprime mortgage investments. “Saturday Night Live” mocked the ACORN benefactors as “people who should be shot” after the stock market collapsed in September 2008.

Confused? ACORN’s critics say that’s exactly the idea. ACORN maintains odd business practices and byzantine organizational arrangements in order to escape public scrutiny, they say. The fact that ACORN moves money and employees around the ACORN network like pawns in a chess game makes the group very difficult to investigate.

Meanwhile, inside sources say Project Vote is deliberately maintaining a low profile in the current election cycle and plans to return in full force for the 2012 reelection campaign of President Obama, who led a legendary Project Vote voter drive in 1992.

Earlier this year, this writer was told that Project Vote was having a banner year despite ACORN’s troubles and may be raking in more money than in 2008 when it reported receiving $14.6 million in contributions and grants.

The individual running Project Vote’s GOTV operation is under indictment for felony voter registration fraud.

ACORN’s voter drive is being run by Amy Busefink, a senior ACORN executive whose conspiracy trial begins Nov. 29 in Las Vegas. Prosecutors say Busefink allowed an illegal compensation scheme known as “Blackjack” or “21+” to operate. The program gave voter registration canvassers a financial bonus for surpassing the daily quota. Her subordinate, Christopher Edwards, has pleaded guilty in the plot and is scheduled to testify against his former boss.

Busefink also oversaw ACORN’s 2008 voter registration program that garnered more than a million voter applications. The problem is 400,000 of those applications “were rejected by election officials for a variety of reasons, including duplicate registrations, incomplete forms and fraudulent submissions,” the New York Times reported.

By Matthew Vadum – The Daily Caller


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Nov 012010

~See My Opinion: YELLOW JOURNALISM : If ever there was a doubt…

Nov 012010

~Important Links…

The Republican Party has set up a Hotline for election day, 1-888-775-8117, which will be staffed by attorneys, to handle polling issues and possible voter fraud or intimidation. If folks even guess that it might be taking place, they should call for free advice.

Military Voter Protection Project

Townhall LIVE Election Results

Latest Election Polls

Battle for the House

Battle for the Senate

2010 Governor Races

FLIP This House

FOX Interactive MAP

FLIP This House

The Department of Justice says it will deploy more than 400 election monitors {How many to AZ?!} to 18 states to keep tabs on the electoral process to try to prevent fraud, intimidation and voter suppression

There are multiple watchdogs groups ready to try and prevent voter fraud on Election Day.

Several states have established their own hotlines, and in New York City voters can even tweet in reports of problems.

Some citizens’ groups, like Election Integrity Watch in Minneapolis, plan to deploy their own poll watchers.

“Our mission is to ensure fair and honest elections,” said Jeff Davis, a founder of Election Integrity Watch and President of the conservative advocacy group, Minnesota Majority. “Over the course of the last elections here in Minnesota, we have discovered numerous problems, and government officials were reluctant to acknowledge those problems or investigate. We’ve concluded that it is up to us, we the people, to ensure the integrity of elections.”

Just last week authorities in Minnesota charged 47 people with voter fraud from the 2008 election, and Davis believes the actual number is higher this year. They even held a news conference with Ian Hodge, who received an election postal verification card saying he is registered to vote, and listing his polling place. The only problem is that Mr. Hodge is not an American citizen. He’s British.

“If people are aware that there are going to be people watching the election process,” he says, then “that will maybe dissuade those people who have committed fraudulent voting in the past.”

But others fear that such groups can lead to voter intimidation.

Stopping Voter Fraud

Democrats Greatest Hits from RightChange on Vimeo.

Come Tuesday, We WILL Remember, and It Will Be Our Turn to “Kick A**!”

The results of the Obama, Reid, and Pelosi deadly stranglehold on our precious nation are ugly

Before voting for any Democrat on November 2, voters who really care about the future of America need to reflect on the old adage which holds that, “Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.”

That truth has never been more in evidence than over the past two years, during which time America has been in the hands of an ultra-liberal Democrat in the White House and equally far left Democrats presiding over majorities in both chambers of Congress.

The results of the Obama, Reid, and Pelosi deadly stranglehold on our precious nation are ugly, indeed, and include the following particularly grievous atrocities:



* How can any reasonably-patriotic American vote for any Democrat after such vile and treasonous behavior?


Again, “Power Corrupts, and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.”

Although the list of atrocities committed by the unholy trifecta of Obama, Reid, and Pelosi is nearly endless, there are a few that are particularly outrageous and should serve as a wake-up call to anyone considering a vote for any Democrat.

These four outrages are the most irritating and anger-provoking to me. There are hundreds more.

The bottom line is that the Democrat Party no longer operates with the best interests of the American people in mind. A lust for power and an obsession with socialism makes Democrats completely out of mainstream America.

Please carefully consider these outrages before voting for any Democrat!

REFUSAL TO PROVIDE EQUAL PROTECTION FOR ALL–This outrage is so unbelievable that it continues to stun and amaze.


Fight for Barney Frank’s seat

GOP candidate John Kasich Gubernatorial Race Tightens in Ohio

Remember November: The Final Act from Republican Governors Association on Vimeo.

Nov 012010

Nov 012010

~ I’ve been reading the comments at the end of Dan’s article & wanted to share this one with all of you:

Murkowski peaked?
Submitted by Hayek on Mon, 11/01/2010 – 8:39am.

Part of the backlash from the Murkowski camps decision to try and silence Dan and the chanel 11 voicemail gaff looks it’s already taking effect. A poll with a very large sample size by a democrat polling organization taken over the the weekend gives Miller a 7 point lead, outside the margin of error +\- 2.5 .

TPM Poll tracker

By Dan Fagan
The Alaska Standard

Is the Murkowski machine behind the Murkowski dynasty really powerful enough to force the number one rated talk show host in the state off the air on the Friday before the election? As my newfound friend and supporter Sarah would say, you betcha!

Yes it is true former Channel Two news director John Tracy, with the backing of Murkowski’s campaign manager Kevin Sweeney, convinced KFQD general manager Dennis Bookey to take me off the air just four days before election day.

Bookey will join me on the show today to explain why he did what he did. Tune in to hear his thinking on the decision.

Before I go into Tracy’s role in all of this I must first address the notion some are promoting, including my new friend Sarah, that my free speech rights were violated. They were not.

I have every right to stand in Town Square and shout whatever I want. I do not have the right to sit behind a microphone owned by somebody else and say whatever I want. I must live within the parameters the station owner has set up. If I don’t like those parameters then I can go work for another station or a buy a station myself.

The thing some have missed on this is that KFQD is a station with one agenda, make money. There’s nothing wrong with that. I would imagine the company you work for has the same agenda. This does not mean KFQD is without standards and will do anything to make money. But its purpose is not promoting conservative thought, liberal ideology or any other kind of political leaning. Do not interpret KFQD taking me off the air Friday as supporting the Murkowski campaign or any other one for that matter.

Now let’s look at John Tracy’s role in all this. Bookey says Tracy called him Friday demanding they deal with me because of my show Thursday urging people to register as a Senate write-in candidate. Tracy told Bookey he would be forced to “take some action” if nothing were done. What that means is anyone’s guess but keep in mind from Bookey’s perspective Tracy is a highly respected Alaskan and carries a lot of clout. (By the way on late Friday our corporate attorneys listened to the Thursday broadcast and found I did nothing wrong.) But what if Tracy did sue or file a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission. Mr. Bookey must do what is in the best interest of the company. I am sure on Friday he was acting in what he thought was in the best interest of the company. Again Bookey will explain his logic on the show today.

Assuming Mr. Tracy sincerely believed I was acting inappropriately, for him to reach that conclusion he must have a basic fundamental misunderstanding of what talk radio is all about. It is first and foremost an entertainment medium.

For example on Thursday when I promised a trip to Hawaii for all who registered as a write-in candidate, I was of course joking. Obviously the audience knew I was kidding seeing as none of the write-in candidates called to claim their trip to Hawaii. When one caller complained we were disenfranchising voters, I joked it’s okay as long as it is the right voters. The audience got it. Tracy didn’t. At least he claims he didn’t.

In the end I suspect Mr. Tracy knew I was joking over most of what he says offended him, but instead used it to help his client Lisa Murkowski, who I would imagine is paying him very handsomely.

The third party in all of this is Murkowski campaign manager Kevin Sweeney. Tracy admits checking with Sweeney and getting the green light before calling to force me off the air. Is it reasonable to assume Sweeney first checked with Murkowski before giving Tracy the okay? Yes. But we will never know for sure. What we do know is the move was a stupid one and will only hurt the Murkowski campaign.

Because the truth of the matter is what I and the 200 or so who signed up as Senate write-in candidates did is a good thing. The state decided to illegally assist Murkowski by printing a list of write in candidates and these protestors were not going to stand by and do nothing. They were determined to minimize the state’s effort to cheat on behalf of Murkowski. I would assume those throwing tea in Boston Harbor more than 200 years ago were criticized for being inappropriate.

But these patriotic Americans filing to run for the Senate are proud to take the heat from the liberal elite class.

The state’s attempt to illegally hand out a write-in list to help Murkowski is the latest example of voters watching their government trample on the law and constitution. With Obama Care, bailouts, the illegal hiring of legislators, the building of a crime lab at five times what it should cost, voters are feeling hopeless, helpless, and without the ability to make a difference. They fear they have no option but to sit by as politicians waste trillions and mortgage our kid’s future.

When a caller on Thursday’s show suggested we fill that illegal write-in list with a bunch of names to minimize the state’s attempt to assist Murkowski, I thought it was a great idea. Once folks who registered started calling in, you could hear the enthusiasm in their voices. All of a sudden they were not helpless anymore. They stood up against a government out of control. They realized in this case, they could make a difference. It was inspiring.

It’s time as Alaskans and Americans we stand up to the elite class running our government and pandering to special interests at our expense. Thursday’s write in campaign was a start. Of course the media and liberals like John Tracy will throw a hissy fit and try to exert their power. But enough is enough! We must take our country back no matter how hard the fight, no matter how uphill the battle, no matter how long the struggle. Consider the alternative.

~By Dan Fagan

Nov 012010

Democrat Raul Grijalva is arguably one of the most extreme liberals (and more- JUST look at the link! ) in the U.S House where he has “served” the people of Arizona’s 7th Congressional District going since 2003. Grijalva has parlayed his Hispanic ethnicity and extreme views into four winning campaigns, mostly without significant opposition from Republicans.

Some derisively call Grijalva the “Best congressman Mexico ever had,” and with good cause.

Grijalva has spent the past two years walking lock -step with Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi, fully supporting their Marxist agenda which has wrought nothing but ruin, and which the American people are fed up with.

Coming into this election cycle, Grijalva seemed unbeatable for yet another term.

However, in the volatile debate over SB 1070, Arizona’s bill for dealing with illegal aliens, Grijalva actually joined those who demanded a boycott of Arizona businesses and products.

Repeat: With unemployment and a wretched economy haunting Arizona and all of America, Raul Grijalva actually demanded a boycott of Arizona, his home state!

Even more pathetically, Grijalva made his stand over a law desperately needed to combat illegal aliens!

Grijalva’s Special Olympics performance on SB 1070 has opened the door to a legitimate challenge from a conservative Republican.

The conservative Republican seeking to bring common sense back to Arizona 7 is Ruth McClung, a young physicist currently working as a rocket scientist at a local engineering company.

With her education and conservative background, Ruth McClung can be relied on to NEVER do something as stupid as promotong a boycott of Arizona, which will only harm the good people of this state.

In sum: Arizona voters in the 7th District must decide between an educated rocket scientist with conservative values and an Obama/Pelosi moon bat.

Ruth McClung is the best choice on November 2!

By John Lillpop CFP

Nov 012010

~ UPDATE & Correction:

I heard very swiftly from Toben from the KFQD Newsroom. I must make a correction & am glad to say Dan was back on the Air at 2pm! I am posting his article from the link I was provided in a separate post. I want to stipulate that KFQD is not affiliated with those trying to set up Miller. That is a local TV station KTVA. I thank Toben & stand corrected! ~JP

~Dan Fagan

BUT they don’t fire these people?!

The voices are believed to be those of the news director for CBS Anchorage affiliate KTVA, along with assignment editor Nick McDermott, and other reporters, openly discussing creating, if not fabricating, two stories about Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, Joe Miller.

The following is a transcript of a call recorded after CBS Alaska affiliate KTVA called Joe Miller’s Senate campaign spokesperson. The call failed to disconnect properly. It was later authenticated by McDermott, who sent a text to Randy DeSoto stating, “Damn iPhone… I left you a long message. I thought I hung up. Sorry.”

Dan Fagan encourages people to file as write-in so Murkowski isn’t the only one on list KTVA CBS 11

Tell them to ‘Electioneer’ this…

~Mail KFQD if you feel, as I do, that Fagan does NOT deserve to lose his job! ~JP

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