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Thanks to Creeping Sharia one of the best in Terror Info Highway

The Muslim Students Association is an arm of this jihad. It has chapters on hundreds of campuses that are financed by student activities funds on the fiction that they are religious and/or cultural organizations. In reality, the Muslim Students Associations are tightly-controlled, hardcore political groups, created by the Muslim Brotherhood, which is godfather to al-Qaeda and Hamas. The Muslim Students Association works in alliance with radical anti-American and anti-Jewish groups, including Students for Justice in Palestine, Students Student Guide. To watch the related video: JIHAD IN ACADEMIA

Lawmakers in the U.S. Congress say Saudi Arabia has failed to remove offensive material from textbooks used in the kingdom’s schools, including language promoting hatred of and violence against Jews. Three House Democrats used a news conference coinciding with U.S. President Barack Obama’s stop in Saudi Arabia to draw attention to the problem and urge the president to press Saudi leaders on the issue.

“Until they change their textbooks and help educate the younger generation of Saudis that are in their elementary schools and in their secondary schools, and take these hateful teachings out of the textbooks and substitute what we would consider appropriate, tolerant language in teaching for these kids, I am afraid we are just going to see a perpetuation of what we see now, cycle after cycle of hatred and intolerance,” she said.

Saying patience in Congress with Saudi Arabia has worn out, Weiner said President Obama has an opportunity to prod Saudi Arabia to take action once and for all on the issue.

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