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Our political insider details reports originating from inside the White House regarding President Obama having become increasingly depressed and uncertain over how to proceed following the impending midterm elections in November – elections that appear poised to sweep Democrats from power in Congress.

So you state that President Obama is depressed? How did you come by this information?
From a direct source still working within the White House on a daily basis. As I had stated previously, tensions at the White House have reached a critical stage. The infighting among staff is off the charts. More recently, the president has increasingly withdrawn emotionally from the day to day demands of his job – he has become what was described to me as “empty”.

Empty? That is correct – empty.

Do you mean to say the president is not doing his job?
Not exactly. He is there, he is getting briefed throughout the day, but President Obama appears to have emotionally shut down, not entirely mind you, but a great deal. It has worsened since I was last there. His natural detachment has become almost chronic to the point of being disconcerting to staff around him. It appears President Obama is suffering from severe depression.

You’re not a doctor, how are you qualified to make such a charge?
No, I’m not a doctor, but from all the reports coming back to me, and from what I did see with my own eyes prior to leaving the White House myself, I think it is a very reasonable assumption to make. President Obama is emotionally shutting down. He is a terribly depressed man.

And why do you think this is happening?
Well for one, he was completely unprepared for the job of being President of the United States. The demands on one’s time, the emotional and physical toll, are considerable. Second, the failure of the administration to effectively communicate to the American people. You have to understand that Obama believed that his ability to orate would be enough – that is proving to have been a considerable mistake on Obama’s part, and he is not dealing particularly well with that reality.

But you are no longer at the White House, correct?
That is correct.

So why then should your opinion on the condition of President Obama be viewed as legitimate?
I certainly understand a healthy dose of scepticism. I still wish to remain anonymous, and for those still supporting the president, I would understand how they would wish to dismiss any reports that diminish President Obama in any way. The fact remains though, I know what I know. And I know what I have been told by very reliable sources still at the White House. There are staff increasingly dissatisfied with this president. When that happens, word starts to get out.

But still…(interrupting) I would also add what you well know. I have been quite accurate on my previous discussions with you. I indicated there would be a mass exodus of staff from the White House days and even weeks prior to those leaving became public. Larry, David, Rahm, and more have or are in the process of leaving. Your readers need only check the dates of when you published with the public announcements of those departures to confirm that fact. I have been very truthful. I indicated Pelosi was under intense pressure and challenge from within her own party. That has also proven to be accurate. What I have told you to date has been the very thing that has developed surrounding the White House – and what I am telling you now is also just as accurate.

Read the rest of interview by Ulsterman & readers comments

I looked into removing a sitting President from mental illness & came across this interesting piece from an MD:

– We obviously need mentally competent Presidents of the United States

– We need better laws to ensure such mental competency both prior to and while holding such an important office

– We need to ensure that psychiatric evaluation,diagnosis,and treatment of Presidents are as free as possible from any influence whatsoever from partisan politics.

~ I must query, if we cannot get him to produce a valid BC, how can we make him do anything?!

About a year ago (Jan 2006) an excellent article which studied biographical source material in 37 presidents from 1776 to 1974 was published in The Journal of Nervous and Mental Diseases on the topic of Mental Illness in U.S. Presidents… and concluded that 18 presidents (49%) met criteria suggesting psychiatric diagnoses and in 10 instances (27%)”a disorder was evident during presidential office, which in most cases probably impaired job performance”. Thankfully the authors concluded that no national calamities appeared to have occurred due to presidential mental illness.

In 1967 the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified which addresses transfer of power in cases of presidential illness or death precipitated by the tragic assassination of President John Kennedy in 1963.

Sufficed to say that psychiatric status is often ommitted from any or most of our own health evaluations. Yet for the President of the United States – past, present and future- I would focus on that first and foremost.

In our increasingly volatile world it seems like a pretty important priority to me?

~Read Dr. Rick Lippin’s article in full…


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