Aug 102010

Media sold Obama on two key points, repairing the economy, and bringing new focus and ideas into the war in Afghanistan

During the 2008 election, the media sold Obama on two key points, repairing the economy, and bringing new focus and ideas into the war in Afghanistan. As the summer of 2010 fades, it’s painfully clear that Obama has failed completely in both areas.

Obama has come out on the wrong side of the economy. His administration’s economic policies are based on the insane notion that the private sector needs to be taxed more in order to fund more government spending. When it’s only private sector capitalism that has a shot at reviving the economy, not government spending. The Democrats mistook their own “tax and spend” rhetoric for reality, tripling the national debt, while ramming through smoking heaps of pork for themselves and their buddies. And so the economy is a disaster area, the public is angry, and the only answer the Democrats have for them is more of the same. But more of the same just won’t cut it.

Democrats Spending Bills, Taxing the rich

The Democrats want to keep pushing the message that the problem with the economy is that the rich don’t pay enough taxes. But that’s not the problem with the economy, that’s the problem with their spending bills. America isn’t suffering from economic problems because the people who actually make money aren’t forwarding it fast enough to Washington D.C. That’s the problem that Washington D.C. politicians are suffering from. And they’re not suffering very hard from it, because their approach is to just spend the money anyway, and turn it into debt for the next generation.

And the argument by Dem pols that the people who actually stimulate the economy need to send them more money, so they can spend it faster, isn’t resonating too well with the general public. Americans may not be big fans of big banks, but they’re not fans of big pols either—and they know by now that it’s the pols and the banks who joined hands in the bailout at their expense. Everything else is just theater. After multiple bailouts, the Democrats want to turn around and bash the same banks and companies they bailed out. And that plays about as well as two criminals turning on each other in police custody. “He was the one behind it!” “No it was all his idea.”

Running on the bizarre crypto-economics of Enron adviser and liberal financial court jester Paul Krugman, the Obama Administration and the Democratic congress acted as if the mere act of government spending alone would revive the economy. The more the better. And it’s hard to understand whether they actually believed this insanity, or were just pretending so they could spend unlimited amounts of money and possibly bankrupt America permanently in the bargain, ending economic freedom for good. After decades of mocking “Trickle Down Economics” and any notion that in hard times, it’s the government that should cut back, they got the chance to put their economic policies into action and the state of the nation’s economy is a disaster.

Now the unions have turned on the Democrats

Only so many ways Obama can spin failure, and he’s lost badly on the economy

CFP-By Daniel Greenfield
Democrats have turned on the unions