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I decided while many are publishing the events of 9/11/2001, I want to honor those from that day and how they have survived since that day. ~JP

Please take whatever time you need to remember them all

The heroes and victims of 9/11 – 2,976 men, women, and children

Nine years have passed since Al Qaeda orchestrated the deadliest attack ever on U.S. soil, claiming nearly 3,000 lives.

But reports from the New York State Health Department suggest the carnage may not have ended that day.

More than 800 responders to the World Trade Center ruins have died — some, advocates say, from illnesses related to their heroic efforts. One advocate says the actual total of deaths is likely higher — and growing.

The data is a sobering reminder of the human toll that the tragedy is still taking as the nation prepares to mark the ninth anniversary Saturday of the 9/11 attacks.

According to the New York State Health Department, 836 responders have died as of June 2009, the most recent year of data available.

9 Years Later, Nearly 900 9/11 Responders Have Died, Survivors Fight for Compensation

Nine years have now passed since the horrific terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. And it is almost impossible to believe that nine years later the heroes of 9/11 who selflessly risked their own lives to save others are still not getting the health care and treatment they deserve. Congress has an undeniable moral obligation to provide care for the community survivors and first responders at Ground Zero, and we must not allow another anniversary to pass before we act.

As we mourn the darkness of thousands of innocent men and women who lost their lives, we must also honor the shining light created by the tens of thousands who came to their assistance. We as a nation saw greater acts of heroism than we could ever have imagined: first responders from all over New York and all over the country came to Ground Zero to save innocent lives, provide proper burial for lives that were lost, and assist in the enormous effort to clean up and recover from that devastating attack on our nation.

The responders and survivors living in the area were told by the federal government that the area was safe. They removed debris and recovered victims with little to no safety equipment to protect their lungs from the toxic ash that invaded Ground Zero for months. And they tried to return to their normal lives as best they could because that was what our nation asked them to do.

Now, years later, tens of thousands of these Americans are sick and dozens, perhaps hundreds, are dying.

Every day, first responders, firefighters, construction workers, and innocent men, women and children are facing life-threatening health ailments linked to the toxic debris from the attacks. Some of the brave 9/11 workers and community survivors that I have had the privilege of meeting are suffering from chronic coughing, serious health conditions, and terminal illnesses. Mothers and fathers have described to me the horrible asthmatic conditions of their children who were enrolled in day care near the World Trade Center.

Helping our 9/11 Heroes BY U.S. Senator Kristen Gillibrand

Nine years later, families to mark 9/11 anniversary

September 10, 2010 By CAROL POLSKY

Nine years later, the sharp edges of grief are somewhat blunted and the Ground Zero pile replaced by the frenetic activity of rebuilding.

Families will gather Saturday morning across the street from where their loved ones perished on Sept. 11, 2001. As they do every year, they will mark with silence the moments the towers fell. They will listen as 2,752 names are read.

Nine years after 9/11, a photo provides some peace

Family and friends gathered on September 10, 2010 to honor 15 firefighters lost from the “Pride of Midtown” firehouse in the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

NEW YORK (1010 WINS/WCBS 880/CBS 2) – Mothers who grieve their sons, wives who miss their husbands, and children who never knew their fathers gathered Friday to honor firefighters who died on 9/11.

Tears flowed at the Engine 54 firehouse, also known as the “Pride of Midtown,” on Eighth Avenue at 48th Street, reports CBS 2′s Dana Tyler.

Family members of the 15 firefighters who died on September 11, on-duty from Engine 54, Ladder 4 and Battalion 9, gathered for a special honor. Individual portraits were presented by a nonprofit organization called “Hero Portraits Incorporated.”

The off-duty battalion commander that day remembers his fallen comrades.

“They did not die in vain,” retired Battalion Chief Joseph Nardone said. “They gave hope to those poor souls who were trapped above the flames, if just for a few minutes.”

Loved Ones Remember Firefighters Lost On 9/11

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I would like to thank Rabbi Pruzansky for speaking TRUTH no one else will say aloud! You are in my prayers Rabbi ~JP

With the construction at Ground Zero delayed for years by litigation, bureaucracy and the like, and only recently proceeding apace, the world’s only existing memorial to the Arab-Muslim terror of September 11, 2001 rests in Israel. What sounds strange at first is actually quite comprehensible. Americans generally perceive Israelis as a plucky, determined people who have retained their values while successfully confronting a ruthless, barbaric enemy, and Israelis see Americans as a nation that has risked its blood and treasure to spread freedom around the globe, usually with little enduring gratitude.

And, of course, it became painfully clear on 9/11 that Americans and Israelis share the same enemies.

I visited Israel’s memorial to the Arab-Muslim terror of 9/11 several weeks ago. Called “Andardat Ha’te’omim” (Memorial to the Towers), it is located in a valley just outside Jerusalem, visible from the Har Hamenuchot cemetery across the road, and still almost unreachable. It requires traveling on several dirt roads, up hills and down vales, always on the lookout for microscopic signs pointing to the location. But it is there – and worth a quick visit – for what it is, and what it is not. Both are critical to the reckoning that lies ahead.

The memorial is set in a circle, the circumference of which is marked by plaques on which are inscribed the names of each of the approximately 3000 murdered victims of that horrific massacre. And right in the center is a metal statue that rises in a spiral to unfurl a metal American flag, resting on a glass base that contains a metal remnant of the Twin Towers that was specially sent to Israel by the City of New York. It does, indeed, as the text indicates, reflect the special relationship between New Yorkers and Americans, and the people of Israel.

Unfortunately, but by now quite typically, the captions speak volumes by what was not said. The metal remnant was taken “from the remains of the Twin Towers that imploded in the September 11, 2001, disaster..” Is that what happened ? The Towers “imploded” ? How ? Why ? Faulty construction ? Planned obsolescence ? Incredibly, the text – there and elsewhere – is silent as to the causes of this “disaster.”

“Disaster” ? “Tragedy”? The tsunami was a disaster, and the death of a young person by illness is a tragedy. The Arab terror of 9/11 was a crime – a brutal, barbaric, heinous, evil, vicious, and hideous attack on innocent civilians. The dedication plaque – the memorial was privately funded – does proclaim “Tolerance Not Terrorism,” and commemorates “the victims of 9/11 and demonstrating a commitment to hope and peace.” But even the term “victims” is neutral, and does not at all convey the malice of the victimizers.

One looks in vain for any reference to Muslims, Arabs, bin Laden, al Qaeda, Saudi Arabia, Islam or even hijacked planes being flown into these Twin Towers. A visitor from another planet would not be able to discern why or how these victims died, and at whose hand – if indeed there was a hand involved. Truth be told, there comes a time – long ago reached – when such obfuscations are themselves immoral, and desecrate – rather than honor or memorialize – the lives of the murdered.

It is not only that obscuring the names, backgrounds and ideology of the murderers nurtures the vile opinions of many – especially in Muslim lands – that the Arab/Muslim terror of 9/11 was actually perpetrated by others, perhaps even Jews. It is worse than that; it diminishes the very idea that there was a ghastly crime here, and not simply an engineering malfunction. And it perpetuates the notion that Islam – or at least a large segment of Islam’s practitioners – are at war with Jews, Americans and the West, and will stop at nothing in order to win that war.

The political correctness run amok that refrains from identifying the enemy who infiltrated this land, exploited its freedoms, and violated its serenity threatens to undermine the very nature of the world war in which we are engaged. One who is afraid to even name the enemy cannot defeat that enemy, and the liberal mindset that wishes for (and often presumes) the good intentions of even the malevolent is incapable of waging that war successfully. One who is so enamored with demonstrating a “commitment to hope and peace” in the face of an enemy that is uninterested in either hope or peace will forfeit any possibility of hope or peace, or freedom and life.

That this attitude pervades the American liberal is no surprise. It undergirds the enthusiastic support for the construction of the mosque near Ground Zero by a Muslim leader who does not construe Hamas as a terrorist group. Nor should it surprise Israelis, whose left has also seized every opportunity to shroud even Arab terror in Israel – the same trite phrases (“tragedy”) were inscribed on the memorial to the Sbarro Pizzeria terror victims – again, without any reference to the perpetrators.

It is not that such memorials would be made more meaningful if they contained curses and imprecations of the murderers; it is rather that the ambiguous language defeats the very purpose of constructing a memorial. It is honest and forthright to identify the murderers of the Jews in the Holocaust as Nazis or Germans; they weren’t victims of random, unnamed, perhaps even natural forces, but of people, evil people. So, too, the people murdered on September 11, 2001, were killed by people, evil people, who were all Muslim-Arabs, and who killed in the name of Islam.

If that point cannot be mentioned ever, even at this week’s commemorations of the Arab terror of 9/11, it is questionable whether these commemorations have any meaning whatsoever.

The idea of a 9/11 memorial in Israel speaks well of the originators and implementers, and does reflect the shared battle that Israelis and Americans are waging. Perhaps an amplification of the text at the memorial in Israel can still be done, if the will is there and the fear is absent. Then, it – and similar memorials – will serve their most valuable purpose in strengthening the resolve of those who are engaged in this war for the defense of civilization as we know it.


Rabbi Pruzansky
Home study: 201-928-4053
Office: 201-836-1824

Rabbi Steven Pruzansky

Sep 102010

Despite President Barack Obama’s declaration that chief of staff Rahm Emanuel would make “an excellent mayor” of Chicago, potential rivals were not ceding turf Thursday in the battle to succeed Mayor Richard Daley.

The praise for Emanuel, who is reportedly weighing a mayoral bid, fell short of an endorsement. And observers noted that just because Obama is president doesn’t make him a kingmaker, even in his hometown.

“Rahm, if he wants to run, he can come to town and raise money and run and run and run and run,” said U.S. Rep. Danny Davis. “But the local people of Chicago are going to determine who their next mayor is, not Barack Obama and not Rahm Emanuel.”

The president, in an ABC interview aired Thursday, said he does not expect Emanuel to announce whether he’s running until after Nov. 2 midterm elections. That’s less than three weeks before mayoral hopefuls must declare their candidacies and submit a minimum of 12,500 valid signatures from registered voters.

“I think he would be an excellent mayor,” Obama said. “He is an excellent chief of staff. I think right now, as long as he is in the White House, he is critically focused on making sure that we’re creating jobs for families around the country and rebuilding our economy. … But I think he would be a terrific mayor.”

The Chicago-born Emanuel, 50, a bare-knuckled veteran of Democratic politics, has high name identification, formidable campaign experience and hard-core fundraising muscle.

But possible opponents said he has weaknesses as well. They noted that he likely would face a competitive, crowded and diverse field — what one observer called a “Rubik’s Cube.” Some cite Emanuel’s “baggage” and say he would be handicapped by the anti-Washington mood and the difficulty of crafting an underlying rationale for his candidacy in light of the administration’s inability to whip the economy into shape.

Emanuel, through his spokeswoman, turned down an interview request Thursday, a day when he was observing the Jewish holy day Rosh Hashana. But an Emanuel associate, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the chief of staff was shocked by Daley’s retirement announcement Tuesday and is mulling his options, with political, professional and family considerations at stake.

U.S. Rep. Mike Quigley, who represents Emanuel’s old congressional district, is among those who may give the race a go. He said Thursday that Emanuel is “a very smart guy” and “as politically astute as anyone in the universe.”

Quigley, though, said Emanuel’s close relationship with Daley is both a plus and a minus, especially considering Daley’s recent poll ratings in the 30s and the corruption scandals that have dogged his administration.

Quigley said one question about Emanuel looms large: “What have you run? Have you run anything that compares to running a corporation the size of the city of Chicago?”

Davis, who has not ruled out a bid for mayor, said he wasn’t overly impressed with Obama’s praise of Emanuel, noting that it was normal for a boss to laud a staffer. And he said Emanuel has no automatic claim on the job.

“If your name is not Daley, there is no heir apparent,” Davis said. “If your name is not Rahm Daley, you are not heir apparent.”

Another consideration for Emanuel and any potential candidate, according to Quigley, is the nature of the battle ahead.

“Everybody knows these are tough, bloody races in Chicago,” he said. “They’re not for the faint of heart.”

U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., who also is considering a mayoral bid, told CNN on Thursday that he had “not made that judgment” yet.

“If Rahm Emanuel does make the decision to run for the mayor of Chicago, it will become a national campaign,” Jackson said. “This will not be a local race, run by a local candidate, just debating local issues. It will be about urban policy. It will be about the president’s agenda.”

“He’ll be running on his two years as chief of staff,” Jackson said, citing high unemployment among several issues.

Chicago is a tale of two cities, Jackson said, and some parts of the city have been left behind.

“We don’t want someone anointed from the outside,” Jackson said, adding that Emanuel hasn’t spent much time in Chicago of late. “He has the big money, he has the fame and he has, potentially, the charisma. And don’t get me wrong, Rahm has some tremendous strengths. He also has some profound weaknesses.”

Emanuel is a veteran of both Obama’s and Bill Clinton’s White House, a three-term member of Congress and former investment banker. He is married with three children, the oldest of whom is about 13, and his family moved to Washington but keeps a Chicago home.

He was to appear Sunday at a Chicago fundraiser for Rep. Debbie Halvorson, D-Ill. That’s been canceled because of other commitments and is to be rescheduled, their aides said.

Political scientist Norm Ornstein, with the American Enterprise Institute, said he’s convinced Emanuel is in. Emanuel “has for many years made no secret about the fact that this is his dream job and these jobs come along infrequently,” Ornstein said.

Ornstein said whichever way the midterms turn out, there’s a natural transition in their wake. Even if Democrats fared poorly, Emanuel could make his exit without anyone calling him a sacrificial lamb or accusing him of “bailing because times got bad,” he said.

Christi Parsons in Washington and Kristen Mack in Chicago contributed to this report.

–Katherine Skiba

Sep 102010

And now part 2-American Muslim Black Panthers thinly veiled threat of terrorist attacks in a response to the FL church burning the Qur’an. It is perfect because Tea Partiers will see this coming straight from Obama because he is a black American Muslim. Albert Pike has tears of joy no doubt.

Sep 102010

~Editor FSM

“The attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon has been likened many times this week to Pearl Harbor. The resemblance goes further than the simple suddenness and cruelty of the assault. This too, like Pearl Harbor, is not an isolated act; it is the opening salvo of what is intended to be a war leading to victory. The Japanese assumption at the time was that the United States, despite its wealth and strength, was unmilitary and indeed cowardly, and would easily be frightened out of Asia. A similar calculation underlay the action on Tuesday: that the Americans have gone soft, cannot take casualties and will run if attacked. A similar purpose inspired the action – to expel the Americans, their economic tentacles, their corrupting culture and their local accomplices from all the world of Islam, wherever the frontiers of that world may ultimately lie.” – – Bernard Lewis

9-11 Firefighter Tim Brown Hits Back At Ground Zero Imam

Keep America Safe

The board members of Keep America Safe, Liz Cheney, Bill Kristol and Debra Burlingame announce the release of “We Remember,” an ad featuring first responders and family members of the victims of the terrorist attacks of 9/11 who are speaking out in opposition to the proposed Ground Zero Mosque. We believe their voices should be heard throughout our country and we encourage you to pass their message along.

SPARTA, N.J. (CBS 2) – A New Jersey artist spent countless hours on a painting depicting the efforts of those who were killed on September 11. After her death, a volunteer firefighter made it his mission to find a special home for the artwork.

Volunteer firefighter Phil Cise made a promise to the then 93-year-old artist who created a painting of the heroes of 9/11 days after the attacks: that he would fulfill her dying wish and build a chapel memorial in honor of those who died, and put the painting there.

Firefighter Building 9/11 Memorial To Fulfill NJ Artist’s Dying Wish

Richmond Race (NASCAR) Will Balance Chase Celebration with 9/11 Remembrance

This weekend, NASCAR and Richmond International Raceway will face a unique challenge, that of balancing the excitement of setting the field for the final twelve Chasers for the Sprint Cup Championship while also honoring the memory of American lives lost on September 11th, 2001.

“It is delicate,” Doug Fritz, Richmond International Raceway President, said. “We do feel the responsibility of balancing the remembrance of 9/11 and obviously the excitement of the Chase.”

“Ever since the 2010 schedule was released and we saw we were going to run our first Cup race on September 11th, I can tell you that the 9/11 tribute has been a very high priority for our team,” Fritz continued. “Within a week after the schedule was announced, we started talking about how important this would be to do this and do it respectfully.”

An architect suggests that this 100-year-old church could be preserved inside a larger building. (Staff photo by Roger Vogel)

Flight 93 chapel on the move?

The Rev. Alphonse Mascherino, founder and director of the Flight 93 Memorial Chapel, was looking for help about a year ago. He wanted to add restrooms to the chapel, but there wasn’t enough space.

Newberry to dedicate war memorial on 9-11

Newberry, Mich. —

On September 11, a “Lest They Be Forgotten” Memorial will be dedicated in Newberry at 1 p.m. in front of the Newberry American Legion. September 11 is Patriot Day and the fourth anniversary of the death of Sgt. Jeremy DePottey, from McMillan.
DePottey’s children, parents and other family members will be at the ceremony. Many veterans are expected to attend. The public is encouraged to attend to show support for DePottey’s family and all veterans.

(TX) 9/11 event listings

San Marcos 9-11 Remembrance Ceremony:9 a.m. Saturday. Program includes flag ceremony, tolling of the bell and a moment of silence. City Hall, 630 E. Hopkins St.

Georgetown Patriot Day Memorial Service: 10:30 a.m. Saturday. Presentation includes speeches, flag raising and taps. Benold Middle School football field, 3407 Northwest Blvd. 512-869-5718.

Manchaca Patriot Day Ceremony: Noon Saturday. Guest speaker is Austin Fire Department Battalion Chief Warren Weidler. Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3377, 12921 Lowden Lane.

9-11 memorials planned around area (WV)

PARKERSBURG – A number of programs are being held throughout the area Friday to mark the ninth anniversary of the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001.

9-11 Memorial Floating Lanterns Ceremony

By this time next year, for the 10th anniversary, a memorial park is supposed to be open to the public. The city promises a “forest” of 400 trees surrounding two huge reflecting pools built into the footprints of the fallen towers. The first 16 trees, 30-foot-tall swamp white oaks, were planted last week.

Changing Manhattan Skyline-A look at how the new World Trade Center will change the skyline of lower Manhattan

The Rise of Freedom

Sep 102010

Sep 102010

Nine Years After 9/11 Are We Safer? America faces changing security threat (Tom Kean)

~Did anyone hear the Q & A after the stump speech? No one has the transcript yet, I’ve been looking. But the gist of his response to this article (Btw a reporter gave it to him good) Hope I find out ‘who’ it was, listening to C Span now to get that info. By Golly got it! At APPOX 1:06:57 ( Danged BO is a bag of wind). It was Ed Henry of CNN ~HERE

Anyway ,Obama alleges we are safer now. (Appox 1:08:19 ) That our threat is homegrown. Doh! He goes on to say ‘individuals’ killing, as opposed to terrorist! BO says we have GREATLY improved our homeland security (appox 1:09) He says we are NOT at war with islam. THIS shows how little he knows about foreign policy. He is SO deluded. (Check out from appox 1:15) I hope someone gets the uh,eh, er count) Final “uh” count from Obama’s press conference earlier: 226 “uh’s” in 52 minutes May 28, 2010. He far surpassed this today :) And he does have a big habit of this.

Well, this FOX report & video will show, if Kean, who was part of the 9/11 panel says we are in deep dudu, who are you going to believe?! ~JP

The United States has failed to anticipate the danger from homegrown terrorists and now faces the most complex set of threats since the Sept. 11 attacks, analysts on an organization headed by the two 9/11 Commission co-chairmen warned Friday.

Unveiling a new report a day before the nation marks nine years since the 2001 attacks, members of the National Security Preparedness Group said Al Qaeda and other terror groups are increasingly turning to U.S. citizens to carry out attacks on the United States. Though the U.S. at one time may have thought its cultural “melting pot” would provide a “firewall” against radicalization from within, group member Bruce Hoffman said that assumption turned out to be false.

“The United States has failed to fundamentally understand and prepare for these threats,” Hoffman said. “Terrorists may have found our Achilles’ heel. We have no strategy to deal with this growing problem and emerging threat.”

The report said U.S. authorities failed to realize that Somali-American youths traveling from Minnesota to Somalia in 2008 to join extremist Muslim groups was not an isolated event. Instead, the movement was one among several instances of a broader, more diverse threat that has surfaced across the country.

As a result, there remains no federal agency specifically charged with identifying radicalization or working to prevent terrorist recruitment of U.S. citizens and residents, said the report.

The group, headed by former 9-11 commission leaders Tom Kean and Lee Hamilton, laid out a detailed description of domestic terror incidents such as the Fort Hood shooting spree last year in which 13 people died; the attempt to crash an airliner in December as it was landing at Detroit, Michigan; and last May’s botched vehicle bombing in New York City’s Times Square.

Kean told Fox News that Al Qaeda is serious about recruiting U.S. citizens and “non-traditional terrorists” to carry out its attacks.

“The threat is real, coordinated. It’s something Al Qaeda wants to do now,” he said. “They’re moving to these smaller attacks. … Everything becomes more possible if you have an American passport.”

He said the United States needs to respond better to this evolving threat.

“We’ve got to attack it with the same energy and concerns and verve that we have … in the past,” Kean said.

During the past year, terrorism experts and government officials have warned of the threat posed by homegrown radicals, saying terror recruits who go abroad could return to the United States to carry out attacks.

But the United States, the report said, should have learned earlier from Britain’s experience.

Before the 2005 suicide bombings in London’s transit system, the British believed that Muslims there were better integrated, educated and wealthier than their counterparts elsewhere.

Similarly, U.S. authorities believed that its melting pot of nationalities and religions would protect it from internal radical strife, the report said.

The terrorists, it said, may have discovered America’s “Achilles’ heel in that we currently have no strategy to counter the type of threat posed by homegrown terrorists and other radicalized recruits.”

U.S. officials have acknowledged the need to address the radicalization problem, and for the first time, the White House added combating homegrown terrorism this year to its national security strategy. The FBI, meanwhile, has worked to reach out to the Somali communities in an effort to counter the radicalization of the youth.

The report also points to an “Americanization” of the leadership of Al Qaeda and its allied groups, noting that radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, who encouraged the U.S. soldier accused in the Fort Hood shooting and others, grew up in the state of New Mexico. And Chicagoan David Headley played a role in scoping the targets for the Lashkar-e-Taiba attacks on Mumbai in late 2008 that killed more than 160 tourists and others.

Abroad, Al Qaeda, its affiliates and other extremist groups have splintered and spread, seeking havens in undergoverned areas of Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and places in North and East Africa. That diversified threat has intensified as militants reached out to potential recruits through the Internet.

Assessing future threats, the report lists potential future domestic targets, including passenger jets, Western or American hotel chains, Jewish or Israeli sites and U.S. soldiers, even at their own bases in America.

It also warns that it is no longer wise to believe that American extremists will not resort to suicide bombings. They point to Maj. Nidal Hasan’s alleged shooting spree at Fort Hood as an example, saying he had written about suicide operations in e-mails, and that his attack appeared to be one.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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