Jun 162010

RUSH: The BP oil spill, the Obama administration and Obama’s personal reaction to it. Folks, I hope you remember that about a half a week, maybe a week before I left, I told you they want this disaster.

~Darn skippy they wanted a crisis! It’s in Rules of Alinsky etal

I told you that this is something that’s going to play right into their hands. He’s gonna use this thing to push cap and trade. He has devastated the Gulf oil business by eliminating all offshore drilling until the so-called cause for this thing is found. It’s a disaster in and of itself the way the president of the United States is dealing with this. It’s a crisis and they are gonna make full use of it.

This speech from the Oval Office tonight is not about the oil spill. It’s not about BP. It is about Obama. The whole purpose for this is Obama’s plummeting approval numbers and an attempt to get them back up. We have learned so much about early offers of assistance from foreign countries that were rejected ’cause the paperwork wasn’t done correctly or so forth and so on.

RUSH: Okay. Let’s get down to the matters at hand regarding the future of the United States of America. We are a great nation at risk in a dangerous world. Our threats have always come externally. They have always come from outside our borders. Today the greatest threats facing our country come from within our own borders. It is simply unconscionable how this president and his administration, his regime, have used this oil spill, this natural disaster, to advance a political agenda. And you’re going to see the culmination of it tonight in his address to the nation as the AKOTUS, the Ass Kicker of the United States. No longer is he POTUS.

He’s got his Bay of Rigs out there, he has shut down the Bay of Rigs, he is going to destroy a way of life in the Gulf of Mexico.

JUST read the transcript…


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