Jul 092010

~I want to laud Right Scoop for posting these & sharing their sub with all of us

Admittedly, after hearing that the NBP’s are coming to 8/28 and just how hateful their accusations are against Beck, my spirit sank just a bit at even the fleeting thought of a confrontation on that day, knowing full well that this isn’t going to be about anything but restoring our country to a place of integrity, true love for country, and devotion to God.

But then I turn on Beck, and he’s totally making fun of the NBP’s and their cracker hating ways, and it helped put a fitting perspective on how seriously they are being taken. That doesn’t mean Beck doesn’t take them seriously, but he won’t be ruled by fear, and neither will we. That’s what I got out of it.


Posted by therightscoop in Politics on Jul 9th

JUST MUST watch!


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