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President Obama recently sat down with Rolling Stone magazine and offered his thoughts on our political and media climate. He also had some strong words for Fox News:

It is part of the tradition that has a very clear, undeniable point of view…It’s a point of view that I think is ultimately destructive for the long-term growth of a country that has a vibrant middle class and is competitive in the world.

He’s right. Since President Obama was inaugurated last year, Fox has undergone a transformation from a conservative-leaning news source to, as Fox News’ senior Vice President put it, “the voice of the opposition.”

On issues ranging from taxes to health care to the environment, the role of Islam to the role of unions, Fox acts like a political operation, not a news network. Fox’s “opinion” and “news” hosts routinely select whatever facts they need or advance falsehoods to sell the network’s conservative political agenda. In so doing, Fox pushes messages intended not to make people more informed, but to inspire fear and anger in its audience. What’s even more dangerous is that Fox provides a platform not just for a political party’s talking points, but for racially charged attacks and religious smears.

Stand up to Fox — support Media Matters for America today.

Through its on-air promotion of Republican candidates and causes, its support for, and cheerleading of, the Tea Party movement, its tolerance of extreme rhetoric and willingness to ignore facts, Fox News is distorting the political process.

Every day, Media Matters for America stands up to the lies and smears Fox and its allies in the conservative media try to advance. We expose the extreme rhetoric that would otherwise fly below the radar and we counter falsehoods with facts, putting a halt to the smears and misinformation before they become accepted fact. Stand with us and help us carry on this important task.

Ari Rabin-Havt
Vice President
Media Matters for America

~JUST thought you might like to know. * Sardonic (comparative more sardonic, superlative most sardonic)

1. Scornfully mocking or cynical.

2. Disdainfully or ironically humorous.

Sep 292010

DES MOINES, Iowa – A priest expressed concern to President Barack Obama about an unemployed parishioner. A businessman criticized Obama’s tax policy. A woman said her son and his friends, once inspired by Obama, “are losing their hope.”

With his party facing potentially mammoth congressional and gubernatorial losses on Nov. 2, Obama is pouring more time into campaigning. In his so-called backyard visits — a cramped recreation center room sufficed in rainy Richmond, Va. — he repeatedly pivoted from a voter’s question in order to fire criticisms at the GOP’s record on taxes, student aid, even home weatherization.

Obama acknowledged that his promises to change the culture in Washington have been harder to fulfill than many of his supporters expected. He placed the blame on Republican lawmakers, who he said made a political calculation to oppose nearly all of his policies.

It’s a strategy Obama said has been “pretty successful” given the sentiments of many voters heading into the midterm elections, including one woman in Des Moines who said her college-graduate son and his friends indeed “are losing their hope.”

A man who described himself as a small-business owner manufacturing promotional items such as T-shirts and lawn signs criticized Obama’s plans for allowing tax cuts on income over $250,000 a year to expire.

“As the government gets more and more involved in business and more and more involved in taxes, what you’re finding is you’re strangling those job creation vehicles,” he said.

The president disputed that, saying he’s already signed eight pieces of legislation providing small business tax cuts.

Showing some frustration, Obama said: “Your taxes haven’t gone up in this administration. Your taxes have gone down in this administration. There’s a notion that, well, he’s a Democrat so your taxes must have gone up. That’s just not true.”

A priest told Obama of a parishioner who lost his job in manufacturing and can’t find a new one. The president said that some manufacturing jobs won’t come back and the parishioner might need to develop new skills to work in growth sectors like clean energy.

In Washington, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., essentially called the president’s efforts a sham. For the past 18 months, he said in the Senate, Americans have watched “a governing party that was more or less completely uninterested in what the governed had to say about the direction of our country.”

“It has to stop,” McConnell said.

The Nov. 2 election will pit Obama’s presumably reinspired supporters against McConnell’s angry voters.

By CHARLES BABINGTON, Associated Press Writer Charles Babington, Associated Press Writer

Sep 292010

In contrast to the wild, spirited and jubilant scene following the Blackhawks capturing the Stanley Cup championship in Philadelphia a few months back, the team’s players, coaches and executives appeared reflective and somber as they entered Morton’s The Steakhouse at Wacker Place for a private ring ceremony.

Patrick Sharp, Duncan Keith, Patrick Kane, Brian Campbell, Brent Seabrook — one by one, the smiling players pulled up in front of the restaurant. Many stopped to sign autographs on the backs of Blackhawks jerseys and on a replica Stanley Cup trophy, as curious bystanders walked by.
Then came club execs Scotty Bowman and John McDonough. One person walking by outside the restaurant asked the identity of the familiar-looking man with the neatly-manicured mustache. “Oh, yeah, Joel Quenneville!” he said.

Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews loaned his gigantic $30,000 championship ring to be photographed by the media. An accompanying championship pendant to be given to the players’ significant others.

By Fred Mitchell

Sep 292010

H/T Nancy Kennon

“This is what King Samir, the Philadelphia Chapter, along with the guidance and leadership of Attorney Malik Shabazz has been doing that you don’t hear about from Fox Jews, I’m sorry, Fox News.”

“Standing up to neo-nazi groups who consistently threaten our people dead. Now most of them media blood-suckers lies at “Crucifox Jews ” wanna talk about me killing white babies.”


“Well, let me tell you stop jumping up and down like the devils you are, creating negative press to keep our people from joining something black and progressive. Yes, I said if you want freedom, you’re gonna have to deal with this enemy the way he brings it to us.


You cannot tell a slave how to feel under the pressure of white supremacy.”

“That’s right!”

“I’m not a committer of reverse racism, I am a slave.”

“That’s right!”

“Born, brought stolen to the hills of North America. Let’s talk about the little black babies that YOU use as alligator bait.”

“Ooh, That’s Right!”



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Thanks to Creeping Sharia one of the best in Terror Info Highway

The Muslim Students Association is an arm of this jihad. It has chapters on hundreds of campuses that are financed by student activities funds on the fiction that they are religious and/or cultural organizations. In reality, the Muslim Students Associations are tightly-controlled, hardcore political groups, created by the Muslim Brotherhood, which is godfather to al-Qaeda and Hamas. The Muslim Students Association works in alliance with radical anti-American and anti-Jewish groups, including Students for Justice in Palestine, Students Student Guide. To watch the related video: JIHAD IN ACADEMIA

Lawmakers in the U.S. Congress say Saudi Arabia has failed to remove offensive material from textbooks used in the kingdom’s schools, including language promoting hatred of and violence against Jews. Three House Democrats used a news conference coinciding with U.S. President Barack Obama’s stop in Saudi Arabia to draw attention to the problem and urge the president to press Saudi leaders on the issue.

“Until they change their textbooks and help educate the younger generation of Saudis that are in their elementary schools and in their secondary schools, and take these hateful teachings out of the textbooks and substitute what we would consider appropriate, tolerant language in teaching for these kids, I am afraid we are just going to see a perpetuation of what we see now, cycle after cycle of hatred and intolerance,” she said.

Saying patience in Congress with Saudi Arabia has worn out, Weiner said President Obama has an opportunity to prod Saudi Arabia to take action once and for all on the issue.

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PS Students (Wellesley, Mass., Learn to Pray to Allah on a Field Trip

Sep 292010

~Thanks to The Founding Patriots – This show is crucial as is this post here at JUST Piper

The Roots of Obama’s Rage reveals Obama for who he really is: a man driven by the anti-colonial ideology of his father and the first American president to actually seek to reduce America’s strength, influence, and standard of living. Controversial and compelling, The Roots of Obama’s Rage is poised to be the one book that truly defines Obama and his presidency.


He’s been called many things: a socialist, a radical fellow traveler, a Chicago machine politician, a prince of the civil rights movement, a virtual second coming of Christ, or even a covert Muslim.

But as New York Times bestselling author Dinesh D’Souza points out in this shockingly revealing book, these labels merely slap our own preconceived notions on Barack Obama.

The real Obama is a man shaped by experiences far different from those of most Americans; he is a much stranger, more determined, and exponentially more dangerous man than you’d ever imagined. He is not motivated by the civil rights struggles of African Americans in the 1960s—those battles leave him wholly untouched. He is not motivated by the socialist or Marxist propaganda that hypnotized a whole generation of wooly–minded academics and condescending liberals—those concepts also leave him cold.

What really motivates Barack Obama is an inherited rage—an often masked, but profound rage that comes from his African father; an anticolonialist rage against Western dominance, and most especially against the wealth and power of the very nation Barack Obama now leads. It is this rage that explains the previously inexplicable, and that gives us a startling look at what might lie ahead.

In The Roots of Obama’s Rage you’ll learn: Why Obama’s economic policies are actually designed to make America poorer compared to the rest of the world Why Obama will welcome a nuclear Iran Why Obama sees America as a rogue nation—worse than North Korea The real reason Obama banished a bust of Winston Churchill from the White House and ordered NASA to praise the scientific contributions of Muslims Why Obama would like to make America’s superpower status a thing of the past

Stunning, provocative, original, and telling—no one has better diagnosed who Obama is, what he intends to do, and why he poses an existential threat to America than Dinesh D’Souza in The Roots of Obama’s Rage.

Sep 292010

“Allah is our objective; the Prophet is our leader; the Quran is our law; jihad is our way; and dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.” So reads the motto of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), a transnational Islamist organization with chapters in more than 70 countries. The group’s long history includes collaboration with Nazi Germany, calls for the destruction of Israel, and support for attacks against American troops.

The Brotherhood’s affiliates include the terrorist organization Hamas. Its alumni include 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Abdullah Azzam, Osama bin Laden’s terrorist mentor. Ayman al-Zawahiri, al Qaida’s second in command, is said to have been heavily influenced by the ideology of the Brotherhood’s Egyptian chapter.

Some of the most prominent Muslim organizations in the United States have close, longstanding relationships with the Muslim Brotherhood. The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) was founded by Muslim Brotherhood members in the United States. And the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) was linked in court papers to a Brotherhood-organized Hamas support effort.

That record has not dissuaded the Obama and George W. Bush administrations from working with MB-affiliated organizations in the United States. This relationship is on display in Chicago this week, where Rashad Hussain, President Obama’s special envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), addresses the American Islamic College (AIC). A Hudson Institute report last year identified the AIC as having been planned by the Brotherhood-affiliated Muslim Students Association (MSA). The AIC was once headed by MSA founder Ahmed Sakr.

Hussain’s participation serves to highlight the fact that Washington has no policy for dealing with the Muslim Brotherhood, despite evidence that the group’s agenda is hostile to the United States. In some cases around the world, there may be little choice but to do so. But a number of people who study the issue contend that the U.S. government is needlessly legitimizing the Muslim Brotherhood.

Hussain is scheduled to appear Wednesday morning on a panel moderated by Ahmed Rehab, head of the Chicago chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). So a White House aide is sharing the stage with a senior CAIR official.

The FBI’s policy is to not do that. The agency cut off communications with CAIR in 2008, based upon exhibits in the Hamas-support prosecution of the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF) that places CAIR on a committee created to support Hamas politically and financially. An FBI congressional liaison wrote last year that “until we can resolve whether there continues to be a connection between CAIR or its executives and HAMAS, the FBI does not view CAIR as an appropriate liaison partner.”

Follow the rest of Steven emerson’s report here…

Sep 292010

The poisonous brown recluse spider is a very rare sight in New York City. So imagine one woman’s surprise upon finding the venomous creature in her sink.

Gail Ingram claims she found the first recluse spider in the sink of her apartment on Gramercy Park in Manhattan. And despite the wave of bedbugs sweeping through the city — the latest such infestation was discovered in shock jock Howard Stern’s office — poisonous spiders are a different story entirely.

Yet there it was.

“I discovered a brown recluse spider in my kitchen sink,” Imgram told MyFoxNY. “It got stuck in pesto oil.” Ingram, who works as a nurse, alerted the building’s management company, which contacted a pest control company. They told her it was an isolated incident.

“My neighbors don’t know the difference between garden spiders and brown recluse spiders,” she said. “I fear for their safety.”

Ingram saved a voice mail message, which she claims came from Siren Management, the building’s management company, which gave her the results from the exterminator: “Basically, he said it was a brown recluse spider, but he doesn’t think it’s from our area, he thinks you brought it back from Illinois or wherever you went to.”

Ingram says that’s impossible: She didn’t travel to the Midwest or Southeast, where brown recluse spiders are found. She put out sticky traps and quickly trapped two more in her apartment — and nine more in the basement and apartment next door.

The New York City Department of Housing Preservation cited the building for vermin spiders. In the end, Ingram sued the landlord, settled, and was able to break her lease. She moved out and just wants people to be aware of the possible dangers.

“I lost a lot of work moving, lost sleep, couch surfing,” she said.

Full story…

Hairy Spider-Look closely at this image and you can see the beady eyes of this critter, probably a hairy jumping spider. These spiders like sunshine and do their hunting during the day. Source: LiveScience/Lisa Williams

Hairy Spider-Bob Brazington captured this skin-crawlingly close view of a spider.

Creepy Spiders slideshow (shiver)

Sep 292010

The American people are increasingly frustrated that the era of big government is back, and with it a new wave of inefficient bureaucracies and ineffective federal programs. According to a recent Rasmussen Poll, 78 percent of Americans believe that government does not spend their money wisely. American satisfaction with government has dropped below 20%, according to analysis done by the Pew Research Center. The Government Accountability Office reports that 22 percent of all federal programs fail to show any positive impact on the populations they serve at a cost of $123 billion every year.

As Ranking Member of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA) is at the forefront of the fight against government waste, fraud, and abuse. On September 29, 2010, Ranking Member Issa will assess the current systemic, programmatic, and organizational failures of government and offer an analysis of the value that recent technological developments offer for transparency and accountability.

See the Program–Reforming Broken Government: The Contemporary Challenges to Oversight

Cong. Issa rides in style!

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