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“Allah is our objective.
The Prophet is our leader.
Qur’an is our law.
Jihad is our way.
Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.”

– Hassan al-Banna (1906 – 1949), who founded the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood in 1928. This is the official slogan of the Muslim Brotherhood, the group that has members courted by the current administration, and invited to iftar dinners at the White House.

~Editor FSM

Oct 062010

On August 4, Carol Browner, director of the White House Office of Energy and Climate Change Policy, appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and Fox News morning shows to declare Mission Accomplished on handling the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster. Specifically, she told the Today show: “I think it’s also important to note that our scientists have done an initial assessment and more than three-quarters of the oil is gone, the vast majority of the oil is gone.” Now it appears that Browner spoke too soon and, even worse, suppressed criticism of the Obama administration’s assessment of the spill.

Morning Bell: Was Obama’s Oil Spill Response ‘Not Fully Competent’ or ‘Not Fully Candid’?

WASHINGTON – The Obama administration blocked efforts by government scientists to tell the public just how bad the Gulf oil spill could become and committed other missteps that raised questions about its competence and candor during the crisis, according to a commission appointed by the president to investigate the disaster.

In documents released Wednesday, the national oil spill commission’s staff describes “not an incidental public relations problem” by the White House in the wake of the April 20 accident.

~Anyone know if this is an “Impeachable” offense?! It should be!

Among other things, the report says, the administration made erroneous early estimates of the spill’s size, and President Barack Obama’s senior energy adviser went on national TV and mischaracterized a government analysis by saying it showed most of the oil was “gone.” The analysis actually said it could still be there.

“By initially underestimating the amount of oil flow and then, at the end of the summer, appearing to underestimate the amount of oil remaining in the Gulf, the federal government created the impression that it was either not fully competent to handle the spill or not fully candid with the American people about the scope of the problem,” the report says.

The administration disputed the commission findings, saying senior government officials “were clear with the public what the worst-case flow rate could be.”

If this wasn’t so sad, it would be laughable!

In a statement Wednesday, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration chief Jane Lubchenco and White House budget director Jeffrey Zients pointed out that in early May, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen told the public that the worst-case scenario could be more than 100,000 barrels a day, or 4.2 million gallons.

For the first time, the documents — which are preliminary findings by the panel’s staff — show that the White House was directly involved in controlling the message as it struggled to convey that it, not BP, was in charge of responding to what eventually became the biggest offshore oil spill in U.S. history.

Citing interviews with government officials, the report reveals that in late April or early May, the White House budget office denied a request from NOAA to make public its worst-case estimate of how much oil could spew from the blown-out well. The Unified Command — the government team in charge of the spill response — also was discussing the possibility of making the numbers public, the report says.

The report shows “the political process was in charge and science really does not have the role that was touted,” said Christopher D’Elia, dean of environmental studies at Louisiana State University.

The White House budget office has traditionally been a clearinghouse for administration domestic policy. Why exactly the administration didn’t want to emphasize the worst-case scenario is not made clear in the report.

However, Kenneth Baer, a spokesman for the Office of Management and Budget, said the budget office had concerns about the reliability of the NOAA estimates.

“The issue was the modeling, the science and the assumptions they were using to come up with their analysis. Not public relations or presentation,” he said. “We offered NOAA suggestions of ways to improve their analysis, and they happily accepted it.”

Jerry Miller, head of the White House science office’s ocean subcommittee, told The Associated Press in an interview at a St. Petersburg, Fla., scientific conference on the oil spill that he didn’t think the budget office censored NOAA.

“I would very much doubt that anyone would put restrictions on NOAA’s ability to articulate factual information,” Miller said.

The documents also criticize Carol Browner, director of the White House Office of Energy and Climate Change Policy, saying that during a series of morning-show appearances on Aug. 4, she misrepresented the findings of a federal analysis of where the oil went and incorrectly portrayed it as a scientific assessment that was peer-reviewed by inside and outside experts.

~In Conclusion: If AP is reporting ‘this’, then you know there is more dirty crime going on here!


Censored Gulf news

Oct 062010

Oct 062010

Fabian Society

Oct 062010

The nation’s biggest, richest and most powerful labor unions spent months organizing the “One Nation Working Together” rally at the Lincoln Memorial Saturday. With midterm elections approaching, they hoped to put on a show of political strength to energize struggling Democratic candidates. But even after giving it everything they had, they still weren’t able to draw as many people as Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally in August. Why not?

Because the labor movement is shrinking, aging and divided. Because the best program its leaders (and co-sponsors at the NAACP) could put together was one featuring Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Richard Trumka, Van Jones and Harry Belafonte. And because George W. Bush is no longer in the White House. Put those factors together, and Big Labor’s big march fell flat.

First, the shrinking part. According to 2009 figures from the Labor Department, 12.3 percent of American workers belong to a union — down from 20.1 percent in 1983. In real numbers, there are 15.3 million union members now; back then, when the country’s population was significantly smaller, there were 17.7 million.

Next, aging. The Labor Department figures show there are more union members between 55 and 64 than in any other age group. The lowest rate of union membership is among younger workers.

Then, divided. In January, the Labor Department reported that for the first time in history, there are more union members in the public sector (7.9 million) than there are in the private sector (7.4 million). That’s despite the fact that there are five times more workers in the private sector than in federal, state, and local governments. In percentage terms, just 7.2 percent of private-sector workers belong to a union, while 37.4 percent of public-sector workers are unionized.

In broad terms, the public-sector unions lean farther left, while the private-sector unions still count among their number old-fashioned blue-collar moderates who don’t necessarily want to pay higher taxes to hire more public-sector employees. “The differences between them aren’t violent, angry, screaming differences,” says Fred Siegel, a scholar in residence at New York’s St. Francis College and a fellow at the Manhattan Institute, “but they’re important differences.”

What does a tired and aging movement do? It puts on a program with tired and aging leaders. Sharpton has long ago worn out his welcome among anyone beyond the hard-core Democratic base; the same is true for Jackson. The 83-year-old Belafonte’s appearance at the rally was impressive, but mostly as a vision from an earlier era. Trumka’s appeal does not go beyond the labor movement, and the young gun in the group, Van Jones, left the White House last year amid scandal.

It wasn’t exactly an all-star lineup.

Finally, the rally lacked a villain. Back in the days of George W. Bush, merely saying the president’s name could elicit angry boos over and over and over again. Every problem in every part of American life could be attributed to Bush and his gang. Now, with a Democratic president and Congress, speakers can denounce Republicans all they want, but everyone knows who is running the U.S. government. That knowledge took a little of the edge off all those denunciations.

Put it all together, and what the rally lacked most was life.

That became painfully clear during Sharpton’s remarks, when he tried to illustrate the Democratic coalition’s current plight by telling a Bible story.

“They say we’re apathetic,” Sharpton told the crowd. “They say we’re not energized. Well you know, I’m a preacher. There’s a story in the Bible about a man named Ezekiel. Ezekiel saw a valley full of dry bones. Somebody said, ‘Can these bones live?’ And the way he made them live was he started connecting them together.”

Sharpton suggested that the different parts of the Democratic coalition — black, white, Latino, Asian, straight, gay, immigrant, natural-born — are like those dry bones. “If we can connect these bones,” he said, “we can make America breathe and America live as one nation under God.”

Put aside a few details — in the Bible, it was God who brought the bones to life as Ezekiel watched — and you’re left with Sharpton’s striking image of the Democratic Party as a bunch of old, dry bones. Could anything be more disheartening? In the Ezekiel story, it took a miracle to make the bones come to life.

But there were no miracles to be found Saturday at the Lincoln Memorial.

Byron York, The Examiner’s chief political correspondent

Oct 062010

Rodents and manure tracked by uncaged hens were discovered by U.S. inspectors at two Iowa farms that produced more than a half billion eggs recalled after a salmonella outbreak.

Maggots were also found at one of the farms, Wright County Egg, the Food and Drug Administration said today in reports on its website. The Wright facility and Hillandale Farms of Iowa, both privately held, failed to “fully implement” plans to prevent contamination, according to one of the reports.

This month’s recall, which has sickened as many as 1,470 people in the U.S., may be the biggest withdrawal of salmonella- tainted eggs from the market in at least eight to 10 years, Jeffrey Farrar, the Food and Drug Administration’s associate commissioner for food protection, said Aug. 23 on a conference call. Wright, based in Galt, Iowa, has recalled 380 million eggs since Aug. 13. Another 170 million eggs were pulled from the market Aug. 19 by Hillandale Farms, based in New Hampton, Iowa, bringing the total to 550 million.

Doors to poultry-house manure pits at the Wright farm were “pushed out by the weight of manure, which was piled in some cases four to eight feet high,” David Elder, director of FDA’s Office of Regional Operations, said today on a conference call.

“Maggots, Excessive Manure”

“Live and dead maggots too numerous to count” and “excessive amounts of manure” were among the problems FDA inspectors found at the Wright farm, according to one of the reports. “Unsealed rodent holes” and “uncaged hens tracking manure” were found at Hillandale Farms, according to the other report.

Health authorities in Arizona, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, North Carolina, Nevada, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Texas are investigating whether salmonella illnesses in those states are linked to the recalled eggs, according to the FDA. State officials in California, Colorado, Minnesota, Nebraska and Wisconsin have said they also are investigating possible links.

The recalled shell eggs are packaged under more than 30 brand names including Lucerne, Albertson, Mountain Dairy, Ralph’s, Boomsma’s, Sunshine, Hillandale, Trafficanda, Farm Fresh, Shoreland, Lund, Dutch Farms and Kemps, the FDA said on its website.

Full story…

Oct 062010

Koro language, spoken by roughly 1,000 people, has been discovered in a remote corner of northeast India. Researchers looking into the Koro language had to travel on foot to reach many in this area.

A “hidden” language spoken by only about 1,000 people has been discovered in the remote northeast corner of India by researchers who at first thought they were documenting a dialect of the Aka culture, a tribal community in the foothills of the Himalayas.

They found an entirely different vocabulary and linguistic structure.

Even the speakers of the tongue, called Koro, did not realize they had a distinct language, linguist K. David Harrison said Tuesday.

Culturally, the Koro speakers are part of the Aka community in India’s Arunachal Pradesh state, and Harrison, associate professor of linguistics at Swarthmore College, said both groups merely considered Koro a dialect of the Aka language.

But researchers studying the groups found they used different words for body parts, numbers and other concepts, establishing Koro as a separate language, Harrison said.

“Koro is quite distinct from the Aka language,” said Gregory Anderson, director of the Living Tongues Institute for Endangered Languages. “When we went there we were told it was a dialect of Aka, but it is a distant sister language.”

The researchers said they hope to figure out how the Koro language managed to survive within the Aka community.

They said Koro is a member of the Tibeto-Burman language family, a group of some 400 languages that includes Tibetan and Burmese. While Koro differs from Aka, it does share some things with another language, Tani, which is spoken farther to the east.

The research was started in 2008 to document two little known languages, Aka and Miji, and the third language, Koro, was discovered in that process.

Full story…

Linguists and National Geographic Fellows Dr. Greg Anderson and Dr. K. David Harrison discuss the newly identified Koro language, other endangered languages, and the Enduring Voices Project’s efforts to document humanity’s threatened linguistic diversity. Read Harrison’s new book, The Last Speakers: The Quest to Save the World’s Most Endangered Languages, and learn more about Enduring Voices .

Oct 062010

Oct 062010

~H/T Char

~This from TODAY: What Lies Beneath: Gulf Spill Impact

Scientists concerned about new evidence of dead sea creatures which could be related to BP oil spill ~JP

Late Saturday, a North Pensacola parent anonymously reported that her preschooler tested positive for 2 VOCs: Ethyl-benzene and mpzylene. Other sick people, many bleeding, flood Gulf Coast Barefoot Doctor’s headquarters with phone calls and emails asking for urgent health care, Survival Detox Kits, as the PMIC continues its crime against humanity, now further inland, saturating land and water with poison – into people’s backyards.

The Obama administration’s petrochemical-military-industrial-complex (PMIC) continues its poisoning Americans campaign, now spraying toxic chemicals and solvents directly into inland waters, putting dispersants into people’s backyards according to many Gulf Coasters reporting to the Examiner and evidence collected by Dr. Riki Ott.

Tourists who swam in the Gulf are among those contacting Gulf Coast Barefoot Doctors for help. Locals living over a mile from the Gulf are reporting the same poisoning symptoms. Most first have a “flu-like feeling”; followed by severe rashes; then further respiratory problems and ‘cloudy headiness.’

Many people are reporting internal bleeding, bleeding from the rectum, ears and nose plus vomiting blood.

Although VOC testing is not covered by insurance companies, Lisa Parr is among the relatively few parents who managed to get blood testing plus air samples testing. She then found no choice but to leave the area after doctors confirmed each of her ill family members tested positive for poisoning according to Brandon Evans of WCMessenger.

“I started to get a little sick.thought I was getting the flu. I was just tired and achy and started going through some little problems.

“Then I started breaking out in a rash. It literally covered my entire body – my scalp all the way down to the bottoms of my feet,”

Frac tanks were also involved in the Parr’s life-threatening conditions. Evans wrote:

“On the evening of July 25, 2010, the Parrs smelled a strong odor emanating from a frac tank at a site operated by Aruba Petroleum of Plano. They reported it to TCEQ. Investigators arrived within hours to capture air samples.

Odors were detected up to a quarter-mile from the well site. The investigator, Damon Armstrong, reported that a ‘plume’ wafting from the tank was ‘visible with the naked eye.’ The petroleum-like odor was so intense the investigator himself felt sick in the short time he was there, noting dizziness and sore throat.

The analysis found five compounds that exceeded safe values for short-term health effects, and another 20 exceeded safe levels for long-term effects.

The investigation found elevated levels of ethane, pentane, hexane, octane, xylene and nonane, all potentially toxic chemicals.

Four days later, a medical test discovered the same chemicals inside Lisa. (Flight for survival: Toxic emissions force family to leave home, Wise County Messenger, September 23, 2010)

“My daughter began having severe nosebleeds,” Parr said. “She’d wake me up at 6 a.m., crying, covered in blood.”

After hiring someone to do water and air sampling at her home, she said. “The methane level in my daughter’s room was at asphyxiation levels.”

Gulf Coast Barefoot Doctors, a grassroots non-profit organization, developed after it was apparent that the U.S. government-corporation partnership would not provide survival aid to the people suffering and the military operation was to continue its chemical attack on the people.

The barefoot doctors now struggle to meet the demand for their Survival Detox Kits.

Friday, Gulf Coast Barefoot Doctors called for people well enough in communities throughout the Gulf region to become involved in the life-saving project. They are also helping people to relocate through Kimberly Dawley’s resource that matches relocation needs with sponsors throughout the U.S.

“My daughter began having severe nosebleeds,” Parr said. “She’d wake me up at 6 a.m., crying, covered in blood.”

After hiring someone to do water and air sampling at her home, she said. “The methane level in my daughter’s room was at asphyxiation levels.”

Gulf Coast Barefoot Doctors, a grassroots non-profit organization, developed after it was apparent that the U.S. government-corporation partnership would not provide survival aid to the people suffering and the military operation was to continue its chemical attack on the people.

The barefoot doctors now struggle to meet the demand for their Survival Detox Kits.

Friday, Gulf Coast Barefoot Doctors called for people well enough in communities throughout the Gulf region to become involved in the life-saving project. They are also helping people to relocate through Kimberly Dawley’s resource that matches relocation needs with sponsors throughout the U.S.

Dawley has stated, “If you are a Gulf Coaster wanting to evacuate but need help, please ask! If you can assist a Gulf Coaster relocate, please advise!” (See here)

Saturday, Barefoot Doctors stated, “We need someone in each community to help take calls and emails from the sick in their areas and to help distribute the survival kits to people in communities straight across the Gulf area and beyond.”

The ‘barefoot doctors’ said this weekend that if they were real doctors, they could afford shoes.

Deborah Dupré, with post-graduate science and education degrees from U.S. and Australian universities, has been a human and environmental rights advocate for over 25 years in the U.S., S.Pa. Islands and Australia. Support her work by subscribing to her articles and forwarding the link of this article to friends and colleagues or reposting only the title and first paragraph linked to this Examiner page. Dupré welcomes emails: info@DeborahDupre.com Please send Gulf illness news tips to her with your name or anonymously. See her Vaccine Liberty or Death book plus Compassion Film Project DVDs.

Make Gulf incident reports and view them at oilspill.labucketbrigade Text or call in reports to (504) 27 27 OIL. Email them Twitter them with hashtag #BPspillmap. If in danger or see an emergency, contact your local emergency response agency immediately.

Obtain a Toxic Survival Kit or to have one delivered to a Gulf Coast resident in need by visiting Gulf Coast Barefoot Doctors online or email

Corexit being used “as we speak” — “Sprayed directly into inland waters”

Oct 062010

27 Days to Decide

The countdown to midterm elections has begun, and Fox News brings you all you need to know.

THIS—>>> is what I’m talking about– (With nine terms under his belt,) it appeared Democrat Sanford Bishop had locked up Georgia’s 2nd Congressional District. But this November, he faces his best-funded GOP challenger in years.

Mike Keown, a Baptist preacher and Georgia state legislator, iscapitalizing on conservative backlash to the policies of the Obama White House.

“When it comes to Obamacare, I think that if Republicans take the House, and I’m a part of that majority in the House, that you’re gonna see a repeal bill come out of the House,” Keown said.

As a member of the moderate to right-leaning Blue Dog Democrats, Bishop, an African-American, has spent most of the past two decades with strong biracial support in his Southwest Georgia district, which is 45 percent black and 51 percent white. But his support of health care reform has alienated many white voters who supported him in the past.

“There is a very strong racial polarization that I think is really symbolized by the health care issue,” said Emory University Professor Merle Black, an expert in Southern Politics. “That issue split Bishop’s constituency, the individuals who elected him in the past.”

Georgia Congressman Faces Tough Re-Election Battle

It’s the dirty secret of this year’s midterm election cycle: that many of the congressional seats so hotly contested this fall won’t even exist when the 2012 cycle rolls around.

That’s because the current cycle is unfolding concurrently with the federal government’s completion of the Census, the massive effort to count everyone in America that takes place every 10 years and which is always followed by a reordering of the congressional map.

Based on population shifts over the last decade, some states will see their number of seats in the House of Representatives increase, while others will lose a seat or more. It will then fall to the 50 state legislatures in 2011 to redraw the boundary lines of each of their state’s existing congressional districts – a process known as redistricting.

Since 39 governors are statutorily empowered to play some role in that process – with some even wielding veto power over it – the battle for gubernatorial seats in the 2010 midterm cycle takes on added importance. And as that battle moves into its final month, with activists needing to be energized, donors needing to be pumped for cash, and voters needing to be swayed, both parties are seeking to project optimism.

Battle for Governors’ Mansions Favoring GOP, As Dems Cite Momentum

New Way to Vote? the impact of mail-in ballots on the midterm elections

Joe Miller on Tightening Senate Race in Alaska

Tea Party favorite faces challenge from write-in candidate Lisa Murkowski

Charlie Gasparino (Author of Bought & paid for) in the Hot Seat, on how economy will impact midterms

~October Surprise?

Elections are rife with possible “game changer” scenarios. They’re blockbuster events that could fundamentally alter the political tectonics in ways no one anticipated. A precipitous Wall Street slide. An political assassination. A major terrorist hit.


You don’t say?

So how is it that the U.S. issues a cryptic terrorism alert about travel to Europe less than a month before the most-pivotal, midterm election in years and barely a politician even twitches?

Better yet, with control of the House teetering on the brink and the Senate in play, why hasn’t someone tried to blame one side or the other about ginning up terrorism fears for political gain immediately prior to an election? I mean wasn’t that what Democrats accused the Bush Administration of doing right before the 2004 political conventions?

Terrorism: The Midterm Game Changer