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I suggest we can assess the silliness of the rationalizations of the Ground Zero mosque by applying them to Pastor Terry Jones’s similarly provocative Koran-burning escapade — entirely legal, but a gratuitously offensive thing to do.

But that doesn’t begin to cover how vapid the commentary continues to be, particularly the commentary from our commander-in-chief — as President Obama took pains to remind us in an interview with George Stephanopoulos this morning.

According to Obama, Jones’s “stunt” (a fair description) is already “a recruitment bonanza for al-Qaeda.” That’s absurd. No sensible person joins a terrorist organization dedicated to mass murder simply because somebody torches a Koran.

If the president, who is principally responsible for American national security, actually believes what he says, what is his excuse for not confronting Islamist regimes? These are not Looney Tunes pastors with followings smaller than the First Lady’s traveling caravan; they are governments that confiscate and destroy Bibles, crucifixes, Stars of David, and other articles of profound religious substance and symbolism to non-Muslims. That goes on, systematically, every single day — although still not as often as you’d imagine, because Islamic societies are so innately intolerant that there aren’t a lot of non-Muslim religious items to be found in, say, Saudi Arabia.

Jones is going to burn a Koran; sharia calls for killing human beings who renounce Islam. Does the president have an explanation for why Christians and Jews are not forming terror cells with the bonanza of recruits that must come forward on a daily basis given the “stunts” that, in Saudi Arabia, are known as law enforcement?

Terry Jones is a jackass. I wish Americans would trip over themselves with a fraction of the zeal on display here to condemn the torching of the American flag — a symbol of freedom and sacrifice. But that’s beside the point. Burning a book sacred to Muslims is a stupid, provocative thing to do. Yet it is conscious avoidance — okay, willful blindness — to claim that Jones is causing the threat to our troops, in addition to the threat of other attacks and riots by Muslims (of the sort we’ve seen with the Danish cartoons, the false claims of Koran-flushing at Gitmo, the school teacher who named a teddy bear Mohammed, etc.).

Those are all pretexts. The cause is Islamist ideology, which is dehumanizing of non-Muslims (or, in the case of the Ahmadi, even of Muslims who reject parts of mainstream Islamic doctrine). It is the ideology that puts the world’s Muslims on a hair trigger.

What Jones is doing is a desecration, not a national-security threat. It merits derision, as any desecration does. And it may indeed provoke a spike in violence that will go on, spike or no spike. But the security problem is not Koran-burning. It is a civilization indoctrinated by an ideology ever on the prowl for any excuse, real or imagined, to make mayhem. Wouldn’t it be nice if, while they publicly chide an American citizen for striking the match, our public officials took the occasion to chide the ideology that turns cultures into dynamite? Contributor Andrew C. McCarthy is a senior fellow at the National Review Institute, author of Willful Blindness: A Memoir of the Jihad and most recently The Grand Jihad: How Islam and the Left Sabotage America. He blogs at National Review Online’s The Corner.

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Arab Nations to Seek Further IAEA Pressure on Israel, Diplomats Assert

Arab nations intend to seek passage of a new International Atomic Energy Agency resolution this month calling for greater nuclear transparency from Israel, Reuters yesterday quoted diplomats as saying (see GSN, Sept. 7).

The move, expected during two weeks of meetings of the agency’s 35-state governing board and its General Assembly, would mark the latest step in a long-running campaign by Arab states to extract further information on Israel’s atomic activities. Jerusalem has neither confirmed nor denied possessing nuclear weapons.

Israel denounced a resolution narrowly endorsed by IAEA member nations last year that called on Jerusalem to join the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, a move that would require the government to relinquish its nuclear arsenal and open its atomic installations to U.N. inspections.

The United States has warned that focusing pressure on Israel’s nuclear program could endanger a proposal to hold a 2012 meeting on establishing a WMD-free zone in the Middle East (see GSN, July 7). Washington and other Western governments could instead focus on suspicions surrounding atomic work in Iran and Syria.

“There is a big American push to convince countries to switch votes,” a high-level Western diplomat said. “I think they will come close.”

The vote on the Israel resolution could be “very tight,” said the Vienna delegate for a developing nation in support of the resolution (Dahl/Westall, Reuters, Sept. 9)

Underwear Bomb Suspect Could Seek Plea Bargain

A Nigerian man could seek a settlement with federal prosecutors over his alleged attempt to detonate a bomb concealed in his underwear on a passenger jet as it prepared to land in Detroit, the Associated Press reported (see GSN, May 19).

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab could be sentenced to life imprisonment if convicted of attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction. The man’s clothes were said to have caught fire in the Dec. 25 bombing attempt, prompting others on the flight to extinguish the flames and restrain him.

Abdulmutallab is expected to attend a pretrial hearing Monday in a U.S. federal court.

His legal team indicated in a court document it has communicated with federal attorneys on “multiple occasions, by phone and in person, to explore options for resolution of this case.”

Today was the last day for parties in the case to file motions.

The sides would probably negotiate an agreement to settle the case, former Chicago-based terrorism prosecutor Lloyd Meyer said.

“If he went to trial it’s almost certain he’d be convicted. The government doesn’t have a smoking gun. It has smoking skivvies,” Meyer said, referring to the fizzled underwear bomb. “This is a slam dunk” (Ed White, Associated Press/Google News, Sept. 9).

Meanwhile, three men in Pakistan were charged with assisting Faisal Shahzad in his unsuccessful May 1 attempt to detonate a bomb in New York City’s Times Square, a high-level Pakistani law enforcement official said Wednesday (see GSN, Sept. 9).

The men were charged with criminal conspiracy to commit terrorism for allegedly funding Shahzad’s operation and placing him in contact with senior Pakistani Taliban figures. They have acknowledged their guilt and provided police with detailed accounts of their involvement in the bomb plot, the Los Angeles Times quoted Deputy Inspector Bin Yamin as saying (Alex Rodriguez, Los Angeles Times, Sept. 9).

Synthetic Pathogens Might Pose Bioterror Threat, Scientists Warn

WASHINGTON –The newfound ability of scientists to produce disease materials from scratch has led to concerns that extremists might seek the same capabilities to carry out acts of bioterrorism (see GSN, Aug. 11).

Synthetic pathogens are man-made infectious agents that are produced either from the manufacture or adaptation of DNA, cells and other biological structures.

While scientists have been engineering genetic sequences for decades and commercial gene sequencing has been around for years, the field continues to move into uncharted territory. This year, researchers for the first time were able to design and produce cells that do not exist in nature without using pre-existing biological matter — marking the latest evolution in the rapidly advancing field of synthetic biology.

Additionally, recent technological advances and lower equipment costs now allow amateur scientists to conduct complex biological experiments such as DNA duplication outside of institutional settings and with machinery purchased online.

The developments could pave the way for advancements in medicine, energy and agriculture, but also could put sensitive materials in the wrong hands, analysts warn (see GSN, May 21).

“With the advent of DNA synthesis technology, simply restricting access to the actual pathogen no longer provides the security that it once did. Since the gene sequence is a blueprint, once an organism has been sequenced it can be synthesized without using samples of existing cultures or stock DNA,” issue specialists Ethel Machi and Jena Baker McNeill wrote for the Heritage Foundation in an August memo on the issue.

The federal government classifies 82 pathogens and biological toxins such as anthrax and smallpox as “select agents” that pose an extreme threat to public health. Access to those materials is strictly regulated. However, the complete genetic sequences, known as the genome, for many of these select agents are now available through the Internet.

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Sep 122010

Ten Christians Gathered at White House and Tore Passages From the Koran that Call for Violence Against Christians and Jews

WASHINGTON, Sept. 11 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Andrew Beacham says: “Why should we respect a book that denies Christ, denies the Trinity, calls us infidels, and declares that God wants Christians and Jews banished, imprisoned, crucified, or murdered?”

Also: Randall Terry releases two Graduate level papers dealing with Sharia law, and how the words and deeds of Muhammad are connected to modern terrorism.

Following are the Passages torn from the Quran by Mr. Andrew Beacham in front of the White House on 9/11/10.

(Note: Qurans have different verse divisions, depending on the translation. Your Koran may have these verses with slightly different numbers.)

Chapter 5: 17 – 19; States Christians are infidels for believing Christ is the Son of God.

Chapter 5: 33; Cut off hands and feet, crucify, and banish those who stand against Islam.

Chapter 5: 51; Muslims forbidden to take Christians and Jews for friends.

Chapter 5: 72-75; Christians are infidels; for believing in Deity of Christ; Passage denies Holy Trinity,

Chapter 8: 12-15; Decapitate infidels; i.e., those who stand against Mohammad.

Chapter 9: 5, 6; Slay Idolaters

Chapter 33: 26, 27; Passage justifies the beheading of hundreds of Jewish men, enslavement of their wives and children, and the spoiling of their property.

Chapter 33: 61-62; God wants the murder of those who stand against Islam.

Chapter 47: 1-4; Kill those who do not believe in Mohammad.

Mr. Terry States: “I apologize ahead of time to anyone who hopes these papers will rail against Islam or Muhammad. They do not. They are fairly dry reading. The goal of my research is to let the history, philosophy, and law of Islam speak for itself. These are for students interested in an analysis of primary Islamic sources, and how they are integrated in today’s world. The bibliography is a great source for further research.”

Papers are entitled:

“Is Islamic Sharia Law Incompatible With International Laws of Human Rights for Freedom of Thought, Conscience, Religion and Expression?”


“How do the words and deeds of Islamic terrorists, or Muslims who call for acts of terror and violence, emulate the words and deeds of Muhammad?”

Also: Mr. Terry released two papers to the press from his Masters research on International Terrorism.

Read papers

~source Randall Terry, Director

Prophet of Doom is the best-documented, most comprehensive, presentation of Islam’s five oldest and most reliable scriptural sources. Ishaq’s Biography of Muhammad, Tabari’s History of Islam, and Bukhari’s and Muslim’s Hadith, were used to reorder the Qur’an chronologically and to set its surahs into the context of Muhammad’s life. When this evidence is evaluated systematically, the only rational conclusion is that Islam’s lone prophet was a ruthless terrorist, a mass-murderer, a thief, slave trader, rapist and pedophile.

Islam’s Dark Past

Consider what is actually known about the Qur’an (Koran), its origin and content, and learn how we came to possess Muhammad’s recital in its present form. Evaluate the veracity of Islam’s foundational texts and discover when and where they were written.

Islam in Muhammad’s Own Words

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H/T *Green Eyes*

It’s the end of the world.

These days it’s impossible to avoid the hype about Dec. 21, 2012, or “Doomsday,” as it’s often called. Type “2012” and “end of the world” into Google and you get nearly 8 million hits. YouTube offers hundreds of thousands of clips that warn viewers about their fate and advise them on how to survive. And Hollywood has been cashing in with blockbuster apocalyptic films that explore everything from plagues and nuclear warfare to aliens and zombies.

While many may scoff at the thought of preparing for the end of the world, there are thousands of people worldwide who are doing just that. They’re stockpiling canned food, planting gardens, installing solar panels, buying up ammunition and building survival bunkers.

You may think these people are crazy, but if the apocalypse happened tomorrow, where would you go?

The Greenbrier Resort

The Greenbrier
is a luxury resort in White Sulphur Springs, W. Va., but it’s not the hotel’s lavish amenities that make it ideal for waiting out the apocalypse. It’s the massive underground bunker beneath the property.

The 112,544-square-foot bunker was commissioned in 1958 to house Congress in the event of nuclear holocaust. The facility, which was built 720 feet into the hillside, was completed in 1961, and the Cold War government immediately stocked it with survival supplies. The bunker had three outdoor entrances and one secret entrance inside the resort — a 25-ton blast door. It also featured decontamination chambers, a power plant, water storage tanks, a clinic with operating rooms, an intensive care unit, a pharmacy and dormitories that could accommodate more than 1,100 people. How did the government upkeep such a massive survival effort? A group of employees worked undercover as Forsythe Associates, a company hired by The Greenbrier for audio/visual services.

The location of the facility remained a secret for more than 30 years until The Washington Post exposed it in a 1992 article. At that time, the government ended its lease agreement with the resort, and The Greenbrier began offering bunker tours. Although the underground bunker is no longer stocked with survival supplies, it makes an ideal apocalyptic hideout — especially in the event of nuclear war.

Vivos survival shelter

Underground survival bunkers may conjure up images of small, dusty rooms — not the kind of place you want to spend years in as you wait for radiation to fade or zombies to be destroyed. Luckily, $50,000 can get you a bunk in Vivos’ luxurious underground survival shelter.

The 13,000-square-foot, nuke-proof bunker is located in the Mojave Desert. (Vivos owner Robert Vicino won’t reveal the exact location to prevent freeloaders from trying to get in when disaster strikes.) The shelter will include an atrium with a large TV, a gym, comfortable beds and enough gourmet food for a year — the menu features everything from sloppy joes to pearl potatoes. There’s even a jail if cabin fever gets people a little rowdy.

The Vivos shelter system has been engineered to withstand a 50-megaton blast and virtually any other force that nature or man can create. Vicino says the bunker provides protection from a host of apocalyptic disasters: pole shifts, solar flares, asteroids, nuclear bombs, chemical warfare, etc. (Zombies weren’t specifically mentioned, but a self-contained shelter located far from a populated area seems safe enough.)

Vicino has already collected deposits on half of the 132 spaces in the Mojave shelter, and he’s still taking reservations: $5,000 for adults, $2,500 for kids. Pets are free. If the Mojave is too far for you to travel, don’t worry. Vivos plans to build an entire underground network of shelters strategically located across the U.S.

Mount Weather

If it was safe enough for Dick Cheney on Sept. 11, it should be safe enough for you on doomsday. But the Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center, a FEMA facility, may be difficult to gain entry to in the event of apocalypse.

Built during the Cold War as a relocation site for high-level officials in case of national disaster, Mount Weather plays a key role in U.S. continuity of government plans. It’s located in the Blue Ridge Mountains about 48 miles from Washington, D.C., and consists of two parts: the above-ground FEMA complex and the 600,000-square-foot underground facility.

Mount Weather has its own leaders, its own police and fire departments and even its own laws. No one has ever been allowed to tour the underground complex, but in 1991, Time magazine published an expose after talking to one of the facility’s retired engineers. He described a sprawling bunker complete with mainframe computers, air circulation pumps and a television and radio studio for post-nuclear presidential broadcasts.

You can access Mount Weather via Virginia State Route 601, but your odds of making it past the armed guards on doomsday aren’t good — unless you’re a priceless work of art. The National Gallery of Art is rumored to have developed a program to transport valuable paintings to the bunker via helicopter in the event of disaster.


During the 1950s and 1960s, the U.S. government built hundreds of Atlas-F missile silos in preparation for a nuclear attack that never came. Most of these silos were abandoned, but Bruce Francisco and Gregory Gibbons acquired one in New York’s Adirondack State Park and transformed it into an underground haven.

Silohome sits atop a 1,350-foot mountain overlooking the Saranac River Valley and is surrounded by acres of untouched wilderness, which means it’s ideal for many of your post-apocalyptic duties: farming, hunting and fishing. On the surface it features a hangar, living room with fireplace and a wraparound porch, but the best stuff is below ground. In what was once the 2,300-square-foot launch control center there are now three bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, a living area and a kitchen.

Don’t feel safe enough? Well, there’s always the 20,000-square-foot silo that’s connected to the underground living quarters via a tunnel complete with “Star Wars doors.” It’s the perfect place to stockpile canned goods and ammunition, or you can give it a home makeover so you and the family can kick back and enjoy the nuclear winter in comfort. Buy it now for just $2.3 million — cash only.

Capitol Visitor Center

In the event of chemical, biological, nuclear or terrorist attack, you might think that Washington, D.C. is the last place you should be. After all, who’s most likely the target of such an attack? But if you can gain access to the top-secret bottom floor of the Capitol Visitor Center, you just may survive.

The CVC is a three-level, 580,00-square-foot building built entirely underground on the east side of the Capitol. The leviathan visitor center is supposedly built below ground “so as to enhance rather than detract from the appearance of the Capitol,” but not everyone believes that. It’s rumored that the building is actually designed to be a haven for lawmakers in the event of disaster — the entire bottom floor is reserved for Congress’ use and is off limits to the public.

Although the building was designed before the 2001 terrorist attacks, according to the architects, RTKL, the floor plans were amended after 9/11 and fitted “to deliver adequate security measures and material protection.” No one will say if the building provides protection from bombs, nuclear threats or biological or chemical incidents; however, the CVC does have four bombproof skylights and a tunnel system large enough for vehicles to move around. The building also has a sophisticated IT infrastructure that houses hundreds of thousands of feet of fiber-optic cable.

Site R

The Raven Rock Mountain Complex, also known as Site R or the “underground Pentagon,” is located about 9 miles from Waynesboro, Pa., and 6 miles from Camp David. It was built in the 1950s and has been waiting for Armageddon ever since.

The official plans for Site R called for an underground command control center that consisted of miles of tunnels and access shafts to the surface, but no will say what’s actually on site. It’s rumored that Raven Rock is home to an entire underground city — complete with streets and pumped-in air — that can survive a nuclear blast or an electromagnetic pulse. Some people say the bunker can sleep 3,000 people, houses a large supply of MREs (meals ready-to-eat) and features a special presidential apartment.

Although the facility was constructed around the same time as The Greenbrier bunker and Mount Weather, far less is known about this government complex. Documents referencing Site R simply say “it is unlawful to make any photograph, sketch, picture, drawing, map or geographical representation” of the site. Of course, in the age of Google Earth, this degree of secrecy seems somewhat futile.

Survival Condo

Building luxury underground bunkers seems to be all the rage these days, and there’s really no reason not to reserve a space in one. After all, paper currency is going to be useless in a post-apocalyptic world so you might as well spend your money now, right?

Survival Condo is pricey, but you get what you pay for. Built in a former Atlas-F missile solo, the condo extends 200 feet below the Earth’s surface and boasts epoxy-hardened concrete walls to keep you safe from nuclear attack. The shelter is powered by solar panels, a generator and its own wind turbine, and it boasts a digital weather station. But the $1.75 million required to buy a full-floor unit ($900,00 for a half floor) doesn’t just buy you power and security.

In addition to your condo’s stainless steel GE appliances, Kohler bath fixtures and Jacuzzi tub, your new underground home will also come equipped with a full-size pool, a spa, a fitness room, a library and a movie theater (I hope you like reruns). You’ll dine on a diet of organic produce and homegrown fish fresh from the facility’s state-of-the-art hydroponic and aquaculture center. And there’s no reason to fear the anarchy outside your apocalyptic haven because Survival Condo’s owner, Larry Hall, promises the silo will have a military grade security system — complete with lethal and nonlethal defense capabilities.

Cheyenne Mountain

The Cheyenne Mountain Complex is yet another government facility that was built into the side of a mountain during the Cold War. Located just outside of Colorado Springs, Colo., the facility is home to a variety of government operations, including NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command).

The operations center lies inside a tunnel bored a mile into the mountain — a tunnel that’s designed to route a blast’s shock wave out the other end past its 25-pound blast doors. Inside the mountain you’ll find several intersecting chambers and 15 freestanding buildings — 12 of which are three stories tall.

Like all good apocalyptic hideouts, Cheyenne Mountain is designed to be self-sufficient. It can protect its inhabitants from nuclear fallout and biological and chemical warfare through its elaborate air-purifying system that filters out harmful pathogens, chemical particles and radioactive material. It even has powerful springs that can absorb energy from earthquakes and bombs. Electricity comes from Colorado Springs, but there are six 1,750-kilowatt diesel generators for backup. There’s also a massive underground water supply — four excavated reservoirs hold 1.5 million gallons of water. In fact, they’re so large that workers sometimes cross them in rowboats. Can you say post-apocalyptic pool party?

Your crazy neighbor’s house

With thousands of people preparing for the apocalypse worldwide, the odds are good that you live near one of them. You probably saw him digging a well in the backyard, you might have noticed that he spends a lot of time in that shed, maybe you caught a glimpse of his arsenal when you borrowed a cup of sugar. Perhaps he’s even invited you to an American Preppers meeting or tried to persuade you to invest in gold or buy survival seeds.

It doesn’t matter how you identify the suburban survivalist — what’s important is that you befriend him. Strike up a conversation about affordable semiautomatic weapons, offer to help him build that 15-foot electric fence, and make biodesiel together. This man isn’t crazy — he’s just prepared. Bond with him, learn his ways, and maybe on Dec. 21, 2012, you’ll have a safe place to go when the sky starts falling.


~My friend David Morris…

Urban Survival Secrets

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Kelly Ayotte

Republican hopeful Kelly Ayotte, former Attorney General of the State of New Hampshire, of Nashua, at a debate at Franklin Pierce University in Rindge, N.H., Tuesday, Aug. 31, 2010. (AP)

Can the Republican establishment and Sarah Palin find happiness in New Hampshire?

First-time candidate Kelly Ayotte hopes so as she campaigns for a Senate seat in a state known for a late-deciding, independent-minded electorate.

In New Hampshire, as elsewhere, the economy, federal spending and the role of government are the issues, and the 42-year-old Ayotte, a former attorney general, campaigns as a conservative who wants to “eliminate agencies, eliminate earmarks” in first steps toward taming deficits.

With Tuesday’s primary approaching, she boasted to a few dozen supporters at a cocktail reception recently that she’s the only Republican who has been criticized by Rep. Paul Hodes, who will be the Democratic candidate this fall. “And the reason is he knows I can beat him,” she added.

But it’s precisely her support from the party hierarchy as well as from Palin, anti-abortion groups, law enforcement organizations and others that gives opponents hope of springing one more upset in a primary season in which Republican voters repeatedly have repudiated establishment candidates.

New Hampshire is one of seven states with elections Tuesday, near the end of a turbulent primary season in which the Republican Party, Palin and tea party activists have often struggled for advantage in race after race. Several party-backed candidates have lost nomination battles so far, and in Colorado, officials appear to have written off the upset winner of the gubernatorial primary.

Also on the Tuesday ballot is a Republican Senate primary in Delaware, where the establishment backs veteran Rep. Mike Castle while Palin and the Tea Party Express favor Christine O’Donnell.

New Hampshire is one of five states where Republican senators are retiring, and the party’s loss in any of them would likely doom its hopes of gaining the 10 seats they need to capture the majority.

If Ayotte is well-funded courtesy of the establishment, she is a “mama grizzly” by Palin’s pronouncement. She has been the front-runner in the polls for months in a crowded race to replace retiring GOP Sen. Judd Gregg, who said in an interview she is “uniquely talented” to take his seat.


Per Tea Party Express- Poll Shows Single Digit Race in Delaware! Here are the excerpts from the top lines of the poll:

“Just this morning, Tom Jensen of PPP teased that their final poll in the race (due tonight) has it as a single-digit race between Castle and O’Donnell.”

“-53% of primary voters in Delaware think that Mike Castle is too liberal.”

While there’s primaries in seven states and Washington, D.C., on Tuesday, the race in Delaware between Tea Party darling Christine O’Donnell and longtime U.S. Rep. Mike Castle for the GOP Senate nomination is perhaps drawing the most attention for its increasingly nasty tone.

O’Donnell has picked up major endorsements from Sarah Palin, the National Rifle Association and conservative Republican Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina.

But O’Donnell’s campaign is short on cash despite a pledge from the Tea Party Express to give $250,000. O’Donnell’s campaign financial reports filed on Aug. 25 shows she raised about $260,000 total for her bid and had about $20,000 in the campaign bank account.

Please – forward this to all your conservative friends. Ask everyone you know to match your contribution

But the GOP, stunned by what happened in Alaska when Tea Party candidate Joe Miller upset Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski in the Republican primary there, is taking no chances in Delaware.


Make a statement that not only expresses your frustration but also says you’re going to do something about it!

More than 70% of America believes Washington is out of touch and out of control. They refuse to listen to the voice of the people. Instead, they continue to impose their will whether America likes it or not. Time and time again, they have taken positions against the will of the people and passed new policies and legislation the majority of Americans oppose.

Together, we have to send a message they cannot ignore. We have to vote them out of office!

Ejection 2010 T-Shirts

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THIS IS VERY INTERESTING: make sure you watch to the end of the interview because at the end we discuss a standard legislative clause that the Atty General says they DID NOT PUT in the new national health care bill. Did they forget? intentional? And it is no ordinary clause that is missing…(you want to know this because this issue is fascinating and could turn everything really upside down!)

Sep 122010

Sen. Johanns says stopping health care law should be GOP’s number one priority if they win back control of Congress