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Aug 202010

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Why all of a sudden? Looking for trouble or money or both?!

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Aug 202010
Image courtesy of Blackie SM

by Rael Jean Isaac

Image courtesy of Blackie SM

In the furor over the proposed mosque at Ground Zero, the chief argument against it has been all but overlooked: it will be a huge security risk. Indeed “risk” is the wrong word: it is virtually guaranteed to become a potent engine for future attacks against this country.

How can we know this? From experience. Just as the experience of RomneyCare in Massachusetts (a sharp rise in health care costs) foretells that ObamaCare will have the same result because of the close similarities between the two, so the Taiba mosque and Arab-German cultural center in Frankfurt (closed down last week by German authorities) foretells what the Cordoba mosque and cultural center will bring to New York.

The Taiba mosque (then called al-Quds) was the hang-out of Mohammed Atta and several other 9/11 hijackers. Although it is unprepossessing (a small run-down building in a poor neighborhood—no $100 million iconic structure like the one proposed for New York), it became a magnet drawing enthusiasts for jihad from around the world. Die Zeit editor Josef Joffe writes in The Wall Street Journal: “Why so? Manfred Murck, the deputy chief of Germany’s domestic security agency explains: ‘Because it has the aura of the 9/11 assassins.’ Devotees of the 9/11 killers have come from all over on a tour of jihadism that starts in Hamburg, then proceeds to Madrid, then to London, where dozens were murdered in the tube in 2005. ‘Hey I prayed where Mohamed Atta did…’”

If the mere “aura” of Mohamed Atta has proved so powerful in Hamburg, can you imagine what a magnet a mosque at the site of their greatest triumph over the infidels would be? In the imagination of the jihadists it will be almost as good as a mosque in the actual footprint of the towers, for the Burlington Coat factory site on which it will go up was badly damaged when landing gear and fuselage from one of the planes that tore into the World Trade Center crashed through the roof. It would indeed be, as real estate investor and key figure in developing the mosque Sharif El-Gamal, puts it “an iconic building that will have people come and visit from around the world”—unfortunately it will be the same kind of jihadi pilgrims that flocked to the Taiba mosque and cultural center.

It is because the mosque’s Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, El Gamal and the potential Middle East funders understand this all too well that the prospect of an alternative site—on the surface an easy way to put the controversy to rest–is so unappealing to them. And that’s why those behind the mosque might reluctantly accept New York Governor Patterson’s offer of an alternative site on state-owned land only if, despite the political and media elites, public pressure should become overwhelming.

At any other site Imam Rauf would be unlikely to raise anything like the $100 million he can plausibly promise to obtain in the space of a year for what the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs aptly says “will be widely understood in the Moslem world as a battlefield monument in the name of Islam.” It took Rauf’s father (who died in 2004) decades to raise the $25 million for the mosque he established in 1991 on East 96th Street in Manhattan. Stephen Schwartz has pointed out that this mosque, of which the current Rauf is a long-time trustee, also has a less than stellar history: shortly after 9/11 its imam Mohammed Gamei’a left the U.S. for Egypt where he told an Egyptian website: “The Jews were behind these ugly acts [9/11] while we, the Arabs, were innocent.” His successor at the 96th Street mosque, Imam Abu-Namous has been cagier, saying he could not rule out possible perpetrators “whether Muslim, Christian or Jewish.”

All of which means the time to stop the mosque at Ground Zero is now!

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Aug 202010

Report Obama ‘propaganda’ on trains, planes, highways By Jerome R. Corsi for WND

Have you seen a “stimulus” sign in your neighborhood?

Take a photograph, and send the picture along with a description of the location to HERE , urges Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., the ranking member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

Issa’s congressional staff plans to assemble a prominent display of what Issa believes are ubiquitous stimulus signs praising the Obama administration and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, or ARRA, on transportation facilities across America.

Yesterday, Issa’s Washington office issued a statement charging that the Department of Transportation is continuing to push recipients of Obama administration stimulus money to display signs crediting President Obama and stimulus spending with “economic recovery,” even though DOT has responded to pressure and agreed to stop “requiring” that the signs be posted.

WND reported Monday that Issa’s office issued a scathing Republican oversight report charging the Obama White House has “used the machinery of the Obama campaign to tout the President’s agenda through inappropriate and sometimes unlawful public relations and propaganda initiatives.”

Issa is convinced that despite the objections voiced by his office, the report and the DOT’s apparent agreement to stop, the agency intends to plaster railroads, airports, highways and waterways throughout the country with Obama stimulus signs. The congressman says the signage campaign amounts to little more that a political message to re-elect the president.

Issa is now convinced that DOT’s change of policy from requiring stimulus signs to be posted to “encouraging” the posting of the signs is nothing more than window dressing.

“Despite eliminating requirements to post signs, Department of Transportation agencies are still improperly focused on pushing projects to display signs crediting President Obama and the so-called ‘stimulus’ for earmarked funding handouts,” Issa said yesterday.

Issa is charging that DOT is involved in “wink-wink” compliance by getting the signs put up by implementing regulations that “encourage” stimulus contractors to post the signs.

“The Administration’s obsession with using taxpayer money to get political credit for projects add unnecessary expenses and bureaucracy to a spending package that’s failing to spur promised job creation in the private sector,” he stressed.

Issa’s office notes that stimulus signs posted by DOT can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to as much as $10,000 for a sign posted at Dulles Airport outside Washington, D.C.

WND reported Issa has called for a Government Accountability Office investigation into the legality of the Obama administration’s use of taxpayer funds to conduct “a propaganda effort” to promote the president’s partisan agenda.

Here come the signs

A letter Tuesday to Issa from Calvin L. Scovel III, the inspector general at DOT, made clear that DOT has agreed not to require ARRA signs to be posted, thereby appearing to concede to the objections raised by Issa and the Republican report.

However, Scovel’s letter made equally clear DOT will continue to “encourage” the posting of ARRA signs.

Scovel detailed “encouragement” rules and regulations for ARRA signs to be posted on nearly every mode of transportation in the United States – including stimulus-funded airport projects under the jurisdiction of the Federal Aviation Administration, highway projects under the Federal Highway Administration, railroad projects under the Federal Railroad Administration and maritime projects under the Maritime Administration.

Given that most contractors are inclined to comply with the wishes of their government funding agencies, Issa is concerned the difference between “requiring” ARRA signs to be posted and “encouraging” the posting of the signs may not be meaningful in practice.

“Despite the fact that the Federal Railroad Administration no longer legally requires the posting of such signs, their guidance continues to encourage grant recipients to spend federal stimulus dollars on such signage,” a press release issued by Issa’s office yesterday stressed.

Issa further pointed out that the Federal Railroad Administration’s decision to eliminate requirements for posting stimulus signs took effect July 15, only after a proposal introduced by Rep. Aaron Schock, R-Ill. The measure to prevent tens of millions of dollars to be spent on stimulus signs was selected July 13 to go to the House floor to be put to a vote through the Republican “You Cut” project.

The Federal Railroad Administration continues to encourage grant recipients to spend federal stimulus dollars and post the signs anyway by specifying FRA stimulus sign posting policies that specify:

* ARRA project signs should be stand-alone signs, with the sole purpose of identifying the project as being funded in whole or in part by ARRA;

* Grantees may elect to have a secondary sign that identifies other project partners (such as state, county, city or corporate sponsors), but only if the secondary project signs are smaller and less prominent that the ARRA project sign;

* AARA project signs should be designed to maximize the visibility of and DOT logos and minimize any accompanying text;

* For rail vehicles purchased or rehabilitated using ARRA funding, ARRA project signs should take the form of a decal, no smaller than 12-inches measured diagonally;

* For passenger rail cars, such decals should be placed so as to be visible to every passenger entering the car (e.g., by being placed n or adjacent to each vestibule car and/or each exterior door);

* For locomotives, such decals should be placed in the lower front of the locomotive body, adjacent to a builder plate;

* ARRA project signs on fixed facilities should be located as to maximize their visibility to rail passengers and passersby approaching the site.

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Aug 202010

By Mike Levine

One of the nation’s top intelligence officials was stunned by what he heard in that secret, underground facility.

Jack Tomarchio, the Department of Homeland Security’s Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Intelligence and Analysis at the time, had flown from Washington to Ohio earlier that spring day for a briefing on the Buckeye State’s latest efforts against terrorism. Now, as heavy winds battered the streets above, two Ohio Homeland Security officials told him how the capitals of Ohio and Minnesota had become havens for refugees of war-torn Somalia.

“Get out of town!” Tomarchio remembers saying in surprise. “Why did they go to Minnesota? It’s freezing up there. Why don’t they go to Arizona, where it’s desert-like?”

Al Shabab fighters

Will Al Shabab Attack Inside U.S.? U.S. underestimated potential threat of Somali terror group

Then the two briefers told Tomarchio they were becoming increasingly concerned about “radical mosques” in Columbus, Ohio, where imams “considered to be a little fiery” would come from Somalia and preach anti-Western messages to the growing Somali community, Tomarchio recalls about that day in 2006.

It marked one of the first times a U.S. counterterrorism official was warned that Islamic extremists in Somalia could pose a threat to the U.S. homeland — not just a threat to the Horn of Africa or U.S. interests there.

* Exerpt From ‘Rag Tag Group of Kids’ to ‘Foreign Terrorist Organization’

Al Shabab’s name first emerged in U.S. intelligence reports in July 2006, shortly after Usama bin Laden posted a message online warning the international community to stay out of Somalia. At the time, what U.S. officials called a “loose coalition of Islamic insurgents” known as the Islamic Courts Union and their “extremist faction” were fighting the relatively new Transitional Federal Government. The “extremist faction” dubbed themselves Al Shabab — or “The Youth” in Arabic.

~I JUST finished watching this & although I would never post a full length video, I felt this one was important for anyone one of us who has either fought the War on Terror following 9/11 or is JUST wondering how on earth we are producing so very many American Jihadists. I felt this episode was an important one to watch, as I hope you do also. I also felt it was important for those of you not familiar with Abu Mansoor Al-Amriki, that you do to get to know him & all those who wish to take down our country. This episode will be a great asset for your knowledge on how their minds work, how they twist islam from a religion to extremism & what makes them tick. It is our goal at JUST Piper to inform. ~JP

~JP Profile of an American Jihadi (Omar Hammami of Daphne, Ala)~’the Jihadist next door’

So the big question now: Will Al Shabab launch an attack inside the United States?

Some current and former officials say they’re skeptical, believing if it happens it won’t be anytime soon. While acknowledging that the chances of such an attack have “probably” increased over the past two years, the senior intelligence official said Al Shabab still has limited reach and limited intentions.

“They’ve now gone beyond Somali borders to hit Uganda, but is hitting Uganda and hitting Buffalo (N.Y.) the same thing? No,” the official said. “It’s substantially different. Getting from Mogadishu to Kampala is relatively simple.”

More importantly, the senior intelligence official said, Al Shabab’s “number one goal” is “not to win the global jihad, it’s to turn Somalia into a Shabab-ville,” where strict Islamic law rules everything, and he hasn’t seen any “convincing evidence that they’ve refocused on the West at large.”

* Exerpt ‘Would Speak Different Today’

Mudd said he “would speak different today” than he did during that March 2009 hearing, insisting “the temperature’s been lowered” on the ground in Somalia and within Somali communities in the United States.

Not only have some foreign forces opposed by Al Shabab already left Somalia, but the FBI investigation and reaction from Somalis inside the United States seem to be having an effect.

At least 26 men and women spanning eight states have now been charged for either joining Al Shabab, planning to do so, or trying to help others get there. Of those in custody, at least five have pleaded guilty.

At the same time, Somalis inside the United States decided, “We got to get our arms around this because we don’t want our kids going over there getting whacked,” Mudd said. The senior intelligence official agreed, describing Somali communities as “horrified” that some of their own were joining Al Shabab.

As for Tomarchio, four years after his underground briefing in Ohio and after first hearing of Al Shabab, he also said he believes an Al Shabab strike inside the United States is “unlikely” anytime soon. But, he said, it’s too early to “write off the future operational capabilities of Al Shabab.”

“We did this with Al Qaeda years ago,” he said. “And what did that give us? 9/11.”

Full report

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Aug 202010

~And JUST for fun, the Pelosi Idiocy Montage’

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