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U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton ruled to block several provisions of the law that some consider controversial (even though these mimic federal law). However, the judge has allowed the remainder of the law to move forward as planned while the case is being litigated. This includes allowing the state of Arizona to stop rogue state officials from implementing “sanctuary city” policies, and allowing the state to pursue civil lawsuits over sanctuary cities. In addition, Arizona will still be permitted to implement the portion of the law that makes it a crime to pick up day laborers, an issue that law enforcement and officials say has become a major problem in the state.

While yesterday’s ruling is being praised by opponents of the law, it won’t stop their protests, it will prolong them, according to Liberty Chick of Big Government For years. In fact, hordes of angry protesters are descended upon the state first thing Thursday morning. And the propaganda machine on the left continues to run at full speed, cranking out intentionally misleading statements, disinformation, and outright lies. We’ve watched the boycotts. We’ve watched as the protests have erupted into hate events, directed not from the right against illegal immigrants as the left portrays them, but from the left and illegal immigrants against peaceful people on the right (and many in the center!).

SEIU-ULTCW homecare worker Rob Robbins explains why he’s traveled to Arizona on July 29th to march in support of Immigration Reform

Minuteman and Tea Party protest of May Day Illegal Immigrants in San Francisco, May 1, 2010

For the first time, a Minuteman group, a Tea Party group, and a 912 group joined together to stand up against illegal immigration in America! The Golden Gate Minutemen, the Pleasanton/NorCal Tea Party and the SF Bay 912 groups combined together to protest the mostly illegal May Day immigrant labor marchers in San Francisco, May 1st, 2010.

During my past four years as a Minuteman in the SF Bay Area I’ve been to many protest. But this one was by far the most vile display of “in your face” group of “immigrants” that I’ve ever seen.

Ignited by the recent passage of Arizona’s immigration law, fueled by many Democratic politicians, left wing, communist and socialist groups, and spurred on by the liberal media, these marchers took aim at us tax paying American Citizens.

The large group of mostly foreign nationals who are living illegally in the United States, were emboldened by their large numbers, and their arrogance was obvious. They carried signs with swastikas on them, communist flags, and I’ve never seen so many signs, shirts and hats with their hero “Che Guevara”, the racist Cuban revolutionary and self appointed executioner during the Cuban revolution. The number of Mexican and country flags easily outnumbered American flags. And most of the literature being distributed or sold at their event, was Socialist and Communist in nature.

They chanted “racist go home” as they advanced to the barricades that the police placed there to protect us from harm. We were forty and they were two thousand. Joined by many radical left Americans (what else would you expect to find in San Francisco these days), it was obvious to us that this crowd despised us. They had “pre-judged” us as racist, neo-nazis , white supremacist and anti immigrant, just because we want the United States borders secured and illegal immigration stopped. Not only was this far from true, but to me, the true racism was directed at us by them.

We stayed two and half hours, enduring there shouts, slurs, middle finger gestures and dirty looks, in a country that is ours, and in a state that we pay taxes to. All so many of these people can eat, get an education, get medical care, and pay rent – on our dime. And San Francisco welcomes illegal aliens with open arms, having declared itself a “Sanctuary City” for these foreign nationals in 1989.

The Police escorted us to the parking lot, or surely this crowd of “harmless people”, “here just to make a living and feed their families”, surely would have attacked us. Only in America could non citizens be placed ahead of Citizens who were born here, lead good honest lives, and pay taxes to keep America safe and secure.

I’m disgusted at what the United States of America has become over the past 30 years.

Steve Kemp
Golden Gate Minutemen

Meanwhile, as the left continues their manufactured barrage of anger at Andrew Breitbart for supposedly taking things out of context in the Shirley Sherrod story, they fabricate their own version of context propaganda on video in examples like this one from the SEIU.

WHO is HATING on WHO?! These asshats are liars !

SEIU | July 27, 2010

On July 28, 2010, a US District Court Judge in Arizona blocked key parts of Arizona’s controversial anti-immigrant law SB1070 from taking effect on July 29th.

This means that while the law will still take effect on July 29th, police will NOT be able to use racial profiling to inquire into a person’s immigration status.

But SB1070 doesn’t stop with racial profiling. Further militarizing the border with land mines and machine guns, and shutting off utilities are all policy “solutions” that extreme politicians are considering.

If we don’t stand up, these types of extreme laws may come to your state.

Watch this video to see the type of America that Republicans want to create for us.

~ Freakin’ SEIU. Don’t buy into Patriots. They are attempting to incite! The NBPP is trying to incite! The NAACP is trying to get us to respond negatively! DO NOT BITE! THIS is precisely so they can make US look bad. Don’t let them!

This is disgusting. –Liberty Chick

~I end with this piece of crap that SEIU is peddling…


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