Oct 062010

I came up with this “Powerhouse Bill” idea when I heard this morning that we need 10 Senate Seats and 40 House seats to take back Power. We need to push, push to the Goal line friends. They will be pulling out every stop to steal this election. I mean they are even pushing ‘maryjane’ in California and Arizona to get the youth vote. We are already familiar with the notorious “Dead Voter Rolls” Chicago is the ground zero of. We know that Obama, Rahm, Jarrett etal company have brought Chicago to D.C. with them.

Lastly, we know they have denied our military absentee votes & skew the records of absentee ballots in general. Solution? Volunteer to work a polling place.

~Image supplied by *Green Eyes*

Then, although they are trying to get away from the “Ass” by Rebranding the Democratic Party , they have put a target on their party with this administration’s policies.

An AP-GfK Poll today shows Working-class whites shun Dems & the left will use this as their invalid claim that we are the party of racism. That’s how they roll. I heard recently that blacks will still vote democratic this election because they believe the camPAIN ads fed to them.

So our constitutional conscience has to be in these last four weeks, to get the word out any way possible, the voting records of the democRATic party and where they stand. The issues of what they have crammed down our throats since taking majority need to be emphasized heartily as expressed by Dick Morris.

My friend Bill, expresses how to take our country back in his article November 2, 2010 is a new independence day. To be free, to throw of the chains that bind and gag, do not vote a party line, vote for freedom .

Many are bomblasting Carl P. Paladino & whether or not you like or dislike him, we need to take a page in our voting by keeping what he said in mind:

I’ll work for free

He went on to say:

“I’m not motivated by money. I’m not motivated by power,” .To me this shows no ego, which is a major problem for many politicans. His message showed be picked up by many of the candidates & we would surely see victory through honesty.

That is the new liberal strategy. To downgrade our candidates, as they have with Carl & Christine & far too many. Watch how the polls have slipped when the left attacks them. They never make it about the issues. They never run on their records, but far away from them. As evidenced what I heard on the news that the only libs tauting the Obamacare votes, are the ones that voted ‘against’ it.

The GOP has also failed us:

We hold these truths to be self evident, that the GOP has not heard the message of the people. The shear volume of the pledge is an ode to the largesse of what has become a bloated caricature of the government our founding fathers envisioned when they drafted our founding documents.

In conclusion, JUST vote out those who have had lifetime incumbency, they feel entitled. Vote for those who mirror your values. Vote for those who have shown you through their votes, they listen to you. Whatever you do Patriots, “GET OUT THE VOTE”. They cannot cheat enough if we produce the numbers. ~JP


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