Jun 172010

~CFP By Marion Valentine

First of all I spent 9 years in Navy Intelligence, gathering information, connecting the dots, and predicting the next moves by the enemy.

This Administration has been shredding the Constitution since day one, and has accumulated more power to the Executive branch than any time in the history of our Country.


* This administration does not wish to do anything to protect our borders.

* This administration advocates OPEN borders.

* This administration has looted our financial resources.

* This administration is hell bent on Nationalizing all businesses.

* This administration has declared war on free market capitalism.

* This administration has stolen the future of generations of Americans by running up unsustainable debt.

* This administration has pulled off the largest land grab in history.

Take into consideration, open borders, a bankrupt country, Government control of finance, energy, health, and almost every other aspect of your daily life. Also consider the areas in America on Government controlled land where there are signs posted warning Americans not to enter because of the smuggling activities of ILLEGAL aliens. Now consider the over 13 million acre land grab by this administration.

This old intel guy connects the dots as follows. This administration wants total executive power, and for a time until Obama can declare himself “Dictator” a compliant Congress which will support this agenda. The majority of the American People are against this, so millions of illegals in this country now and are being ALLOWED to come in every day, must have a safe haven where they can go but American’s can’t, namely Government controlled land. You can bet your assets they will be housed, fed, provided health care at taxpayers expense, and they will be registered by their friendly community organizer and allowed to vote as long as they vote for a Democrat.

I was right when I wrote almost 2 years ago that Obama was a Socialist and wanted to transform America into a Socialist Nation, and Ultimately just another Nation State in the Global Union Of Socialist Nation States. I will bet my assets that I am right now.

Thank you Marion !!!

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Marion A. Valentine U.S. Navy Intelligence/Cryptologist(disabled)

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