Oct 072010

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In a private conversation that was inadvertently taped by a voicemail machine, an associate of Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown can be heard referring to his Republican opponent Meg Whitman as a “whore” for cutting a deal protecting law enforcement pensions as the two candidates competed for police endorsements.

The comment came after Brown called the Los Angeles Police Protective League in early September to ask for its endorsement. He left a voicemail message for Scott Rate, a union official. Brown apparently believed he had hung up the phone, but the connection remained intact and the voice mail machine captured an ensuing conversation between Brown and his aides.

With evident frustration, Brown discussed the pressure he was under to refuse to reduce public safety pensions or lose law enforcement endorsements to Whitman. Months earlier, Whitman had agreed to exempt public safety officials from key parts of her pension reform plan.

“Do we want to put an ad out? … That I have been warned if I crack down on pensions, I will be – that they’ll go to Whitman, and that’s where they’ll go because they know Whitman will give ‘em, will cut them a deal, but I won’t,” Brown said.

At that point, what appears to be a second voice interjects: “What about saying she’s a whore?”

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~Be suspicious friends, VERY suspicious. LAT, & many other MSM are publishing stories negative to liberals

Oct 072010

* FOX Obama’s campaign rally at Bowie State University in Bowie, Md.

Approximately half an hour into the president’s remarks, another audience member swooned, briefly derailing Obama’s criticisms of Republicans.

Behind Obama, his well-orchestrated backdrop of smiling voters folded up their O’Malley signs and began fanning themselves and those around them.

O’Malley is in a tough fight for re-election Nov. 2 against former Republican Gov. Ehrlich.

By Steve Cooper The Conservative Monster

Anyone that is still under this radical Marxists spell at this stage in the game is a danger to this country. The useful idiots shoving this kid are no different than the communists in the Soviet Union that turned in their neighbors to the KGB for dissent.

They are no different than the Nazi Party fanatics that worshiped Hitler as if he were a God, because they had blind allegiance and that is dangerous. Mao and Pol Pot’s followers also were known to rough up, beat down murder anyone that dared to question the leader.

I could go on and on….these people are dangerous revolutionaries and they are showing their true colors.

President Obama came to Bowie State University and was met by a student that spoke out against his speak concerning how conservatives and Republicans are the reason for today’s economic condition. The student screamed out “you’re a liar”, causing the president to pause his speech. Then the student was physically beaten up by supporters, cursed down, and thrown side to side.

Obama then immediately changed his speech to start to defend himself and policies.

~JUST when I thought Obama was a complete moron speaking, he doesn’t let me down here…

Oct 072010

~I wish I could go but its over an hour away for me :( These creeps do this under the guise of being Christian. I would love to take dirt from Senior Airman Mark Forester grave & throw it in their pusses! The Freedom of speech does NOT apply here! They JUST use that! Did this preacher get his license to speak from the internet or in a cracker jack box ?! Is THAT how he was ordained? I adopted AL almost three years ago & I’m here to tell you he shames the Baptist religion! That is all that is down here, are Baptists & the local sheriff dare not stop them. That’s JUST wrong.

There are in Rural, Alabama (597 Baptist churches) alone! JUST look at this list!

If the Baptist church members in Haleyville alone went, they could surround the Haleyville High gymnasium where Senior Airman Mark Forester’s funeral will take place, with a ring that Westboro could never penetrate.

If MSM stopped glorifying the so-called pastor & people formed a human chain around a fallen soldier’s family, maybe they would fade to the depths of hell they preach.

29-year-old Senior Airman Mark Forester was killed in Afghanistan last week. Family and friends will say goodbye Friday & this is what they have to be subject to? Westboro does this claiming that U.S. deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq are punishment for what they call America’s immorality.

Baptist religion teaches you NOT to Judge, who does he think he is when only GOD does the judging?! The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments on a lawsuit against the church Wednesday & found in their favor!

~Pray tonight these creature’s don’t show up, not only to Senior Airman Mark Forester’s funeral but that some intervention from God will stop them entirely. How can they even ‘afford’ to go traveling to all these military funerals? What is this congregation about?

The thing I will NEVER understand is WHY?!


Oct 072010

Oct 072010

Via radio host and Examiner contributor Rob Port, I see that rather than face scrutiny after an ugly election for Democrats, Obama is planning an extended visit to his Southeast Asian Fortress of solitude.

Obama plans to be out of the country for 12 days following midterm election

Republicans have widened their lead against Democrats among likely voters in the generic ballot for the House of Representatives by six points since last month, a new CBS News Poll reports.

Republicans now hold an eight point lead over Democrats in the generic ballot, with 45 percent of likely voters saying they would support the Republican candidate for the House, and 37 percent saying they would support the Democrat. Last month Republicans led Democrats by a margin of only 2 points, with 40 percent saying they would vote for a Republican and 38 percent saying they would vote for a Democrat.

~ MSM is jumping on board…
CBS Poll

Dr Joe Heck who is running against Dina Titus Congressional District 3 Nevada. Dr. Joe Heck has passionately served the residents of Nevada as a physician, Army Reservist, and community volunteer.

Rep. Meek’s Sunshine State Fight Democratic nominee for Florida Senate seat on economy’s impact on midterm election

Barney Frank in Election Fight Is Democratic stalwart feeling pressure from GOP challenger?

As the White House touts the efficacy of the Obama stimulus this week, the jobs numbers provide a reminder of the deep frustration felt by many of the president’s 2008 supporters.

Keeping liberals enthusiastic by vilifying Republicans and catering to the policy concerns of interest groups is one thing. Getting mainstream Democrats fired up about going to the polls when the party hasn’t helped deliver a more robust economy is quite another.

— This election cycle, some politicians are doing whatever it takes to extend their careers: switching parties, going to court, and running write-in campaigns. American voters say they are more frustrated than ever with “career” politicians, but Lisa Murkowski, Arlen Specter, Charlie Crist, Parker Griffin and Roland Burris either switched parties, launched write-in attempts or went to court to keep their careers alive.

by Chris Stirewalt

New Look for the Tea Party – Different Flavor of Tea

The Virginia Tea Party Patriot convention kicks off in Richmond Friday. Not only is the gathering being billed as the largest Tea Party convention yet, but it also represents something of a shift inside the movement. Instead of getting together to denounce existing policies and express their disapproval, this gathering is intended as a how-to for governing Tea Party style.

Attendees will hear lectures on policy and politics and hear speakers, including the ever-practical Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell on how to produce limited government results from inside the government itself.

If the movement is going to have an impact beyond the 2010 election, the key will be delivering results next year. This gathering suggests some are thinking ahead.

~HOW does Harry Reid have 11,803 Followers on Twitter?!

Oct 072010

These ideas are beyond old. They’re dead. Yet they’re still walking around.

~JUST another motivator to get out the vote & get out to vote. From my FAVORITE Channel…Where they talk “up” to you not down.

Explaining the continued death-grip

of progressive ideology on significant numbers of people despite its manifest intellectual exhaustion, incoherence, and senility compels one to rely on analogies. The notion of political religions, a time-honored way of explaining political doctrines like communism, Nazism, and fascism, is still serviceable for communicating the dependence of progressivism on unreflective faith, metaphysical myths, utopian fantasies, fossilized dogmas, and ritualistic rhetoric. But I’m not sure it any longer communicates just how dead left-wing ideas are.

For one thing, the comparison of such political ideologies to religion is an insult to most traditional faiths, which are much more rationally coherent and honest about their metaphysical assumptions. The great Catholic historian Henri de Lubac made this same point years ago in his classic The Drama of Atheistic Humanism. Quoting Leon Trotsky’s extravagant claims of Marxism’s power to create a utopia of “supermen,” de Lubac wrote, “Has Christianity ever asked such an abdication of the mind? On which side are the miracles most unbelievable?”

Jonestown was the crystallization of numerous leftist delusions,

liberationist rhetoric, and stale revolutionary ideology

that were popularized in the Sixties.

For this and other reasons, I find the image of the pseudo-religious “cult” more apropos. I mean something like Jim Jones’ People’s Church from the Seventies. As Shiva Naipaul’s brilliant book Journey to Nowhere points out, Jonestown was the crystallization of numerous leftist delusions, liberationist rhetoric, and stale revolutionary ideology that were popularized in the Sixties. Jones brilliantly exploited, for example, the “social justice” and anti-racist rhetoric of the Sixties New Left in order to fleece followers and various government agencies of huge amounts of cash, all the while he was running an old tent-revival scam and sexually feeding off the women in his flock. On the brink of exposure, Jones fled the country and set up a utopian commune in the jungles of Guiana, where eventually some 900 unfortunates committed mass “revolutionary suicide” by drinking cyanide-laced kool-aid.

The image of the cult, then, captures perfectly the progressive world-view: worn-out bad ideas about human nature and society put to the service of schemes for creating heaven on earth, if only absolute power is handed over to a messianic leader or some “enlightened” elite. Seeing progressive ideology as a cult explains why leftists fall so hard for charismatic thugs like Castro or Hugo Chavez, why they indulge paranoid fantasies about evil capitalists and their secret machinations, why they have such inflated views of their own righteousness and possession of revealed truth, and why they are so eager to drink en masse the poisonous ideological kool-aid cooked up by the likes of Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Michael Moore, Paul Krugman, Frank Rich, Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, Oliver Stone, Keith Olbermann, the Nation, or the Daily Kos.

“Causes and ideas that were young in 19th century Europe

had escaped from their nursing homes

in Pyongyang, Havana, and Minsk.”

As expressive as it is, though, the image of the cult doesn’t quite capture the most objectionable dimension of progressive ideology: its reliance on superannuated ideas long exploded and repudiated by history. The Brookings Institution’s Robert Leiken a few years back had a nice metaphor that captured this aspect of progressive ideology. Reporting on the 2006 mass demonstrations by the French protesting some modest adjustments to hiring and firing restrictions, Leiken wrote of the signs carried by the leftist marchers, “Causes and ideas that were young in nineteenth-century Europe had escaped from their nursing homes in Pyongyang, Havana, and Minsk.”

This metaphor neatly gets the senility of most left-wing thought. I am continually astonished by the doddering, addled ideas that some left-wing pundit or professor wheels out with the smug flourish of someone who thinks he’s daringly revealing new truths to the oafish masses mired in “false consciousness.” Hollywood, of course, is notorious for this bad habit. How many more television shows or movies do we need in which evil corporations, abetted by the evil CIA or the evil U.S. military, plot to despoil nature or the Third World in the name of profits? Just watch Avatar, the recent mega-blockbuster whose state-of-the-art special effects are merely the lipstick on a trite pig of a story.

But our public intellectuals are no better than the purveyors of popular culture. How many more professors and pundits do we have to listen to as they drone on about the “greedy rich” whose ill-gotten wealth is immiserating the people? How many times do we have to listen to the ACLU’s stentorian hysteria about censorship and the “chilling effect on free speech,” when the definition of “civil liberties” has historically been expanding to dimensions that would have horrified the Founders? How long are we going to be subjected to the centuries-old noble-savage myth in its new disguise, multiculturalism, which peddles essentialist and illiberal racial and ethnic stereotypes whose roots lie in 18th Century German romantic nationalism? When will we ever be liberated from cobwebbed Marxist smear-terms like colonialism, imperialism, and fascism, which as historian Robert Conquest pointed out, are verbal “mind-blockers and thought-extinguishers” that serve “mainly to confuse, and of course to replace, the complex and needed process of understanding with the simple and unneeded process of inflammation”? And how will we ever purge ourselves of the decrepit romantic nature-love that passes for environmentalism, that Disneyfied view of the natural world that is nothing more than a millennia-old wish-fulfilling myth indulged by well-fed city-dwellers who wouldn’t survive in nature for five minutes?

Worse yet, the victims of zombies also become zombies.

These ideas are beyond old. They’re dead. Yet they’re still walking around, which is why the metaphor of the zombie works best. Moreover, zombies are mindless, also suggesting progressivism, which reflexively repeats received wisdom and gratifying myths as substitutes for clear thinking based on coherent principle and a respect for historical reality. Worse yet, the victims of zombies also become zombies. That’s how progressivism has managed to flourish despite its senility and repudiation by reality: by taking over schools, popular culture, the mainstream media, and for now the White House and Congress, where they can munch away at people’s ability to think critically until they too start staggering around, mechanically moaning left-wing bumper-sticker wisdom as they lumber to the polls or classroom or movie theater.

We know how all zombie movies turn out. A beleaguered handful of the uninfected battle furiously against the undead swarming the doors and windows. So too the war against dead progressive ideas, which has been going on in America for fifty years. And though we don’t know whether there will be a happy ending, we do know that we can’t ever stop trying to kill off a dead yet still dangerous ideology.

For those of you who do not regularly visit Kelsey Grammer’s Right Network, you have no idea what your missing. I am adding this writer to my top three. Warner Todd Huston being my favorite. Bruce Thornton is a professor of classics and humanities at Fresno State University. He is also a National Fellow at the Hoover Institution.

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Oct 072010

Sunday, October 10th between 1pm – 3pm a round of political debates will take place. The sponsors are:

JCC Rockland
Rockland chapters of the AARP
American Association of University Women,
Rockland League of Women Voters
Rockland Section of the National Council of Jewish Women.

This may not be a friendly environment for the candidates we support! We need as many like minded people to come and support our candidates, particularly show support to the grassroots, Tea Party supported Republican candidate Anthony Mele (for the 17 Congressional District).

Please bring your family and ask your friends to be there too. We must show those liberals that we are a force to reckon with.

The debates will be held at the JCC of Rockland, 450 West Nyack Road in West Nyack, NY.

The schedule:

At 1 p.m., the debate will include incumbent Democrat Eliot Engel, Republican Anthony Mele and Conservative York Kleinhandler, who are battling for the 17th Congressional District seat.

At 1:30 p.m., it will pit Carlucci against Vanderhoef.

At 2 p.m., the debate will be between Zebrowski and Sparaco.

At 2:30 p.m., it will be between incumbent Democrat Ellen Jaffe and Republican Thomas Morr, who are vying for the 95th Assembly District seat.


Oct 072010

WASHINGTON – A government investigator says 89,000 stimulus payments of $250 each went to people who were either dead or in prison.

The Social Security Administration’s inspector general said in a report Thursday that $18 million went to 72,000 people who were dead. The report estimates that a little more than half the payments were returned.

The report said $4.3 million went to a little more than 17,000 prison inmates.

The payments were part of the government’s massive economic recovery package enacted in February 2009. Under the law, the $250 payments were sent to about 52 million Social Security recipients and federal retirees.


Oct 072010

Why didn’t he get fired? Investigated? Arrested? Well, what’s to be concerned about a harmless Misunderstander of Islam working in a nuclear plant? “Worker Spoke of Jihad, Agency Says,” by Scott Shane in the New York Times, October 4:

WASHINGTON — A New Jersey man accused of joining Al Qaeda in Yemen spoke openly of militant views while working at American nuclear plants, according to a report by the inspector general of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission that proposes tightening personnel security rules.

The man, Sharif Mobley, who is charged by Yemeni authorities with murdering a hospital guard during an escape attempt in March, said he told others in his labor union: “We are brothers in the union, but if a holy war comes, look out,” said the report from the inspector general, Hubert T. Bell.

Fellow nuclear plant workers said Mr. Mobley had referred to non-Muslims as “infidels” and had visited “unusual” Web sites on his personal computer, including one showing a mushroom cloud, the report said….

The American-born Mr. Mobley, 26, worked between 2002 and 2008 as a laborer at six nuclear plants in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Ms. Harrington said that he performed “routine labor, carrying supplies and helping with maintenance” and that the commission “is not aware of any safety concerns” regarding his employment.

The inspector general found that Mr. Mobley did have unescorted access to the interior of the plants but did not have access to computers or high-security information….

Mr. Mobley told friends in 2008 that he planned to move to Yemen to study Arabic and Islam. American and Yemeni officials said he connected there with Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the branch of the terrorist network in Yemen.

Mr. Mobley was arrested by Yemeni security officers in January and was taken in March to a hospital in Sana, the capital, after complaining of illness. On March 7, according to Yemeni officials, he grabbed a security guard’s gun and tried to escape, fatally shooting one guard. He remains in Yemeni custody on capital murder charges.

His lawyers have admitted that Mr. Mobley was in contact with Anwar al-Awlaki, an American-born radical cleric in Yemen who has been linked to several terrorist plots and has called for attacks on the United States. But the lawyers have said Mr. Mobley denies being involved in any terrorist plot.

Robert Spencer