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~I’m beginning to see the prerequisite for becoming part of this administration…Common Denominator–Criminality ~JP

There’s been much discussion to the effect that Barack Obama chose to recess-appoint Dr. Donald Berwick to run Medicare and Medicaid because the White House wanted to avoid a contentious debate over Berwick’s support for health care rationing and his championing of European government health care systems. With midterm elections less than four months away, and a large part of the American public in favor of repealing Obamacare, such a debate would not be good for Democrats.

What has received less attention is that the White House bypassed the Senate confirmation process after Sen. Charles Grassley, the ranking Republican on the Finance Committee, asked Berwick for detailed information about the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, a nonprofit organization Berwick founded and for which he serves as chief executive officer.

Institute for Healthcare Improvement

The Institute describes its work as an effort “to accelerate improvement [in health care] by building the will for change, cultivating promising concepts for improving patient care, and helping health care systems put those ideas into action.” It has about 110 employees and net assets of $49.5 million, according to its 2008 filing with the IRS. (2008 is the most recent year for which such filings are publicly available.) A 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, the Institute reported receiving $12.2 million in contributions and grants in ‘08, as well as $27.4 million in revenue from its various programs.

As CEO, Berwick received $2.3 million in compensation in 2008. That was a substantial raise from 2007, when he received $637,006 in compensation, and from 2006, when he received $585,008 in compensation.

At the time the White House decided to bypass the Senate on Berwick’s nomination, Senate sources say, Berwick had already completed the questionnaire required by the Finance Committee, as well as provided his tax returns and other documents. He had answered one round of vetting questions from senators.

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~Yet another enemy of the state ~JP

The federal prosecutor tasked with quarterbacking the Obama administration’s high-profile case against Arizona’s immigration law is no stranger to controversy or the limelight.

Justice Department attorney Tony West is a member of the so-called “Gitmo 9″ — a group of lawyers who have represented terror suspects.

West, the assistant attorney general for the department’s Civil Division, once represented “American Taliban” John Walker Lindh, a controversial move that West feared would derail his political ambitions and helped delay his nomination to the department for three months in 2009.

He helped negotiate a 20-year sentence for Lindh, an American citizen who was 21 years old when he was captured in Afghanistan in 2001. Under the deal, Lindh avoided a life sentence by pleading guilty to serving in the Taliban army and carrying weapons, and the government dropped its most serious charges, including conspiracy to kill Americans and engaging in terrorism.

Now West will lead the U.S. effort to block Arizona’s immigration law from its July 29 implementation. The law makes it a crime to be in the state without immigration papers and requires police to determine whether suspects are in the country legally — a provision that critics say will promote racial profiling and is unconstitutional.

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A major research institution has just announced the discovery of the densest element yet known to science. The new element has been named Pelosium. Pelosium has one neutron, 12 assistant neutrons, 75 deputy neutrons, and 224 assistant deputy neutrons, giving it an atomic mass of 311. These particles are held together by dark forces called morons, which are surrounded by vast quantities of lepton-like particles called peons.

The symbol of Pelosium is PU.

Pelosium’s mass actually increases over time, as morons randomly interact with various elements in the atmosphere and become assistant deputy neutrons within the Pelosium molecule, leading to the formation of isodopes. This characteristic of moron-promotion leads some scientist to believe that Pelosium is formed whenever morons reach a certain quantity in concentration. This hypothetical quantity is referred to as Critical Morass.

When catalyzed with money, Pelosium activates CNNadnausium, an element that radiates orders of magnitude more energy, albeit as incoherent noise, since it has half as many peons but twice as many morons as Pelosium.


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Queen Pelosi wasn’t happy with the small USAFC-20B jet, Gulf Stream III that comes with the Speaker’s job … OH NO! Queen Pelosi was aggravated that this little jet had to stop to refuel, so she ordered a Big Fat,200-seat,USAF C-32, Boeing 757 jet that could get her back to California without stopping! I understand that a former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, flew commercial most of the time.

Many, many legislators walked by and grinned with glee as Joe informed every one of what Queen Nancy’s Big Fat Jet costs us, the hard working American tax payers, literally thousands of gallons of fuel every week.

Since she only works 3 days a week, this gas guzzling jet gets fueled and she flies home to California every Friday and returns every Monday, at a cost to the taxpayers (YOU and ME are those taxpayers!) of about $60,000, one way!

As Joe put it ….”Unfortunately we have to pay to bring her back on Monday night and that costs us another $60,000!” Taxpayers, that is $480,000 per month and that is an annual cost to us of$5,760,000!!!

No wonder she complains about the cost of this war …. it might cramp her style and she is styling on my back and yours. I think of the military families in this country doing without and this woman, who heads up the most corrupt Congress in the history of our country, keeps fueling that jet while doing nothing.

Queen Pelosi wants you and me to conserve our carbon footprint. She wants us to buy smaller cars and Obama wants us to get a bicycle pump and air up our tires. Who do these people think they are??? Their motto is …Don’t do as I do …. JUST DO AS I SAY!

This is outrageous, forward this link to all on your email list! Keep in mind the figures above do NOT include the cost of plane or crew…just the fuel!!! One has to wonder what the total package costs us?

And on top of that …. now she wants to tax our IRA’s & 401K’s!

I know where I would like to put my carbon footprint!

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The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled late Thursday that a lower court acted correctly when it struck down Obama’s illegal, ideology-driven attack on American energy exploration over the Gulf oil spill.

The court concluded that the White House had no authority under the law to issue sweeping decrees shutting down entire industries on a whim, except for cases in which it could demonstrate that allowing the industry to continue operating threatened “irreparable injury” to the federal government.

And one major (and highly suspicious) disaster in sixty years of offshore drilling clearly does not qualify. As I have argued before, it would be like President Bush shutting down all aviation because of 9/11.

It’s an absurd over-reaction that conveniently fits right in with Obama’s economy-killing crusade against energy companies.

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Potential “Dirty Bomb” Ingredient Removed From NYC Hospital

Federal and New York Police Department officials last week worked together to secure and transport a small amount of cesium 137 from a city hospital to a storage site operated by the U.S. Energy Department, Newsday reported (see GSN, Jan. 14).

Cesium 137 has been identified as a potential ingredient of a radiological “dirty bomb,” which would use conventional explosives to disperse radioactive material in an urban center or other location.

The material used in a blood irradiation machine at the now-shuttered St. Vincent’s Hospital Manhattan was not believed to be at risk for acquisition by terrorists. However, authorities nonetheless chose to relocate the cesium to a secure location.

The Energy’s Department’s semiautonomous National Nuclear Security Administration collected the material while NYPD officers guarded the operation.

“This recovery is part of NNSA’s broad strategy to keep dangerous nuclear and radiological material safe and secure and protect the American people by enhancing our nation’s nuclear security,” NNSA Principal Assistant Deputy Administrator Kenneth Baker said in a prepared statement (Anthony Destefano, Newsday, July 4).

Chemical Weapons Disposal Interrupted in Alabama

The Anniston Army Depot in Alabama temporarily suspended chemical weapons disposal Thursday following an equipment breakdown, the Anniston Star reported (see GSN, June 21).

“No one was hurt, and no munitions or (chemical) agent were involved,” said Army spokesman Mike Abrams. “The community was never in danger.”

The malfunction involved a chilling device installed in a room adjacent to the building that conducts actual chemical-weapon disposal. The system became overheated at roughly 4 p.m. Thursday, leading to initiation of the plant’s fire-response protocol. There was no immediate word on whether a fire had ignited.

The machine is one component of a system intended to prevent air from the incineration facility from being released into the environment. That negative air pressure was not compromised by the event, Abrams said.

Disposal operations were expected to resume only after the chiller had been fixed.

“It’s like a blown light bulb on the space shuttle,” Abrams said. “You don’t move forward until you are sure that everything is working at 100 percent” (Tim Lockette, Anniston Star, July 1).

U.S.-Polish Missile Shield Collaboration Moves Ahead

Poland and the United States on Friday pledged to continue plans for collaboration on ballistic missile defense, even after the Obama administration drastically altered the U.S. approach for a Europe-based shield (see GSN, May 25).

The Bush administration had planned to deploy 10 long-range missile interceptors in Poland and a radar base in the Czech Republic to help protect Europe and the United States from missiles fired by nations such as Iran. Its successor replaced that initiative with the “phased adaptive approach” that focuses on fielding sea- and land-based versions of the Standard Missile 3 around Europe over a period of years as a hedge against Iranian short- and medium-range missiles.

The document signed last week in Krakow revises the U.S.-Polish agreement to fit Washington’s revised policy.

“This agreement begins implementation of the U.S. European-based phased adaptive approach (EPAA) for ballistic missile defense and enables the stationing of a U.S. land-based missile defense interceptor system in the Republic of Poland,” the U.S. State Department said in a release. “The agreed ballistic missile defense site in Poland is scheduled to become operational in the 2018 time frame and constitutes a key element of Phase 3 of the EPAA. Upon entry into force, this agreement marks an important step in our countries’ efforts to protect our NATO allies from the threat posed by the proliferation of ballistic missiles and weapons of mass destruction” (U.S. State Department release, July 3).

Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski said he believed the Obama administration’s missile-shield plan would be more effective than the Bush program and would safeguard Europe “from a bigger range of threats,” the Wall Street Journal reported.

“The new version is a better one for us,” said Sikorski, who observed the signing ceremony alongside U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The Obama administration’s top diplomat said the new plan would provide greater defense against “evolving missile threats, especially from Iran” and would shield areas of Europe more quickly than its predecessor. She also addressed Russia’s continued concerns that the missile shield could threaten its own deterrent.

“This is a purely defensive system. It’s not directed at Russia. It is not a threat to Russia,” Clinton said.

Moscow remains welcome to join Washington in missile shield collaboration, she added. Sikorski said his government could permit Russian officials to examine missile defense installations in order to address their worries about the system (Gordon Fairclough, Wall Street Journal, July 3).

“NATO has encouraged Russia to cooperate and even participate in the missile defense efforts that NATO is undertaking against what we view as common threats,” Clinton said after the signing ceremony, according to the Hill newspaper. “Russia has not accepted that offer, but the offer stands” (Roxana Tiron, The Hill, July 3).

The Kremlin, which also objected to the recent deployment of U.S. Patriot missiles in Poland, made it clear today its concerns stand, Bloomberg reported (see GSN, June 25).

The Iranian missile threat “doesn’t exist on the scale that would require the deployment of such systems,” Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov was reported to say (Patrick Henry, Bloomberg, July 6).

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Washington D.C.- Congressman Steve King (R-IA) today issued the following statement after reading recent public statements made by DOJ Whistleblower J. Christian Adams which reveal that “widespread hostility” exists throughout the Department “to bringing cases against national racial minorities.”

Congressman Steve King ~IA

“DOJ whistleblower J. Christian Adams has written: ‘The Department has come under widespread criticism for the dismissal of the New Black Panther case, and for the fact that many within the Civil Rights Division are openly hostile to a race-neutral enforcement of civil rights laws. Notice that the Department has never once denied that widespread hostility exists throughout its ranks to bringing cases against national racial minorities. To do so would be futile, because so many people know it is true.’

Mr. Adams’ testimony supports my comments that the Obama Administration allows race to serve as a ‘default mechanism’ in policy making. This explains the ‘widespread hostility . . . to bringing cases against national racial minorities’ personally observed by Adams. Sadly, it also explains the DOJ’s questionable motivation for dismissing the voter intimidation case brought against the New Black Panthers.

Adams’ remarks serve as compelling evidence that my comments about the Obama Administration’s ‘default mechanism’ are on target. I will continue to raise concerns about the Administration’s decision making process until their actions reveal that they have adopted a truly race-neutral approach towards enforcing the law.”

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~ by Sharon Rondeau http://www.thepostemail.com


Charles F. Kerchner, Jr., Commander USNR (Retired)

Charles F. Kerchner, Jr., Commander USNR (Retired), is the lead plaintiff in the case Kerchner v. Obama & Congress, which is scheduled for review by a three-judge panel on June 29, 2010. Commander Kerchner has given The Post & Email his first public individual interview, and we are very pleased to present it in its entirety here.

A resident of the State of Pennsylvania, Commander Kerchner served 33 years in the U.S. Naval Reserves as both a Commissioned Officer and an Enlisted person. He enlisted with the U.S. Naval Reserve in 1962 as an E-1. He served two years of active duty as an enlisted person, after which he returned to the U.S. Naval Reserves serving with various drilling select reserve units.

As a drilling member of the U.S. Naval Reserves, he was advanced at various times until reaching the rank of Chief Petty Officer (E-7) in 1970. In 1976 he was commissioned as a U.S. Naval Reserve Officer and was appointed as an Ensign (O-1), serving as a Commissioned Officer for 19 years. He was promoted to the rank of a full Commander (O-5) in 1992.

He served annually on active duty for training and drilled with various reserve units until he retired in 1995. During his career, he served on numerous types of ships such as aircraft carriers, destroyers, repair ships, salvage ships, and patrol craft. In addition to his military service, Commander Kerchner holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and a B.A. in Economics from Lafayette College.

Commander Kerchner took a solemn oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States and feels it is his duty to support and defend the United States Constitution pursuant to that oath. Commander Kerchner and the other plaintiffs on his case maintain in the Twelve Counts in their lawsuit that the putative president, Barack Hussein Obama, is not a “natural born Citizen” as required by Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U. S. Constitution and that no one in the election process, including the U.S. Congress which had a duty to investigate the charges against Obama’s eligibility (as they did for similar charges against McCain) has fully investigated Obama’s hidden and sealed original records as to his early life and have not vetted Obama’s Article II eligibility to constitutional standards.

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By Judson Berger

Last year, it was Van Jones and ACORN that slipped under much of the media’s radar. But despite pledges to pay closer attention to the “polemic world of talk radio, cable television and partisan blogs,” two new stories have taken their place in the annals of things not much reported.

NOTE: I don’t normally watch Hannity , but I hope many of you saw it last night. Sean had a panel of two women that “Reemed” the DOJ/Obama. I managed to get the following of how Malkin & Sean tied three things together to prove what a racist administration we have. This case shows it. The NASA case shows it. Suing AZ sure shows it. Here’s the Michelle interview…

One is NASA Administrator Charles Bolden’s claim that one of the space agency’s primary missions is to improve relations with Muslim countries. The other is the ongoing investigation into why the Justice Department dropped its case against New Black Panther Party members accused of intimidating voters on Election Day 2008.

“The media don’t have any credibility when they don’t cover the big stories,” said Dan Gainor, vice president for business and culture at the conservative Media Research Center. Gainor suggested both stories appear to have all the makings of news value.

Bolden has previously come under criticism for overseeing a halt to the agency’s moon-mission Constellation program, and his lengthy interview with Al Jazeera last month raised all kinds of alarms with former NASA staffers — not only did he claim Muslim outreach as his portfolio, but he called NASA an “Earth improvement agency” and said the United States cannot go beyond low-Earth orbit without international help. His predecessor, Michael Griffin, said that is false, despite his professed admiration for Bolden.

In the New Black Panther case, the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights is a year into its investigation and on Tuesday heard groundbreaking testimony from a former official who claims the Justice Department dropped it in part because it refuses to go after black defendants in civil rights cases.

Minister Slams New Black Panther Actions –Bishop E.W. Jackson Sr. on racial politics

Only a few national media outlets reported the NASA story. They included CNN and Slate — and little else. The three broadcast networks’ nightly news programs did not mention the controversy, though ABC News did run a blog on the White House response. The New York Times and Washington Post also did not carry any straight news piece on the subject. The Washington Post website, though, did carry a blurb online that linked to a FoxNews.com piece as well as an opinion blog on Wednesday. The Los Angeles Times carried a blog on Thursday, comparing the lack of media response to Wile E. Coyote waiting for his rocket pack to go off. “Silence. Nothing,” the piece said.

The Black Panther coverage was a bit more robust. The New York Times covered J. Christian Adams’ testimony on Tuesday, as did CNN, and The Los Angeles Times noted it briefly. The Philadelphia Inquirer provided significant coverage of the developments — the alleged voter intimidation occurred in Philadelphia. The Associated Press ran a story on July 1 before the testimony.

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