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~I have been seeing the libs spin that crimes by illegals are down:

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer’s claims about illegal immigrants and violent crime have been pretty thoroughly debunked, but pro-reform non-profit America’s Voice takes it one step further, circulating a graph today indicating that Arizona’s SB 1070 could actually increase crime in the state. The graph shows rates of violent crime in Arizona jurisdictions from 2002 to 2009. Violent crime rates are all down — statewide numbers included — except for in Maricopa County, the jurisdiction of pro-enforcement Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Crime in Arpaio’s county has gone up 58 percent since 2002, according to America’s Voice data.

Violent Crime Is Down in Arizona, Up in Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s County

Then we have this ‘blistering’ piece from Huffington:

By The Huffington Post News Editors
Way to go Arizona, when all else fails, and it turns out to be your very own citizens doing the kidnapping…turn it around and blame it on illegals…..Doesn’t matter that stastics show ALL crime down EXCEPT for in Araipo’s (contradiction to the title of their story):

A chart circulated by a leading immigration reform organization makes a basic, but compelling case that the new law passed — though not implemented — in Arizona could cause an increase rather than a drop in crime.

The non-profit group America’s Voice sent out a chart on Wednesday, documenting the change in violent crime levels in various Arizona police jurisdictions from 2002 through 2009. The numbers tell two interesting stories.

Arizona Violent Crime Down, Except Under Tough Anti-Immigration Sheriff

~ Before I continue with the TWO reports on HEINOUS crimes against children by illegal aliens, let’s take a look at The non-profit group America’s Voice. It may give insight as to why they made sure MSM was sent the chart .

The Power to Win Common Sense Immigration Reform

The mission of America’s Voice is to realize the promise of workable and humane comprehensive immigration reform. Our goal is to build the public support and create the political momentum for reforms that will transform a dysfunctional immigration system that does not work into a regulatory system that does.

Our vision of reform includes elements, which implemented simultaneously, will lead to a 21st century immigration system that honors legal immigration, reduces illegal immigration, recognizes the contributions of hard-working immigrant families, preserves the importance of family reunification, respects the rights of all to fair proceedings and humane treatment, and levels the playing field for law-abiding employers and workers in the United States.

To achieve this vision, America’s Voice speaks directly to key audiences through the mainstream, new, and Spanish-language media, conducts cutting edge public opinion research, communications, and online campaigns, and supports courageous leaders from all walks of life who are standing up for workable comprehensive immigration reform now.


Their reform agenda:

We believe sensible immigration reform legislation should combine the following elements to secure the border and reduce illegal immigration:

* A program that requires those here illegally to get on the right side of the law by passing background checks, studying English, paying taxes, and working towards full U.S. citizenship.
* Reunification of families separated by outdated immigration laws. (Bringing more here)
* A commission to regulate the future flow of employment-based immigration so that workers’ rights are protected and honest businesses can compete.
* A crackdown on unscrupulous employers who hire undocumented workers and break labor laws to undermine their law-abiding competitors. (Only motive is to get them pay raise)
* Smart and professional border enforcement, conducted in consultation with border communities.
* Reform of current immigration enforcement practices, including the right to fair proceedings, humane treatment of immigration detainees, and respect for community policing.(But no respect for Border Patrol policing)
* Reduction of migration pressures in “sending countries” over time.


~Thanks to www.americanpatrol.com we get to SEE the truth of their leader:

Frank Sharry Founder and Executive Director


Frank Sharry’s comments — at the Hispanic Council on International Affairs meeting on U.S. Immigration Policy, Washington, D.C. – November 21, 1997

MUCH more on More on Invasion Cheerleading Sharry and his Cronies

* How America’s Voice takes action…http://tinyurl.com/3x7fyzm

~ Now back to the news of their crimes…

Police: Illegal Immigrants Raped 14-Year-Old Texas Girl at July 4th Party

My FOX-Austin,TX Anael Martinez, left, and Anibal Escobar, right, have been charged with the rape of a 14-year-old Texas girl. The two suspects told Texas police they are illegal immigrants from Honduras

A pair of illegal immigrants raped a 14-year-old Texas girl at July 4th party in Texas, where the teen was later found sitting naked in a bathtub, police said.

The victim told police that she went to an Independence Day party with her cousin in Horseshoe Bay, Tex., about 40 miles northwest of Austin, where she was left in a room with Anibal Escobar, 19, and Anael Martinez, 22, MyFoxAustin reported.

The two Honduran natives, who told police they are in the U.S. illegally, made advances at the victim and then raped her, she told police. The victim’s cousin discovered her in the bathtub and brought her home.

Escobar and Martinez were arrested early in the morning on July 9 and face felony charges of aggravated sexual assault, MyFoxAustin reported. Local investigators contacted Texas Rangers to assist in their investigation and translate, as none of the witnesses at the party or the suspects spoke English.

More on the story from MyFoxAustin–UPDATE July 14th–Honduran Immigrants Charged with Raping Teen

Two arrested in rape of 6-year-old girl
Modified: Thursday, July 15, 2010 The Virginia Gazette

WILLIAMSBURG — Police have arrested two men, one of them in the country illegally, for the rape of a 6-year-old girl.

Charged with rape and two counts of sexual battery, all against a person under 13, is 20-year-old Samuel Eli Jacobo-Guiro.Tito Guirao-Aguilar, 39, was charged with three counts of aggravated sexual batter of a person on 13. A juvenile is also expected to be arrested.

Guirao-Aguilar and Jacobo-Guirao, both of Williamsburg, allegedly assaulted the child in a apartment on Merrimac Trail. The men knew the child.

Both men are being held without bond at the the Virginia Peninsula Regional Jail. Immigration & Customs Enforcement has placed a hold on Guirao-Aguilar, who is in the country illegally.

~An Op-Ed I came across http://decaturdaily.com

…We have had many crimes committed here by illegals. We had the prostitution ring, a murder, rapes, assaults, breakins,car accidents without insurance, illegally employed by business’s, and more. It cost us tax money, and lots of it.

Illegals are using up our resources

To The Daily: In the article “Arizona Law in Decatur” on July 9, attorney Zayne Smith discourages cities from enacting a law that our federal government refuses to enforce. Since Smith says this is a federal matter, then how come as local and state taxpayers we are having to pay for the brunt of this illegal activity through services provided by our local communities and state? Since Smith’s argument is that the federal government is responsible, I believe Alabama should be reimbursed for all expenses incurred through illegal immigration, including reimbursement for law enforcement officers, schools, hospitals etc. when illegals use up our public services.

The article also cites “less people willing to report crimes.” If the illegals were not here, then there would be no need to report crimes from illegals as there would be no illegal victims and no illegals committing crimes against our legal citizens/immigrants.

Illegals fled Arizona with this new law coming into play, and if the illegals know they are not welcome here they will not stay. It never ceases to amaze me what people are willing to defend when someone pays their salary for a particular cause or is simply looking for votes. Some common sense for uncommon folk.

Kenny Tipton TN


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