Aug 152010

by Hillel Koren

In another blow to Israeli shares, the Harvard Management Company notified the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Friday that it had sold all its holdings in Israeli companies during the second quarter of 2010. No reason for the sale was mentioned. The Harvard Management Company manages Harvard University’s endowment.

Harvard Management Company stated in its 13-F Form that it sold 483,590 shares in Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. (Nasdaq: TEVA; TASE: TEVA) for $30.5 million; 52,360 shares in NICE Systems Ltd. (Nasdaq: NICE; TASE: NICE) for $1.67 million; 102,940 shares in Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. (Nasdaq: CHKP) for $3.6 million; 32,400 shares in Cellcom Israel Ltd. (NYSE:CEL; TASE:CEL) for $1.1 million, and 80,000 Partner Communications Ltd. (Nasdaq: PTNR; TASE: PTNR) shares for $1.8 million.

Harvard Management Company’s 13-F Form shows some interesting investments. Its two largest holdings, each worth $295 million, are in iShares ETFs, one on Chinese equities, and the other on emerging markets. Harvard also owns $181 million in a Brazilian ETF.

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Aug 152010
Conservative Candidate for CA Sec. of State

GOP Rising Star’s Inspirational Story

California secretary of state candidate Damon Dunn on ‘Hannity’

Conservative Candidate for CA Sec. of State

Damon is 110% proof you can win against adversity & come out of it a stellar human being. I only wish EVERY politician was like Damon ~JP

~About Damon

Climbing Out of Poverty

Born in 1976 in Fort Worth, Tx to a 16-year-old single mother, Damon Dunn grew up in dire poverty; living in a three-bedroom trailer with ten people. Damon grew up hunting and fishing as means to provide food, and wore Salvation Army clothes. From these humble beginnings, Damon learned the value – and the rewards-of hard work, which he has demonstrated throughout his life.

Excelling in Education and Athletics

In high school, Damon was an honor student and earned recognition as a Texas All-State Football player. On these merits he was awarded a scholarship to Stanford University.

At Stanford, Damon had a record setting college football career, ran track and earned many academic and athletic awards, including the NCAA Academic Scholarship, All-PAC 10 Honors and Academic All-Pac 10 Honors, and the NFL and College Hall of Fame Award.

Upon graduation, Damon played in the NFL for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Cleveland Browns, New York Jets and Dallas Cowboys. Damon had the privilege to play under and be mentored by coaching legends such as Bill Walsh, Bill Parcells, Tyrone Willingham and Tom Coughlin.

Leading Through Public Service

Despite these achievements, Damon has never forgotten what it is like to go to sleep hungry and wake with a sense of hopelessness. This is why Damon has committed himself to serve others; to show them there is another way and to help them find it for themselves.

While at Stanford University, Damon served as Executive Director of the East Palo Alto Stanford Summer Academy, which provided tutoring and mentorship to underprivileged Latino and African American students from East Palo Alto, California. In recognition of his work at the Academy and elsewhere in the community, Damon received the James W. Lyons Award and JE Wallace Sterling Book Award given to students who demonstrated outstanding service to the greater Stanford community.

In the NFL, Damon worked with the Make-a-Wish Foundation to visit kids with terminal illnesses. He started the Fighting Giants Ministry that ministers to children with life-changing injuries. He also worked with St. Augustine Soup Kitchen, the Cops-N-Kids program and the Cleveland Clinic Foundation.

Damon currently volunteers in Santa Ana elementary schools implementing the Latino Educational Attainment Initiative (LEA). The purpose of the LEA is to help Latino parents become more effective advocates for their children, particularly as it relates to their education.

Acting on His Faith

During his undergraduate days at Stanford, Damon served as associate pastor at Jerusalem Baptist Church where he managed the children’s and youth ministries. Since his time at Stanford and the NFL, Damon has started the Joshua Project, a leadership development ministry that mentors aspiring young Christian leaders.

Damon has served as president of his local Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) chapter and has spoken nationally at FCA events. Damon is currently a licensed Baptist minister and a member of Saddleback Baptist Church.

Building a Successful Business

Upon retiring from the NFL in 2002, Damon co-founded a successful real estate firm with holdings across the country.

From this national perspective, he saw how certain governmental entities aided individuals and entrepreneurs to meet their full potential while protecting the environment whereas others did not.

He saw how the communities that provided the best education opportunities and kept its people safe, were those that had thriving business communities with well paid jobs.

In contrast, he saw how the California business environment was choking innovation and the potential of the entrepreneur, the two characteristics which had made California great in the first place.

Damon Dunn for Rep. Sec of State 2010

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Aug 152010

By: Markham Heid Examiner Staff Writer

Notice some extra crunch in your grilled chicken salad? Or maybe an exotic flavor in your fries? If you’re dining at Washington-area shopping malls, you may want to put down your fork.

Roach and rodent infestations as well as dozens of other critical health violations are common in food courts and restaurants at shopping malls throughout the region.

Westfield Wheaton

¥ Roughly three-quarters of food vendors have been cited for one or more critical health violations.

¥ Temporarily shut down for roach infestations: Bourbon Street Cafe, Greenleaf & Bananas.

¥ Signs of roach or rodent infestation: P.J. Rice Bistro, Arby’s, Texas BBQ Factory, Subway and McDonald’s.


¥ Roughly 80 percent of food vendors have been cited for one or more critical health violations.

¥ Signs of roach or rodent infestation: Kelly’s Cajun Grill, Jumbo Cafe, Texas BBQ Factory, Subway, Silver Diner and Auntie Anne’s.

White Flint

¥ Roughly 50 percent of food vendors cited for one or more critical health violations.

¥ Signs of roach or rodent infestation: Dave and Busters, Texas BBQ Factory and Cheesecake Factory.

Ballston Common

¥ Every food vendor cited for one or more critical health violations.

¥ Signs of roach or rodent infestation: Ballston Market, Chevy’s, Texas BBQ Factory, Bailey’s Pub, Fabian’s, Subway and Rock Bottom Brewery.

» Fashion Centre at Pentagon City

¥ Every food vendor cited for one or more critical health violations.

¥ Signs of roach or rodent infestation: Harry’s Tap Room, Popeye’s, Subway, Salad Creations, Yogen Fruz, Kabuki Sushi, Kelly’s Cajun Grill, Au Bon Pain and Texas BBQ Factory.

» Landmark

¥ Every food vendor cited for one or more critical health code violations.

¥ Roach infestation: Asanka Delight.

¥ American Cafe and Chicken Kabob cited for 11 critical violations each.

» Tysons Corner Center

¥ Roughly 80 percent of food vendors have been cited for one or more critical health violations.

» Fair Oaks

¥ Roughly 75 percent of food vendors have been cited for one or more critical health violations.

» Potomac Mills

¥ Roughly 70 percent of food vendors have been cited for one or more critical health violations.

» Westfield Montgomery, Dulles Town Center and Manassas Mall

¥ Half of food vendors were cited for critical health violations.

¥ No signs of roach or rodents have been reported.

Source: All information taken from Montgomery, Arlington, Alexandria, Prince William and Fairfax County health records spanning the last 12 months.

Entire report…

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Aug 152010

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Aug 152010

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Aug 152010

Thanks to my friend Barb :)

This is one of the best 50’s video’s I’ve seen. You will enjoy this. But only if you were in our generation or very close. . . .. And if you were not in this generation — listen and eat your hearts out. It was one of the best of times..

Take a trip back, wayyy back…

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Aug 152010

By Judi McLeod CFP

Earth to Arizona mainstream media: patriots are already piercing sparks of bright light through your media blackout.

“Media censorship in Arizona has now become quite blatant. Can Canada Free Press help,” patriot Annette McHugh writes CFP this morning. “Not only do the anti-SB1070 protesters get more media coverage than the pro-SB1070 supporters, but now there is blatant, unconstitutional censorship occurring in Arizona of media attempts to silence Conservative voices, activities, rallies, press releases and press conferences of Arizona Tea Parties!”

It seems that silence is not golden but deafening in Senator John McCain country.

“We’re asking for all Tea Party members, those who identify with the foundational principles of the Tea Party Movement, as well as individuals from every political party and ideology who value the First Amendment rights which apply to EVERYONE, to take quick action to bring this atrocity to the attention of our National news media,” writes McHugh. “Our attempts for local media acknowledgement and response has gone ignored repeatedly! No matter which political candidate you support, no matter which political party you most identify with, we all agree that First Amendment rights apply to every individual—EVEN CONSERVATIVES! Please contact, email, call every media organization in your state, even outside the U.S. to send this message quite loudly. WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED!”

Good thing the Tea Parties are including the international media in their call for help, as it seems that the British media and CFP care more about US media blackouts than does the American mainstream media.

McHugh’s concerns are echoed by Pam Stevenson, AZ Director, Tea Party Patriots: “Last week the media was invited to the Press conference announcing that 16 Arizona TEA Parties were supporting/endorsing J.D. Hayworth for the senate race. Although media representatives showed up from local TV stations, radio stations and newspapers—NONE of them ran the story,” Stevenson wrote in an SOS to patriots.

The media drank the bottled water, fanned themselves in the oppressive heat, returned to their offices and disappeared under a wall of it-didn’t-happen silence.

“Regardless of your choice for senate candidate; this should be a BIG red flag that the media can shut out the news if it does not fit with their agenda, says Stevenson. “Interesting enough, when John McCain ran for office in 2008, he complained that the media was in the tank for Obama and he did not receive adequate press coverage. Now the tables have turned and McCain is the more progressive candidate so the media is shutting out news that can get a more conservative candidate elected.

“Please alert your groups that the media has shut us down and we need to let the nation know that we will not be silent. We need to have hundreds of Tea Party members emailing their complaints and then blasting their phone lines if they ignore our emails.

“TEA Party Nation and ALIPAC have already made statements to alert their members of this injustice. Please get this information out to everyone you now and ask them to tell the media they want to know the activities of the TEA Party groups. We reserve our right to Free Speech!”

Meanwhile, the Tea Party Movement has two mighty weapons to fight off the media blackout in Sen. John McCain country: Word of mouth and taking the story viral via the mightier-than-media Internet.

Somewhere the light is starting to pierce the darkness in media blackout Arizona.

A list of the media that you can turn to:

Local Media,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

National Media,
RedState at,

Fox News Contacts:

America Live w/ Megyn Kelly
America’s Newsroom w/ Bill and Martha
Bulls and Bears
Cashin’ In
Cavuto on Business
Forbes on FOX
FOX & Friends
FOX News Specials
FOX News Sunday
FOX News Watch
FOX Report w/ Shepard Smith
FOX Report Weekend
Geraldo at Large
Happening Now w/ Jon Scott & Jenn Lee
Glenn Beck
The Journal Editorial Report
On the Record w/ Greta Van Susteren
Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld
Special Report w/ Bret Baier
Studio B w/ Shepard Smith
The O’Reilly Factor
War Stories w/ Oliver North
Your World w/ Neil Cavuto

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