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* Chicago Gaylords

~ I went to HS with MANY Gaylords. I married one. They became to rough for my taste. All the gangs took a drastic turn in about 67′ JUST like in West Side Story. The part of the “Powwow” at Doc’s candy store, where Riff & the boys showed how choice of weapons escalated, from rocks, to knives, to zipguns. Well, I’m here to tell you that is what happened. We went from knuckles (like Tony), to bangers using knives/guns. After I lost 2 friends at Hamlin Park from a rival gang shooting them, I became the chicken I truly was. Although you wouldn’t have known that in 65′ when I was ‘jumped in’ by a Latin Queen, the first white girl to be one, me the second.

* Simon City Royals

I was part of a gang we called the Crystals. To show you how unschooled we were in ganglife, we did not even make the “Old Skool” list of gangs. That’s what happened after we all saw West Side Story. We were small. Hung out at our own ‘Doc’s” called Crystals Candy Shop, so thats what we called ourselves. It was 65′ & we believed in the bare-knuckles, in your face gang fighting. Then we crossed paths with Simon City a mile away in the Humboldt Park neighborhood where they originally formed. The other gang that had a ‘rep’ of bad news was The Disciples, in line after The Latin Kings. We were no match for them, believe me. And it got dangerous even at school, because we had to watch what ‘colors’ we wore, where we hung out. Don’t scratch her nose, because THAT could be misinterpreted as throwing up a gang sign. It became a chore even going to classes!

So in tday’s world the reputed gang members in Elgin had an unusual run-in with police last week.

Rather than being taken into custody or even tersely questioned, the gang members each were simply given a sheet of paper.

“Most of them didn’t understand,” Elgin Police Sgt. Jim Lalley said. “They were left behind holding a piece of paper, and they had no idea what it was.”

The gang members were served with summonses, ordering them to appear in civil court next month. The Elgin Latin Kings weren’t being arrested. But they were being sued.

~Oh, the stories I have about the Latin Kings & particularly the Latin Queens, who “I” ran with in 1966 ! Now, the frightening part of Latino gangs is how the are infiltrated with the likes of MS-13

MS-13 gang growing extremely dangerous, FBI says

Today, Kane County State’s Attorney John Barsanti, along with county law enforcement personnel and police and government officials from Elgin, detailed a plan to use the power of the civil court system to make it harder for gang members to conduct their activities.

Barsanti’s office filed a lawsuit on behalf of Elgin, naming 70 reputed gang members whose activities “have threatened injury or caused injury to the people of the state of Illinois and the City of Elgin,” and cost the city money in police and other costs. About 50 of the 70 targets of the suit had been served by Wednesday, Barsanti said.

Elgin is seeking monetary damages from the gang, but the officials said the real value was the part of the suit that would bar the named gang members from associating with one another.

If a judge bars those associations, an Elgin police officer who then sees two or more gang members together in violation of the court order would be empowered to detain and search them, and perhaps find drugs or weapons that would lead to felony charges.

But even violating the civil ban on association could result in misdemeanor charges or contempt of court citations, said Patrick Crimmins, an Elgin attorney and former gang prosecutor who is heading up the lawsuit effort for Barsanti.

“I hope to cause (Sheriff) Pat Perez problems by filling his jail with gang members jailed for contempt,” Crimmins said.

Crimmins, Barsanti and the others assembled at a news briefing on the lawsuit said they were not under the illusion that the suit presented a silver bullet against gangs. But all said it would provide another tool to make gang members’ lives more difficult.

“Anything that helps get at the gangs and let them know Elgin is a place where they don’t have a future is a help to us,” Mayor Edward Schock said.

A civil injunction would give police authority to keep gang members from openly congregating around parks or schools.

Police usually lack that authority unless they see a gang member who, for example, has been barred from gang contact through the criminal courts as a condition of bond, probation or parole. But when a gang member clears parole or probation, officials said, he is free to openly associate with other gang members.

Barsanti said the effort may be expanded to additional gangs and gang members in the Elgin and Carpentersville area, as well as Aurora. DuPage County officials have brought similar suits against gang members.

~Chicago Needs to take a page from it’s neighbor town of Elgin…U.S. drug indictment targets Little Village gang. For many years I was part of a Volunteer Project CB Patrol. Believe it or not it was in part sponsored by Richard Mell ( Blago’s father-in-law) One of our most dangerous routes was the gang infested area in the 14th CPD. We literally had gang members running after our vehicles down the street when we were spotted. This area, near Humboldt Park was JUST as dangerous as Little Village ( which btw was Daley’s old neck of the woods., which he abandoned for upper crust Lake Shore Drive AKA as LSD lol). Anyway, we worked closely with the gang crimes division in two large districts. And I’m here to tell you, I get the frustration of Elgin & being resourceful as suing these punks

Federal prosecutors today announced charges against 22 members of an alleged gang-run narcotics ring based in the city’s Little Village neighborhood.

A 15-month investigation into the Gangster 2-6 Nation street gang ended Wednesday with the arrest of 19 alleged gang members in Berwyn and Chicago, as well as two alleged gang associates. Warrant searches at four locations Wednesday resulted in the seizure of a dozen rifles and handguns, a kilo of cocaine, marijuana plants and $21,000 in cash, authorities said.

As part of the same investigation, dubbed “Operation Shady Business,” authorities in June seized 101 marijuana plants from an alleged “grow house” in the 7000 block of West 74th Place. The federal indictment outlines more than a year of recorded conversations and undercover drug buys, purporting to show a wide-ranging operation that trafficked in cocaine, marijuana and firearms.

The U.S. attorney’s office will hold a press conference this morning to announce an eight-count indictment, along with agents from the DEA, Chicago Police Department, IRS and Cook County state’s attorney’s office.


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