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The Amazing Race 17 – A Second Chance Air Date: 10/10/10

The father and son (Michael & Kevin) still in the race and being seen as a threat…

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Oct 112010

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Town Hall USA: America’s Asking

We must stop vote fraud on November 2, 2010~ By: Devvy

I became aware of electronic vote fraud and the stealing of our elections back in 1993. Like tens of thousands of Americans, I keep pounding on this issue. We have the right to fair and impartial elections. As someone who ran for Congress and was cheated, I know what it’s like. It’s unacceptable and un-American. Shame on “Americans” whose blind loyalty to a political party is more important than honesty and integrity to the degree they are participants in rigging our elections.

The elections are November 2nd — less than a month from now. There are some key races that should be very close according to polls. John Dennis can beat Nutty Nancy Pelosi and Sharron Angle can beat Harry Reid. However, if the machines and scanners are preprogrammed, no amount of money and votes for them will bring a win.

It isn’t just motivating people to get off their backsides and vote, it’s all about the machines and scanners that will decide the outcome. In addition to being a precinct watcher and other suggestions – dare I repeat myself for the millionth time — candidates must audit the vote the day after they allegedly lose.

The Motor Voter Law of 1993 opened the flood gates for vote fraud. No?

DOJ Whistleblower: Obama Administration is Planning November Vote Fraud – DOJ mandate is to leave illegals and deceased folks on the voting rolls

Voting by snail mail and on the Internet is utter stupidity to save a few bucks and a giant invitation for fraud. Millions of illegals are voting for Democrats when they have no right to vote in any election. I have never been a supporter of absentee ballots except for individuals in the hospital, military and restricted categories. I’ve always been a supporter to make Saturday voting day so people won’t use and abuse absentee ballots. Make election day a Saturday. That will bring voters to the polls who actually want to exercise their right to vote. Individuals who work on Saturday can still be given the allotted time by an employer to go vote.

~JUST read Devy’s entire article…

BOSTON — Three weeks from midterm elections, Republicans speaking up for fiscal conservatism are making strong runs at governorships across the Northeast, where some of the nation’s bluest states went big for President Barack Obama two years ago.

Democratic incumbents face tough fights in Massachusetts and New Hampshire against Republican challengers, and the GOP is making aggressive bids for open seats in Vermont, Maine and Connecticut.

Democrats say they’ll prevail in a region where voters eager for solutions to economic woes will be turned off by the surge of tea party activists and extremists driving the GOP rightward. In states dependent on tourism for jobs, they’ve cast Republicans as too cozy with developers and polluters.

GOP Gubernatorial Hopefuls Look for Breakthrough in Northeast

~And I say “We the People” are turned off by liberal democrat policies…~JP


Early voting begins today in Illinois, but not all locations are open because the Columbus Day holiday means some government offices are closed.Voters can cast a ballot in person, without an excuse, until Oct. 28 for the Nov. 2 general election. A government-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license, is required. Voters can cast a ballot in person, without an excuse, until Oct. 28 for the Nov. 2 general election. A government-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license, is required.

Chicago CLOUT Street


~So desperate are they, the 411 on the Alice B. Toklas Party, vote they will, may sidelined be by fast food places they are, hope we do.

Forget the billion-dollar budget hole and layoff threats — the big debate in California right now is whether a bong war over legalizing pot could help boost Gov. Moonbeam back into office. Seizing on new independent polling data, proponents of Proposition 19 — the Golden State ballot measure that would make possessing and growing marijuana legal — argue the measure is going to drive younger-voter turnout in such a way that it will benefit the Democrats statewide, from gubernatorial retread Jerry Brown to Sen. Barbara Boxer.

California Democrats bet on bong war

Nevada’s unemployment rate of 14.4 percent is the highest for any state in the nation, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That is more than triple the 4.4 percent unemployment rate Nevada experienced in November 2006 when Congress faced its last mid-term election and Democrats took control of both houses of Congress from Republicans.

Sen. Harry Reid (D.-Nev.) became Senate majority leader in January 2007, following his party’s victory in the November 2006 election.

Candidate Corner

‘I don’t consider myself a tea party candidate,” Sean Bielat tells me over dinner. “I don’t know what it means.” But an hour later Mr. Bielat, Rep. Barney Frank’s Republican challenger, receives a hero’s welcome at the Spindle City Tea Party, a gathering of nearly 200 citizen- activists in this economically depressed mill town. As he approaches the stage, they stand, applauding and chanting “Go, Sean, go!”

What he tells them is consistent with this reporter’s view of the tea party: “I’m starting to think that people want to take this country back—that people no longer believe that the government has the answers for our betterment, that the government can tell them how they should use their money. People believe that they have the power to create their own opportunity, if only they are given the chance. . . . There is so much wrong in Washington, I almost don’t know where to start.”

In a district where Scott Brown won, Sean Bielat mounts a serious challenge.

The Marine Who Has Barney Frank Worried

Sean Bielat is a Major in the United States Marine Corps Reserve. Massachusetts’ 4th Congressional Dist.

I love getting mail, and we get a lot of it these days. But yesterday I received this letter from Barney Frank.

He asked for a response so here it is

~Click on Image to Meet Sean…

Gov. Pat Quinn is getting help from the White House with just three weeks until the November election, today unveiling a radio ad recorded by Barack Obama and awaiting a Tuesday fundraiser and labor rally with Vice President Joe Biden.

The ad will begin airing on Monday, and opens with the president saying he’s “calling on behalf of Pat Quinn.” Obama warns there’s a “push to force us back to the failed policies of the past and says Quinn has the “commonsense that’s getting our state moving again.”

CLOUT Street–Quinn getting White House help with three weeks to go in governor’s race

CHICAGO — The candidates for President Obama’s former Senate seat accused each other of lying, doing business with mobsters and driving up the nation’s deficit Sunday during their first debate.

~I would be hard pressed to support Kirk…

Illinois Senate Candidates Spar Over Military Service Claims, Mob Ties

~Has ANY Election been more anticipated or more Important in YOUR Lifetime? ~JP

Congressman Tom Price (R-GA) and the Republican Study Committee present to you a new video featuring President Ronald Reagan reminding us that the out-touch voices of the Democrat Party don’t speak for all Americans.

Oct 112010

TUPELO, Miss. – A Mississippi judge again asked everyone in his courtroom to stand and pledge allegiance to the flag, despite an uproar over whether he has the right to make such a request.

The furor began Wednesday when an attorney with a reputation for fighting free speech battles stayed silent as everyone else recited the patriotic oath. The lawyer was jailed.

A day later, Judge Talmadge Littlejohn continued to ask those in his courtroom to say the pledge.

“He respects God and he respects the flag,” Alcorn County Chancery Clerk Bobby Marolt said.

“He’s a fine judge. Fair. Honest,” Craig said.

Judges in Mississippi are elected, though they run in nonpartisan races. Littlejohn is running unopposed for re-election in November.

In March, an appellate court upheld references to God on U.S. currency and in the Pledge of Allegiance, rejecting arguments they violate the constitutional separation of church and state.

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Oct 112010

If you are an American and you travel anywhere in the world in an official capacity, one of your first meetings is likely to be with the local American Chamber of Commerce.

Meeting with AmChams (as they are called) is an essential way to get a better understanding of how American businesses are doing in selling American products overseas. Members of AmChams (who are usually American) have an acute understanding of the local laws, the obstacles that foreign governments often place in the way of trade and the opportunities that exist for further investment.

AmChams are the tip of the spear when it comes to international trade. And without international trade, American business can’t grow. And if American businesses don’t grow, jobs don’t get created back here in the United States of America.

When President Obama talks about the supposed foreign influence that has infiltrated the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, he is talking about dues that are being paid by these AmChams back to the Chamber.

His argument is complete nonsense. It smacks of McCarthyism. The argument itself is delusional, and it makes me wonder if the president has taken leave of his senses.

PHSSchoolWork | November 16, 2009

Group Members: Tishina Tittley, Lucy Tan, Christina Wu, Jenny Zha

Worse for the president, by attacking the Chamber of Commerce in such a violent way, he reveals his hatred for the private sector, which only serves to rile up his opponents even more.

The Chamber of Commerce is not an arm of the Republican Party. For example, it supported the president’s stimulus package. It supported the auto bailout. It supported the small-business loan program that the president signed last month.

The business of the Chamber is to support business, not support the Republican Party. But the Chamber finds itself supporting many more Republican candidates this election cycle because so many Democrats have taken an avowedly anti-business turn to the left, led by President Obama.

The Chamber has no choice, because the Democrats, with their agenda of higher taxes, more regulation, more litigation and more powerful labor unions, are seeking to Hugo Chavez the private sector.

The charge that comes from the president that shadowy groups may have an undue influence on this election is especially hypocritical, given that Obama won because of the influence of George Soros and his compadres.

We know that Soros and his friends in 2006 and 2008 spent hundreds of millions of dollars funding radical, left-wing groups like ThinkProgress and the Center for American Progress (ThinkProgress is the group that made the initial charges against the Chamber). These groups didn’t — and don’t — divulge their donors, but I didn’t hear Obama complain about them once during his campaign for president.

The president’s latest attack on the Chamber of Commerce shows one thing conclusively. He is losing it. And his team is going to lose the elections badly in less than four weeks.

It’s a message of hope: It means that God will listen and act on what you say.

~By John Feehery The Hill

Oct 112010

Liberal billionaire George Soros has been a big financier of Democratic campaigns in the past, but this year he’s saving his money. With Democrats facing a significant up-hill battle to retain their majorities in the upcoming midterm elections from Republican challengers, Soros says he’s not feeling optimistic.

Soros: I Can’t Stop a Republican ‘Avalanche’…

“I made an exception getting involved in 2004,” Mr. Soros, 80, told The New York Times Friday. “And since I didn’t succeed in 2004, I remained engaged in 2006 and 2008. But I’m basically not a party man. I’d just been forced into that situation by what I considered the excesses of the Bush administration.”

Though he says the prospect of a Republican-controlled Congress concerns him, Soros says he’s not in a position to stop it. “I don’t believe in standing in the way of an avalanche,” he said.

Instead of directing donations to political candidates and campaigns, Soros is channeling his money toward groups who work on specific issues he supports, including expanding health care and environmental policies.

~The Blaze

Oct 112010

October 05, 2010

Hungary has declared a state of emergency in three regions after deadly toxic sludge flooded two villages on Monday, killing four people. It happened when a waste reservoir at an aluminum plant burst. Around 120 people were taken to hospital suffering from chemical burns. Emergency services say the clean-up’s almost complete and are trying to neutralize the toxins by pouring plaster into the sludge.

RussiaToday | October 06, 2010

Hungary says it will take at least a year and cost millions of dollars to clean up the damage caused by a spill of industrial toxic red sludge. Emergency workers are trying to stop the substance flowing into major waterways. A state of emergency has been declared in three western counties after the chemical waste burst from a reservoir, killing 4 and injuring 120 others. Authorities have called the toxic spill an “ecological disaster”.

AssociatedPress | October 07, 2010

Hungary acknowledged that contamination from a spill of toxic sludge has reached the Danube River, prompting countries downstream to test their water Thursday. The prime minister visited residents devastated by the spill. (Oct. 7)

October 08, 2010

The mighty river Danube seems to have absorbed Hungary’s massive red sludge spill with little immediate damage, but laboratory tests heightened concerns about possible longer-term harm caused by toxic heavy metals in the slurry. Estimates of the size of Monday’s catastrophic spill have already been compared to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. The reservoir break at an alumina plant dumped up to 700,000 cubic metres (184 million gallons) of sludge onto three villages – not much less in a few hours than the 200 million gallons the blown-out BP oil well gushed into the Gulf over several months beginning in April.

Efforts are being made to stop the the pollutants from flowing into the Danube following the spill of chemical waste. Meanwhile, a fifth person, an 81-year-old man, died Friday from injuries sustained in the torrent.

Oct 112010

…the Locker Room and Beyond

From the authors of the bestselling Haunted Baseball: Ghosts, Curses, Legends & Eerie Events comes the highly anticipated sequel Field of Screams (The Lyons Press, August 2010).

Drawn from more than one thousand interviews with current and former major leaguers, Field of Screams reveals more of the sometimes bone-chilling, sometimes heartwarming, sometimes hilarious stories that make their way around clubhouses, team buses and water coolers.

We’ll learn the untold truth about the buried Red Sox jersey at the new Yankee Stadium and the televised Cubs exorcism of Wrigley Field. (Wish that danged billy goat disappeared). We’ll hear spine-tingling stories about the corridors underneath Anaheim Stadium and sentimental ghost stories about the late Ty Cobb in Detroit. Babe Ruth’s granddaughter and dozens of others share Ruthian ghostlore. And Pittsburgh Pirates players share stories about the notoriously haunted Roberto Clemente dorm room. Casting a wider net than Haunted Baseball, the authors explore rumors of ghosts, voodoo, evil spirits, “monster forces” and shift-shaping demons in Asia and Latin America.

Field of Screams captures the soul of the game and memorializes its legendary players and historic moments. From haunted hotels to ballpark ghosts to departed Hall-of-Famers who don’t know the game is over, Field of Screams is chock full of fun, quirky stories that will delight skeptics and believers alike.

The Field of Screams roster includes Derek Jeter, Ichiro Suzuki, Tim Lincecum, Roy Halladay, David Wright, Jacoby Ellsbury, Alex Rodriguez, Tim Wakefield, Evan Longoria, Jered Weaver, Hideki Matsui, Geovany Soto, Torii Hunter, Matt Kemp, Adrian Beltre, Bobby Cox, Barry Bonds, Orel Hershisher, Jason Bay, Joe Maddon, Daisuke Matsuzaka, Ernie Harwell, and many others, who share their perspectives and experiences, both amusing and mysterious. With a wealth of anecdotes that have never before been told, Field of Screams gives readers an entertaining and eerie look at our national pastime.

Oct 112010

If billionaire Alki David is an honest man, the man who streaked in front of Barack Obama at the president’s rally today in Philadelphia will be paid $1 million for his stunt. The man who performed today’s stunt, which captured the attention of the Drudge Report and an Associated Press photographer, is 24-year-old Juan James Rodriguez, THE WEEKLY STANDARD has learned.

David is a billionaire shipping and bottling magnate who is known to carry out stunts, mainly by paying others to perform them. As the The Sun reported on August 17: “A WACKY billionaire has offered $1million (£638,700) to the first person who streaks in front of US President Barack Obama. Loaded Alki David has promised to pay out the cash — providing the streaker writes the name of his website ‘Battlecam’ across their chest.”

“When I see the video and it’s confirmed…it won’t be check [that Rodriguez receives], it will be cash,” David, reached by phone tonight, told THE WEEKLY STANDARD.

The requirements of the streaking stunt, David told me, are that the streaker must have been within “eye-shot and ear shot of the president, they have to scream the name ‘battlecam.com’ six times, and they have to be nude.”

~I JUST found it (JUST posted) be the first to see it, well second :) BTW it is ‘after’ the streak. Alki David, who promised a million dollars to the first person who streaked in front of the president in order to promote his website.

By DANIEL HALPER Weekly Standard

Oct 112010

~H/T Char

Researchers have shown that uranium oxide, or DU, “travels the nerves from the nose to the brain,” in the words of a University of Chicago doc and researcher.

A tiny amount (a milligram) of this radioactive poison quick marches up your smelling nerves right into your brain and keeps firing 1.2 Million bullets a day – forever. That’s a bunch.

850 Rounds a Minute

The radioactive 850 rounds a minute automatic weapon is about as big as the period at the end of this sentence, never needs reloading and never jams. It’s a perfect killing machine for brain cells and other cells. The range is about 20 cells, after that there is what the famous British physicist Dr. Chris Busby calls the “bystander effect.” He discovered it, he gets to name it.

These radioactive automatic weapons are so small they can float right through your clothes, evade your skin’s defenses and invade your body. Wherever the weapons alight inside, there is trouble as they never stop firing and there is no limit to their number. In a soldiers brain, trouble shows up in a noticeable way to others.

As for the 20 cell radius ball within Range, think of these powerful Bullets each as a 100 car, 100 mph, or 160 kmh, fully loaded freight train obliterating a small dog tied to the railroad tracks. Right, for the 20 cells that are within range – in all directions, it ain’t pretty.

To me, this means these 20 cell radius spheres in Soldiers and Vets brains turn to jelly or mush, weird diseases or cancers, or all of the above. No wonder VA Secretary and former General Eric Shinseki has noted the big increase in the VA’s contract Psychiatric services.

This radioactive bullet explanation for Vets unusual behaviors holds water and makes perfect sense to me. The Vets are under attack internally. Actually inside their skulls and in their brains. Worse, there’s nothing they can do about it. The huge VA system is also helpless. There is no cure and no treatment.

The VA knows it and is stonewalling. They fired the only doc who stood up to them on DU. Word travels fast among the cowed medical staffs.

So, the Vets get slapped with some fake diagnosis and sent to the shrink or told there is nothing wrong with them. No way the spineless docs are going to call it like it is. They grab their 250K and slink home, comfortable every night.

That ain’t no way to run an Army; but, it IS a way to run the world’s most lethal Armed Force right into the ground.

Major Doug Rokke, Ph.D, Ret., former Director of the Pentagon’s Depleted Uranium Project, puts it succinctly “It [DU] is killing our own troops.”

~Read the rest of this alarming report by Bob Nichols @ veteranstoday